26 DIY Vintage Decorating Ideas

DIY Vintage Decorating Ideas
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Some people are looking for beautiful places, while some are looking for a place to make beautiful. Be the second category and use your imagination to create the perfect home decor. Let’s spice up your style with some of our DIY vintage decorating ideas.

There are always some things you can do yourself at home, and interior design is one of them. These simple and easy decorating projects won’t cost you much, but a little creativity can make your home look fresh and interesting.

Do you say you were born without craft skills? Do not worry! You can still be creative when decorating your home. DIY vintage decorating ideas let you personalize your home with DIY accents that turn your space into a unique place you’d love to hang out.

Let’s bring those antique moments into your home. The internet has become a hotbed of exciting DIY ideas, and there’s no shortage of them here.

The best DIY home decor projects provide a satisfying “I did it!” payoff in the afternoon or, even better, in an hour.

Vintage decor can be unique, romantic, and warm. In today’s article, we have collected the 26 most trendy and simple ideas for vintage decorations you can make yourself. Check out these DIY vintage decorating ideas below and see if you would try any of them at home.

Whatever the occasion or purpose, personalized details bring a nice touch of surprise to wow the crowd and make the shared moment even more pleasant.

These DIY vintage decorations are effortless but will be the center of attention in your home decor. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, and let’s get right into exploring.

1. Create a DIY Divided Cutlery Drawer

With a bit of creativity, you can give old, unusable furniture a fresh start as a cutlery organizer. This tutorial shows how your favorite scrapbook paper and desk drawers can become perfectly worn, vintage-inspired planners. See how to do this project here.

2. Repurpose vintage tin containers

Regardless of the latest trends, candles are a good gift. Using old cans as candle containers creates a beautiful setting whether you choose to light the candles or not. Lidded tins can also add more depth and beauty to the candles.

3. Bedside Table with Ladder

Yeah! You read that right. A stepladder bedside table is another excellent DIY vintage decorating ideas piece.

Due to their narrow profile and towering height, antique wooden ladders make fantastic bedside shelves.

Wood is a versatile material that can be refinished, painted, stained, or left unfinished, making it an ideal addition to almost any decor. Check here for some transformations.

4. Try a Pallet Wall Design

If you want to decorate your home space without spending money and giving it a unique and designer look using your old rustic palette, this website is the place to go. 

It offers free instructions on how to make DIY decorative items for your home cheap and usually recycled pallets.

It is a fun and creative blog that you’ll enjoy diving into the unique projects they have using pallets. Check out this design statement for a wall-mounted planter rack.

5. Fairy’s Ladder With Hanging Lights & Foliage

The perfect DIY for Halloween. Hanging a wooden ladder as a light fixture may seem quirky, but it makes for a spectacular conversation starter. Vintage-style string lights are ideal for creating a magical atmosphere. For an extra touch of glamour, add crystal pendants as pictured here.

6. Old Bed Spring for Your Planter

Who says old springs are just for dumpsters or garage scraps? Take them in with you; they will come in handy as a planter stand. Place it next to your bedside table or on a shelf in the living room and watch them stand out. Still in doubt? Check this out.

7. An Old-Fashioned Librarian-Style Clock for Quiet Hours

A vintage book clock may not be functional, but it should be able to add a layer of sophistication to any vintage-inspired space. Whether you choose to place it on a side table or a shelf, this antique book project is timeless. Visit this website to see DIY project details.

8. An Old Basket Turned into a Unique Hanging Towel Rack

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to convert your old woven basket into a unique hanging basket for storing bath towels. If you have space, then why not? Simply hang using iron brackets with neatly tied fabric tape and your old basket for a hand-forged ambiance full of character.

9. Vintage DIY Decor Ottoman with Suitcase and Coffee Bag

For a truly unique article on DIY vintage decorating ideas, take a look at this coffee bag and suitcase ottoman. As well as being big enough for your cat or maybe two of your guests to sit on, this ottoman is mounted on ball casters, so you can slide it wherever you want.

10. DIY Candle Holders for Romantic Dinner

There’s nothing better than having dinner with the person most dear to your heart and lighting up the room with a romantic candle! But the secret is usually in the candle holders. If you don’t want to invest in commercial candle holders, here is a tutorial that will teach you how to make your own DIY vintage candle holders with minimal investment.

11. Glass bottle lamp

No matter where they are, cursive handwriting and vintage postage stamps should add vintage charm to the space. In this example, a glass container with a cork lid glass jar serves as a lamp holder that will look great in any room filled with neutral colors.

12. Make Some Beautiful DIY Wall Shelves with Drawers

Did you have drawers left over during the renovation, or do you want to change the drawers of your dresser because they are old? No problem, but why get rid of it? Let’s make it functional. 

