17 Best iPhone Apps for Identifying Plants

Best iPhone Apps For Identifying Plants 
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Knowing the plants in our immediate environment can keep us interested and help us feel more connected to nature by using some of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

You must have encountered unusual plants or flowers while strolling through a park or visiting your local botanical garden, but you could not identify their name or species. Well, no longer.

A plant identifier app can help you recognize the flora in your surroundings, whether you are an avid gardener or simply someone curious about what plants are growing in the landscape.

These apps typically ask the user to upload a photo of the unidentified plant, after which the app will either use AI image recognition to identify it or send the user’s photo to their community for human identification.

Finding the best plant identification app, however, can be challenging due to the overwhelming number of plant ID apps that are currently available.

Also, to assist you in focusing your search, we have assembled a list of the top plant identification apps. Without much ado, here are some of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

1. PlantNet

Over 20,000 different plant species can be recognized by the plant identification app PlantNet. Identifying flowering plants, trees, grasses, conifers, ferns, vines, wild salads, and even cacti is possible with the help of the PlantNet app. It’s important to note that you can contribute to PlantNet’s crowdsourced database.

With PlantNet, you can scan any plant to identify it, and the app returns results along with an accuracy metric. However, the results also include the plant’s common and botanical names to meet the needs of common users and botanists.

2. iNaturalist

More than 1 million scientists, biologists, and naturalists work on this app to help identify the plants that users upload.

When you need assistance placing a plant, just upload a picture, and other app users will provide their best guess as to what the plant is.

The California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society released iNaturalist in 2008.

It has a free-to-use app and a free online website for plant identification. One of the most comprehensive free plant identification apps is frequently thought to be this one.

iNaturalist does have limitations, although it is highly regarded in the plant community. The most frequent criticism of iNaturalist is that the app and website appear and feel dated. This is one of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

3. PlantSnap

Also, if you use the social media app Snapchat, the name PlantSnap might sound familiar. This is due to the two’s collaboration to identify more than 600,000 plants.

There are free and paid versions of PlantSnap, which can identify thousands of plants in more than 30 languages.

Though PlantSnap does have a free version, keep in mind that some of its best features are only accessible through the paid version. Also, the number of plant snaps you can use in the free version is limited.

4. FlowerChecker

FlowerChecker isn’t a paid app; instead, it has a specific cost. In contrast to other applications, FlowerChecker charges for each accurate identification it provides.

Instead of using a computer to identify the plant, FlowerChecker analyzes and recognizes the plant using experts.

The identification isn’t instant like other apps, so it can take some time before you get one, which is a drawback.

However, FlowerChecker claims that within an hour, about half of all identifications take place. This app is one of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

Furthermore, if you’re seeking outcomes that professionals have corroborated, FlowerChecker might be your best option. Remember that you must pay for each accurate identification the app provides.

This might not be the best option for your needs if you anticipate trying to identify a large number of plants.

5. LeafSnap

LeafSnap is an excellent app for identifying plants and also serves as a reminder to take care of your plants. So you can water, fertilize, prune, or harvest your plants.

You can create tasks to do so. Additionally, you receive advice on how to improve plant growth.

Speaking of identifying plants, you can take a picture of a plant by pressing the “Identify” button on the app’s home screen. The app will quickly identify the plant for you and display its botanical name, common name, genus, and family.

6. PictureThis

A paid app called PictureThis uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to identify plants. This app has correctly identified more than 27 million plants, and PictureThis claims to have a 99.9% accuracy rate.

Furthermore, this app is more than just a tool for identifying plants; it also offers users a social network and advice on taking care of plants. However, keep in mind that no free version is available, and it is a paid app.

7. What’s That Flower

The What’s That Flower app uses a questionnaire to help you identify the plant, unlike other plant identification apps that demand a photo. This is particularly helpful if you fail to take a photo of the plant.

Furthermore, the color of the bloom, the number of petals, the traits of the plant, and even the environment the plant was growing in are some of the questions the app asks to identify the plant. This is one of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

8. Blossom

The plant identification app Blossom doesn’t skimp on aesthetics. The app has an excellent visual design and plenty of features to make the most of it. Blossom is a one-stop shop for your plant-related needs, much like LeafSnap.

