34 Pretty Southern Girl Names That You’ll Love

Southern Girl Names

There are many southern names that you’ll love, whether you’re in the south or not! Whether you’re looking for unique, pretty southern girl names. Or sweet southern boy names, there are plenty of options here to choose from.

Hence, check out these 34 pretty southern girl names that you’ll love, both classic and trendy. And don’t forget to vote on your favorites!


Abigail is said to be a trendy Southern girl name. Abigail means my father’s joy. Abigail is also one of God’s jewels, as she was once one of King David’s wives. People with common names are often given unique nicknames. 

Thus, you might hear someone call their daughter Abby or Abbie instead of Abigail. Some think it is too close to Abbey, but southern girls love that!


Abilene is a classic Southern girl name with an old-fashioned charm. Abilene lives up to its meaning of dear one. And its sound alone is enough to make it one of our favorite girl names for southern girls—alternate spelling: Abilene and Abby.


 It is an Old English word that means strong or mighty. Addie has grown in popularity as a Southern girl name over recent years. As both a short form of Adelaide and Adeline, we still love it best as an independent given name. It’s just so adorable!


An evergreen Greek word that means healing. Althea feels fresh as Southern girl names today. Thanks to flowery associations (think roses) and pop culture nods (notably in The Vampire Diaries). Alternate spellings include Alyssum, Alyse, Alissa, Allysen, etc. 


Adelaide, pronounced ah-DAY-lee (and sometimes spelled Adalayd), is a name many southern girls have used. This pretty name has French roots and means noble or nobility.

But some have pointed out that Adelaide also sounds like an old lady or has ADD, which can’t be good. Regardless, it’s still one of our favorites. Read more about Adelaide as southern girl names on our site!


Annie’s from Little Orphan Annie, and we think it could be a tremendous Southern girl name. Not only does it have that sassy, spunky feel. But it also sounds like Annie Oakley, a historical Western figure beloved by country music fans. 

If you choose a nickname for Annie, we recommend either Ann or Nan. It’s far too long ever to be abbreviated as simply, Annie.


Anita is a Greek name meaning high-spirited and kind. It has been used since at least 1907 and can be pronounced like Ann-ee-ta (the traditional pronunciation) or AN-uh-tah. Anita is a bit exotic for its status as a southern girl name, but it’s still beautiful.

Meanwhile, a few famous Anita include. Songwriter Diane Warren, actress Shannen Doherty and country star Anita Carter of The Carter Sisters fame.

Suppose you love Charlotte, Savannah, or Georgia. But don’t want your daughter to have their names (or their state), give Anita a try instead!


You can honor your southern heritage by naming your little girl in many ways. Southern girl names are sweet, vintage, and very traditional. All of these adjectives have to do with Bailey! 

Moreover, It’s a common southern girl name meaning girl at the house in English. But also has a history dating back to ancient times and maybe Irish. It’s said that Saint Patrick himself baptized King Baele in 432 AD – she was a saint! 

Therefore, he used her as an example to promote literacy for all women in Ireland. Bailey is often used for children born on Saturdays. It’s considered an omen of good fortune! When you choose it as a southern girl name, you’re helping to keep these traditions alive!


Along with nature-inspired names like Skylar and Lily, Birdie is a sweet moniker that evokes a sense of youthful charm. It’s perfect for parents looking to honor someone special in their lives by sharing their name with their little one.

This name means noble friend and is derived from a German term meaning fierce battle. Furthermore, many other variations exist for a unique take on Birdie. Your little one will have plenty of unique Southern girl names.


Callie can be an absolute darling Southern girl name, its sound, and its gender-neutrality. This makes it an excellent pick for parents looking to show off their love for The South.

And also shows off their love for southern boy names (and their popularity has been steadily rising for years). It’s a perfect name for your baby, no matter the gender!


Carreen is one of the famous southern girl names that originated in English. The popularity of Carreen, first released to United States parents in 1984, has been climbing steadily for decades. In 2015 it reached its highest popularity ranking of #60 with usage of 0.08%. 

In fact, out of all family names, Carreen was ranked 486 in 2015. It was most popular in California, at rank 47, and its most common nickname is Carrie.

It had a ranking of 197 nationally, and it was last ranked in Texas. As well as California, a prevalent state to be named after.


Caroline was one of Shakespeare’s most famous female names. On birth records, it first appeared in Scotland in 1401, where it originated as a man’s name (based on a Germanic word meaning free man).

Moreover, the popularity of women’s variants can be traced to Caroline of Ansbach (1683-1737). Wife of King George II and Queen Consort until her death. For some time, it was regarded as formal or old-fashioned; after World War I, however, its popularity increased.


Charity is one of the Southern girl names with a great history behind it. One of its most prominent nicknames is Char. Just think of how sweet your little girl will sound when she’s called Char.

Not only is Charity a beautiful girl name, but it’s also steeped in spirituality and religion. If you want to choose a boy or girl name with religious significance, Charity should be on your list!


