37 Greek Baby Boy Names and Their Meanings

Greek Baby Boy Names

New parents, are you looking for Greek baby boy names? Check out our list of top names if you want to give your son a name that will remind him of his Greek heritage. Look no further than our list of the leading Greek baby boy names. 

Also, As you may know, Greek culture has played an essential role in the development of Western civilization. We have the Greeks to thank for democracy, philosophy, and art as we know it today. 

In addition, with this list of famous Greek baby boy names, you can keep your child rooted in his heritage while still giving him an exciting and unique character that he can be proud of!


This is one of the Greek baby boy names that are the most famous names of boys and also makes an excellent choice as a middle name.

Georgios means farmer and earth-worker. It can easily be shortened to George or Giorgos. Other forms include Yorgos and Yorgios (the latter making an excellent choice as an alternative to George). 

Moreover, Georgi is also used in Albania and Macedonia. The patron saint of Georgia (country) shares his name with six popes and several saints over two thousand years, including St.


(Loo-ah-neece). Also, this Greek baby boy’s name Louvain and its dialectal variant are in Belgium. Means people’s victory. Sometimes it is used as a reference to Saint John Chrysostomos (golden mouth) or St. Lawrence of Rome. 

Also, in Greece, Ioannis is popular among Cretans; elsewhere, it is not widespread. It ranked #408 in 2015. They are used by six people in Greece as given names, too.


Christos is a trendy Greek baby boy name, and it has more than 400 occurrences in over ten different states across America. The meaning of Christos is Anointed (Christ). Cross. 

Also, In Judaism, Jesus was called Yeshua, which comes from Joshua; He was to lead his people into the promised land, and they saw him as an anointed one. The name Jesus comes from the Latinized form of Hebrew Yeshua.


In ancient Greece, citizens carried weapons such as swords and daggers with them. This Greek baby boy’s name, such as Colin (or in Greek, Kolios), literally means little dagger or little sword. The ancient Romans viewed iron with both reverence and contempt. 

 Also, they understood that iron had many practical uses, but they were also very superstitious and believed that iron could be used to invoke destructive forces.

Their word for iron was saxum which meant stone or rock – so mighty was its reputation among Romans that even metal tools were referred to as stones.


Jason is derived from the Greek word Iason which means to heal. Its popularity increased tremendously in 2008 when it was given to several American male characters in the popular TV series Heroes.

Also, its Famous bearers include Jason Statham, Jason Bateman, and Jason Bourne. The popularity has dipped after that but is still among the most common male Greek baby boy names.


The name Atlas evokes strength, power, and self-confidence. The inspiration behind Greek mythology’s most extraordinary hero fits as a moniker for a vigorous newborn. In ancient times, Atlas was also an epithet for many other heroes. 

However, in today’s history, it has evolved into one of the Greek baby boy names that are the most popular boys’ names! Like Alexander and Achilles, Atlas is highly favored by new American parents. And with all those gorgeous variations (including Atlas and Atlas), why wouldn’t it be?


In case you’re wondering how common is Ares as a Greek baby boy name in Greece and worldwide. In 2017 about 10,500 boys were named Ares worldwide. That’s about 7 in every 100,000 newborn boys—the meaning of Ares: the lord (Zeus). 

Also, see names statistics to find out how many people or boys have that name on Facebook or Instagram. What is popular? How do we know it’s popular?

Are many celebrities named Ares, or is it more common than people think? How creative is their naming process? How smart do we believe they are based on their naming choice for their son?


Janus was an ancient Roman god who guarded doorways and gates. It was thought to rule over beginnings and transitions and protect stability in life. 

However, in English, we use Janus as both a given name and last name. Suppose you’re considering using Janus as your son’s first or middle name, which is from the Greek baby boy name.

It’s important to remember that there may be spelling variations like Johnas and other variant forms such as Jeanius or Janus.


Greek baby boy names like bread, many, and bread have always been common among new parents. Pan has all those meanings but is also rooted in Greek mythology.

 Also, it is one of two gods known as The King of All Gods – Zeus is his father, and Dionysus is his half-brother. Therefore, in short, it means Bread from Zeus and wine from Dionysus. How cool is that?!


Greek baby boy named such as Socrates was one of the most influential philosophers of all time. Born in 469 BC in Athens, he is best known for his teaching style and method known as the Socratic.

 Also, methods involve challenging accepted opinions and asking questions to get the truth. Given that we think Socrates is such an awesome guy, why not give your baby boy a nickname that shares his illustrious namesake? Some options are Soc, Socky, or Sokrates (if you’re feeling fancy).


