35 Unique and Beautiful Chinese Boy Names

Chinese Boy Names

Are you looking for a unique Chinese boy name? There are many traditional Chinese boy names. Plenty of unique Chinese boy names also stand out from the crowd. 

You’ll need to find an uncommon yet beautiful name for your son to stand out in life and at school. A word that he’ll grow up with proudly and with confidence.

Keep reading to find some of the most beautiful Chinese boy names perfect for your son!


An, one of the Chinese boy names isn’t that common China boy name, but it is occasionally used. Many parents often use An as a name because they like how sonorous it sounds.

The character means peace or safety, so you can see why many parents might consider using it for their child.

Although its history is cloudy, most scholars believe An has been around since ancient times. T.Phen, people thought that An symbolized heaven’s virtues and was closely associated with heaven gods. 

It’s less famous in modern times, but it’s one of the lovely Chinese boy names!


Bai is the next name to consider on the list of Chinese boy names. It can mean white, fair, or peaceful. White is a perfect color, and Bai is an ideal name to go along with it. You don’t have to settle for just one, 

You can have many Bais in your life if you want them. However, with any name you choose, make sure that it makes sense in English and Mandarin. After all, it’s tough to switch back to an English-speaking country at some point later down the road. 

Meanwhile, if you are using it as an American name, please consider spelling it Beau instead. Besides, it sounds similar yet better than just bai. Chinese boy names are beautiful names. Do you think Bai is one of those perfect Chinese boy names?


Being one of the Chinese boy names means military service in Chinese. Here’s a list of creative and unique Chinese boy names to consider for your son. Remember that you can use a Simplified or Traditional name, depending on which dialect you’d like to go with. 

Apparently, in recent years, more parents have been choosing their baby’s name in simplified characters instead of traditional characters.

Although, classic characters are a far more popular choice. Even if you aren’t sure what language you want to go with, that’s fine.

Just be sure to look at both lists. Both equally have cool names! So, have fun choosing one of the best Chinese boy names! You can even make up your own or combine elements from different ones on either list! Chinese boy names are unique.


Chang is a typical Chinese surname and also one of the unique Chinese boy names. It is a masculine given name in China. Hanzi. Both are  

The meaning of Chang depends on context. The character can mean constant, prolonged, perpetual, continuous, or significant.

The etymology of Chang, one of the Chinese boy names, is disputed. Some linguists suggested that it originated as a clan name. And it’s derived from an ancient state called Ch’ang-sha.

Chang, her capital, was located near present-day Xianning in Hubei province. Others believe it originated as a clan name from Guo District, an administrative division during the Tang Dynasty.

They also think it’s capitalDynasty. Its capital was located near present-day Nanchong in Sichuan province.


Another unique and beautiful example of a Chinese boy named Dong. It’s anyone of the trendy Chinese boy names with its meaning of East. Some people believe that if you call a Chinese boy name your child Dong, he will be born in the East.

However, it doesn’t mean it would be good for him to have Dong as his Chinese boy name! Don’t just randomly pick some Chinese boy names, mainly when they are meant to have special meanings. Please make sure you choose it according to the feng shui master’s advice.


Feng is one of those names that have both characters pronounced identically, with a different tone for each. Feng 

means to fly, and it’s one of those words that was created by combining two others. For example, xiāngIn,g, which meanXiang Feng, means plum blossom. 

Furthermore, the character xiāng is not often used as a standalone character anymore. Most often, it’s paired with fēng. The Chinese name xiāng fēng was taken by actual people at least three times between 1950 and 1980. However, none.


The name Guang is among the Chinese boy names and a masculine one of the Chinese baby names. In Chinese, the meaning of the name Guang is like, and it’s often referred to as Kevin in western cultures. It has been in use since ancient times.

Therefore it has many variant spellings, e.g., Kwan, Kyuan, Gwan, etc. Chinese boy names are worth going for. If you choose its English variants too, it’s a good choice.

