10 Best Streaming Sites to Watch Series Online for Free

Best Streaming Sites to Watch Series Online for Free

Numerous premium streaming services cater to users’ viewing preferences effortlessly. Trending content is usually accessible shortly after release.

Additionally, there are some websites that provide free access to cherished series.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best streaming services to watch movies and TV shows.

1. MegaShare

This easily navigable platform is perfect for streaming or downloading TV series with utmost convenience.

With a VPN extension,  you can easily access the latest series in high definition without being interrupted by annoying pop-up ads.

If you aren’t sure whether you want to get a paid tool, you can use a free trial version first.

If you have a preference for downloading content for future viewing, it offers direct download links to movies or TV shows via a third-party website.

2. PutLocker

The website boasts an extensive assortment of TV series spanning multiple genres.

Its user-friendly layout is simple, showcasing a search bar and detailed descriptions.

Effortlessly search for your desired content or conveniently peruse through the category options on the navbar.

Once you locate your preferred movie or series, begin streaming with a mere click of a button.

It is recommended to utilize a trustworthy Netflix VPN to ensure the protection of your network when encountering any advertisements.

3. Vudu

If you are wondering: “How to watch series for free?”, keep in mind that this streaming platform provides the most enjoyable experience.

Despite its minimalist layout, it has a plethora of current and popular movies and TV shows, making it an excellent go-to for marathon-watching sessions. 

One of the greatest advantages of using Vudu is the ease with which you can find free content.

By installing a dependable VPN for Netflix, you can gain access to this popular platform and watch your chosen web series without any hindrances.

Vudu provides clear labeling for each thumbnail indicating whether it is available for free, rent, or premium purchases. 

4. Project Free TV

For a considerable amount of time, there has been a well-established streaming platform renowned among cord-cutters for its expansive catalog of TV series.

It prioritizes TV shows above all else. While it does offer a respectable selection of movies, the website’s focus of meeting the needs of those who want to watch series online.

This is apparent from the moment you land on the homepage, which is entirely dedicated to showcasing its vast collection of TV shows.

5. SolarMovies

These days, about 10% of people use streaming solutions instead of watching cable TV. This site stands out for its free collection of HD movies and TV shows.

Due to this, you can enjoy a seamless viewing experience. For access, you might need to utilize a free trial version of a virtual private network.

6. 5movies

The platform offers a wide range of captivating and amiable Asian dramas that feature innovative and distinctive themes and portrayals.

These shows have gained immense popularity in recent times. Anime enthusiasts will also appreciate the vast selection available for free streaming.

Not only is 5movies content-packed, but its organized layout and interactivity make for a truly engaging experience. You can use a Netflix VPN to access it. 

7. PeacockTV

It attracts viewers with its seamless and user-friendly experience. Although currently limited to select regions, the platform boasts an impressive collection of movies, dramas, and web series – including both timeless classics and recent hits.

What’s more, this streaming service is completely free to use.

8. Plex

It offers a vast array of content spanning across multiple domains. From movies to TV series to reality shows and beyond, it features a diverse range of options.

By utilizing a VPN extension, you can watch any episode. It has a contemporary interface, guaranteeing users a polished navigational experience and top-notch streaming quality.

Additionally, there are no subscription plans, and revenue is earned solely through the inclusion of advertisements.

9. Tubi TV

Unlike most other legal streaming sites, Tubi TV offers free access to its entire library of TV shows without requiring users to sign up first.

However, there are added benefits to creating an account on Tubi, such as the ability to create watchlists of your preferred content and the convenience of resuming playback on different devices.

Plus, with availability on multiple platforms, including web and mobile, the cross-device playback feature is particularly advantageous.

10. Primewire

With a staggering 85% of American households utilizing streaming subscriptions, cost-cutting measures have become a primary concern.

This streaming site offers an extensive selection of top-tier movies and television shows in diverse genres.

Depending on your internet capabilities, you can choose the standard or the high-definition streaming quality.

Furthermore, this platform affords you the opportunity to download TV series and films.

These websites earn profits from advertisements and offer unrestricted access to exclusive content without charging their users. Take advantage of these websites to stream TV series for free.

Final Words

The website boasts a straightforward UI design that is easy to navigate. Accessing various options and categories is a breeze as they are organized under the Browse tab located at the topmost part of the screen.

On click, this tab reveals a plethora of TV series and movie genres that you can sift through.

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