17 Different Types of Lingerie for Women

Different Types of Lingerie

Maybe you’re just getting your feet wet in the world of seductive Lingerie, or perhaps you’re brushing up on your brassiere knowledge.

Either way, there are plenty of reasons to be familiar with all the different types of Lingerie. 

Furthermore, depending on the culture, Lingerie is generally regarded as a “sexual” item of apparel.

Although “women’s underwear and nightclothes” is the exact definition of Lingerie. 

Over time, cultural influences, branding, and iconography have emphasized the image of Lingerie as a sensual garment.

Lingerie is once again regarded as a garment of function and glamour as businesses adapt their approach to design and marketing. 

The word lingerie is derived from the French word linge, which means linen, and refers to the material used to make underwear in the past.

Lingerie is now created from various materials, the most popular and desirable of which is silk.

We’ve got the description of the most popular different types of Lingerie, as well as how to style each one for an unforgettable look. 

1. Camisoles/ Cami Tops

A camisole, often known as a cami top, is a women’s vest with shoulder straps that is loose or tight around the upper torso.

They come in various fabrics and styles and are frequently sold as part of a set. 

In addition, Women who wore corsets needed an undergarment that could hide the corset better than a chemise; hence camisoles were invented during the Victorian era. 

Because chemises were too lengthy and thick, camisoles were designed to be shorter and lighter, giving the appearance of being thinner.

Camisoles went from being exclusively an undergarment to an outer garment as corsets fell out of favor. 

2. Bra and Panties

Bra and Panties Types of Lingerie
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The most prevalent different types of Lingerie are your basic bra and panties. This is the Lingerie that most ladies wear daily. 

Furthermore, most women have at least one bra, whether a push-up, front-hook, lace, or cotton-based bra. You can wear it with any underwear you like, from revealing thongs to boy shorts. 

3. Bikini

Photo by Ben_Kerckx on Pixabay

For a low-maintenance (but high-impact) style, a seductive pair of underwear can be worn alone or with a matching cami or bra. A bikini is a classic cut in particular. 

However, it has a low rise but not too low, and it provides rear coverage while still looking charming and flirtatious. 

4. Bralettes

Bralettes are frequently more comfortable than bras since they are manufactured without wires or padding. On the other hand, a bra gives incredible support and padding. 

Additionally, a bralette is an excellent example of Lingerie that serves a purpose.

Although components of the current bralette can be traced back to the 1920s, bralettes have only recently become extremely popular. 

They were frequently regarded as a bra for younger generations, such as teenagers.

Nevertheless, bralettes are growing increasingly popular among women of all ages as they seek out attire that makes them feel good.

They are also one of the different types of Lingerie.  

5. Bodysuit

Consider it a combination of a bra and underpants. (This is sometimes referred to as a teddy bear.) 

Although a bodysuit provides more coverage than two separate items, it is sexier. 

However, it’s because it screams “special event,” making it ideal for the wedding night (or Valentine’s Day, or your anniversary—you get the point). 

6. Bustier

Want to give your wedding night a little extra oomph? This underwear style will draw attention to your cleavage.

A bustier is a long bra top that covers the entire or most of the torso, while some bustier bras go well beyond the belly button. 

Additionally, go for white and lacy for an ultra-bridal look. Choose a strappier version in black or crimson if you want to amp up the sex appeal.

Do you want something extraordinary? The attached garters will allow you to wear thigh-high stockings. 

7. Slips

Slips are also one of the different types of Lingerie. A slip is a type of underwear worn under a dress or skirt. It might be a full slip or a half-slip hanging from the shoulders. 

Furthermore, they’re helpful in various situations, but their primary function is to assist a dress or skirt hanging correctly on the body. 

Slips were generally made of rayon in the 1940s, as were many other clothes because it was the only fabric available during the war. However, they’ve grown to be available in a wide range of colors and materials. 

8. Garter or Suspender Belt

A garter belt (also known as a suspender belt) features clips that hold thigh-high stockings in place, and it can be used with nearly any form of Lingerie. 

In addition, to elevate it from ordinary to very sexy, pair it with a matching bra and panty. 

9. Corsets

Corsets are also one of the sexiest different types of Lingerie. They are used to compress the waist and have grommets and ties that can be tightened to squeeze the midsection.

Some corsets are still worn today as Shapewear to assist in smoothing the torso’s look. 

Additionally, on the other hand, a wedding night corset isn’t worn to slim down—worn. It’s for fashion. 

Some may include boning for added support and style, but avoid any underwear with unpleasant squeezing! In addition, look for a corset with lace, grommets, satin straps, or attached garters for your big day. 

10. Hipster

This underwear style sits low on the hips and covers the back with a bit of extra length on the bottom (but not as much as a boy short). 

Meanwhile, it provides more covering and a more youthful and stylish appearance than standard cuts such as the bikini. A matching bra can be worn with a lace style. 

11. Rompers

Next on our list of the different types of Lingerie is the romper. Depending on how they’re dressed, rompers can be worn as pajamas or even as outerwear. 

Additionally, this classic design can also be found in Lingerie. Rompers are one-piece garments with a low-cut, tank-style top and short shorts on the bottom. 

Furthermore, Lingeries rompers are often constructed of lightweight fabrics with lace embellishments. Lingerie rompers are typically built of see-through mesh or tulle fabric. 

12. Thong

Thong underwear is one of the most exposed styles of Lingerie, with only a thin strip of cloth exposing your backside.

Furthermore, you can wear your thong with a cami, chemise, bustier, corset, garter belt, and thigh-highs for the big night—or nothing at all. 

13. Teddies

Teddies are also one of the different types of Lingerie. A teddy is a one-piece garment that looks and feels like a bodysuit or one-piece swimsuit, but it’s usually sheerer. A teddy bear is essentially a playtime-approved bodysuit. 

Furthermore, there are numerous teddies to pick from, depending on how daring you are in the bedroom. 

Whether you want a sensual S&M-inspired style or a classy white one-piece, the range of teddies is large enough for you to choose one that suits your lingerie style. 

14. Robe

While getting ready for the wedding, a luxurious robe might be worn. After then, unlock the honeymoon suite to show your choice of beautiful underwear—or nothing at all. 

In addition, instead of the standard terry cloth bathrobe, go for a more luxuriant fabric. 

15. Bodystockings

Because they come in so many various materials and styles, bodystockings are one of the most versatile different types of Lingerie. Bodystockings are just very light coveralls. 

Additionally, they have long legs and can be sleeved or sleeveless, with or without sleeves, and even tank-style. 

Bodystockings are generally sheer and see-through, and they’re flexible since they’re designed to fit snugly and embrace your contours all over. 

Furthermore, Bodystockings can be worn as underwear underneath clothing, although they’re more typically worn for sensuality. 

16. Stick on Bras

Stick-on bras don’t have any straps at all. As the name implies, these bras are designed to adhere to your skin and provide support and coverage under particularly revealing dresses and blouses. 

Additionally, a stick-on bra is an excellent option if you’re displaying too much skin to wear a traditional bra or Lingerie.

17. Shape Wears

All types of Shapewear are considered part of the different types of Lingerie since they are designed to be worn beneath clothing to smooth and trim the body. 

Additionally, Shapewear is often made with spandex for a stretchy, supporting fit. Shapewear comes in a wide range of patterns to provide you with body shaping and support in specific places. 

Furthermore, Shapewear comes in various styles, including those that fit around the torso, the lower stomach, and the mid-thighs. 

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