15 Best iPhone Apps for Toddlers

Best iPhone Apps for Toddlers
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Finding the ideal app for your young child can be challenging: While toddlers naturally want to learn and are curious, they often have short attention spans that make them unsuitable for formal schooling. This article contains the best iPhone apps for toddlers. 

If you’re a parent, you’re familiar with the dilemma of needing to complete a task or eat out without a crying two-year-old demanding your undivided attention. However, using a screen can be useful for learning. 

The best iPhone apps for toddlers can help keep your little ones occupied while stimulating their minds.

Children have a natural connection to technological devices in today’s digital age. 

As parents, you can fully benefit from this to encourage your child’s development of key skills while having fun.

Limiting your child’s screen time and technology access is essential, but the appropriate tools can help them develop in beneficial ways. 

Many apps are available for toddlers that can help them learn and grow.

These apps provide an interactive way for kids to improve their thinking skills, develop problem-solving abilities, and practice fine motor skills. 

Many of these apps also offer educational benefits, such as teaching basic numbers and letters or providing creative outlets for young minds.

The best iPhone apps for toddlers blend subtle learning opportunities with short, interactive play. 

1. Toddler Learning Game-Edukitty

First on our list of best iPhone apps for toddlers is Edukitty. EduKitty is a cute virtual cat that can instruct your children on various subjects, including shapes, colors, alphabets, numbers, and alphabet sounds.

There are 13 enjoyable educational games with a qualified instructor voice. 

Three distinct skill levels are also included: vibrant HD visuals, a cool soundtrack, voice-over, and sound effects.

It entertains children and supports 12 languages, including English, Farsi, Arabic, Spanish, and French. 

2. Sago Mini Airport

Sago Mini Airport is an educational software that introduces young children to airport life—or at least cartoonish airports with various colorful animal characters and the occasional beaming robot. 

There is much to do, like acquiring your tickets, going through security, and soaring the plane along the runway toward the heavens. Interactions feel substantial and well-considered. 

Additionally, the airport has a sizable ball pit that you will wish existed for yourself, let alone for your children. Children can play the app without too much adult supervision.

3. Kids Academy

Next on the best iPhone apps for toddlers is Kids Academy. For young learners, Kids Academy is a noteworthy instructional app. You can use it to assist your child in becoming ready for preschool success. 

There are more than 1300 instructional games, movies, and printouts included. Games for math, writing, phonics, and reading are available on the app. 

Mazes and animated flashcards add a lot of pleasure to the play. Games that include sorting, categorizing, and matching will greatly teach your infant. 

4. Thinkrolls Space

In Thinkrolls Space, a cast of bizarre, spherical creatures navigate 200 mazes spread over seven planets.

It has the impression of a trendy cartoon with its tactile interface and humorous characters, yet it is an interactive cartoon that encourages youngsters to think. 

The player controls the Thinkroll by swiping to make it roll and moving other on-screen creatures as needed to get it to an exit. Moon cheese is consumed by cheese monsters, which unclog tunnels. 

Along with vanishing bridges, plasma fields, teleporters, goo monsters, robots, and other creatures play a role in the game.

With 24 Thinkrolls to collect, two separate level sets, and no adverts or in-app purchases, this game is a terrific choice for keeping an iPod Touch-owning child entertained. 

5. Baby Shark Best Kids Song

This is on our list of best iPhone apps for toddlers. This lovely app lets you introduce your infant to entertaining songs and dances.

It is jam-packed with the cutest Pinkfong Baby Shark-themed dance videos and the greatest and most recent nursery rhymes.

The vibrant images and noises are sure to be a hit with kids. You can also listen to offline music while learning ABC phonics, numbers, shapes, animals, etc.

New, exclusive content is provided for preschool-age toddlers and children every week to keep their learning increasing. 

6. Sago Mini Village

For young children, Sago Mini Village is a building-block game. It occurs in a colorful, fanciful world reportedly inhabited by grinning gnomes.

Drag-and-drop construction of homes and businesses resembles a cross between Duplo and prefab housing. 

As your community expands, more gnomes will settle there and begin making their way around, making new friends. Sago Mini Village is a marvel when held in a child’s hands. 

Though allegedly influenced by Minecraft, it understands how to entertain and accommodate extremely young children.

There are no commercials, offline play is an option, and the game’s surprises are enjoyable. The interface is also sleek and easy to use. 

