34 Vintage Baby Girl Names

Vintage Baby Girl Names

Are you currently expecting a baby girl? Congratulations! As the parent of a young girl, you’ll have years of fun ahead of you. And plenty of decisions to make along the way.

Meanwhile, the name you give your daughter. It will be one of the most critical choices she’ll ever have to make on her own.

So take your time picking out something that’s both beautiful and meaningful. 

However, if you like vintage baby girl names, our list of Vintage baby girl names will help you find some lovely options to choose from.


The name Audrey has enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in recent years, but it’s one of the Vintage baby girl names.

Audrey Hepburn was one of Hollywood’s most popular leading ladies during an era that predates many people on Earth today.

She is remembered for her elegance and grace and for being one of cinema’s early style icons. However, some parents might baulk at naming their daughter after a celebrity who didn’t even give birth to her children.

But considering what names like Logan and Piper have become, I wouldn’t worry much about it. If you love Audrey Hepburn, chances are you have excellent taste in words anyway!


Beatrix, Is one of the unique Vintage baby girl names of Latin origin. It means she who brings happiness or a bringer of joy. It is pronounced as Bay-tree-icks, but it can also be pronounced as Bae-tree-icks or Bey-tree-icks.

You can write it in any way you want since it has no standard pronunciation. Everyone may have their way of pronouncing it. The names Beatrix and Beatrice are also written similarly.

Some people may be confused about how to distinguish them from each other. Some say they have different meanings, while others claim that they are just different spellings for the same name.


Elsa has long been considered the first Vintage baby girl name. However, it is less popular today than in decades past. The American name is said to have come from Eleanor, meaning shining light or sun ray. 

A few notable Ellas: Actress Elsa Lanchester; Frozen princess Elsa; Naming inspiration Elsie Dinsmore; and one of Elsie’s friends (in Little Women). Many more noteworthy people have that same first name, which has gone through many spellings over time.

Plus Alsa, Elda, Elee and Ele. These names carry a traditional flair that doesn’t feel overused or overdone. Thanks to Frozen, they see a spike in use again! Meaning: Shining light or sun rays.


Leah is not just a Vintage baby girl name. It’s one of those names that feels classic and age-appropriate for baby girls and women. It means weary in Hebrew, which some might say makes it too negative. 

Meanwhile, others may call it representative of an old soul. Leah has gone out of style as a name for new moms recently.

But there are plenty of former Leas who still identify with their name. You can’t go wrong with Leah if you’re looking for a vintage baby girl name that still feels modern.


Agatha means good and can be traced back to Greek mythology, where it was associated with faithfulness. Today, it is more commonly associated with several different saints, making it a popular name in Catholic countries.

The name did not become common in America until after WWII. Regardless, its strong Biblical meaning helped it quickly rise to number 86 on U.S. popularity charts by 1950.

Though Agatha has fallen into obscurity today, it is only used in small numbers and by older generations. To help you determine how much your little girl will love her name when she grows up.

Hence, if you want some ideas for other names! Here are some Vintage baby girl names that are perfect for today’s parents!


Ann is also one of the Vintage baby girl names of French origin, meaning graceful. Originally a masculine form, it can be used for either gender. In modern times, Ann has been in and out of favor with her parents.

Yet a variation on Anna, it ranked at No. 15 in 1880-1889 but fell to the bottom 40 by 1990-1999. It appears to be back in vogue, however.


A Vintage baby girl name Christabella is an alternate form of Christabel (Old French, Old German). They have been used since the Middle Ages. They also used Christobel. See also, Christabel. This meaning of Christabella is a follower of Christ.


Cordelia is a medieval Vintage baby girl name for girls. The meaning of Cordelia is: Derived from Old French, ‘heart.’ Also a character in Shakespeare’s King Lear. 

The fictional character Cordelia Gray was in Laurie Lee’s semi-autobiographical Cider with Rosie. It’s About his childhood and youth in Gloucestershire before WWII, also dramatized for TV by Ken Loach in 1969.