Jerome is an Aramaic or Hebrew male name and means God will add (another son). With his standard English pronunciation as Jair-oh. Jerome is one of many Latin and Greek baby boy names from Christian religious history that have crossed over into general use in English. 

In addition to being a famous saint name, Jerome often appears in literature. The most notable bearers include Saint Jerome (340-420 AD).

Who was responsible for translating parts of the Bible into Latin; Sir Thomas Browne (1605-1682), who authored Religio Medici; and Eugène Ionesco (1909-1994), an avant-garde French playwright.


Nicknames include Nick or Nicky. Nicholas means victory of the people and is a derivative of Nicolas. Nick was once one of America’s most famous names and remains extremely common today in countries like Australia, Canada, and England.

However, Nicholas has slipped out of favor in other English-speaking countries in recent years. Only 200 boys were named Nicholas in 2013 (compared to more than 3200 in 1920). 

Also, the image that springs to mind with Nicholas may be one’s grandfather or father—Nicholas Cage starred as an exorcist in 2006’s.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose—but younger folks will likely associate it with football player Lamar Odom or caroler Justin Bieber. This Greek baby boy’s names are still very much attached to its religious history. 


The name Gregory means watchful. Gregory is a Biblical first name that comes of Latin origin. Saint Gregory introduced Gregory I, also known as Pope Gregory I. This first pope was once a hermit before becoming a bishop and eventually making history as Pope. 

However, Since then, many people have used his given name as their own. Today, this Greek baby boy name is commonly found among Catholics and Protestants, with countless variations in spelling.


These Greek baby boy names might be easy to forget an impressive number of things your son will have to know and be able to do when he grows up.

As a parent, your job is to teach him what he needs to know about living in today’s world. And that starts with naming him after someone powerful.

Also, your kid can carry a little bit of strength and wisdom in his name for life. And think about it. In school, someday, he’ll have friends named Emily and Jamal who speak different languages from him.

Suppose one day your son chooses to introduce himself or tell his own story (or someone else does). In that case, he’ll already have overcome one barrier—name recognition—because Dimitrios is well-known worldwide.


The Greek baby boy name Támas is one of many variations on Thomas in Greek. It meant twin and was once used to distinguish identical twins. 

Also, It’s more common than its famous biblical namesake in Greece; though it is not as popular as Tom or Tomás (see below), it ranked #79 in 2013. Also worth noting: Admissions


Saint Peter is said to have been one of Jesus’s original twelve apostles. Aside from being an important figure in Christian scripture, he was also believed to be God’s gatekeeper.

In comparison, most people associate Saint Peter with Rome (and will therefore often choose his namesake as a tribute to him). 

Also, many people named after him over time lived in Greece. One such man was known as Peter Panagiotis or Peter from Greece due to his extensive knowledge and intelligence on all things related to ancient Greeks and their customs.


You can’t go wrong with Apollo and a Greek baby boy named one of Zeus’ sons. If your family has a deep interest in Greek mythology and history or your son has some physical characteristics.

That makes him stand out from his peers—maybe he’s tall or has golden hair—you might consider naming him after one of these figures from Ancient Greece. 

Also, we love Apollo as a modern baby boy name because it gives kids an opportunity to share their family history while also embracing something new and different. It also pairs nicely with sister Aylia. Plus: It sounds great as an adult moniker.


Evander is one of those rare old-fashioned Greek baby boy names that has experienced a modest revival over recent years.

While it used to be more popular back in the 1900s when it was given to about 500 boys per year, now it’s given to only about 50 per year. But despite its resurgence—or perhaps because it is so unique—it feels like a true classic. 

Also, it’s clear why: It means from two rivers. The legend says that Evander was a hero from Italy who traveled through Greece and founded Tusculum near Rome. In other versions, he is considered an eponymous hero for all Greeks and Romanians.


Leander is a Greek baby boy name best known as a literary figure. It appears in Lord Byron’s poem Hero and Leander and Percy Bysshe Shelley’s drama Hellas. Here’s why it’s such an appealing option: It has Biblical origins.

However, lovers have been named after Leander at least as far back as Roman times. (Saint Leander was archbishop of Seville in Spain.) Like many other popular male names, it has ties to mythology—it belongs to one of the two romantic figures immortalized by storytellers over centuries.

It’s not very common in America, but it is famous around other parts of the world. It has several nicknames that can be used informally or creatively in everyday conversation.


