A Look Into Xiaomi Baby Stroller

Xiaomi Baby Stroller

Traveling with little humans mostly requires a light, easily foldable, and compact buggy.

To help you determine what Xiaomi’s solution to this need is, we have compiled an overview and review after extensive research on Xiaomi strollers.

Quick Overview of the Xiaomi Stroller

  • Size when unfolded: 101 x 81 x 48.7 cm  /  39.76 x 31.88 x 19,17 inches
  • Size when folded: 47.8 x 25.8 x 40.8 cm  /  18.82 x 10.16 x 16,06 inches
  • Weight when folded and unfolded: 6.8 kg  /  15 lb
  • Material: Polyester fiber clothing and Aluminum alloy frame
  • Baby Age: 0-3 years (max. 15 kg  //  max. 33 lb)
  • Available colors: platinum grey, Pink, and Silk Blue.

Features of the Xiaomi Stroller

Frame, Design, and Seat

The Xiaomi baby stroller offers a very slick and stylish design with nice and attractive color options. The aluminum alloy frame is high-strength and also light & sturdy. 

There are also load-bearing parts crafted out of premium quality carbon structural steel.

From the available information, Xiaomi claims the vital structural components are shipped in from Belgium and Switzerland.

There is also the 3-segment adjustable canopy that is made from an elastic fabric with four sides, and it comes in 3 varieties of color options.

This color will also reflect on the wheel’s inside rim. The canopy is a sun-protective (UPF50+) one and is designed to isolate 95% of ultraviolet rays (precisely what you want for your baby).

Comfort is what you want for your baby, and the seat cushion in this stroller is made of a skin-friendly, antibacterial, and antistatic “class A standard” cloth.

The fabric is removable so that you can wash it easily. Your baby is nicely secured with a five-point seat belt with a single button release.

Even though it has been stated that the Xiaomi Stroller is best suited for children aged 0-36 months because the seat is easily reclinable to a nearly flat surface, you can use a bassinet for newborns.

Folding Mechanism

You can easily fold and unfold your Xiaomi stroller in a matter of seconds using just one hand:

The Xiaomi stroller can easily fold to a compact 47.8 x 25.8 x 40.8 cm size and weigh 6.8 kg. When properly Folded, the buggy fits perfectly as carry-on luggage when you get on an aircraft.

You have no reason to check it in, and that will surely save you time with the extra bonus of not having the stroller exposed to the filthy cargo bay of an aircraft and the likely rough handling crew.

For convenience’s sake, the box also comes with a shoulder strap to carry the stroller.

Xiaomi Stroller comes with four 6-inch wheels, padded with PU foam, and an independent suspension.

For this reason, we can agree that it is suitable for any terrain and will run smoothly with the aid of its double-bearing feature.

The front wheels are made to rotate 360°, while the rear wheels come with a secure one-button brake system.

Details & Highlights

We have seen the features, but there are a few other details and highlights of the Xiaomi Stroller that you may find interesting:

  • Canopy skylight, a cute peekaboo window to enable you to watch or take a peek at your child
  • The firm, non-slip push handle that parents will find comfortable in winter and also cool in summer
  • A seamless waterproof zipper to avoid any slight leaking of water into the stroller and shield the inside from the wind
  • Large storage basket capable of holding up to 5kg

 When you decide to shop for this stroller, Be aware that prices will vary from one vendor to another.

Also, there are several other similar named strollers ( Xiaomi Zhixing, Xiaomi Youpin…) with various price ranges.

This article and the features therein refer only to the Xiaomi MiTU Folding Stroller.

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