50+ Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Names and Their Meanings

Vietnamese Girl Names

A name is a very first unique gift you bestow to your little one. According to the Bible, a name was the first gift God gave to Man, and Man gave every other living thing on earth names.

Traditionally, Vietnamese children’s names consist of a trio (three parts): a surname or family name, a middle name, and a first name, and they are aligned in that order during the presentation of names.

Names in Vietnam are pretty familiar as children are identified mainly by their middle and first names. Vietnamese baby girl names are significant.

These names are often selected for the traits and characteristics that parents hope or have in faith to see in their children in later years, and these Vietnamese girl names often embody beauty and fairness.

Some may refer to mythical creatures representing greatness, attributes to flowers, rivers, birds, or precious objects.

The Vietnamese language is tonal, the spelling of these baby names may be the same, but the intonation may be entirely different.

Frequently, two baby names may be combined for special meaning, creating a positive and meaningful approach while ushering good luck for the baby’s life.

Here is some trending information on Vietnamese girl names and their meanings that can be selected as a parent for your baby girl:


This name is one of the popular Vietnamese names; it possesses Vietnamese, Chinese, and Spanish origin. Pronounced as ‘un,’ it means ‘safety’ and ‘peace.’


The name has a Chinese origin. Ai is one of the old-fashioned Vietnamese names pronounced as ‘eye,’ and its meaning is ‘sentimental love.’


This name is the top-list among girl baby names because of its uniqueness. The name means ‘lunar female’ or ‘lady of the moon’.


This name has the same meaning and the same pronunciation as ‘An’.


Pronounced as ‘beh’, the name means ‘doll’, which is the perfect name choice for a little baby girl.


The name is derived from Sino-Vietnamese origin. ‘Bich’ is used to describe a gemstone or precious stone like a ‘Jade’ or the color’ bluish-green.


This name has its roots in Australia and Vietnamese. It means ‘peaceful’ and ‘section’.

The Northern Vietnamese name refers to the ‘first’ or ‘eldest’ girl child.


This name means ‘feminine’.


Cam is a delicate name for our future beautiful angels. The name is of Vietnam origin, and it means ‘sweet fruit’.


Chau is a unisex Sino-Vietnamese name that stands for ‘pearl’ or ‘gem’.


This name has roots as vast as Africa, Chinese, and Japanese. It is also of Vietnamese origin, commonly meaning ‘twig’ or ‘tree branch’.


Girls from Christian families of Vietnam usually own this name. It is pronounced ‘D-AYEAN’, and it is one of the Vietnamese baby names that refer to a ‘charming and graceful person’.


This Vietnamese name spells’ beautiful’. The name Dep is an ideal choice for your baby girl; the apple of your eye.


Diep is a Sino-Vietnamese name also among the list of unique names that mean ‘love of nature’.


Gia is among Greek popular names from Greek mythology. As a Vietnamese name, it means ‘excellent’, and it is a variant of Gya, Giah, and Gyah.


Ha is frequently used Vietnamese woman name pronounced as ‘HH-AY’. Hai is also a South Vietnam name meaning ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’.


Hai is a name of number. The name means ‘two’ or ‘second’.


This name is of Vietnamese origin, and it means ‘angel in the full moon’.


Hao is another common name of Vietnamese origin; It has its roots also in Japan, Chinese origin, and also among Korean names. The name means ‘faithful’ or ‘moral’.


Ha is a Vietnamese name that means ‘good’ or ‘perfect’.


Hien is a name of the Vietnamese language. The name means ‘gentle’ or ‘quiet’.


Hoa is a good name for a girl child. In Vietnam, the name has its beautiful meaning as ‘flower’ or ‘peace’.


Hue is a Vietnamese name that means ‘spirit of hero brave’.


A perfect name for our beautiful little girl, the name means ‘pink rose’ or ‘glorious’.


This name means ‘flower’ or ‘hopeful’ in Vietnam.


This name is also a unisex name. It has a Turkish root that means ‘precious stone’ and an Arabian root.


This name is pronounced thus as ‘KIE-U’; the name means ‘graceful’, ‘beautiful’ or ‘beloved’.


Kim is a beautiful name that means ‘golden’.

Kim Cuc

This name is native to Chinese characters, but it also has roots in Vietnam. This beautiful name means ‘golden chrysanthemum’. Chrysanthemum is a kind of many flowering perennial plants that have showy radiate heads.


This name has a Chinese origin. The name means ‘golden lion’ in Vietnamese. It is also popular among boy names.


This name is common in China, Australia, and Vietnam. The name means ‘orchid’ in Vietnam and ‘Flower’ in Chinese.


Also common in Australia as family names, the name means ‘happy’, or ‘gentle’.


The name means ‘pearl’’. A perfect girl’s name.


This common name is of Vietnamese origin but is arguably also of Chinese origin. It means ‘lotus flower’.


Linh is a beautiful name from the Vietnamese language. The name means ‘spring’.


Lynh is derivative from the Chinese surname ‘Li’. It is a baby name that suits either a baby boy or baby girl child. The name means ‘Lion’.


Mai is a Sino-Vietnamese name among popular female names meaning ‘apricot’, ‘tomorrow’, ‘plum’, or ‘future’.


Minh is a unisex Sino-Vietnamese surname that means ‘bright or a clever person.


This name may have other variant spellings in other cultures, but for a Vietnamese person, this name means ‘pretty, and it is perfect for your adorable baby girl.


This Sino-Vietnamese name signifies ’long life’, and sometimes it is said to mean ‘the sun’ or ‘to shine.


Nguyêt is a rare Vietnamese name meaning ‘moon’.


Nu is a feminine name of Vietnamese origin. The name means ‘girl’ or ‘wind’.


This name means ‘phoenix’ in Vietnam, but in other Asian translations, it may mean ‘direction’, ‘guidance’, and ‘luck’. The name has a variant spelling of ‘Phoung’.


The name means ‘peaceful,’ and it is of Sino-Vietnamese origin.


This Vietnamese name possesses an anglicized or English spelling; it means ‘bird’ or ’a kind of bird’.


This Vietnamese name means ‘precious’ or ‘treasured’. It is solely of Vietnam origin, and it is a beautiful feminine name for a girl child.


Sangh is a unisex name. It has its sole root from Vietnam, meaning ‘royalty’ or ‘from the nobility’.


Son is a fit name for a girl and also for a boy child. The name has Korean origin as well as Vietnamese origin. It is pronounced as ‘SAH-N,’ the name means ‘mountain’ in Vietnam.


Suong is another rare Vietnamese and Australian name, meaning ‘mist’, ‘fog’, or ‘haze’.


‘Poem, that’s the meaning of the name ‘THI’. The name is a Sino-Vietnamese name.


This usual Vietnamese name means ‘bright’, ‘sunny’, or a pleasing tone to the ear’.


Tuyen is a common name of Vietnamese root; it means ‘angel’ or ‘ray’.


This name is commonly used and has many origins, such as Greek origin, Dutch origin, spoken in Scandanavian language, and Vietnamese. The name means ‘cloud,’ and it is quite a popular name.


This name is a derivative from a Sino-Vietnamese word. It is pronounced as ‘SHWEN or SOON’. Xuan represents ‘spring’ and has a common nickname, ‘Xuan-Xuan’.


This common name of Vietnamese and Thai origin means ‘serene’ or ‘peace’.


Vietnamese girl names are mostly abstracts that represent personality and quality. However, all-male names and female names of Vietnam are unique, stylish and define a baby’s individuality.

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