The Zephyr is a gentle breeze, an image that fits well with Zephyr as a Greek baby boy name. The name means west wind and derives from early versions of Zephyrus (meaning west). 

However, in mythological stories, Zeus was often called upon to send zephyrs when people needed help — especially if they were having trouble in love. So if your new son needs help finding love in later life, perhaps consider naming him Zephyr.


The meaning of Adrian is a wolf. This name has been popular since its introduction in England and was one of William Shakespeare’s favorites. It is pronounced as Ah-dree-in or Ay-dree-in. 

Also, Parents commonly choose to use a variation on their child’s middle name when naming them, such as Adrian Lewis or Adrian Keith. Other variations include Adrian, Adrian, Adrian, and Vedrian.


Drew originates from Ireland and means Druim or high ridge. This attractive Gaelic and Irish name have two different pronunciations: (Dru), traditionally used in Scotland and Ireland; (Drue), which is most commonly used in America.

In addition, Drew has been rising in popularity since 2013, according to Baby Center. It was #634 in 2012, and by 2014 it rose to #761, an increase of 240 spots.

If you’re interested in giving your son a traditional Irish or Scottish last name that isn’t overused, give him Drew for his first born, a Greek baby boy name.


Meaning holding fast in Greek, Hector is one of Greece’s most famous heroes. The legendary Trojan War soldier is remembered for his gallantry, and bravery and as one of literature’s earliest tragic figures.

Hector was a defender who died defending his family and homeland. However, historically it has been noted that ‘Hector’ was initially used as a girl’s name as well – they were all named after King Hector (Prince Paris’ father) from Homer’s Iliad.

Another use was because it was considered a feminine version of ‘Heracles.’ This made it an excellent option for any new parent looking to give their baby boy a Greek baby boy name with an old-world feel with a relatively unique history behind its development.


Tobias means God is good. It’s also one of only two biblical Greek baby boy names beginning with T (the other being Theo). It’s a solid biblical name and a masculine virtue name.

Perhaps that makes it a good fit for your son as he grows into manhood? However, the only downside is that there isn’t much style to go along with that meaning—Tobias doesn’t exactly make it onto lists of fashionable baby boy names.

But no matter how trendy your little guy becomes as he enters school, we think you’ll agree his middle name should stay right where it is—on the approved list.


From Charles and William to John and Harry, names that ended in or were once considered old-fashioned. But with some inspired rhyming, Karl has become more popular as a Greek baby boy name. 

Also, it’s one of only two in its class – most others end in er. And because Karl rhymes so well with other strong monikers like Ford or Palmer – but isn’t too far removed from Kenneth or Ken – it’s sure to be at least one parent’s favorite on our Greek baby boy names list. (About BabyNames)


Arsen is a Greek baby boy name derived from the word arsenicosis, which translates to like arsenic. It was popular in Greece back in 1980, when there were 136 boys with that name.

 However, it never really caught on anywhere else in Europe or America. We couldn’t find anyone else who shared that exact spelling, and we weren’t sure how much people like it today.

It seems as though it may have been an old-fashioned choice for many parents because all those little Arsen kids grew up to be adults by now.


Bacchus is derived from an ancient Greek word that means intoxication. The God of wine and intoxication was called Bacchus. It is also a famous Greek baby boy’s name in several other countries.

The word bacchanal comes from Bacchus and refers to rituals where people celebrate with wine and music.

 However, In fiction, Bacchus is depicted as both good and evil. Most people think only of wine when they hear his name, but they should remember that he was also God of strength, courage, inspiration, and fertility, so there’s much more to him than meets the eye.


Anders comes from Andreas, which means manly. This great name is familiar and rare and was even more prevalent in Sweden before it became widely used in other countries.

Also, in general, Anders is usually regarded as a man’s name, but it can also be used as a girl’s middle name or first name. If you want to use it as your child’s only name, then their full legal first and last name would be something like Jonas Anders Björklund.


Andre is a traditional Greek baby boy name that means man in French. Its original form was Andrea, which is considered very feminine today. That may be why many use its derivative Andre to give their son a masculine edge.

Considering Andre as your little guy’s moniker, it’s worth noting that it’ll take some getting used to from friends and family who don’t speak or read French.

However, It also might feel odd if he has any siblings with gender-neutral names like Isabella or Austin (and vice versa). Also, consider: Sibling rivalry may well ensue once your son grows up and hears what his brother’s friends call him—although chances are he’ll embrace his unique first name too.


Dion is a popular choice among new Greek parents today. The name means devotee, and it has been around since ancient times.

