28 Popular Chinese Girl Names and Their Meanings

Chinese Girl Names

China is one of the most populated countries in the world. It’s no surprise that there are thousands of names from this country. You can choose any of these names. 

If you’re looking for inspiration to name your little bundle of joy, our list of Chinese girl names can help. Also, if you’re planning on having a Chinese baby, look out for a Chinese name.

In this article, some Chinese girl names will be considered. So, come along.


Zhilan is a beautiful name for a baby girl. The meaning of Zhilan is a bud in Chinese. It also means the right place. This alludes to her parents’ hopes that she will grow up to be successful.

 It is an attractive name with two different ways of pronouncing it in English, Zhee-plan or Jeh-lun. This is done to suit different families’ tastes.

It may be spelled differently, too; for example, Zheilan or Zheyuan are other acceptable variations of Zhilan. Zhilan is a pretty rare name that honours its cultural roots.

It can be found in our list of Chinese girl names. It is one of the Chinese girl names that will make a strong impression on friends and strangers alike.


 Pronounced’ dzee’ is one of China’s most popular and unique Chinese girl names. It was ranked number 1 among all girl names in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Also. 43% of baby girls born that year were named Zi. 

Besides, if you want a unique baby name for a Chinese girl, try Zi. It sounds foreign to English speakers; it can be romanized into Judy or Julia. The meaning of Zi is purple.

However, her origin combines Hanzi Chinese and Native American Indian, or even French. An interesting fact about female babies named Zi is that they tend to have higher intelligence scores than other children! It is one of the Chinese girl names that sound sophisticated.


First, you should know that in Chinese culture, people are referred to by their family name (surname). So unless you plan on becoming a famous athlete or actor, the odds are that you’ll probably choose this. You might want to go with one of these famous Chinese girl names. 

Some of them may be trendy now in America. However, they can also help your daughter stand out in China when she grows up. Here’s a list of hot girl names trending right now


Naming your daughter can be a difficult decision. It just got even more complicated if you’re expecting a baby girl. You want her name to stand out and represent who she is as a person. 

That’s why one of our goals at Nameberry has always been to help parents find uncommon names. They are also not unattractive, and these Chinese girls’ names reflect their culture. 

Furthermore, with China being such an essential part of world history, it’s no surprise that there are countless attractive baby names. They all have Chinese roots from which to choose! Read on for some unique characters; they’re beautiful now; imagine how popular they will be by 2050.


The popularity of Nuo as a girl’s name in China is rising, although it is currently more popular as a surname. Nuo has many different meanings, but most commonly, it means female. The origin of Nuo is Chinese. 

You can also see other Chinese names for girls, but Nuo is an OK name. In mainland China, it is also used as a surname. It is rare for people to have just one given name; you will always see two or more given names listed together. 

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, however, there are some people with just one given name. This is usually because they were named after their parents or grandparents. It would be considered unusual in Hong Kong and Taiwan to have only one given name.

However, if you want your child to have an English-sounding first name, do this. You might want to consider choosing a double-barrelled English/Chinese first name. For example, Anna/Nuo or Mark/Ting, where both parts sound good when pronounced separately.


The ancient Chinese believed that a person’s Qi was an integral part of their body, being able to affect one’s health. It is no surprise that several people use Qi as their given name. In fact, in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, it remains one of the famous Chinese girl names.

Over 60% of babies born in 2006 were given names with Qi and often written using different characters with identical pronunciations. The most common variation is Ji, which makes up almost half of all babies whose last names start with Q!


This is a rare variant of Megan, which was initially an Irish name. In Ireland, it has been used as an Anglicized form of Gaelic names beginning with Mouil.

Also, Megan’s are cheerful and friendly but can also be stubborn. Mey is one of the uncommon Chinese girl names. Use it if you are looking for a different option that is quite stylish but still very traditional. 

In addition, It is made up of 5 letters and two syllables and is pronounced Mey. This beautiful name has no variant spellings.


Luan is a robust and energetic girl name of ancient origin. It has remained popular over time but is not as widely used. This makes it one of our top 10 Chinese girl names for 2017. 

Luan is also one of our all-time favourite traditional Chinese girl names! Female baby names have always been important to those seeking to give their offspring a great start. The science of naming children is both necessary and meaningful in many cultures worldwide.

Particularly in Asian countries like China, with rich histories and populations dense with individuals. They often search for something unique within a frequently massive collection of Chinese baby girl names for inspiration.

Do you have more information or another excellent example of great Chinese girl names? Put your comments here.


Luli is one of the Chinese girl names from Lulin, which means orchid. In ancient China, Lulin was a girl with a pretty face who helped emperor Qianlong write his poetry.

She was married to Qing Kui, who saved her life. She was to be executed for being part of a conspiracy. 

While in jail, she wrote poems about him which impressed him so much. He soon proposed marriage to her after he was released. They married shortly after.

Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only two years because Qing Kui died in battle fighting against Manchu tribe members. She is remembered today as one of ancient China’s most beautiful women. A movie called Luli or Sweet Mulberry is based on her story.


Dandan as a girl’s name is of Chinese origin, and Dandan means crystal or snow. Dandan is a variant form of Dana (English, Gaelic, Latin). The following chart lists some of our favorite Chinese girl names that are unique or uncommon in America. 

Also, these unique names can be hard to find, but it doesn’t mean they’re not out there! They may be infrequent in your state or region, but if you check other areas, they might be pretty standard! Just ensure you don’t end up with an unoriginal or weird-sounding name just because it’s uncommon in your area!

Are you in search of a genuinely unusual girl’s name? Look no further than around the world to find one! We’ve got hundreds of ideas for you here, including many exotic options from Africa, Asia, and beyond.


Genji is a masculine Chinese given name, often used as a nickname. It can be written in hiragana or katakana. In an 1870s census of the legal male given names, Genji was ranked 100th in frequency out of over 4,000 entries. 

Also, the number one male name at that time was Kan’ichirō. Other common words for boys included Jirō, Saburō, Sadao, Sen’emon, and Shigenobu. Girls had, on average, around ten different kanji-derived names each. It’s also one of the unisex Chinese girl names.


Like most things on Earth, there’s a lot of nuance to female names in China. To start with, keep in mind that two-character given words aren’t as common for girls as they are for boys. Most people stick to one character or (rarely) two characters. 

However, many parents go for unisex names that make sense for either gender. They try to avoid overly gendered words like Mu Xiao or Guang Ming. Keep an eye out for those looking at more modern trends. 

For instance, it’s not uncommon to find a girl named sunlight these days! Whichever one of these Chinese girl names you choose, it will be worth it.


Bao is a simple, traditional name that means precious or treasure. It’s not used frequently in English (or most other languages). It will likely be used more often in the future, particularly if Chinese girl names continue to become famous. 

Additionally, Bao is short for Baozhi, which is an ordinary girl’s name in China. In Chinese, it means treasure of wisdom. Although it’s often spelled as Bao, pronunciation varies between bāo and bǎo.


Alix is one of the Chinese girl names used in China. It was derived from ‘Alice.’ This is a female name. In some cultures, it may be considered feminine. It is a variant spelling of English Alice, also used as a pet form of Alexandra. 

Furthermore, the name initially came from Old French with Germanic influence. From Germanic Alicia, which was composed of two elements, alja, meaning noble, and hardu, meaning hardy, brave or strong.


You’ve heard of Ah Liao, you’ve probably heard of Angelina Jolie, but have you ever heard of a girl named Ah Lam? Not many people have! The baby name Ah Lam is unique because it was given to only one or two girls in recent years. 

In total, 17 babies in California received their names in 2014. It is more popular as a middle name. These Chinese girls’ names are beautiful and cute.


According to some reports, Amy is among China’s top 10 most popular Chinese girl names. Traditionally, An means peaceful and tranquil, but it also implies that you have an intense spiritual center. It’s great news for someone trying to balance their professional life and personal commitments. 

Also, Amy is an excellent choice for parents looking for something classically beautiful but atypical. A classic name with a modern twist!


Shun is considered a feminine name by some people but masculine by others. It makes for a lovely gender-neutral choice when unsure of your baby’s sex. If you want them to grow up with both genders in mind, too, it’s a great choice.

According to Angelfire, Shun means gentle. This makes it an appealing name choice for new parents who want their baby to have a friendly personality. If you like Shun as your little one’s name, feel free to use it as often as you wish. 

Also, it is not likely that any other kids will be named Shun in your area. Even at least not in every city or town! Chinese girl names are just unique!


In China, boys and girls are traditionally given one of four family names. But after World War II, when a Japanese name ending in -o or -ko was transliterated into Chinese, Suyin became a girl’s name. Suyin is one of the relatively common Chinese girl names. 

Also, it peaked in popularity in 2001 at No. 36 but has since fallen off some rankings. In its second decade on popular lists for American baby girls, it ranked as well.


Syah, Syam, Syane, Syaniya or Syazwan is a female name with Arabic origins. This name means ‘world.’ The name’s origin is Arabic. 

The meaning of its masculine counterpart, ‘Sya,’ is ‘outspoken.’ It is pronounced as ‘sia.’ It has been in use since 1910. In China, it was ranked number 10 in 2008 for girls born that year. 

It was also ranked number 12 in 2007 for girls born that year. In Indonesia, it was ranked number 2 in 2009 for girls born that year. In Malaysia, it was ranked number 8 in 2010 for girls born that year. 

Finally, It was also ranked number 8 in 2006 for girls born that year. Sia is one of the fantastic Chinese girl names with excellent ratings worldwide.