You can recognize plants with Blossom, set reminders to take care of them, learn how to take care of them, and arrange all of your plants in the app’s garden.

However, while the free version is adequate for most users, the premium subscription offers extra benefits like unlimited plant identification, reminders, and a light meter to measure light levels.

9. NatureID

NatureID has a recognition rate of up to 95% for more than 10,000 plants. The capability of NatureID to identify mushrooms is what sets it apart.

I also like that the app allows you to chat with experts to get advice on taking care of your plants and measuring the height, width, and volume of pots. NatureID offers even more benefits.

Furthermore, you can use the app to diagnose your plant for diseases in addition to all these features, and you can also set reminders.

NatureID is a feature-rich app you should check out if you want to take good care of your plants. This is one of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

10. Flora incognita

Flora Incognita is an app that allows you to identify plants free and without advertisements. It was created by researchers from the Technical University of Ilmenau and the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Jena.

The fact that the app is a component of a scientific study intended to advance nature conservation makes it free to use. It was also recognized as a UN Decade of Biodiversity official project. The researchers guarantee that the app will be accurate over 90% of the time.

11. Gardening Companion

The Gardening Companion app has the option to identify some plants, but it is more of a planning tool than a plant identification app.

You can track the development of your garden and create alerts for gardening upkeep and maintenance using this free iPhone app.

Additionally, Gardening Companion offers its users access to a larger collection of videos, articles, resources, and tutorials that can benefit gardeners of any skill level.

But remember that you should use this app in conjunction with another plant identification app rather than using it as a standalone tool for identifying plants.

However, this is because the Gardening Companion app is more of a general-purpose gardening companion than a plant identification app.

12. iPlant

iPlant is a plant identification app available only for the iPhone, as its name suggests. Using this simple-to-use app, you can take pictures of and identify plants and flowers.

You have the choice to identify existing plants and plants from images you’ve saved in your gallery, which is helpful when you need to find plants from a previous trip to a botanical garden. iPlant is the best option if you’re looking for a plant identification app designed for iPhones

13. Smart Plant

You can use the SmartPlant app for more than just plant identification. It also offers instructions on how to take care of the plants, and you can add your own plants to your account. Although there is a free and a paid version of the app, the free version has many restrictions.

Additionally, some users have mentioned bugs and glitches that make using this app unpleasant. However, you can chat with experts and receive unlimited pest and disease advice and plant identification in the premium version.

14. Garden Answers

One of the gardening apps with the most downloads and popularity is Garden Answers. It is accessible on Android and iOS devices and has more than 3 million users.

It provides information on identifying plants, pests, and diseases, as well as expert guidance and solutions to various gardening-related queries.

Furthermore, garden Answers is free to download and use, but if you want more precise results, you’ll need to subscribe to their premium service.

With the help of image recognition technology, this app can accurately identify more than 100,000 flowering plants. Additionally, you can find gardening care instructions and manuals written by horticultural and gardening professionals.

15. Plant Identification ++

Only iOS devices can use the quick and precise plant identification tool known as Plant Identification ++. This app is helpful due to how quickly and accurately it can identify plants. Unfortunately, to access unlimited searches, you must purchase a subscription.

Even though it costs money, this app is one of the best for getting prompt and precise results. However, it doesn’t provide many additional features frequently found in other paid apps. It does provide quick and trustworthy results, though.

16. Seek

Compared to the other apps on our list, this one is unique for identifying plants. Consider it the Pokemon Go for plant lovers! It turns identifying plants into a game! Even better, it has a sizable community and allows you to identify insects.

Unfortunately, Seek doesn’t offer plant care instructions, so you’ll need to take clear, accurate photos for the app to recognize the plant correctly. However, you should still consider this plant identification app, especially if you enjoy gaming.

17. Plantifier

Both Android and iOS users can download Plantifier for nothing at all. Users of the crowdsourced app can upload photos for potential identification. The MyGarden.org community will then attempt to identify the plant in the picture.

Even though the app is free, you still have to wait for a local to identify the plant. Therefore, it might take some time. The community, however, does more than just name the plants; they also respond to any inquiries you might have regarding the flora. This is one of the best iPhone apps for identifying plants.

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