34 Wiccan Names and Their Meanings

Wiccan Names

Wiccan names are names typically chosen by parents who follow the Wiccan religion. Because Wiccans believe that every living thing and all of nature is connected, selecting your baby’s name with care is essential. 

Preferably from an ancient language like Gaelic or Old English. When choosing your child’s name, it’s essential to consider its meaning.

But also its spelling and pronunciation. Here are some great examples of Wiccan names:

Wiccan Names for Girls


In some traditions, the Aura is an essential part of Wicca and is often called the crown. It is believed to protect us from negative energy or energies that are bad for us. 

Moreover, if your little one has a strong aura, you might want to call them something like Aura. This means all-around excellent! 

Other good Wiccan names include Radiance (meaning bright), Aurora (rising sun), and Epiphany (divine manifestation). Auras are also associated with color; other good options include Blue, Violet, Pink, and Gold. 

So think about your baby’s personality as well as their color preferences. Then choose a name that suits them perfectly! And don’t be afraid to use more than one name if it seems right for your child.


Silvanus is a traditional of Wiccan names and was also an epithet of Mercury. Name scholars claim that Silvanus (or Sylvanus) is derived from Latin words referring to trees, groves, and forests. 

According to Dutch scholar and theologian Cornelius A Lapide (1578-1637). Silvanus was the Roman counterpart of Greek Pan or sylvan deities. 

In ancient Rome and modern times, too, Silvanus is regarded as a deity, and she is presiding over woods, sylvan areas, and pastures.


Sahale is one of the Wiccan names and Native American origin, meaning Hawk. This is an unusual choice for a Wiccan baby boy as it’s not incredibly spiritual. 

However, some people do use Native American names for their children. And Sahale is still one that you may wish to consider if you want something different for your son or daughter. 

So if you don’t mind a very non-traditional name, then by all means, pick it out. And let everyone know how proud you are of your son.


Leigh is one of the Wiccan names for your baby girl, and it means the meadow of woods and comes from Celtic. Its popularity ranking was #464 in 2016. 

Besides, if you’re looking for something that aligns with famous names like Mia and Avia but isn’t sure where to start your search for original names for girls, consider a unique spelling of an evergreen classic that has been around for generations—like Leigh (pronounced Lee). 

However, this moniker has been used since medieval times, and its meaning alone is pretty awesome. Imagine walking through a field of the thick foliage on a spring day!


Birch is a great one of the Wiccan name because of its importance in Nordic culture. This tree provided us with weapons to protect ourselves from invaders. And shields to keep us warm. It represents new beginnings and growth. 

Also, it is associated with health and healing, making it an appropriate name for your little one. Birch is also used as a surname by families all over England!


While it’s a firm name with ties to King Arthur’s knight of the same name, Gawain is most commonly known for its use in Wicca and modern pagan traditions. 

But if you like how it sounds and want to use it for your son or daughter, regardless of its meaning. Or origin, feel free. There are no hard-and-fast rules about naming babies Wiccan names, after all!

Also, remember that names matter and they’re as important today as they were hundreds of years ago. People use old, new, borrowed, and made-up names in every generation to build their own identity. 

And guess what? That’s pretty cool too!


Here is an old English name that means lord. This name is widespread among Wiccans who believe in a Horned God. They claim that Herne was one of their gods and that he has been worshiped for thousands of years. 

They say he helped people during times of famine by transforming animals into food. So they would have something to eat. Because Herne protected farmers, they called him a god of plenty. 

Also, Wiccans believe his horn represents his ability to know everything as well as having all wisdom. Suppose you want to name your child after a god with some serious power behind them. Then Herne is probably one you should consider among other Wiccan names.


A leaf is a wonderful one of Wiccan names because it relates to plants, which are very important in Wicca. If you choose Leaf for your child’s name and they grow up to be an herbalist. 

Or if they just love to garden, you will have given them something they can always keep. With them and think of as their own. 

Also, many Wiccans who have chosen plant-based names have later gone on to study herbalism. Or some other form of botany because they feel so much love and reverence for plants. 

Medieval monks named several popular herbs used in witchcraft today. Who chose these herb names based on plant characteristics. That was similar to human traits and qualities.


Varden is one of my favorite Wiccan names because it means fox. Foxes are so fantastic! Varden is also a cool name because it sounds similar to other famous words. 

Moreover, it would be easy for your friends and family to spell. It is a widespread name in other languages as well. My grandma named her dog Varden once, and that’s how I learned about it. 

Later, Grandma let me pick a new name for her dog at a pet shop. When I was about six years old, I decided on Varden since I thought it sounded like Vader. From Star Wars but cooler! 

More so, I loved Star Wars when I was younger! That was my most creative moment. No, wait!


Wiccans believe in a collective soul that goes from generation to generation. They also believe in reincarnation and witchcraft. Some Wiccans are solitary practitioners, and others will gather in covens of up to thirteen people. 

Moreover, to be part of a coven means that you’re joining with people. Who has a similar spiritual path as you do? They should all be accepting of each other’s individuality as well as their differences. 

