200+ Yoruba Baby Boy Names and Their Meaning

Yoruba Baby Boy Names

You may have heard that Adegoke, Oluwafemi, and Olutayo are popular Yoruba baby boy names.

But there’s always the want for something more unique, more modern, with a good meaning.

In this article, we have put together some famous and modern Yoruba baby boy names that you can choose from.

It is common knowledge in Nigeria that the Yorubas have to wait a week after the birth of a child before the naming ceremony.

This culture dates back several centuries when it was common to have Ifa priests consult the oracles to discover a child’s destiny before the child is named.

Today, the world has changed, and people have adopted different religions that dictate the kind of names that a child should be christened, and this gives room for more creativity when it comes to selecting names.

Also, because the Yorubas are one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, they have thousands of popular names that are commonly heard when politics, history, and religion are discussed as far as the nation is concerned, making it easy for you to name your baby after a public figure that you admire.

The Yoruba culture is interesting, where baby boys can be named after an ancestor who is believed to have reincarnated through them.

Names like Babatunde are given to a child believed to be a reincarnation of his dead father or grandfather.

If you are wondering why you need to choose a Yoruba baby boy name for your newborn, here are a few reasons you may be able to relate to:

  1. Yoruba names are beautiful and easy to pronounce.
  2. They are an easy way to identify your child according to his or her ethnic group.
  3. Having a native Nigerian name is one way to show national and cultural pride anywhere in the world.
  4. A child with a native Nigerian name is continuously reminded of his roots and learns to be proud of his identity every time his name is called.

The above are just a few reasons to give your child a Yoruba baby boy name, as there are many more that you can relate to.

Let’s go right ahead to the reason why you’re reading this article.

We hope you find a fascinating Yoruba baby boy name you’ll love to call your son for as long as possible.