Hao Hao

One of the unique Chinese boys, ‘Hao,’ is synonymous with good or right. It’s commonly used in mainland China, ranked #9 for boys born in 2011. Many famous people have been named Hao over time, including British celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

Furthermore, famous fictional characters include Hao of Tribe Adujan from Relic Hunters Legend. Other notables include filmmaker Zhang Yimou and Yanhao Lieu of Soul Calibur V fame. There are many variations of Hao, such as Haohua, Hauwa, Hehua, Huohe, Haha, and so on. etc.

Also, as you can see, it is pretty standard among the beautiful Chinese boy names; use boy wisely! Whatever choice you make would be worth it.


He means black. It is a common name on the list of Chinese boy names in China, especially in Southern provinces. If you want one of the unique Chinese boy names, it’s good to not a bad go with He. 

There are so many good meanings hidden behind He. The meaning of He is Black symbolizes strength, power, wisdom, and intelligence.

The color black has always been considered one of the royal colors. Therefore, if you want to give your son an extraordinary name, why don’t you pick up He? It’s one of the beautiful Chinese boy names.


Hui is an ethnic group in China, Vietnam, and Thailand. Hui comes of Chinese origin. It means Harmony, and You can also check and out. Chinese boy names are interesting! Means Harmony or peace. Hui is one of the Chinese boy names that your baby boy would thank you for.


Jie is one the examples of an unusual Chinese boy name.s. It means ‘right’ in Mandarin, but it’s often used as a synonym for sincere meaning aside. Jie is a stylish and hip choice that some parents will appreciate. 

Although girls may not like sharing their name with a guy,th, there’ll be other Jie’s out there. Those who share their love talk about how cute it is to have siblings with matching names. This boy’s name can be made feminine by adding an extra e or two. 


Jia means gracious, so it’s one of the Chinese boy names for your son. It’s also popular among girls. Although, you might have to clarify your intentions when telling other people your baby boy is named Jia. The name is pronounced with a hard g, jyah. 

Interestingly, if you’re looking for a less common spelling of Jia, there are many options. For. Fo example, in English-speaking countries, it’s sometimes spelled Jay. Jia is one of the Chinese boy names you can recommend for your pal.


Jun is a variation of Chun, meaning truth or sincerity. Chun is an ancient name that dates back to Xia Dynasty as early as 21 century B.C. This makes it one of the oldest Chinese boy names in Chinese history. 

Also, the the name appeared in numerous references and records, making it especially popular among scholars. It. Despite its popularity throughout time, it has long been referred to as a rare name for boys. Whether Jun will continue to hold its place in future generations of children is yet to be seen.

However, parents can expect their child’s classmates and teachers to stop at Jun. Including traditional and modern baby boy lists. Chinese boy names are fantastic names.


Jianyu, one of the Chinese boy names, means Bearer of Haven. Jianyu is a baby boy name mainly popular in the Hindu religion, and its primary origin is Hindi. Jianyu’s name Tmeanshe Lord’s gift.

Other similar-sounding names include Jianmao, Jianming, Jianzhong, Jiaojiun, Jiayi, Jiayan, Jiazhiur, and Jia Jian Bao. Chinese boy names are lovely.

Li Wei

Li Wei is a popular boy name in China. The meaning of Li Wei is two heroes. Less than five people in China use this name as per 2014 data. 

Fortunately, this makes it one of the scarce Chinese boy names. The similar names to Li Wei are Liangwei, Liewei, Liuwei, Lizhi, Liuwei Liaoxing, Leihao, Leixin and so on. If you like it, take note so you can refer to it when needed. Li We are an exciting name among the Chinese boy names!


Lok means luck. It is the most popular baby boy name in Malaysia, ranked #3. It is also used as a girl’s name in China. 

The name was not on the top 1000 Chinese boy names list for almost a decade. Unfortunately, it. Recently it started to fall off for girls’ use in China.

The fallingChina. Thus, falling from 213 positions to 274 positions over the last ten years. However, staying at 206th place for boys during the same period.


Ling is an uncommon given name for males. It’s a unique surname too for all people. Which version of these Chinese boy names is better? Also, Leonard, and other forms, like Lennox, are uncommon.