Florence was a popular first Vintage baby girl name in The United States. Its popularity has been relatively stable since 1880. Florence reached its highest position in favor, #30, in 1914.

However, as recently as 1924, it was ranked 8 (2015 Birth Statistics). See also: Familiennamen – Germany, Top 1000 Boy names In France. Also, you can view more Free Baby Names Lists. Or Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive more baby name lists.


It’s good to see that old names are coming back into fashion. Mary is one of them. Mary is a timeless and classic name that is also very biblical. So it has all kinds of connotations attached to it. A perfect choice for your little girl!


While it might be easy to give up on a name and jump to another, you must have patience. Once you find potential Vintage baby girl names, it’s often better to wait for your baby to arrive so that you can see what she looks like. 

Meanwhile, as you’re waiting for your bundle of joy, think about how well her name flows with her surname. Suppose there are possible nicknames for your little one based on her first name (like Nora or Ellen).

Make sure those flow as well. You don’t want Nora and Lola sounding too different when people try to pronounce them!


With its soft ‘g’ sound, this name is a Nordic name meaning fire. While it’s certainly not very common in America, there are a few babies by that name. It could be a unique choice for an alternative to Hannah or Sarah. It might also make a nice middle name paired with another on our list, like Patricia or Victoria.


The Greek word for bee comes to life in Berenice, a name that has been around since ancient times. It first gained prominence in 1890 when a Greek author used it as part of his book title.

Later, in 1909, it was one of the top-10 Vintage baby girl names because of its use in Hermann Sudermann’s play Magda. 

Since then, Berenice has turned up on several famous daughters, including singer Cher and Princess Stephanie Von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen.

While you can spell it either with an ‘e’ or without, there are many possible meanings behind it. Berenice is overall just a beautiful-sounding name that deserves more use.


This name is classic and understated. Derived from Peter, it can have a lovely meaning to those who give it: rock. Petronella is not very popular; only 1,158 people in America have it as their first name. 

Nevertheless, It’s an old-fashioned, vintage name that has recently become popular. Some famous Petronella’s include actress Lily James and singer Kacey Musgraves. The vintage baby girl’s words are also similar to Catherine’s.  

Meanwhile, it was popular in medieval times because of St. Catherine of Alexandria (who many thought might be female). There aren’t too many nicknames for Petronella, but some go by Penny and Nellie or Nelly.


In 18th-century England, Tom was a popular nickname for girls (and still is in many parts of Europe). So Thomasina is a charming name for that history. This name has an endearing ring, and it’s pretty enough that it could be an adult name.

Moreover, it’s just one syllable, so we think it would fit nicely on legal documents like passports and marriage certificates.

And if you want your baby girl to have an unusual name. But not one that will draw too much attention at school, Thomasina is a good choice Of Vintage baby girl names!


It means healthy in Gaelic. Bode: It’s German for good and brave. Casey: From Irish, it means fighter. Daisy: Short for Margaret, which means pearl in Greek. Delight: Sounds like a carefree name. 

Additionally, we have Elizabeth: Your daughter will be noble with a name like that. Isabella: It comes from Old English and Italian and means a pledge to God and oath of allegiance consecrated to God.

Jillian: It was first used as a boy’s name. But quickly gained popularity with girls too because it sounds modern yet elegant at the same time—and is quite stylish!


Using your family tree as the inspiration, Millicent is a Greek and Latin name that means daughter of a thousand gods.

That might seem overly ambitious (unless you have a lot of brothers). But it’s not too far-fetched if you think about all of your ancestors who came before you. 

Plus, there are plenty of less extreme versions to choose from if you still want something pretty. They are Mylissa, Millisent, Milijana, Milena, and Myleigh. Have fun with these Vintage baby girl names!


With more than 200 years in use, Mercy is an excellent Vintage baby girl names option. This is for parents looking for a name that has a history behind it but doesn’t sound old-fashioned. This Hebrew name could be easily shortened to Mae or Rey as your little girl grows. 