Further, many Wiccans wear pentagram jewelry to symbolize these ideals and belief systems if you want your child to grow up with a strong sense of personal identity. And who also has Wiccan values. 

Then Chatan is an excellent one of Wiccan names. Is it suitable for your baby boy or girl!


Often people think that every name in Wicca is related to a goddess. While there are certainly plenty of goddess names you can pick out for your little one. It’s important to realize that not all Wiccan names have anything to do with divinity. 

But if you want something more modern and easier to pronounce. Or perhaps if you don’t believe in naming someone after a deity, then Athame is an excellent choice! 

Though it may sound like something out of Harry Potter, it comes from an old French word. That just means athlete or soldier, and this makes it perfect for both boys and girls of any age.


Gwydion is an Old Welsh name of uncertain etymology. It could be related to a hypothetical Primitive Welsh gwido- ‘apparition.’ 

Or it might be derived from gwyddo ‘science, wit; knowledge’ or borrowed from another Germanic language. It’s also part of Wiccan names.


Eirianwen is an Old Welsh feminine personal name. Though sometimes also used as a title. 

Perhaps, meaning ‘spear-maiden’ or ‘sword-maiden.’ Other spellings are Eraen, Euronwen, and Irianwen. It is part of the Wiccan name.

Wiccan Names for Boy


This name means brave wolf in Old English, and it is also used as a surname today. This is an excellent choice if you want something strong and bold for your child. 


Ash’s meaning is precious in Gaelic or strength in Old English. This makes it an ideal choice if you wish to give your child something powerful yet beautiful at once! It can also be used as both a masculine or feminine name. 


This means one who has power over God in Gaelic; however, it can also mean baby boy in Welsh!


Albus translates to white in Latin, and Gwydion can mean bright or shining. This name combines two masculine names with Latin origins into one mighty Wiccan name. 

Moreover, Albus has a long history of use. As both a boy’s and girl’s name, meaning it will suit either gender well. 

Also, Gwydion falls into a long line of traditional Wiccan names that have been used for decades. With its classic style, this Wiccan name is as powerful as it is pleasant to say!


Were you considering Castor as a name for your baby? It’s got some excellent associations to it. 

In Greek mythology, Castor was a horse and one of two twin brothers, either mortal or half-immortal. Depending on which version of their legend you believe. 

Again, he was notable for helping Jason and his Argonauts find their way to Colchis. In search of the Golden Fleece. 

Also, there’s a famous binary star system called Alpha Gemini that takes its name from him. Along with his brother Pollux (Gemini is Latin for twins). If you like those reasons, Castor, one of the Wiccan names, might be suitable for your baby!


A traditional Greek name meaning “she who is kin to a noble one” makes an unusual Wiccan name. Evander is a character in the Latin epic Aeneid who founded Pallanteum, which he named after his son Pallas. It makes an exciting name that combines strength and style. 

But how do you pronounce it? Think of it as Evan + der = Evander. Or think of it as even-der. More so, it’s a firm name that will suit your little one well, whether they’re a seer or someone with an eye for design! It’s one of the Wiccan names.


It is an African American name of Hebrew origin. Pronounced EH-lee-PEHS, it means God is my father. This is a beautiful name for any little girl who has a good relationship with God. 

But, Eliphas, a boy’s name, is of Spanish and Hebrew origin. Pronounced eh-LEE-pahs, it means God protects. 

This is an excellent choice for anyone looking for something other than more traditional names. That is still unique and will stand out among peers. Eliphas is one of the Wiccan names too.


In Wicca, Fial is a Goddess of Divination. She’s also known as a goddess of inspiration and visions. 

However, people who name their children Fial sometimes do so, hoping they will be blessed with magical powers. To help them fulfill their dreams and desires. This name is most frequently given to female babies. 

But if you’re looking for an alternative spelling, try Fyall or File. It’s among Wiccan names.


Wiccans are diverse, and their approach to magic varies from witch to witch. But there’s one thing every practitioner has in common—they want that sweet power. 

That’s why we think it’s a good idea to name your kid Talon. One of these Wiccan names for boys and girls. Because when your baby is wielding magickal powers, they’ll need a mighty name for protection. 

Luckily for you parents-to-be, we still compiled a list of Wiccan names. That is super cool yet also totally powerful! Onward!


Arthurian legend can be a source of many cool Wiccan names, and if you’re looking for inspiration. But aren’t sure where to start? Look no further than Merlin. 

This legendary magician and advisor to King Arthur could be just what you need. But only if your last name isn’t Pendragon! (In that case, his presence may cause some confusion.) 

Other suitable inspirations are Merlin Olsen. Or Merlin Jones.


Aine is a mighty name in Celtic mythology. Aine was queen of Connacht and consort to king-god Lugh Lámhfhada. She was considered a goddess of sovereignty, plenty, and fertility. 

Also, it is related to words for ‘bright’ and ‘clear.’ Which made it an ideal choice for naming children born under a harvest moon. 

Today, it’s still used as a girl’s name in Ireland and Scotland. Aine can be shortened to Ann or Annie as part of Wiccan names.


