30 Weird Baby Names and Their Weird Meanings

Weird Baby Names

Choosing the perfect baby name can be challenging, from weird celebrity baby names to the worst celebrity names of all time.

You have plenty of inspiration to draw from if you want to stand out from the crowd. Moreover, these are some of the weird baby names you’ll find worldwide and in pop culture today.

Prepare to be inspired—or cringe at what people call their children!


Heltzel was a typical baby name until we got to know it better. It is number one on our weird baby names list, is spelled H-E-L-Z-E-L, but it’s pronounced Heel-zell. More of a middle name than a first or last name, Heltzel seems like an unusual pick. 

Also, we can understand naming your child after someone special like Heloise or Zelig. However, we imagine that having Hellzel as a daily reminder of your past would be no fun! 

Furthermore, would you want to explain what on earth (literally) his parents were thinking? No thanks—we’ll just call him by his nickname and hope he never has to fill out an application. We believe that might be too much effort for such little results.


Ari is a Hebrew baby name for boys. It also appears in at least one other language. The meaning of Ari is the lion from Hebrew or my secret love from Gaelic.

Furthermore, the origin of Ari is Hebrew. This baby name was most popular in 2015, given to 142 baby boys. The name sounds like Ares, Arie, and Arlo.

Also, listen to your inner David Bowie and give your son a cool nickname! Look at these awesome nicknames inspired by weird baby names, especially if you’re looking for an unusual but meaningful baby name that isn’t very common. 

Lastly, look for a name so uncommon that no one will be able to pronounce it or spell it. All you have to do is look at these awesome nicknames inspired by unusual baby names.


Among weird baby names, the name Aspen is a boy’s name of German origin, meaning little horse. Boy names similar to Aspen include Ashwin, Ashawn, Easton, Axen, Axin, and Axin. 


Apple is another one among weird baby names. The girl name Apple is a variant of Apala; hence, it means new fruit. Girl names that sound similar to Apple include Aquila (Latin), Appala (Indian), Appolonia (German), Appeline (French), and Appleine. 

Also, it is derived from either an English or Gaelic word for meadow or tilled ground. Little horse can only be used as a surname in America unless it has been formally passed down since 1997.


Stuck for inspiration and want to stand out from your peers? Want to give your baby a name so wacky you won’t be able to forget it? Look no further because these weird baby names from Alaska are just what you need.

Furthermore, these unique and wonderfully weird names are based on place names in Alaska. This includes Iditarod Trail, Eagle River, and Denali.

These crazy Alaskan baby names will have friends, family, and teachers scratching their heads in confusion when they introduce themselves. 

Also, the last thing you want is a boring name for your little bundle of joy. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one now!


Astrid is a gorgeous name, but it’s among weird baby names for two reasons. First, Astrid has always been a pretty uncommon name in North America. However, it is yet to take off in South America or Australia.

Also, Astrid’s second doesn’t feel like an actual baby name. It was made famous by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf. She won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1909 and wrote children’s books. 

In conclusion, her best-known work was probably The Wonderful Adventures of Nils (1906). It featured an unusual mix of fantasy and real-life adventure.


If your name is Brynlee, your parents were probably big fans of country music star Brynne Everly. Not everyone knows her, but many people remember that she once opened for Garth Brooks. And that she had a hit song in 1993 called Maybe It Was Memphis. 

Also, the unusual spelling of Brynlee adds to its appeal as one of the weird baby names. If you’re looking for an alternative to more familiar names like Taylor or Madison, Brynlee is an appealing choice.

However, it’s best avoided if you want to blend into a crowd. That is if you don’t want strangers calling out to little girls named Brynlee on their way through Walmart. ​


For a long time, Camille was reserved for only girls. Of course, that is not so much true today. This name has been used for girls as well as boys.

However, it’s seen more often in girls’ names than boys’. So why does it make one of the great weird baby names? You get a different vibe if you spell it with an i instead of a y. 

For example, cami (as in something to wear) or cam (as in-camera). And while that can be cool on its own, cami also has its origins in Hebraic baby naming traditions. In other words: It makes sense if you spell it that way.


Regarding baby names, you can choose to go traditional with some of them. After all, there are specific baby names that pretty much always mean a boy. And there are other ones that pretty much always tell a girl.

However, Caspian isn’t one of those kinds of names. Most people probably haven’t even heard of it before now. Moreover, Caspian is on many parents’ minds these days!

As far as weird baby names go, it’s one of our favorites for your boy or girl. For something different and unique but also smart-sounding and sophisticated, Caspian might be right up your alley!


Cora, one of the weird baby names, was famous from 1960-to 1969. It peaked in popularity in 1966 with 4.205% of baby girls named Cora. There were 19,033 baby girls named Cora born in 1967, which was 26 times more than in 2016. 