Yoruba Names for Boys

AbimbolaBorn into wealth
AbiodunBorn in a festive period
AbiolaWealth has been born
AbioyeBorn into royalty
AbitoluwaBorn as God’s own
AdebayoThe crown has met with joy
AdebimpeThe Crown is complete
AdebisiWe added to the crown.
Adebolathe crown meets with wealth
AdebowaleThe crown has come home
AdeboyeThe crown has brought title
AdedamolaThe crown has mixed with wealth
AdedayoThe crown has turned to joy
AdedejiThe crown has become two
AdegokeThe crown has been exalted
AdekolaThe crown brings wealth
AdekunleCrowns have filled the house
AdelajaThe King settled this fight
AdelekeThe crown stays above
AdelomoA child is a crown
AdelowoThe crown has honour
AdemolaThe crown knows wealth
AdeniyiThe crown has honour
AdenreleThe crown is going home
AdenugaThe crown owns the palace
AdepojuMany crowns
AdesojiThe crown is revived
AdesolaCrown makes wealth
AdetokunboThe crown arrived from over the sea
AdetolaA crown is worth the same as wealth
AdewaleThe crown has come home
AdewunmiI love the crown
AdeyemiI am befitting of the crown
AdeyinkaI am surrounded by the crown
AfolabiBorn into wealth
AkandeFirst born
AkinkunmiI am full of valour
AkintoyeStrength is all I need
AkinwaleStrength has come home
AkinyemiValour befits me
AlabaSecond child after twins
AnjolaoluwaWe are enjoying the goodness of the Lord
AnuoluwapoGod is merciful
AraloluwaGod of wonders
AraoluwakiitanThe Wonders of the Lord never ends
AremoFirst male child of a king/ Heir to the throne
AremuFirst male child
AyanfeoluwaGod’s beloved
AyobamiJoy meets with me
AyobintanJoy gave birth to this
AyodeleJoy has come home
AyomideMy joy has arrived
AyomiposiMy joy has increased
AyoolaThe joy of wealth
AyooluwaThe joy of the lord
AyooluwakiitanThe joy of the lord never ends
AyorinsolaJoy walked into wealth
AyowumiI love joy
BabalolaFather is wealth
Babatunde/BabajideThe return of the father
BabawaleThe arrival of the father
BamideleFollow me home
BayiloluwatoThis is how great the Lord is
BikoseoluwaIf not for God
BoluwatifenisolaGod handles his grace/goodness as he pleases
BoluwatitololaeGod’s goodness/grace is as big/mighty as he is
DiekoolaoluwatimojogunI inherited plenty of God’s wealth
DurodolaWait for wealth
EbunoluwaGod’s gift
EniobafeThe one the King loves
EniolaA person of wealth
ErioluwapeGod’s testimony is perfect
EyitayoSufficient cause for joy
EyitomilayoThis is enough for me to rejoice
FiyinfoluwaGive praise/ prestige to God
IbukunoluwaBlessing of God
IdowuBorn after a set of twins
IfedayoLove brings joy
IfeoluwaGod’s love
IgbayinniayomisesebeMy joy has just begun
IlerioluwaGod’s promise
InioluwaGod’s heritage
IreoluwaGod’s goodness
IretioluwaGod’s hope
IseoluwaWord of God
IteoluwakiishiThe throne of God never fades/ cannot be moved
IyanuoluwaGod’s praise
IyinoluwaThe prestige that comes with wealth
JesufikunayomiJesus added to my joy
JesufiolawemiJesus bathed me with wealth
JesulobaJesus is king
JesuloluwaJesus is Lord
MasesoBe fruitful
MobolajiI woke up with wealth
MobolarinwaI walk with wealth
MosadioluwaI ran to God to shield me
MotosinoluwaI am capable of serving God
ObaloluwaJesus is King
ObanlaniJesuJesus is a great King
OgooluwaGlory of God
OjumirayoMy eyes see joy
OkanlanwonOnly male child
OladayoWealth turns to joy
OlafimihanWealth has revealed me/ Wealth shows me off
OladimejiWealth has doubled
OlamideMy wealth has arrived
OlamilekanMy wealth is greater
OlamiposiMy wealth has increased
OlanrewajuMy wealth is in the future/going forward
OlaoluwadotunGod’s wealth is renewed
OlaoluwatayoGod’s wealth/riches sprung forth
OlaoluwatomijogunThe wealth of God is enough inheritance for me
OlasupoWealth comes together
OludemiladeGod has crowned me
OlufemiGod Loves me
OlujimiGift from god
OlukayodeGod brings happiness
OlusesanGod has rewarded me
OluwabamigbeGod is living with me
OluwabunkunmiBless me oh lord
OluwadabiraninuayemiGod performed wonders in my life
OluwadamilareVindicate me oh lord/ God vindicated me
OluwadamilolaGod makes me wealthy
OluwadaramisiGod is good to me
OluwadaraolafunmiGod blessed me wonderfully
OluwademiladeolaGod crowned me with wealth
OluwadetanGod has finally arrived
OluwadumininuGod made me happy
OluwadunsinGod is worthy of our adoration
OluwadurotimiGod is with me
OluwaferanmiGod loves me
OluwafeyikemiGod has used this to pamper me
OluwafeyisayomiGod made this my joy
OluwafifehansimiGod showed me love
OluwafifekemiGod has surrounded me with love
OluwafikayomiGod had added to my joy
OluwafikunfemiGod has added more love to my love
OluwafisayomiGod added to my joy
OluwafolajimiGod has blessed me with wealth
OluwagbengaGod lifted me up
OluwagbohunmiGod heard me
OluwagbotemiGod has heard me/ God hears me
OluwajomilojuGod is awesome
OluwajuedaloGod is bigger than human
OluwakanyinsolaGod has added sweetness to my wealth
OluwakayodeThe Lord has brought joy
OluwakoredeThe Lord has brought goodies
OluwaleWealth has arrived
OluwanifemiGod loves me
OluwanimodurotiI stood with God
OluwansebebeninuayemiGod is doing wonders in my life
OluwapamilerinGod has made me to laugh
OluwarotimiGod lives with me
OluwasayomipeGod perfected my joy
OluwasegunGod has been victorius
OluwasegunotafunmimoyoninureGod conquer the enemy for me and I rejoice in him
OluwasemiloreGod did good to me
OluwaseunThanks be to God
OluwaseunbabarafunmiGod has done a wondrous/ miraculous thing for me
OluwaseunbabaralaiyemiThe Lord did a big thing in my life
OluwaseyiGod made this/ God did this
OluwaseyifunmiGod has done this for me
OluwatimileyinGod is my back bone
OluwatisetemilasepeThe Lord has perfected all that is mine
OluwatobiGod is great
OluwatofunmiGod is sufficient for me
OluwatomisonaThe Lord guides my path
OluwatoniGod is sufficient for me
OluwatoosabaGod is enough to run to (for rescue)
OluwatoromoGod is good to rely on.
OluwatosinGod is worthy to be served
OluwatoyinGod is worthy to be praised
OluwayemisiGod honours me
OmobolanleA child that met wealt at home
OpeyimiI should be grateful
Oyebanji/OyebamijiTitle awakens me
OyediranTitle is hereditary
OyelakinTitle is valour
OyelowoTitle commands respect
OyindamolaHoney is mixed with wealth
SijuadeEyes on the crown
SijuwolaEyes on wealth
Taiwo/TaiyeOlder of a set of twins
TemitopeMy circumstances are worth thanking God for
TitobilioluwaGod is big/great
ToluwanimiI belong to God
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