At first glance, you would never guess that this elegant shelf is actually an inverted drawer. With multiple pieces of wood serving as dividers, this shelf is deep enough to display a variety of decorations. Thanks to confessionsofaserialdiyer.com for some ideas

13. DIY Vintage Suitcase Table

While vintage leather-covered suitcases might not be the most practical companions for modern travel, the perfect DIY vintage decorating ideas for this is that they could make cultured console tables. 

You can create a vintage side table with fancy legs, but you can use more intricate legs for a completely different feel. Click here to get inspired. 

14. Decorate with Adorable Vintage DIY Lace Balls.

It’s time to party at home, but your vintage DIY-inspired theme is still missing something. Visit this website to get inspiration for DIY vintage decoration ideas to create charming lace balls in minutes.

15. DIY Ruler Inspired Yard Stick Mirror

Slices of rulers can create a sun-like ray for an energizing mirror project. Try to make some statements with ruler slices as a mirror frame.

Although you can paint the rulers for a start, the natural finish and original markings stay true to the vintage feel. Fortunately, this site offers step-by-step instructions.

16. Cut Suitcases for Wall Shelves

If you’re handy with a saw, who says you can’t even make DIY shelves out of suitcases? It’s a fun way to get more storage space in your living room by repurposing things you wouldn’t normally think of serving that purpose. Here is an inspiration.

17. Hand Painted Tin Jars

Let’s be a little more creative. How about hand-painting a floral illustration on tin jars as rolled towel storage for the closet/ bathroom? Nothing will scream “vintage” like this style.

A fabric border around the end edges should project them perfectly. Use it to store a few rolled towels in your closet in matching colors to add a nice touch of modern chic. For a pictorial illustration, click here.

18. More Candles with Vintage DIY Tea for Two

With a little twist, what better way to decorate in vintage style than with antique porcelain teacups? If you prefer a distressed vibe, don’t be afraid to choose chipped or broken tea cups for your candle project; they will definitely come in handy.

19. Hand Mounted Hanger with Multiple-styled Knob

DIY vintage decorating ideas don’t have to mean “complicated”. Simple tweaks and designs should also do the work. Check out this hanging rack that has incredible magic.

The secret you will see behind this shelf’s charm is definitely the mismatched knobs used as hangers as they work together to cultivate contrast and visual interest.

20. Decor for an Old Bottle

This must be a very quick and cost-effective guide to help you put your old bottles or jars to good use!

You’d be amazed at the awesome retro decor you can achieve with basic materials, and this tutorial will teach you how to create your own DIY bottle decor that you can place on your living room shelves to add a trendy touch to your home decor. 

21. Sweet Knob-topped Vanity Toiletry Jars

Another inspiration for a DIY mason jar. Finding ways to update old jars follows not only a vintage aesthetic but also a 1940s “waste not, want not” philosophy. Fresh color for the lid and a stylish knob can turn jars into a surprising storage solution. Check out this guide for proof.

22. DIY Hangers for Hats

Create an entryway rack with scrap wood from the garage and unique key-shaped hooks. Customize it however you like. Although you could use your favorite paint or stain, painting simple American patterns would give this shelf a nice primitive feel. Click on hawthorneandmain.com to help.

23. Hand-poured Goblet Candles for Vintage Vibe

Candles can be so unique and can add a slight glow to a room. Meanwhile, crystal goblets are an easy way to add elegance to a space. While classic white candles can be a great idea for your goblet, you can try using romantic red or soothing blue wax. For a bit of beauty, click here for beauty.

24. Make a DIY Mini Bar From a Vintage Suitcase

Yes, the suitcase again. This idea is very similar to the previous one. The only difference is that this site creates cabinets from suitcases instead of shelves. Vintage suitcases can be versatile. Check out a range of projects for fun, quirky and unique things to do in your living space.

I mean, who wouldn’t want a cabinet made out of suitcases? You cannot really hear or see these ideas, or for wine lovers, it can also surely be the perfect size to hold a few glasses and jars. If you wish, this can even be installed in your hotel room.*Winks* Like, what’s not to like about this Mini Bar suitcase.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. There are a number of additional projects for almost anything you’re looking for. All the more reason to visit this site.

25. Cozy Gray Wooden Basket for a DIY Vintage Decorating Ideas

With their abundance of texture and visual interest, baskets can make fantastic storage space for shag blankets. If a brown basket looks boring in your space, follow this tutorial to give your baskets a makeover for a French cottage look.

26. Distress Your Furniture With Vinegar

As a vintage lover, you should love the look of antique furniture, right? Old, worn-out furniture is actually one of the mainstays of vintage decorating, and if you want to “artificially age” your closet or wardrobe, here’s how you can do it! All you need is little vinegar and a little more time. For simple step-by-step instructions, click here.

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