It was used by famous old figures such as Dionysius I (no, not Dion himself), who ruled Syracuse during its Golden Age. This Greek baby boy’s name is also quite close to Dennis and Dennis.

Also, it is now enjoying renewed popularity as a baby boy name in English-speaking countries. You could even use an alternative spelling like Dyon or Denes. So why don’t you put it on your shortlist? What about Apollon or Hercules?


Kotas is a popular choice for new parents who want their babies to have Greek baby boy names. It’s no wonder why: The word Kotas translates to cutie pie. (You know, like puppies?). 

Also, don’t worry—the name doesn’t imply that your child will be overly adorable. It means princess or queen. So if you want to give your son an exotic-sounding moniker, Kotas could be a good pick! Do keep in mind that it isn’t widespread in Greece.


Basil is an old-fashioned and royal-sounding Greek baby boy name that is gaining popularity as more parents want their children to stand out from others.

The name is derived from basileus, which means king or prince. A member of royalty would have been called by their first name with basileus appended to it. 

However, Basil was first used in English-speaking countries during medieval times and has been around since at least 1200 AD.

When it was used to refer to royalty by Aristides (1110-1155), it started gaining popularity among non-royals after it was given to a saint who was an archbishop of Caesarea in Cappadocia (Asia Minor) during the 3rd century AD.


It is a Greek baby boy name that means defender of men. In ancient times, it was used by Albanians and foreigners in southern Italy. Alec Baldwin is an actor and producer who has won three Emmy Awards for his roles on NBC’s 30 Rock. 

Also, He stars in The Boss Baby (2017) alongside Miles Christopher Bakshi. In real life, though, Baldwin was arrested in May 2014 after being accused of getting angry at and threatening to punch a man over a parking spot dispute outside his New York City apartment building.


Castor is an excellent-sounding Greek baby boy name that means beaver. It is said to be the meaning of Castor came from its similarity with an old European word, castor beaver. This gave rise to someone who has associated beavers and industriousness.

Also, a legend says that the God Apollo was born on the island Delos in ancient Greece to his mother Leto and father Zeus (Apollo). He had two twin brothers named Pollux and Clytemnestra. The eldest Pollux was born first, followed by Castor, who was 2 minutes younger than him. 

So, When their mother felt labor pains, she asked her husband Zeus to help her, but he refused to allow it as she was not his wife then but instead married another lady named Leda.


Milos was always on my shortlist of Greek baby boy names—but I’m always looking for new options. I had dismissed Milos as an option because its meaning has changed significantly over time. 

In addition, the modern definition (strength and masculinity) didn’t quite fit with what I was looking for in a baby boy’s name.

But digging into Milos’ history revealed that it was initially associated with war—particularly battles between gods and giants. Milos is much more powerful than mere physical prowess as a God-given strength.


The ancient Greeks believed that all babies were born with an animal inside them. Seth means god-given. As far as Greek baby boy names go, Seth is unusual but not unheard of. You can learn more about other meanings on Behind The Name. Asclepius is a Greek baby boy name. 

Also, a famous Greek doctor and healer who lived in 500 BC, he was one of three sons of Apollo and Coronis. According to mythology, his mother was killed by Zeus’ lightning bolt after she had an affair with Ischys.

To save his life, Apollo carried him to Chiron’s cave, where he remained in safety until he was fully grown and educated in medicine by Chiron himself. 

In addition, his emblem was either two snakes or a staff with two snakes wrapped around it (or sometimes one snake coiled around it).

He became so skilled at his profession that Zeus allowed him to bring people back from death four times; however, each time, they would be weaker than before until eventually dying again for good.


Xander is considered by many to be one of the most unusual male first names. Perhaps it’s because it’s not so common or because it sounds like an adult’s name but is used on children. But even though it might seem unusual to those unfamiliar with its meaning.

However, Xander is quite traditional and popular in some parts of Europe (most notably Spain). Xander appears in several languages’ top 10 baby-naming lists and has been around since Ancient Greece.

Because both Xander and Xanthos have such strong meanings—one relating to war and bravery while another refers to grace—it seems evident that their popularity would combine well as first names.


Many beautiful options are available to those who wish to give their son a Greek-inspired name. New parents can choose from mythological figures and heroes or modern celebrities.

If they want something unique but not too unusual, plenty of pet names and short forms fit into these categories. 

However, traditionally Greek baby boy names also appeal; some will be familiar to most people while others seem fresh and new.

No matter what choices new parents make regarding character traits or qualities they wish their child to embody, there is something here for everyone.

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