Ushi is a feminine name from China. Ushi means like a cow or big breast. Traditionally Ushi is a masculine name in China but has grown increasingly popular as a feminine name. You’ll surely see many of These walking around at school in modern-day China. 

Furthermore, it’s common for Ushi to be used as a middle name rather than a first name, especially among older generations. If you’re looking for an alternative version of Usi, then it’s worth noting. Usi is also commonly used instead of Ushi. 

Besides, it’s possible that if you choose Usi, it will have a different meaning than what we’ve listed above. Do you think Ushi is one of those beautiful Chinese names you would recommend?


The name Wei means beautiful in Chinese. The name is not common, but it is growing in popularity due to its cute sound. This makes it an excellent choice for parents who want to pick unique Chinese girl names. 

There are several options when choosing how to spell Wei, including Way, Wey and Wai. Parents who choose these variations on Wei can also create different nicknames. These nicknames, such as Wy and Wee, are still based on Wei itself.


When it comes to girl names, many people might not realize that Xia is more than just a last name. It’s one of the most popular Chinese girl names in China!

Even though we tend to associate it with males, it’s a unisex name that can be used for either gender. Furthermore, back in 2010, there were five times as many girls named Xia as there were boys named Xia.

Several famous ladies have been known by that name over time too. For instance, Xiah Junsu (XIA) is one of South Korea’s top musicians, and Xiumin from EXO also goes by Xia sometimes. 

Either way, you use it; everyone has a little adventure waiting for them when they answer that name. Just pick any of these Chinese girl names that you love!


The name Yanmei is a Chinese baby name. Yan means to spread, Yi means beautiful, and Mei means grace. Together, these names appear to represent gracefully spread beauty. 

Although the actual origin of Yanmei is uncertain, it might be derived from a remote Shaanxi village called Yamei Shanzi. It was considered by some to be an excessively lengthy name for everyday use. It’s one of the fantastic Chinese girl names for your baby girl.


Yenay doesn’t mean anything in English, and it’s undoubtedly one of the traditional Chinese girl names. It is more likely that it is used in another language or culture. The name Yenay can be pronounced as YAY-nay, WEN-ah, yen-AYE, or yen-EYE. 

Also, in different countries, people use their ways of pronouncing names. People usually use a different pronunciation in some countries where a word has multiple pronunciations in English. This is only when they use their native language (e.g., Japanese).


Rong is a popular girl name in China. Its meaning is beautiful or loyal. In 2012, Chinese parents chose Rong as their baby name 968 times more than in 2010. 

This girl’s name was created by adding two characters,róng and ling. The higher rate of giving a baby name Rong to babies has decreased by 164 positions since 2006. This happened when it was given to babies 1485 times more than in previous years.

Also, in 2004, 6953 girls were named Rong, making up around 0.161% of all baby girls at that time. Rong is one of the unique Chinese girl names.


It means pearl or precious. Nuying is very popular in China because of its meaning. It’s an ancient symbol that shows prosperity, high rank, and good luck. 

Historically, it was considered a costly item because pearls were rare back then. A lot of girls with names like Nuying are royalty. Her parents may have hoped that she could be one too. 

Besides, it’s a common name nowadays as more people can afford things like pearls for their little girls.

However, they still know about its meaning which shows hope for a bright future, like how pearls reflect light beautifully. We chose to list Buying as one of our top favorite popular Chinese girl names.


Meili, which means beautiful, has been around since 2008. Meili is a name that’s slowly starting to grow in popularity, but it’s not there yet. This could make it an exciting option for parents looking for a fresh choice. 

Whether you’re considering Meili or other names, Chinese girl names are generally challenging to pronounce (like English baby names). Especially if you don’t speak Mandarin fluently, you could find it difficult. 

However, some have unique meanings that can cause issues down the road, like if your child has to register at school. It’s all up to you to decide what is best for your child.


Bik was an old Chinese myth character who brought fire to humans. One of the Chinese girls’ names means fire. In China, Bik is usually a surname, but elsewhere it’s used as both a given name and a surname. 

Common nicknames for Bik include Birdie (English), Kiki (English), Kiki/Kika (Dutch), Meri (Estonian), and Noodles/Noodles (Russian). The names Bhakta, Pathini, and Poda are also popular in India. India has such an affinity for Bik. 

Thus there are hundreds of other variations that use combinations of different letters. Some of which have been changed into completely different words.


A common mistake when choosing one of these Chinese girl names is to choose one that doesn’t reflect your child’s personality. Choosing one that is too similar to another family member’s name doesn’t sound too good either. That’s why it can be helpful to consider your heritage. 

For instance, can you trace any parts of your family tree back to China? Do you have relatives who are or were named a certain way? You can also check out historical Chinese naming trends.

There is nothing wrong with giving someone a unique Chinese girl name. It might help them stand out from other people with similar names.

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