Wiccans believe they are all part of nature, so you’ll often see names from flowers or herbs on their kids. When thinking about Wiccan names for girls, consider Glennis. 

This flower name means sunny and comes from a flower commonly known as a hyacinth. It also has Welsh origins dating back to a lovely town called Aber-glen. 

Although it’s likely, most Americans think of Glennis Rice. After seeing her perform on multiple episodes of MTV Cribs.


The name Ceridwen is most often used as a girl name. The meaning of Ceridwen has burned cauldron. Ceridwen is pronounced keh-RIHD-wehn. 

Unfortunately, this name was once popular and has fallen out of favor somewhat. It is thought to be of Welsh origin, while it’s also among Wiccan names. 

However, this old-fashioned name can also be a boy’s name (Cardin). Alternate spelling(s): Ceredwyn Ceridwenn


Fianate is an ancient Wiccan name meaning light, making it a perfect fit for your baby if she happens to be born on the longest summer day. 

While you might think Fianate is a little too modern for an ancient deity, consider it. What better way to honour a goddess of light than by naming your daughter after her? 

Whether you go with Finite or one of these Wiccan names is up to you. But know that whatever you choose. Your child will almost certainly have some spiritual meaning behind their name.


It means snow. Need we say more? This is a simple and beautiful name with its roots in another culture. 

But one that is easily translatable to many western people. It’s not common enough to be overly confusing, but it also remains feminine. And easy on everyone’s tongue. 

Also, it could quickly become your daughter’s nickname when she grows up as an adult! Don’t forget that it’s also one of the Wiccan names.

Gender Neutral Wiccan Names


Adelina is a German name meaning noble. Adelina has two-possible meanings, one is noble and strong, and another means noble and kind. 

So no matter which meaning you pick. You will surely give your daughter a name that she will love. 

I think Adelina is also a wonderful one of the Wiccan names. For your little girl.


Wiccans don’t believe in specific gendered spiritual names. So you can go with Juno if you want your daughter to feel a little bit feminist. There is quite a story attached to Juno. 

After, she married Jupiter and became queen of Mount Olympus. She didn’t like how everyone maltreated her husband. Because he had an ugly black cloud over his head (making him look scary). 

So one day, she ripped off Jupiter’s blanket. And showed everyone who he was. 

However, Jupiter soon put back his blanket on and made it silver-shiny again. And embarrassed her for showing everybody. Juno is a beautiful part of Wiccan names.


Arwen is a girl’s name of Welsh origin. Arwen means noblewoman. Wiccans believe that spiritual energy and power are passed down from mother to daughter. 

Therefore your baby will absorb her powers by giving your baby Wiccan names. Arwen has been used as a pagan name for many years. 

It has been in use since before it was popularized in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books, where it was given to an elf. 

Also, it can be spelled with one N or two N’s – either way is correct. This spelling with two N’s is more common in Wales, where it originated, but both are used today. 

In addition, it may be spelled with an E instead of an A at the end. So if you decide to spell it like that, you should probably choose another meaning for your child, as Arwen means noble woman. 

Whereas it would not be appropriate for a boy. The closest male equivalent would be Aren which means silver. 


Wiccans believe in reincarnation. And think that we existed before being born into our human lives. 

Besides, it’s believed by Wiccans that they are reborn through nature, mainly through trees and plants. 

Choosing Wiccan names for your child is a beautiful idea to honour their beliefs. One such name is Angus. 


The name Cadmium is a boy’s name of Celtic origin. The meaning of Cadmium is battle. 

It can be used as an alias for James or John. One of Gwynn ap Nudd’s many nicknames. It is also among Wiccan names.


Have you ever considered using the wolf as a Wiccan name? In fact, why not? 

There are many different meanings and backgrounds to wolves. And they can be used as Wiccan names for people of all genders. Wolves have strong bonds with their families and will do anything to protect them. 

Of course, it seems evident that these traits would make for a great baby name for Wiccans or others. Wolf is also a feminine word. 

In some cultures, a wolf is believed to be another word for a woman! Plus, with all these ideas spinning around in your head about what a tremendous Wiccan name wolf would make. 

You’re sure to come up with tons of new ideas. On how best to incorporate it into your own little one’s name.


In Wicca, tradition dictates that just one parent does not decide a child’s name. Instead, it is an entire process involving both parents and even grandparents.

While many traditions have strict naming rules for Wiccans, in recent years, there has been a movement to allow more variation and creativity in children’s names within Wicca communities.

This can make picking a name for your baby (and finding one you like) far more accessible than you might think! Still unsure where to start?

You can’t go wrong with these excellent suggestions or wait until they are born before settling on something you all love. After all, sometimes you find yourself putting so much thought into a potential name that it becomes distracting!

How often do people give Wiccan names?

Many parents give their children a pagan name without following any particular religion. Whether you want to name your child after an ancestor or want something cool and different, here are some of our favorite Wiccan names. Indeed, you can use them for inspiration if you plan on naming your kid someday! Or use them as a jumping-off point to create your personalized name for your kid!

How to choose a Wiccan name?

Many people want to give their children Wiccan names. It is a great idea because these names can help protect your children throughout their lives by giving them extra protection.

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