40 Unique and Meaningful Indian Baby Boy Names

Indian Baby Boy Names

You are naming your child after an essential aspect of their future personality. Or life path can be a fantastic experience. It can be intimidating if you aren’t familiar with the culture of the people whose names you are considering.

Therefore, these lists of Indian baby boy names have been compiled for you. This will help those who want to honor the cultural traditions of this country.

But don’t know where to start looking for inspiration. For baby boy names that are unique and meaningful in this tradition.


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It is used by parents who want a name that is captivating, enduring, lively, and pleasant. Its language of origin is Sanskrit. Amol means large. 

Furthermore, it means A candle holder; Increasing; Large; River sand. In English, Amol is an alternate spelling of Alum (English). (Top 2000 Indian baby boy names in 2015) Also possibly related to Names like Amir, Anmol, Amar, etc


It is popular in Hindi and has a top Indian baby boy names list, also used in Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu. What does Rishabh mean? Ruler of kings Rishabh is an anglicized version of Rishabh.

Similarly, it is a name used to describe a person who rules over others. The term has its roots in Hindu scriptures that depict Rishabh as an avatar or reincarnation of Vishnu—the preserver god.

As Lord Vishnu incarnated on earth in ten different forms called avatars, Rishabh was his form during Tretayuga. Because of him, Hindu scriptures made Tretayuga known as ‘the age of (King) Rishabh.’


It is a Hindi name for boys, pronounced AH-mrih-tah. Its spells have Amrita. How popular is it? Amrita may be an uncommon first name for boys. (2000 U.S. Census).

Amrita may not be on many people’s lips, but some other babies in India have Amrita names. It may not also be listed within the Top 2000 Indian baby names at all. 


It’s one of the Indian baby boy names. Numerology number (also called a Life Path Number). It is at least partly responsible for a person’s characteristics, destiny, preferences, behavior, strengths & weaknesses. It represents your personality traits. 

Meanwhile, the numerological number relating to the name Arin is 3:3 means expression or creativity. This can be expressed through skill in creative arts like music or writing. The person possesses vision which makes him think ahead of others in his field or job.


It’s a Sanskrit and Haryanvi name meaning breath. Also listed as: Anshan, Anshul. Alternative listings include Anshu. •. Similarly, its meaning in English is ‘Breath,’ and its Usage in English is uncommon (top 2000 Indian baby boy names).

It’s Used in the following cultures/religions/locations, Hindi India, Muslim Religious Community (Urdu Speaking), South Asian; Hindu Religious Community, Sikhism.


It is a trendy Indian baby boy name, a timeless classic, pronounced: ro-Hawn, it means: colorful. It is also of Punjabi origin, meaning loud shouting or calling. Origin/gender of Rohan: it’s of Indian Mythology/ Boy Name.

Likewise, it’s analyzed as a name full of vigor and bright like a diamond! Just make sure it doesn’t affect your kid. Though, it’s a name that will make him feel special and have many friends. 

Besides, they will admire him for his unique qualities. He might even be treated at school because he has such an exciting name! But what if your child hates being treated differently? Then you should choose another one!


A short name that is great as a first name or a nickname. It’s extremely popular as an Indian baby boy name but less common elsewhere. This moniker has been around for quite some time – it was given to over 2,000 boys in 2015. 

Additionally, based on Hindu Mythology, Arjun is one of five Pandava brothers whose story is told in The Mahabharata, which was first written down around 200 BCE. Today’s spelling of Arjun is believed to be modernized from its original version: Arjuna. 

Moreover, since 1750, unsurprisingly, it has been most popular among parents in Kerala. Since 2000, it has become more widespread as well. There are a handful of alternate spellings, including Arjun, Arjun, and Areynon.


Its means the son of a king. Bittu is a popular Indian baby boy name. In Hindi, it means prince. This name was used by several kings, including Bittu Sahastrabuddhi (the father of Vikramaditya). It is also used as a nickname for someone who has been blessed with wealth or power.


It’s one of the Indian baby boy names starting with A, meaning Fearless. Abhay leaves fear and therefore is a fearless leader of the people. It refers to someone who has no anxiety, thus leading a group of people—alternative meanings (in different languages): in Hindi, protected by. 


This is a trendy Indian baby name and is used by many people. It means Light, enlightenment, and virtue. In Hindu mythology, Aryans were a race of god-like men that conquered India.

This is also commonly believed to be the first name for Adolf Hitler in Germany during World War II. 

However, he was born with the name Adolf Schicklgruber. The word arayan or array (Arabic: عريان) means light-skinned in Arabic.

Thus it became popular among Muslims as an ethnonym for Arabs even before Arab nationalism was conceived.


One of the Indian baby boy names is often used in derivatives of Sanskrit, Hindi, or Urdu words. At the same time, many of these ‘traditional’ Indian-origin baby boy names are still very popular in India today. Others have become less common over time. 

Meanwhile, in recent years, parents from traditional or religious communities have chosen to name their children modern and western-style first names.

Still, others give their sons traditional (or a mix of traditional and non-traditional), Hindu, Muslim or Christian terms. They are combined with a typical English name surname instead of taking on the family name.