The name Chung can be considered almost universally applicable. With its origins in Shakespeare, it has since been adopted by parents worldwide. The meaning of Chung is joy and bliss. 

Besides being a boy’s name, Chung is also a girl’s name. It has one syllable and is pronounced with a /tʃ/ sound. This moniker would fit nicely on any child regardless of gender or culture.


Chun, pronounced Choon, is a name for boys. The meaning of Chun is intelligence and wisdom. In China, Chun was not ranked within the top 1000 names given to newborns in 2008. 

These Chinese boy names were mostly adopted from ancient Chinese origins; Chun is one of them. It is used in at least 18 countries worldwide, mainly in Asia. The language of origin for Chun is Chinese. I guess you have enjoyed this article on Chinese boy names!


Chi is another example of Chinese boy names, which is pretty, and one of the most famous Chinese boys in China. It can be used as a first or last name.

The meaning of Chi varies depending on how it’s used. It is often translated to mean elegant, brilliant, or extravagant. Also, in modern times, other meanings include seeking fame, managing, and deciding. 


As far as Chinese boy names are concerned, Guotin has a nice ring. I may not be unique, and you might have trouble finding another one for your baby boy’s friends. But, hey! What do you care about? 

You’re going to adore your little bundle of joy no matter what they name him, right?


Aiguo is one of the common Chinese boy names. It means Love country. The name Aiguo can be given to both baby boys and girls. 

However, If it’s used for a girl, it will be more commonly pronounced as Yi-Guo rather than Ee-work. Don’t let its meaning confuse you. It’s still an attractive choice for a little girl!

Therefore, If you’re interested in using Aiguo, it might be good to know that initially, Aiguo only referred to males.

However, now it can also refer to females. If you like these Chinese boy names, which are similar sounding, you may want Ugo, Jiwo, and Hwoarang.


Bengt is one of the masculine Chinese boy names of Scandinavian origin. It means bold. Also can be spelled Benkt or Bent. Bengt was one of several Scandinavian saints known as Saint Bennet. 

It became St.Benet in English and appearing. Although it is not a commonly given name, Bengt is quite popular in Scandinavia.

Notable people include Bengt Berg, born 1940, and Swedish football player Bengt Fahlström, 1921–2002. Swedish footballer Bengt Gerell was born in 1957 and is a Swedish film director.

Other examples are Bengt Henningsson (1909–1986), a Swedish writer and journalist; Bengt Johansson (born 1947), a Swedish football player.


This elegant and refined name is common in many countries but originated in China. It can be used for a boy or girl. If. If you go with Susan, it will sound equally lovely on a little boy and a little girl

As a bonus, Susan also fits well into any culture. These Chinese boy names are trendy in both England and America! The traditional form of Susu is Sue, but it can still be written with an additional e for fun. Has this article ‘Chinese boy names’ been of great help to you?


Due to its similarity with words that mean peace, Song has a history as one of China’s classic family names. Emperor Wu first used it to honor his father’s achievements during his reign.

Furthermore, It is said that it comes from another character meaning to believe, trust or rely on someone or something.

This can be traced back to an ancient poet named’ Sòng Qí’ Today, considered one of the most popular boys’ names in mainland China and Taiwan.


Wei is a Chinese family name derived which is derived from Wei. It is an ancient state in China. It existedChina in during the Sixteen Kingdoms period.


Weiyuan was a Chinese emperor who founded the short-lived Later Tang dynasty. Weiyuan, than Chris or Christian, it’s an appealing personal name in mainland China. It is often used as one of several ways to write down Wei Yuan, an influential Qing Dynasty scholar. 

However. it can also be used to write other names beginning with Wei. Its pinyin romanization is Wéi Yuán or simply Yuán. This name was taken by star Andy Lau when he transferred from TVB to rival ATV. 

It has also been selected by many parents in Taiwan and Singapore. Do you find the history of these Chinese boy names amusing? History does sure tell us what’s in a word.