Meanwhile, it means compassion or sympathy fits well with our current societal and political climate, where empathy and compassion are lacking. Would you have named your daughter Mercy? I know I would have! 

Consider using it as a middle name—or even having it be her full first name instead of using it as her only given name. In 2017, 117 girls named Mercy, making it approximately #742 in popularity among baby girls nationwide.


There’s a reason you don’t hear much about Myrtle. This fancy and frilly name didn’t catch on in America. Until more than a century after, it was first used only as a middle name. 

Unfortunately, during its brief heyday in 1910-1930, Myrtle earned an unfairly negative reputation, linked to Myrtus communis.

A shrub is known for producing bitter, aromatic oils. Myrtus received a bad rap from those who associated its namesake with bitterness or anger. 

However, millions of little girls called Myrtle have borne that stigma all their lives because no one dared to use her for fear that she would grow up unamiable! Scolded one Washington Post writer in 1926.


It’s an old-fashioned choice that pays homage to Benjamin Franklin. They advocated for moderate behavior and were instrumental in creating America’s first libraries. The name means self-restraint and is a virtue name derived from the concept of temperance, which means moderation.

Meanwhile, lately, it’s been reviving as parents look for names that evoke historical significance. It’s perfect for parents looking to honor history with their Vintage baby girl names.


This delicate name was made famous by Audrey Hepburn and hasn’t left the popularity charts since. Audrey is a French name meaning noble strength. This darling name has a smooth flow, making it easy to say and like. 

Hence, if you think you want your daughter’s first name to be something more dignified? Try Adelaide or Agnes. However, if you favor more modern Vintage baby girl names, try Adeline or Addison as alternatives.


This is one of our favorite vintage baby girl names! It means green shoot or budding branch, and it’s quite a poetic name for your little girl. One thing to note is that Chloe is traditionally a French name (you might know actress Chloe Sevigny).

Moreover, consider Corinne if you’re looking for something more American but still with a touch of class. A few famous namesakes include movie stars Chloe Sevigny and Anna Paquin.

And let’s not forget Legally Blonde leading lady Reese Witherspoon—the character was named after her great-grandmother!


With its roots in Germanic languages, Edith is one of the vintage solid baby girl names! That combines dignity with simplicity.

Meaning rich, Edith was a favorite among medieval royalty and in certain parts of Scotland. Another variation on similar themes is Æðelþryð or Ætheldræd, which means noble strength. 

Another variation on similar themes is Eadgyth/Edith/Eadyth, which means prosperity and luck. Another variation on similar articles is Æthelflæd/Æthelhild or Ethylèd, which means noble promise and relates to King Alfred’s daughter by that name.


Although not prevalent in much of America, Genevieve was a massive name in England and France. At its peak, it ranked as high as #9 in England and #3 in France. The origin is unclear—some say it’s named after St. Genevieve (or perhaps Geoffrey).

Meanwhile, others think it comes from je ne sais quoi, French, for I don’t know what. But whatever its origins, Genevieve is a beautiful old-fashioned name with an excellent religious heritage.

One of the perfect Vintage baby girl names for your little princess! If you prefer something a bit more modern, consider Gwen or Geneva.


The English Vintage baby name, Josephine, is of Hebrew origin and means Jehovah will add (or will increase). In the late 18th century, Josephine was a popular name for women, although it remained in use through to modern times. It is also spelt Jocelyn or Jocelynn.

A few notable bearers are American singer-songwriter Josephine Baker, British actress Josie Lawrence, and American actress Josephine Hull.


Meaning defender in Old English. Skyler is one of those names that has been popular for centuries and will likely remain so. A Top 100 name from 1880-to 1915, Skyler didn’t rank among American girl names until 2002. 

Nevertheless, If you like Skyler, you’re looking for a vintage baby girl name alternative. You can take a look at Tyler (#28), which is an old favorite (1900-1945) with a similar meaning: tiler or paver, Amelie (#744), which means work.


