32 Welsh Boy Names and Their Meanings

Welsh Boy Names

Welsh is spoken by more than 20% of the people in Wales. And has historically been a part of their culture and heritage.

Many people there can speak Welsh, while others may understand it but not be able to tell it themselves. 

Whereas, it’s no surprise that some parents choose to name their sons after their harmonious sounds. Here are ten beautiful Welsh boy names that will help you fall in love with the language.

And maybe even inspire you to learn how to speak it yourself!


Llywelyn (glorious wolf) is one of the Welsh boy names we have, which means wolf. Notable people with this name are Llywelyn ap Gruffudd, a great prince of Wales.

Leader of the resistance forces against English rule in Wales during the 12th and 13th centuries (1173 – December 11, 1240). 

Additionally, Llywelyn ap Iorwerth, son of Owain Gwynedd, later succeeded his uncle as King of Gwynedd and Powys. He ruled from 1200 until his death at Pentecost 1240.


Rhys originates from Wales but is a popular name throughout England as well. Meaning: Rhys means ‘ardor’; it’s one of the old Welsh boy names still used today. This variant was introduced to England by Welsch invaders around 600 AD. 

Furthermore, it remains a popular name for boys. The name has always been a favorite for royalty, borne by two kings of Deheubarth.

Rhys ap Tewdwr and Rhys ap Gruffydd; and one Prince of Gwynedd: Rhys ab Owain Cyfeiliog. Its classic sound makes it an excellent choice for your little prince!


Ed is both a unisex and a boy name, and its origins date back to 587 BC. Traditionally, Ed meant wealthy, but today it means either or both of these and prosperous or happy.

If you’re looking for Welsh boy names, consider Ed. If you like it, consider that similar names include EDI and eddy, which are perfect for younger boys.


Emyr, another listed among the Welsh boy names, means emperor and is pronounced as I may ree. According to Welsh legend Emyr ap Olwydd was a great ruler. Who ruled Britain and Northern Ireland over 1,200 years ago.

Another famous bearer of the name was Emyr Humphreys (1930–2010), an actor, writer, and playwright. His notable works include The French Lieutenant’s Woman and American Friends. For which he won a Tony Award for Best Play on Broadway.


Welsh) Fair, white. (American) One who is fair or lovely. Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter is named Iwan after her husband. Coldplay singer Chris Martin’s father, Ian Donald Martin, is a former record company executive. 

In addition to being Welsh, he was Scottish and English. Suppose you want to give your daughter a name that means fair in any language. Choose Gwyneth’s, and you have a winner on your hands! 

Meanwhile, this is another variety of Welsh boy names we have. The prefix I- means youthful or young and gives us words like Evan, which means youth. The suffix -wan is found in numerous Celtic names. 


Bowen is one of the top listed welsh boy names that comes from bown, meaning good. This boy’s name originates from Wales, most commonly used in English. The meaning of Bowen varies widely depending on its language and region. 

Besides, the name was initially borne by children of well-to-do parents and thus came to represent wealth or well-being.

It has since shifted slightly toward its literal meaning of good, although some cultures continue to associate it with affluence. Over time, Bowan has gone by other spellings, including Bown; Bowen; Bowne, among others.


It’s in the list of welsh boy names that mean ‘great’ and ‘awe-inspiring.’ Dylan is an excellent name for your little one, combining these two meanings.


This name is believed to be a derivation of which means the beloved. This name has a sweet meaning that can fit any baby’s personality. These are only a few of our favorite Welsh boy names, so check out our complete list for more inspiration!


The name Owen means fair-haired or tall. It comes from an ancient Welsh word, which is thought to be derived from an old Celtic word for fair. A 6th-century king of Gwynedd bore the name.

Additionally, it’s been used among other Welsh boy names by several notable figures throughout history. The most famous bearer was probably Owen Tudor, who married Henry V’s widow, Catherine of Valois. Their son was Edmund Tudor, who became Earl of Richmond and fathered Henry VII.


Meaning ‘Exalted Ruler,’ Rhydderch was an early saint of Wales, famous among other Welsh boy names perhaps because of its powerful imagery or because many can’t pronounce it! You can shorten it to ‘Ritch’ or my favorite ‘Rhys.’  


The name Aeron is one of our list of Welsh baby boy names; what it means is Eagle. Mythology: in Arthurian legend, Aeron was a son of Bronwen, husband of Tegid Foel.

While he discovered his mother’s body when her murderers threw it into a lake, he gave her a proper burial. The story shows him one of three perfect hearts–the others belonging to Arthur and Percival–and three tongues.


In welsh boy names, ‘afan’ means (to come to) life, to give birth. This name is widespread in Wales and is used in the modern-day as well. The name appears in several Welsh literary works, including ‘Y Tair Rhamant.’


More so, Afan is also a saint’s name, while it appears rather frequently in Welsh literature and history. It is not often seen outside of Wales. Ho Thseveral Welsh sports stars have adopted it as an English version for their children. 