Xing is an ordinary boy’s name. It is pronounced as Tsin in Mandarin and other dialects of Chinese, such as Hokkien (Xīng). It has many variant pronunciations across different regions in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Also, Its

 meaning can be interpreted as a rising/ascending star or a strong/heroic character. It’s one of the fantastic Chinese names that are just perfect!


The Chinese character Xin means new or fresh. In 2014, Xin ranked #89 on China’s list of popular Chinese boy names for baby boys. So, if you choose Xin as your baby boy’s name, it will have an excellent meaning.

Also, it is an excellent choice for parents who want to give their son a name with a positive meaning. Remember that if you are looking for other cool Chinese boy names, our website can help you find them! We provide information about Chinese baby names, including their meanings and history. 

If you like our site, please share it with your friends on Facebook!. We love to get fantastic feedback from our readers. 


Originally, Ye is a surname and has long been famous as a given name in China. Ye means the rising of one’s status. It is not a traditional nickname, but it sounds like several other Chinese boy names used as nicknames. But it’s.

In addition to being a solid male name, Ye works well for an unconventional girl name. It ranks higher than China’s top girls’ names. It doesn’t show up on many international lists outside of China. This is dueChina. 

This is due to its lack of popularity among non-Chinese speakers. Chinese boy names are great! He is a beautiful Chinese baby name for your boy.


Here are a few goods and unique names of a Chinese origin. They include You-Chun, Youming, Youlong, Yuen, and Yuanfeng.

Most people don’t choose their child’s name based on meaning alone. That’s why we turned to celebrity baby name sites to see what some famous people have named their children. 

Anyways, Do you want inspiration for that new baby boy? A glance at Hollywood stars reveals a few fun choices. For instance, Channingchoices.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s son is named Hank, Ryan Reynolds, and Blake Lively’s daughter is named James.

Also, Kourtney Kardashian just had a son named Reign Aston Disick. I guess you are excited about learning about Chinese boy names! All these names are lovely Chinese boy names you’d love!


Ning is a typical Chinese boy synonymous with handle, touch, or play. As a single character, it can also be used as a verb. Similar to terms like Nan, Dei, and Rui, Ning is also part of several compound names.


One of China’s largest cities, most tourists who go to Beijing also pilgrimage to Tiananmen Square. The square is located in central Beijing, with Tiananmen Gate as its official entrance. You can see Mao Zedong standing tall among his fellow leaders, gazing at China’s capital city. 

Within walking distance of many hotels and tourist sights, Tiananmen Square is one of Beijing’s most iconic locations.

If you are looking for names for a son on your way, why check out these Chinese boy names. Settle for stark or Báicài means Park, one of the Chinese boy names you can walk around.s prosperity in Chinese.


Chinese baby names include Qi Chen, Qi Fang, Qi Ji, Qi Long, and many others. At least 15 boys in China were given names as the first character in 2010. Several other options are listed as less common.

However, they have significantly increased in popularity in recent years. These include Qiang (up 77%), Qing (up 63%), and Qian (up 50%).

In 1950 only three boys had a name containing a second character. By 2010 there were at least 60 such boys. Xi, Menzi ranked among the most popular at number 54. Hopefully, you must have been learning Chinese boy names


Shen, one of the unique Chinese boy names, is a typical Chinese surname that means spirit and soul. Other translations include eternal, divine, divinity, or immortal. Shen is most commonly transliterated as Chan.

Also, the related Japanese word is kami, an expression of different meanings, but it has a corresponding pronunciation. Shen can also be romanized as Shenzhen, Chanzhen, Shinchan or Shihn-ch’an in Taiw, SzenTschan.

AlsoChin, If your friend is willing to name his child one of the Chinese boy names, it’s good to go with Shen! An. Shen is one of those Chinese names your baby needs.


If you want a name for your baby boy, try out some cute Chinese boy names. Don’t forget that if you decide to pick a word in Chinese, you should also choose an English nickname! Why not both? There are many beautiful names in Chinese, so it shouldn’t be hard to find one that suits your child.

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