This name has it all, Charming, old-fashioned charm, and an utterly timeless sound. Charlene is an excellent choice for parents looking for something with the class that also sounds fresh and modern. Most people are probably familiar with Charlene from Beverly Hills 90210. 

Although, as Southern girl names, it dates back even further than that, to medieval France! It became popular in America in 1901 and was extremely common until 1960. Today, it’s still in use – and will likely remain so forever, thanks to its classically gorgeous sound. 

Meanwhile, fans of Charlene include Carrie Underwood (who named her daughter after herself!). She took home a Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance for her song Blown Away in 2014.


Clara is a name of Latin origin, and it means bright and famous. This makes Clara’s Southern girl names sound pretty regal! It can also be spelt Klara. 

Furthermore, here are some examples of famous people named Clara. Clara Barton, American founder of Red Cross (1821-1912); Clara Bow, American actress (1893-1965); and Clara Barton (1821-1912). Who was named after another famous woman – Christian Saint Clare of Assisi. 

Likewise, you can name your daughter Clara and expect her to be compassionate and caring like her namesake! This is a traditional name that has a great charm to it!


Clover is a Southern girl name that will get you noticed in more ways than one. Clover names are like catnip for parents proud of their southern roots. If you love unique names and want something different, there’s plenty to choose from.

Clover names can be Irish or southern, depending on how your name expert does it! Clover names could just as quickly surprise you if you’re expecting a boy.

So it never hurts to consider adding one of these lovely flowery-sounding girls’ names to your list. It may be perfect for your little honey bee!


Collins is a classic Southern girl name dating back to 1910. It was most popular in 1970 and 1980 but fell from its peak. Even though it’s fallen from popularity, it’s still in use today, giving it staying power.

Nevertheless, this name has many nicknames, such as Collie and Colly, the latter of which means baby doll. Parents have been using Collins as a middle name.

Because they loved it so much but couldn’t give their child that name first, it has also been used as a last name or male first name.


Dallas is a city in Texas, so a solid number of southern girls have received it as their moniker. Notable Dallas’s from TV include Dallas Reeves from Petticoat Junction and Melissa Joan Hart’s character on Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

There’s also Scout Finch, one of the two main characters in Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird. Meanwhile, this name is more commonly given to baby boys, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid it.

Brooklyn Decker named her daughter just that in 2017. While you might not have heard of many grown women with Dallas as their name, some are out there!


Darby might not be on your radar of popular Southern girl names in small towns all over America. It’s a name that resonates with moms and dads looking for a fresh take on tradition. Darby is timeless but familiar, pretty but never sentimental, a little unexpected but not too modern. 

Plus, it can easily slot into a southern family without any weirdness or dissonance. The best part about Darby? It doesn’t seem like a girl named Darby should be able to have cool-girl vibes.

Yet, her name and her mannerisms seem to effortlessly evoke everyone from Sarah Jessica Parker to Carrie Bradshaw. The perfect mix of sass and sophistication if you ask us!


Darlene means daughter of a dear one. It comes from a Welsh word, derlwyn, which is ultimately derived from a Latin word meaning oak tree. While some say, it was coined by English settlers in America who used: I am Darlene of Sweet Auburn. 

However this name has been around for centuries, but it rose to prominence in the 1880s. This is due to the main character Darlene Merriman in Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Poganuc People.

It was later popularized by actress Darlene Conley during her time on The Steve Allen Show. And other shows she hosted throughout her career.


The name Delilah has a lot of Southern girl names charm. The name is believed to have Hebrew origins, but it is often mistaken for Arabic. This also explains why many people associate it with sultry and seductive qualities because of its link to harem concubines. 

Nevertheless, that’s where we’ve got it all wrong! Delilah was one of biblical history’s most famous women, known for her loyalty and loving character. She would have been a great friend, neighbor, and wife!


It’s a unisex and fantastic name to honor your family, particularly your grandmothers and grandfathers. This lovely Southern girl’s name means divine, making it an excellent pick for parents who want their children to embrace religion but aren’t into girly things. 

This name has long been an American favorite. And it’s on its way back up again thanks to its inclusion in shows like Archer. For instance, our favorite fictional is Felicity Smoak from CW’s hit drama, Arrow.

Additionally, we have Brenda Barrett from Showtime’s reboot of Penny Dreadful. Whether you’re looking for something fun or elegant, consider honoring an older relative with a beautiful name like Diana.


For those who live in or are familiar with southern culture. Dixie is a name that evokes images of cotton fields and gracious hospitality. It’s probably one of the most famous names among southern belles. 

Meanwhile, the name comes from regions that were part of Virginia before they became independent, but now Kentucky and Tennessee. But before you name your little girl Dixie. Consider whether her personality fits with how popular a choice it has been historically.

Regardless, she would be better suited to one of these other 50+ pretty Southern girl names. Just remember, whatever you choose for your baby girl. Keep it short and sweet since she won’t have time to grow into it!