Lily was born around 1820, though it was not a very popular name until after 1960. Its meaning is the flower of light, which reflects on its growth from meaning as a handmaiden to lily-livered to one that is today more about strength and beauty.

Therefore, If you are considering naming your baby girl Lily, it can also be used as a nickname for Elizabeth or Eleanor.

And even though we don’t see many Lillys running around today. They were considered among the most popular baby names in the 1880s.

Though it may have been among unisex names back then), is Lily a Vintage baby girl name? Yes, no worries!


I meant ‘beautiful, fair.’ From Latin. One of the top 100 Vintage baby girl names. Famous bearers: famous 19th-century child actress Arabella Fermor-Hesketh. Adele: Meaning’ noble and robust’.

Furthermore, it is From Old German. Top 30 names in 2017, in use since the 1920s. Aldona: Meaning’ oldest daughter’. From Russian (Polish spelling) or Ukrainian (Ukrainian spelling). One of the top 100 names as a short form for Alexandra in 2017/18.


In classic styles, girls’ names that end in -ora were quite popular for centuries. They’re a form of Katherine (which can also be spelled Katherine), which comes from a Greek name meaning pure. Christians initially used it as a title for Virgin Mary. 

It became trendy in England after Catherine of Aragon married Henry VIII in 1509. Other Vintage girl baby names include Corinne, Coralie, Coretta, Coraline, and Korina.


This unusual vintage baby girl name, thorn or briar, was famous for baby girls born in 1917. It is derived from an Old English word that refers to a thorny plant used as fencing. It’s an excellent choice for parents looking for something different and timeless.

Because It originates with family names, it should continue to be used over time and remain relevant in any decade.


You might think that your daughter has to be named something ultra-modern. But if you want to make sure she stands out when she’s starting kindergarten. Or elementary school, go with this Vintage girl’s name.

Meanwhile, these names were popular years ago and have since fallen off many people’s radars. Some parents prefer these vintage baby girl names because they have a timeless feel. At the same time, others enjoy giving their children throwback monikers. 

Besides, there are plenty of pretty vintage girl names for your little one! Here is my compilation of over 150 stunning options for parents looking for a vintage baby girl name. Enjoy!


In Hebrew, the hearth and candle. The biblical Esther was a Jewish orphan who became queen of Persia. The name reached peak popularity in 1962. It’s currently #14 on Nameberry for girls and the perfect Vintage baby name for your girl!


French for flower, Fleur has been a popular Vintage baby girl name in recent years. But many parents will still recognize it as an old-fashioned choice from days gone by. And that’s precisely what you’ll get with Fleur.

More so, the name makes her refined and classic with a timelessness that will make her stand out when she grows up. At first, she may seem like a problematic name (it can be hard to imagine anyone named Fleur). 

Yet once you’ve considered it, you’ll realize how fitting it is. If you’re looking for more flower names, check out Blanche and Rose.


Depending on who you ask, Isolde is either an old Irish name with German origins. Or a character created by bestselling author Anne Rice to serve as one of her protagonist’s (Singer) mother’s names. Either way, Isolde is a Vintage baby girl name with lots going for it.

However, It sounds regal but isn’t overly cutesy or overused, and it makes a beautiful middle name choice. Try other A-names like Abigail, Adair, Adelaide, and Agnes.

With its French origin, Yvette gets points for cuteness. But it is probably best as a middle name since it doesn’t give the baby much of an identity on its own.


It’s funny, but I can never seem to get enough Vintage baby girl names! Perhaps it’s because I love a good throwback. Or maybe it’s because there are just so many adorable monikers that remind me of my childhood.

Moreover, You won’t believe some of these sweet choices for girls. It seems like a lot have fallen out of favor in recent years. So chances are your little one will be one-of-a-kind!

Meanwhile, a few other names worth noting: Bambi (inspired by a Disney movie). Sadie (my grandparents acted to call me that).

Love these oldies but goodies? Well, you might also enjoy our list featuring vintage boy names. I hope you found some inspiration from my list.

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