However, the number of babies named Cora has been dropping for a while. From 2015 to 2016, it decreased by 8%, from 1,023 to 963, and it’s down 42% from 2011 to 19


One of the pop stars, Miley Cyrus’ dad, has another cool name. Before Miley was born, she had two dads: Billy Ray and (her birth father) Robbie. Some might think that Billy Ray’s unique name makes him a good candidate for one of the weird baby names. 

Moreover, his first and middle names are indeed uncommon. However, he chose Cyrus as his last name because he admired singer/songwriter Johnny Cash. The famous country music singer recorded dozens of hits during his six-decade career.

However, he is also one of history’s prolific musicians for marrying June Carter, who was 15 years older than him when they tied the knot in 1968.


The Crew is one of the weird baby names that were most popular in 2016. It reached its peak popularity 57 years ago but is still used today. The number of parents naming their baby Crew has remained the same since 1900. 

Furthermore, back then, Crew was a top 50 baby name for boys and ranked #343 overall. It’s ranking then has declined from #343 to its current #1123 position, with 863 occurrences in 2017 alone. 

Also, it was first given to 7 girls in 1917. And currently, it’s given to 3 girls born every year, with six instances being recorded since 1879.


In 1992, Neil Patrick Harris’ parents named him Damon. However, they also said it was a title, not a name. Even though their son is now one of TV’s biggest stars, he still goes by his middle name. 

Furthermore, Damon isn’t exactly a common baby name. However, plenty of other parents have chosen to use unusual first names for their kids too. 

You can find thousands of strange names that sound much more unusual than Damon did back in 1992! So what do you think? Are these weird baby names worth trying out?


Among weird baby names, Darra could be a variant of Darren. However, it’s just as likely to come from a Gaelic word meaning poet. This Scottish girl’s name is gaining popularity. 

Moreover, it may not have taken off partly because of its tricky pronunciation. If you decide to use Darra for your daughter, make sure she knows it’s pronounced DARR-uh. And be prepared for some strange looks when people hear her name for the first time!


Parents looking for something a little different may be interested in Duke. Duke was ranked #2,418 in 2013 but is most popular in North Carolina, where it’s ranked #248. Among girls, it was ranked #101.

However, it’s not just Duke—but also Dukes, Dukies, and Duchesses were among the top 1,000 boy names for 2014, so if you want to start a new trend by naming your baby after your alma mater It!

Also, you can feel pretty good for choosing weird baby names for your child, especially with that backing from parents across America (and Canada).


Enzo is one of the weird baby names that you probably don’t hear too often. However, it’s a name that will always stick in your mind. The name comes from an Italian and English word meaning champion or master.

Furthermore, its meaning makes it a significant choice for parents who want to give their child a different name.

Though Enzo has been on its way out since 2016, people are likely to remember and love its uniqueness. Especially in comparison to more popular choices like Liam or Noah. 

Also, It might be worth seeing people’s reactions, especially when they find out how you got your child’s name!


Naming your child from the list of weird baby names might sound like a fun idea. However, in reality, it could make things awkward later on. And you can forget about dating once they get to high school.

Moreover, is it illegal? No! Just look at these celebrity children and their unusual names.

For example, Moxie Crimefighter, Sascha Barak Obama, and Apple Martin Sheen. Also, Stormi Webster, Memphis Eve Pinkerton (or Justin Bieber’s daughter), and so on.


Did you know that Felix is a Latin name meaning lucky? It’s also a term for someone successful, happy, and healthy. In 2008, Felix showed up in an episode of CSI: NY! 

Furthermore, why do so many people give their children names like Aloysius and Etheldredda? These names may be odd, but they’re hardly weird. A list of weird baby names must include Bobby or Finn.

Also, regardless of your opinion on weird baby names, you must admit that they make great conversation starters, especially at family reunions.


Have you ever considered Genesis as a baby name? What about Odin or Mowgli? This list of weird baby names is quite comprehensive, but it might not seem that way at first glance. 

Also, many readers will initially assume that these strange monikers were made up on a whim. Like they’re either fake names or over-the-top attempts to push parents into more normal territory.

But what many people don’t realize is that some of these unusual monikers were popular in specific eras.

Furthermore, some others are bona fide religious icons. One thing’s for sure: These bizarre names didn’t just come out of nowhere.


No matter how much your friends love their Grays, it’s pretty clear that Gray is a not-so-great baby name. Find a way to work it into conversation or not; it’s unlikely people will forget your child’s name anytime soon. 

Moreover, that’s kind of weird. You can consider a name that is not among strange baby names instead. They may be unconventional, but they’re less likely to get stuck in anyone’s head.


As one of the weird baby names, where did Gretel Come From? Some names just don’t make sense. Where did they come from? 

Also, did someone think up a bunch of random letters, hoping to hit on a unique name? That might explain a few. Some words have ultimately foreign origins and others whose etymologies aren’t entirely clear. 

For example, what exactly is up with Gretel? If you know any German speakers, ask them. If you’re not a German speaker, it may be hard to figure out exactly where that name came from.