Meanwhile, a recent celebrity baby called afan was born to rocker Billy Corgan (of Smashing Pumpkins fame). And his then-wife Chloe Mendel on February 20, 2005.


Its means Brave friend, Alwyn mongis another Welsh name’s s that English-speaking parents of Welsh origin can use. Who is looking for welsh boy names for their baby boy? As well as by non-Welsh-speaking parents who want to give their son a name that sounds and looks excellent.


This is one of the weirdest among the welsh boy names we have. As if Andreas wasn’t bad enough, another variation of that name is Adrys. Yikes! I can hardly imagine being called Adrys without wanting to punch someone in their mouth. 

Meanwhile, Andreas and his wife gave birth to a baby boy they named. Adrys! Sure, it might not be as bad as being called moose knuckle or something similar.

However, it still doesn’t seem like a perfect name for a human being, not even a baby one. Suppose your parents want to ruin your life with a silly name. Let them do it with one of these and not with some other welsh inspired variation.


Our main criteria for choosing a name is simple, and it isn’t already super popular. We won’t call our son Austin because we don’t want him confused with thousands of other Austins his age.

Nor do we want to get stuck calling him A. (That’s what we named our daughter—just A, as in Mom, can you pick up A from school?) 

Perhaps like us, you’re drawn to uncommon baby names or quirky ones that are so offbeat that they sound fake.

But if you don’t like or want to be a little different, most parents pick out baby names. Amlawdd is one of our welsh boy names that will give you some unique ideas and inspiration.


Another Welsh boy’s name was inspired by Aneirin, a Welsh poet who wrote Y Gododdin. It is also possible that he wrote poems called Canu Aneirin or Poems of Aneirin.

The lyrics praised famous historical figures from Wales and Great Britain and included some of their genealogies.

Plus, the stories relate events from around 600 to 700 BC. Spanning three generations before and after an attack on Catraeth by a coalition of forces including Mynyddog Mwynfawr of Rheged. Also, King Peithyon of Gwynedd, Cunedda Wledig, and Llywarch Hen.


Welsh boy names are usually created with a combination of language and culture. The two main languages used in Wales are Welsh and English. So you’ll find that many of these boy names have been influenced by either or both languages. 

Besides, you may not be familiar with these cultures, so selecting an appropriate name for your ChildChild may be difficult.

Arwel is an excellent example of a Welsh boy name that isn’t typically heard anywhere else. It means admirable or worthy in Welsh and is considered an attractive name for boys.


Arthur is a Welsh baby name and one of our popular Welsh boys in England in 2014. In Celtic mythology, Arthur was an ideal warrior and king and never failed in any quest he took. Arthur is a name for many boys today as people remember him through his stories, books, and legends. The term can be shortened to Art.


Bedo means to give, share, and is a welsh baby name. The name Bedo is most often used as a boy name or male name. Bedo is somewhat famous as a baby boy name. Bedo name data is unavailable in our list of Welsh boy names.


Barri is another listed Welsh boy name meaning ‘Hill top’; it’s unclear where or when Barri was popular. But it might have peaked in popularity during 1996; Barri was given to 29 boys in 1996, 25% of all newborn boys of that year.

Hence, the name Barri currently has a low and not necessarily increasing popularity rank of #742. (2016). We believe Barri may still be on a downward trend. However, we don’t have enough historical data to suggest current trends.


Among the Welsh boy names, Bevan is one of them that means: Boy, son. A Welsh form of Benedict or Benjamin has long been used as a first name in Wales. And by Welsh settlers in England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Meanwhile, in England, it was occasionally used during medieval times. As an anglicization of Irish Gaelic personal names such as DÌomhnall (see Donald).

In America, it became popular in the 19th century due to its association with Bevan Campbell (1783-1819). An American lawyer who served as U.S. Attorney General under President James Monroe.


Aled is derived from an ancient Celtic name used by bards and poets. Famous people with the name include Prince Aled of Wales and musician James Aled Jones. It’s a very traditional welsh boy name.

However, this variation is similar to Alek and Alec, popular nicknames for Alexander. Aled or Alex could be cute for your son if you’re hoping for something classic but not too conventional. It ranked #367 on last year’s list of most popular Welsh boy names in America (Aiden took the top spot). 

Furthermore, the spellings may seem slightly different—they often are. But they’re pronounced more or less identically, so feel free to use your favorite on


Beynon is a nice Welsh name and means high, noble lord. The name refers to Saint Beynon or Benno, a 6th-century Welsh bishop whose feast day falls on November 8.

This exciting boy’s name sounds similar to Bennett, Benji, and Benny. Other similar Welsh boy names are Baynard, Benis, and Bennie.


Bobi is an ancient Celtic language spoken by more than 21 million people, primarily in Wales and England. It’s not uncommon for modern parents to name their children of other languages because of their unique cultural heritage. With that in mind, why not consider Welsh boy names? 