Moreover, many such parents also choose to pass down other cultural traditions via a child’s middle name(s). Raghav is a unique baby boy name.


Variation of Ayushman, Ayushi. It means priceless. Other versions of the name include Ayush. The name is popular in the Hindu religion & used by Gujarati parents while naming their babies.


Ashwin is an Indian baby name, which means one who wins or conquers an enemy. It’s used in Punjabi. It may be borrowed from Sanskrit Ashwani, which may mean shark, warrior, or fish. Ashwin also appears as a surname in India and Pakistan.

Still, A notable bearer was Ashwin Sanghi (born 1969), an Indo-Canadian novelist. Ashwin is an Indian baby boy name and originates from Sanskrit.


It is a modern take on the Arabic name meaning azimuth. With its anglicized spelling and pronunciation, it has made its way into mainstream usage. This makes it an option for parents who wish to have an Islamic name for their child.

Yet don’t want it to be too conventional. The name can also be spelled as Azan or Azaan. Spelling variations aside, Azan has been used by several notable personalities over the years: soap-opera star Omar Sharif Jr.


Galvan is a Sikh-origin Indian baby boy name, and it’s another name of Hindu Lord Ganesh. The word Bal in Sanskrit means child, Van means body and refers to elephant body. Combined, it refers to an elephant child/son, a common name used in the Punjab region of India. 

At the same time, people with the name Balvan are generally beautiful, friendly, and trustworthy. They have a positive attitude towards life.

They are also honest and do not like to lie or cheat on others. Some famous people named Balvan are Harbhajan Singh (Indian cricketer), Sushil Kumar (Indian wrestler), etc.


Arv is a form of Arav, meaning courageous, its diminutive forms are Avie or Arav, and its pet forms are Ara and Aravi. This name has its origins in Sanskrit, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, and Sindhi. Short form of Ravi (meaning sun).

This was one of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s names when he was born. Modi is also considered a variant of Maury (Hebrew), meaning from Morocco. 


Advik is also one of the Indian baby boy names. Parents use it for naming their newly born babies. The word Advik is a Muslim-Sikh name. The lucky number associated with it is 2. Advik has the sound of Aveek.


Derived from Sanskrit origins, it means capable. Another derivative of Anay is Eagan. What does Anay mean? It means Capable Understanding Fair Kind and Lovable Just. A suggestion Do you like that name? If so, press the Like button. Or else. Add your comment. Please input number


Bandra, an Indian baby boy name, means strong in Sanskrit and tall in Hindi. Derived from while meaning long, or Mandira meaning temple. Balendra is an uncommonly occurring first name for men. But a very prominent last name for both men and women (2000 U.S. #14594 out of 150436, Top 7%).


Balveer meaning, pronunciation, and more, (Bal + Veer) Balveer is a baby boy’s name of Hindu Origin. You can learn more about its pronunciation in different languages and usage or spelling variations.

And also similar terms of Balveer, alternative origin, and related baby name options on our website. Does this page help you find answers to questions like what Balveer means?  


Manjeet is an Indian baby boy name. Its means Victory + Peacock. (In Punjabi, it’s ਬੰਜੇਤ). Other similar-sounding names can be Bhagat or Rishi.


This is a name that has been used in many Hindu families. It means ‘is almost like ‘God.’ It is a unique name with an uncommon spelling, although it is not that difficult to pronounce. It can go well with any surname since it has no particular regional affiliation. 

However, as far as religions are concerned, Darsh can be used by anyone as per their belief system. If you plan to use it for your firstborn son, keep it in mind. People will mispronounce it unless they come from different parts of India.


देव – dev- ‘god’ in Sanskrit, Hindi, Marathi & Nepali. The English meaning of Dev is ‘Of Hindu or Indian origin: a descendant of Dhivya’ or ‘Happy.’ Indian Baby Names with similar meanings: Devan (English), Davin (English), Dovahkiin (Indian), Dewi (Indonesian), Devi (Sanskrit). Find more similar names for boys here, or continue reading about Dev from different languages. Discover new meanings: In another language.


Unisex name meaning one foot. Also, one foot is considered a symbol of prosperity in many parts of India. Thus, Ekapad is often given as an auspicious name. It is perfect for parents who want to give their children a unique yet powerful name.

Similar to any unisex moniker, you can easily choose one gender. Depending on your child’s preference once they grow up. This choice has become more accessible thanks to modern-day parenting trends in which children are treated as equals.


Probably a variant of Fareed which means Elegant. See Faraj for more information. These are variant names like Nkosi, an African (Xhosa) name meaning creator. Rithvik is probably a variant of Reet which means pleasant fragrance and flowing air.

Additionally, we have Kanik: a Hindi-Punjabi name meaning helper, supporter, and official representative. Shashi, Sanskrit-Sanskrit word (शाशी) for moonbeam, a comparison to bright Light; moonlight. If you like them, you can look for more information on these Indian baby names on our site!