Moreover, that’s if it wasn’t invented out of thin air by some otherworldly being—especially tho who use parents’ names for dinner parties.


Research has shown that a child’s name can affect their perception. Parents often choose words for their kids that reflect who they want them to be. And this may embody qualities of their personality or appearance.

However, choosing weird baby names may hinder your child’s ability. Especially the ability to be as successful in life as they could be otherwise. Here are some odd baby names: Harlow, Cashmojos, and Dashiell. 


Among weird baby names, Winnie has a lot of historical significance. It’s widely believed to be one of those names that will never go out of style.

After all, she was a prime minister’s wife and is still considered one of England’s most iconic people in history. 

Moreover, did you know Winnie is also a common nickname for other first names? It can be used as an alternative to any female character beginning with Win-, such as Wendy or Winter. So, although Winnie may seem like an unusual name at first glance, it’s pretty famous!


Among weird baby names, Zane isn’t an unusual name for a boy, but it is for girls. Zane, however, started its life as a male baby name. It was first used in England and Scotland (perhaps from a variation of Shane).

However, it took off as a female baby name in 1995. That is, when the TV show Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane debuted on Nickelodeon. The character of Zoe Hart—and her lovely middle name of Zane—were born in that year.

Furthermore, millions of people were introduced to the name through their television sets. Thousands more babies have been named Zane than in any other year. Thousands more little girls are running around with an unusual and slightly masculine-sounding Z name!


Wyatt is one of the weird baby names for a boy. It isn’t overly popular, but there are thousands of babies named Wyatt yearly. Since it is relatively uncommon, you don’t have to worry about other parents naming their baby after yours. 

However, ensure your kid doesn’t share a first or last name with anyone else in his class, not because it will cause madness. But because you don’t want him to be confused by his peers who might think he has another full name.

Lastly, a unique baby name isn’t always such a good idea! But Wyatt is one of those names you can trust


Really? Regarding weird baby names, Zealand may not be on top of everyone’s list.

However, think about it. Zealand—an English name with a Scandinavian root and meaning ice land—isn’t too far out there. The name has a few celebrity doppelgangers who sport real names with Scandinavian roots and meanings.

For example, rapper Danny Brown is one of the few celebrities. So what makes Zealand so weird then? Remember that in 2007 when Lorde was born, it wasn’t such an out-there choice for her parents.


If you were born in 1945, chances are Ziggy was already your name before David Bowie made it more widespread. Some Ziggys were named after their parents, who preferred a new take on an old name.

What isn’t widely known is that David Bowie borrowed his character’s name from a book called Five Short Stories.

Also, from a Novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald. In the novel, there is a short story called The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s about an aging man who was born old and grows younger as time goes on. 

Lastly, are you curious about other Ziggy names? Among weird baby names, Ziggy is a name you might want to give a try!


You can be confident that your kid will never get lost in a crowd with a name like Uriah. Uriah is one of the weird baby names, and there’s no doubt about it. This name will stand out, for better or worse.

Furthermore, Uriah doesn’t have an incredibly long history as a baby name. It was most popular in England during its heyday. 

However, it’s been around in America since shortly after its invention. Famous namesakes include author Frank Stockton and creator of Tarzan Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Moreover, all of these individuals pale compared to world-renowned author Edgar Allan Poe. He chose what was then considered an unusual spelling (Edgar) to honor his brother, who passed away at a young age.


Many people feel pressured to select a name that fits their family history or is in vogue at school. Still, others like to pick out-of-the-box characters for their kids because they think it’s cute and different.

While I understand these reasons, I just can’t comprehend why anyone would choose among weird baby names.

Some pick a name that will come back to haunt them in college and beyond. Sure, you can always go by a nickname or even change your legal name later in life.

However, there is nothing wrong with picking something conventional, especially if you’re worried about having awkward adolescence. Or you were struggling for acceptance in high school and college later on.


Utah is a state in America and one of the most popular baby names since 1904. The name Utah has been given to at least 27,860 boys born in the United States since then. Why do so many people love Utah for their babies?

Firstly, one of my guesses is that some parents want to pay tribute to their wonderful birthplace. Or to their relatives who live there. Or, maybe they just appreciate its natural beauty.

Furthermore, Utah is known as the Beehive State with many fabulous places. This includes the Great Salt Lake and Bryce Canyon National Park. 6 out of 10 persons living in Utah were born outside its boundaries! 

Also, it’s pretty understandable when you look at those beautiful landscapes! What do you think about it? Is Utah suitable among weird baby names for your child?


There are a lot of weird baby names out there. However, that doesn’t mean it has to stop you from naming your child something wacky. If you’re set on one of these odd names, be prepared for some funny reactions from family and friends.

No one will care about your child’s peculiar name choice. Especially if your kid’s name is David or Mary and he grows up to be a serial killer.

However, if your daughter goes by Lilith or Cthulhu, there’s a chance she’ll grow up feeling different. This is because people focus on her name instead of who she is as a person.

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