7. Papumba-Learn First Words for Toddlers

Your child will benefit from using this educational software to acquire common words. Young students can explore a universe filled with entertaining and vibrant characters. 

There are over a hundred words to learn, including ones for numbers, animals, colors, and body parts.

In addition, many games make learning enjoyable. This is one of the best iPhone apps for toddlers. 

This app is good for kids between the ages of one and five thanks to its impressive graphics and simple-to-use features. The best is that it offers more than 15 languages. 

8. Zen Studio Meditation for Kids

The creator of Zen Studio calls it meditation software for kids, but it’s a fun coloring and musical toy. Regardless of age, it’s perfect for anyone who needs to unwind momentarily. 

Triangles serve as the app’s canvas, which you may paint with a tap, and each time you do, a note is released.

You are given a brief song if you drag a line or quickly tap a few triangles. Everything is extremely zen. 

The majority of the software is available for free. Still, once you purchase an IAP, it unlocks features like limitless save slots, various template-based tutorials, and white paint for ‘deleting’ colored triangles. 

9. Math Kids

Number 9 on our list of best iPhone apps for toddlers is Math Kids. Here is an exquisitely made math app to help your child learn numbers and counting quickly.

The best age to start teaching addition and subtraction to children in preschool and kindergarten. 

It has many entertaining mini-games to spark kids’ curiosity and develop their math abilities.

Additional features assist parents in keeping track of and observing their child’s development. 

10. Foldify

A unique app focused on something other than the digital world is Foldify. Instead, it encourages you to design little creatures on your iPhone, print them on paper or card, then assemble them with skillful folding and a dab of glue. 

The user interface is excellent. You begin by choosing a template- anything from simple cubes to tiny blocky humans, cars, or arcade machines. 

Then you use a pen tool to draw all over that, add stickers, and import your images. While doing this, you can view your creation as a little 3D model that you can rotate with a flick and is updated in real-time. 

11. Animals for Toddlers

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for toddlers is Animals for Toddlers. Six scenes in this captivating game include surprises and animals.

It’s a ton of fun to play because of the captivating graphics. Children will tap on animals to engage with them and hear their sounds. 

For young children, it is imaginative and enjoyable. They learn about animals at the same time.

Therefore, preschoolers and kindergarteners will find it very helpful. To further enhance the software, the developer keeps including new features. 

12. Bandimal

The cutest music-making software in existence is Bandimal. And even though it was made for kids, we bet everyone with a soul will start laughing uncontrollably as soon as they play. 

You must place animals into one of three slots and tap notes onto a dotted grid to play.

A sound plays when the play head passes over the dots, and the animal boops along in time — for example, a whale blowing colored water and making sounds with appropriately deep bass. 

It always has a good time, sounds great, and instantly saves every song you write.

Additionally, when you load one of your songs, the software counts in the animals before it begins playing, demonstrating how flawless it is. 

13. Fun Animal Games for Kids

Kids Animal Puzzles has a sizable selection of games and puzzles. In four categories, including farm, woodland animals, insects, and tropical fish, it offers more than 40 excellent animal puzzles. 

The interface also features a lovely playground with a bounce house and a swing.

Children can feed a vibrant phoenix bird and open Easter eggs in another game. The enjoyable noises and images will entertain your infant. 

14. Endless Alphabet

Next on our list of best iPhone apps for toddlers is Endless Alphabet. Your home probably includes wooden puzzles where letter forms are pushed into their appropriate holes if you have a toddler. 

Although Endless Alphabet is slightly more varied, dozens of these puzzles function incredibly well on touchscreen devices.

Monsters rush along the bottom of the screen when your child selects a word, scattering its letters. 

Then, as they are moved, they come to life and must be dragged back into position. When a word is finished, an endearing animated cut scene features monsters acting out what it means. 

15. Tozzle Lite

Last on our list of best iPhone apps for toddlers is Tozzle Lite. Children’s recognition of shapes and motor abilities are both improved by this app

There are more than 40 different puzzle photos available. Additionally, toddlers tested the software and made changes to make it more easy and enjoyable for young students. 

Your child only needs to press the Play button and then drag and drop the puzzle pieces to begin playing.

In case a child is stuck, an arrow that appears can assist them in solving the challenge. Children two and older will find it particularly appealing. 

In conclusion, these are some of the best iPhone apps for toddlers. They will help your child learn and have fun at the same time.

Animals for Toddlers, Bandimal, Fun Animal Games for Kids, Endless Alphabet, and Tozzle Lite are great choices! 

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