From Virginia to Texas, Dottie is a name that’s been around since at least 1910. This Southern-sounding name isn’t one you often hear nowadays (unless your mom was born in Virginia), but it still has plenty of class.

Think you’re bold enough to pull off something a little different? If so, Dottie could be an excellent option for you! 

Nevertheless, what about a unique nickname like Dotty or Dottie Lou? If you’re looking for something less flashy and more traditional, perhaps it’s time to consider Dorothy as an alternative.

Either way, both are lovely names with a great history behind them. But only one can make its way onto your shortlist! 

Hence, what do you think: Is Dottie too risky or Dorothy too plain? Vote now and help us settle whether these names are destined to succeed or fail. And don’t forget: There are plenty more Southern girl names where these came from!


The name Edie isn’t just adorable; it also means well-respected. Did you know that there are four saints named Edith? This girl’s name can be traced back to Ireland, where it was a popular variation of words ending in ed. 

However, today, Edie is one of those southern girl names with staying power. It ranked number 153 on our list of most popular names for girls in 2016.


For classic Southern girl names, look no further than Ellie. This old-fashioned name has made something of a comeback in recent years, and it’s easy to see why. It is a lovely choice that feels right. 

Therefore, as far as we know, nobody called Ellie was ever mean to anybody or accused of being snooty, which is undoubtedly one of our favorite characteristics in a girl.


Eliza is another name that’s been around for a long time and has never fallen out of favor. It can feel a little old-fashioned, but only in a good way. This name brings to mind warm evenings, rocking chairs on front porches, and sweet tea.

Similarly, I think Gone With The Wind instead of newfangled technology like smartphones. Eliza is similar to names like Lily and Ella.

All three are classic and feminine with just enough sassiness for modern tastes. If you love old-fashioned Southern girl names, consider Eliza or one of its derivatives.


An old-fashioned Southern girl name Emery means serious and prudent. The name Emery is a variation of Emily. What we love about it: It’s sophisticated but playful enough to use as a nickname (Emer). 

Meanwhile, Emery is also part of another pretty set: When you start with Em-, it makes a great combination with other names beginning with E-, like Eden or Elle. For example, Emmaline or Emmalee is a fresh and sweet version of Emery.


Is one of our favorite short girl names. Etta is unique but not too different from more popular choices like Emma or Audrey. Etta is an attractive alternative for families seeking something beyond Emily and Emma.

Yet, still searching for something sweet and girly. And if you’re hoping to name your baby girl after a family member? The grandmotherly nickname Ette is just waiting to be used! No matter how you spell it, we love Etta as a Southern girl name.


One of our favorite Southern girl names is Fallon! The name Fallon comes from Scottish and means beautiful. It’s also a cute Irish name meaning fair-haired boy. 

Meanwhile, something about it sounds so pretty and feminine, making it one of our favorite names. It reminds us of other popular, southern girl names like Ashlyn and Harper but makes for a unique middle name. Fallon has made its way onto our list as one of our favorite baby names in 2018!


This adorable name has southern charm to spare, though it’s often used as a nickname for Anna. Fancy is also on its own and would be perfect for parents who don’t want to choose a famous name. If you’re looking for something feminine, classic, and pretty all at once, you should consider using Fancy. 

Moreover, if you are for more names, that starts with F-A-N. Check out our list of 50 beautiful and classic girl names that begin with F.


Fannie is a form of Frances, which originates from Latin, as a southern girl name. Fannie has two potential meanings. It could either be related to Latin fānīs, meaning courageous, or it could come from Middle English fann, meaning pale. 

Either way, it’s easy to see why parents may want to include Fannie on their list of Southern girl names. It sounds sweet but also has some sass behind it. Let’s look at some other words with similar meanings and sounds.


Faye is a sweet and soft southern girl name with feminine flair. It’s one of those names you know by heart, with an easy-to-spell and memorable flow. Faye hails from France and means fair or white, which are fitting characteristics for your precious little darling.

Additionally, other great Southern girl names are. Ximena (which means protector), Tabitha (which means gazelle), Emeline (which means industrious), Lulu (which means lovable), and Madeline (which makes people think French). See what we mean? Flipping through these sweet baby names will have you falling in love—one letter at a time!


Frances has a lovely, old-fashioned feel but isn’t so old that it feels outdated. As a southern girl, Frances is beautiful. Frankie’s nickname adds a bit of whimsy and nostalgia for those who love classic handles. 

Besides, try Frances if you’re looking for Southern girl names with history and meaning behind them. For even more great nicknames for little girls (we call them babies). You can check out our list of 35 of America’s best and most unique baby names from Down South!


Choosing a name for your daughter isn’t an easy task. You want to get it right if you’re from a southern state, like South Carolina or Louisiana, or a place with southern roots, such as California or Massachusetts.

Therefore, it might be even more critical for you to develop something unique. Whatever your reason for choosing to use one of these 50 Southern girl names. We think they are all perfect choices! Good luck!  

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