More so, many words come from Welsh roots. And it may help your ChildChild connect with his heritage if he wears a name with such a history.

One such example is Bobi, a traditional Welsh boy’s name. That was a fresh new look when American pop singer Bobby McFerrin donned it as his stage name.


Regarding Welsh boy names, ‘Brân’ could be a good choice. It means crow, and it’s not that popular these days. Historically Brân was quite common as the first name in Wales.

Hence, It was borne by one of King Arthur’s knights, who features in many old legends. Branwen was also one of King Arthur’s half-sisters – she featured in many traditional Welsh tales too.

Although, for some reason, she doesn’t appear as often as her brother! Despite its obscurity today, notable people use Brân at least twice.

For example, William Tynedale (1423-1488), a British painter, composed an English/Welsh dictionary, and once by Ben Nicholson (1894-1982).


Waldas was originally a Welsh boy’s name. But it has remained rare enough that it can still hold value for modern parents. It’s a unisex name, meaning Waldas could be used for boys.

However, in recent years we have seen more Waldass than Waldases! So far, we haven’t been able to trace back its origins. But there are two stories about how we got its spelling. 

This includes the first version that says that initially (back when first records were made), it was spelled as Wallys. It lost an L along with some other letters. And went from being a nickname of Walter to being used on its own.


Today, there is a boy name that is getting some attention. It was famous for newborns between 2000 and 2009, ranking its highest at #728. This comes as no surprise when you learn about Traherne’s meaning. 

Meanwhile, the name is a variation of Trahern, which means thunder. It can also be spelt Tracian or Tresien. More Welsh boy names from Wales include Llewellyn, Dylan, and Tegan. 

Plus, its other places of origin include Germany (Trajan), France (Traynard), Ireland (Tiernan), and England (Treece). How do you feel about Traherne? Do you like it? Have you ever considered using it as your Child’sChild’s name?


Bert is used in welsh, and its language origin is a welsh feminine diminutive of Berwyn: name of an Irish saint Bert is a given name, short-form (hypocorism) of bertha. The first recorded use of bertha as a given name, although not as common today, was in 1421. 

Bertie is a unisex given name or nickname, often for Bertram or Bertrand. Perhaps from French beau Rey meaning beautiful king, or from Germanic for bright. Berry, a pet form of Elizabeth Bessie. Bessie: Anglo-Scottish variant spelling of Elizabeth.


This name was ranked first in Welsh boy names for those born in Wales; Emyr means powerful; high, exalted. It is a variant of Emrys. The Welsh surname Emry or Emrey has several derivations, a patronymic from an old given name.

It means high/ exalted, occupational from emyr (an archaic word for ship), and locative from Y Mynydd (meaning the mountain). 

Likewise, the name was borne by King Arthur’s father, Uther. Who may have been based on a historical figure named Ambrosius Aurelianus?

Other famous bearers include former British Prime Minister James Callaghan and Welsh rugby player Gareth Edwards. In 2016 it was ranked at #622 with 14 births in Wales.


Kai is a Welsh baby name. Welsh means pure, clean, holy, chaste, virginal, virtuous, and Handsome. From a Celtic language (Gaelic or Cornish), Kaine is originally an American name.

It became popular in Britain after a character named Kai appeared in Jamie Oliver’s television series The Naked Chef (2000). Besides, it’s in the top 1000 for welsh boy names.


Daniel, meaning God is my judge, was a popular name for Welsh men during medieval times. Legend says Daniel was a prophet whose life inspired several bardic poems passed down orally.

Until finally being written down in documents like The Black Book of Carmarthen and The Red Book of Hergest.

However, his popularity in Wales began to dwindle after the 16th century, when his non-Welsh origins became known.

Over time, he became associated with St. Daniel (who, incidentally, has nothing to do with Wales). And rose back up in popularity as a result.

His resurgence is so strong that they’re now basically interchangeable Welsh boy names; you’re just as likely to find St.


Cain is a baby boy name mainly popular in the Christian religion It’samong the Welsh boy names in Wales. The origin of Cain (Norse mythology) was a son of Loki and one of three gods associated with Thor. Like his father, he was a shape-shifter.

It may have been from Loki that Caine derived his shapeshifting abilities. Caine took on various guises—as an explorer named Kerlingr (Old Woman).

As a beggar who bore a striking resemblance to Odin. As Fenja in service to King Gylfi—all while wreaking havoc by seducing women and husbands.


When it comes to naming your child, you have thousands of options. Use these tips to narrow your choices to find a baby name that fits perfectly into your family. You’ll be glad you did!

Additionally, we put together some lists to help give you an edge. That shows off just how many kinds of welsh boy names there are.

Of course, with each type of name come all sorts of variations. We also tried to include those so you can mix and match them until something catches your eye. 

Whether you’re looking for traditional or unique names or they, stand out or blend in, if they sound severe or silly—there is an option here for everyone who wants to start building their collection today!

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