13 Different Types of Drapes

Different Types of Drapes
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Are you looking for some new drapes for your home? If yes, then keep reading on. Giving your home a matured and sophisticated look is what everyone desires.

However, choosing a perfect one might seem hard with the different types of drapes available. It’s no doubt that drapes enhance the appearance of your home.

Therefore, you need to give it serious consideration. In this article, we shall discuss the different types of drapes so you can choose the one that best suits your home! But before that, what’s the difference between curtains and drapes?

Difference Between Curtains and Drapes

People often confuse whether drapes are the same as curtains and vice versa. But the truth is they’re very much different.

Drapes are floor-length as they spread from the top of the window down to the floor. They’re usually of heavier fabrics, which helps block sunlight or prevent cold air from coming in.

On the other hand, Curtains are of half (they drop just below the window sill) and full lengths. They’re primarily lightweight fabrics and can be easily put up or taken down.

You can read more on the difference between curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds here. Now that’s over with, let’s move on to the different types of drapes!.

Different Types of Drapes

Here are thirteen trending types of drapes just for you!

1. Pinch Pleat Drapes

The pinch pleat is one of the most popular pleated curtain types. A group of three little pleats are pinned together at the top and evenly spaced from the following set in a pinch pleat curtain’s drapery pattern.

This classic design gives a nice appearance with any fabric choice. However, for the pleats to gather well, they require more drapery material and length. They’re easy to use as you can hang them with either pockets or rings.

2. Tab Top Drapes

This drape has fabric loops on top of the curtain where you can insert the rod to hang the cloth. They’re considered informal and casual and come in a different kinds of fabric. Due to the security of the tab tops, one can use any weight of material with this style.

3. Grommet Drapes

Choose grommet drapes if you want complete control over your window outlook. They come in lightweight fabrics and are very easy to use.

Between two circular metal pieces that form the grommet on the top are two layers of fabric-covered buckram. Space is vital for the grommets to slide without any problem. Lastly, they always give off an aesthetic and decorative look.

4. Goblet Pleat Drapes

Just like the name implies, goblet pleat drapes have a similar appearance to goblets. You fit plastic tubes into the pleats to form the goblet.

Of all the different types of drapes, the goblet pleat is only similar to the pinch pleat. Well, except that a part of the fabric is left ungathered. The material is usually lined with batting or stiff paper to maintain the goblet design of the drapes.

5. Cartridge Pleat Drapes

A modified version of the goblet pleat drapes is the cartridge pleat drapes. The difference is that they’re not stitched at the top base.

Light to medium weight fabrics is suitable for this type of drape. And as for the drapery length, make sure you consider the ring size.

6. Rod Pocket Drapes

Rod pocket is one of the most common types of drapes. A pocket is sewn across the top of the drape to enable the drapery rod to pass through. Due to this, the rod isn’t visible except for its ends which you can decorate with end caps.

Although it’s usually challenging to slide the drape across the rod due to the tight fitting to the curtain rod. You can use tiebacks to allow more light and air into your home.

7. Liner

Curtain liner or drapery line works for lining a curtain, although some drapes are lined already. Some are made of thick material that prevents light from passing through. Another exciting feature is that they can serve as soundproofs and insulate windows.

8. Scarf

One of the different types of drapes is the window scarf. This is mainly for decoration and not for privacy or light blocking purposes. 

They’re wound around the rod to give an appealing and aesthetic look. But this doesn’t mean you can’t hang them. However, when you wrap them, their light fabric brings out their romantic and aesthetic values.

9. Back Tap Drapes

The back tap is a combination of both the tab top and rod pocket drapes. They are made of a tab, which is usually at the back of the curtains where a rod can pass through them.

The rod won’t be at the top of the drape but a few inches below the back. This drape looks friendly and incredible as it hides the rod and is straightforward to use.

10. Blinds

Blinds can be in the form of wood, aluminum, and plastic. They come in different colors and are not usually patterned. Furthermore, they’re perfect for blocking light and are suitable for your bedrooms. Lastly, they’re used to decorate windows and enhance the beauty of the other drapes.

11. Roman Shades

Roman shades have a simple appearance but bring a soft, polished look to a room. When raised, they are window coverings that stack the fabrics evenly in horizontal folds. And you can also lower them by a cord system and the rings at the back of the fabric. 

12. Semi-opaque

Like some different types of drapes, semi-opaque offers you privacy while blocking light. You can use them to keep your room darker and more relaxed. During daylight hours, you’ll notice that you can’t see through them. Due to their opacity, one can use them alone or pair them with other drapes.

13. Blackout Drapes

This drapery style is usually used in bedrooms and theaters. They exhibit features of blocking sunlight and offering privacy.

Blackout drapery style is made of thick and very dark fabric. Interestingly, they can reduce noise by creating a sound barrier. So if you work in a noise-polluted area, blackout drapes are the best choice.


There you have it, the different types of drapes and their uses. You should now be able to choose the style that suits you best. Thanks for reading!

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