They are often given to boys born on Friday, after Islamic religious leader Imam Fetan. Other spellings of Fitan are Fasten, Faizan, Feytan, and Feitan. Fitna (pronounced fitnah) is a unique female name in India: a Muslim name meaning ‘ordeal.’ 

Furthermore, the word fitna can also be used to mean ‘confusion,’ which could refer to one’s birth month: May. Or it could relate to one’s acting skills. Fit in Hindi means to perform or put on a show. So think of your chosen profession and whether you’ll need any acting skills when you put on that show.


Frado means, ‘free one, which is free from bondage.’ How popular is Frado? It is a rare first Indian baby boy name with a unique meaning. 

Yet, Frado is not listed in the U.S. top 1000. (2015) It has not been listed within the top 1000 birth names for boys since 1880. In 2015, among all boy births, 0.011% were named Frado, it’s was last ranked in the 1930 position. (2015 BIRTH STATISTICS)


A combination of sky and handsome. Other origins: Hindu. Meaning: Sky. Variant transcription(s): Gagan, Kagan, Kagan, Kageen, Kagen, Katen. Short form: Gagnon


Girik is a Hindu Boy name meaning God’s dwelling. Another name for Shiva is an Indian Baby Name. Garik is a feminine given name. Pronounced gah-REEK I, it is of Greek origin, meaning bright. See also Gayle. Variants include Gira.


Girish is the first Indian baby boy name, and it means Lord Krishna. During his lifetime, Krishna was also known as Madhava. He married 16,108 queens. 

Though, the number was greatly exaggerated later to show his enormous popularity with women. A son of Krishnadasa Kaviraja, poet laureate of Vidyapati Thakur (the principal disciple of Caitanya). He compiled Krishna’s biography, which he entitled Sri Chaitanya Charitamritam.


Gopal: A name with a profound meaning, it is more prevalent in India. It has historically been given to people of the Hindu faith for hundreds of years. The spelling variation Gopaldas is also seen frequently. In the Sanskrit language, Gopala means protector, one who takes care of or nurtures. 


It is an Indian baby boy name of Hindi origin, and the name Gunbir means ‘well-armed’ from a combination of a gun (wish), and they’re (firm). 


Imran is pronounced as ee-ma-RAN. The origin of Imran is Arabic. There are other forms of Imran, such as Iranian, Pashtun, and Urdu. The name means everlasting one in Persian / Farsi and Urdu language. 


Aman is an Indian baby boy name, pronounced as ah-MAHN. The origin of Aman is Hindi, Punjabi, and Sanskrit. There are other forms of a man, such as Indonesian, Malayalam, and Tamil. The name means peace in Hindi / Punjabi and Sanskrit language.


Isaac, as an Indian baby boy names is a Biblical name for Jews, இஸ்கை, Iekkai ēḵai, meaning laughter. In Hindu legend: son of Abraham by Sarah.

His birth was foretold by an angel who declared that Isaac would be a laughing child. Furthermore, Sarakatsani name: Ikra; a variant form of Isaac.

If you’re looking for a timeless yet modern name, then Isaac is your best bet. The Hebrew variation Issac originates from Isaak in Old Testament times. At the same time, its Sanskrit version Iekkai has been used since as early as 700 BC.


Name given to boys that means victory in Hindi, Jai is also a popular Hindu first Indian baby boy name. Which means Victory or unconquerable, a name with a similar meaning is Jaideep. Other spelling variants include Jay, Jaiye, and Jah. 

Meanwhile, the word Jai means victory in Sanskrit. It can also be used as an adjective that describes a feeling of victory. Another meaning could be that a person gains others’ affection through charisma or kindness. 

Additionally, It is derived from Sanskrit origins. And its use has expanded over time, appearing on television shows and, more recently, in video games.


A Sanskrit name meaning the celestial, sky is a typical Indian baby boy name, ranked #126 on our popularity charts. (2015 U.S. SSA Records) Jatin is given to only a select few. But it is a genuinely great name that cannot help but stand out. 

This moniker could be perfect for your new child because it has fewer than eight letters! You won’t often find one with eight letters these days! What do you think of Jatin? Rate and comment on our naming community page today!


Karan means the one who does what is right. It is also one of the typical Indian baby boy names. It means someone who does what is right and has a sweet and pleasing sound. But it also has some charm due to its depth in terms of meaning.

Besides, If you are looking for an ancient word that has been used for many centuries now, then Karan could be your ideal pick for naming your little bundle of joy who will carry forward your legacy.


Lucky is derived from Luck: The ability to change chance so that things happen according to one’s will; ‘To seize fortune by boldness’; ‘Fortune is said to favor the brave’ (lucky break). Luck is also a common Indian baby boy name.


When choosing Indian baby boy names, consider your child’s future. Is he going to attend a traditional or progressive school? Is he going to be exposed to modern culture?

Additionally, does he look like a Brahma but have a personality more akin to a Krishna? The world is his oyster, so use that as your inspiration. You can go about it by looking at your horoscope (or asking someone who knows) for crucial qualities. 

Meanwhile, there are thousands of good boys’ names in India. These are just a few that can help you find something personal and unique for your little prince!

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