11 Best Board Games for Plane Travel

Best Board Games for Plane Travel
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Are you planning a big journey and unsure of how to spend time on a lengthy flight? Bring your favorite board games with you!

Board games are the best way to pass the time as you travel in style, even if they may not have been the first item you thought to bring. 

Use our list of best board games for plane travel to help you choose the ideal game to bring on your flight since not all games are the greatest match for playing on plane travel.

1. Secret Hitler

Leaving political ramifications aside, one of the best board games for plane travel is Secret Hitler.

It warns players of fascism’s supposedly quick rise and criticisms of the political structures that support it. 

However, much of it consists of lying and yelling at your friends. Secret Hitler is a ton of fun and comes in a little box.

If you were to travel light, you could probably simply take the whole game and put it inside an envelope. 

If you don’t care about card paper or the quality of at-home printing, there is also a free print-and-play version accessible on their website that can be printed and cut out smaller than the original.

2. Jaipur

Jaipur is a vibrant card drafting game. In this game, players assume the role of merchants who must effectively negotiate the complex realm of trade.

Whether you want to purchase or sell products is entirely up to you. The price decreases as more things are sold.

Also, watch out; if you wait too long, you can lose out on some great offers. Jaipur is incredibly compact, consisting of cards and a few tokens, making it simple to pack for travel.

3. Tiny Epic Galaxies

Every series in the Tiny Epic series is deserving of a place on this list. Each one arrives in a compact box and uses a unique mix of mechanics and themes. 

The interesting thing about these games is that each one contains a ton of gameplay while being made to be extremely small. 

New games are always being released, so you’re sure to discover something you enjoy that is small enough to carry in a backpack.

Tiny Epic Galaxies condenses a whole galactic conquest game into a small number of cards.

4. Rummikub

One of the most played and best board games for plane travel is Rummikub. It is now travel-sized and comes with a travel bag, so you can easily toss it in your carry-on. This game takes skill and luck, but it’s fast to pick up and play. 

Being the first player to empty your rack is the objective. To play, you must arrange the tiles into sets of three or more using the numbers.

The sets may consist of an even number of various colors or a string of numbers of the same color. 

You may draw a tile from the pile if you have nothing to play with. Be on the watch for the joker tile since it interests the game.

5. Codenames

It’s up to you and your squad to successfully locate your spies from the field as they are scattered around the area.

In the simple-to-learn party game Codenames, players aim to find their team’s spies on the board without striking a civilian or an assassin. 

It is essentially a word game in which one player provides brief cues to help their team find the right card on the board. 

The experience may be quite stressful and is best when done with bigger groups. If you often only have a few people available, you may want to try out Codenames Duet, designed for two players.

6. Welcome to the Dungeon

In Welcome to the Dungeon, you and your friends will take turns drawing cards from a deck to create a dungeon filled with monsters. 

Each card will include a picture of the kind of monster you’re up against, but more importantly, it will also have a number and several symbols that indicate possible ways to get rid of that monster. 

After drawing a card, you have two options. One, you either add it to the dungeon face-down so that no one else can see what you’ve added, or you take it out of the game in return for taking away another item of equipment.

Each participant selects a character to play at the beginning of the game. The warrior, the barbarian, the magician, and the rogue are among them. Everybody has their own unique set of armor, weapons, and spells. 

You may use your skills and gear to ignore certain enemies’ effects to minimize harm, leaving such effects for your friends to handle later.

Despite the name, just one of you at the table will be compelled to enter the dungeon each round. 

You can pass, which eliminates you from the competition, if you don’t want to draw a card from the deck on your turn or if you can’t because the deck is empty. This is one of the best board games for plane travel.

7. Monopoly Deal Card Game

The Monopoly Deal Card Game is a scaled-down version of the original game. This board game is ideal for plane travel since it can be finished in 15 minutes instead of the original. 

Since some of the game’s elements are a little tricky, you must watch out for debt collectors and deal-breakers. 

Do not trust someone since you may trade properties, demand money, or steal them. Families will enjoy this brand-new, portable travel game, which doesn’t take too long. You’ll like the modern twists on this classic game.

8. Bananagrams Word Game

A fun word game that can be played anywhere is Bananagrams. Large letters in this edition make it simpler to form a word while moving around.

This is one of the best board games for plane travel, especially for families with younger children, to aid them with spelling and reading. 

Playing games is a great way to pass the time at home or when traveling. This portable travel game will be enjoyed by all ages, from young children to seniors.

Additionally, larger lettering and tiles make participation simpler for the young at heart.

9. Qwirkle Travel Board Game

The tactical board game Qwirkle Travel is all about strategy. Imagine Scrabble with shapes and colors in place of the letters. You must use logic and strategy to make columns of complementary colors and shapes. 

For kids to develop their critical thinking abilities, this game is ideal. It’s more than simply a game since you have to plan.

Knowledge gained through Qwirkle that may be used in real life. For both kids and adults, this is one of the best board games for plane travel to bring along on trips. 

10. Catan Dice Game

If you’re traveling alone, you may play the Catan Dice Game, a quick and enjoyable game. It’s an enjoyable and quick travel board game that may be finished in 15 to 30 minutes. The game aims to construct a road, city, or building. 

As you complete your building, record your scores on the given score sheets. After 15 turns, the winner is the player with the most points. 

Depending on the circumstances, you’ll need to decide whether to establish a city or a settlement. You’ll need to exercise some strategy and critical thought to make the best choice.

11. Railroad Ink Challenge

Railroad Ink is a roll-and-write puzzler that can be played alone or with up to three additional players, along with its new advanced edition Railroad Ink Challenge. 

You will take turns throughout the game rolling image dice and sketching any shapes or routes that appear on your wipe-clean board.

The open roads and railway lines that run down either side of each player board’s 7×7 square grid are all in the same layout. 

Every time you roll the dice, you are to sketch the routes that appear to connect those open routes, with each connection earning increasing points if you can link them all to the same road. 

At the end of the game, you’ll get points for your board’s center squares as well as the longest unbroken railway and highway.

If you’re restricted in the number of games you can carry on your trip, Railroad Ink is a game you’ll adore and has a ton of replay value. 

Despite being perhaps one of the best board games for plane travel on this list, it leaves a relatively modest impression on the playing area.

You could play this extremely quickly and fuss-free on a train table or fold-out aircraft table with only a few dice, a board, and a pen for each player. 

Strangely, there are so many excellent board games involving trains, but that’s how things are in the world now.

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