Why Adding Access Control to Schools Is Important?

Access Control school

Schools should be considered one of the most sacred places in our society.

This is a place where our children get educated and groomed to become people who will be responsible for the future of our community, and for this reason, schools should be one of the most secured.

It is sad that this is hardly the case in a lot of countries around the world.

The number of school accidents that have been happening has increased a lot recently, and even school shootings have become one reason why a lot of parents are scared of allowing their children to go to school.

With a lot of dangerous events like this happening regularly, it is supposed to become our priority that schools and made very safe.

If you lived in a perfect world, then we can say that schools should be places where teachers should only worry about educating the students instead of bothering about whatever security threats may be lurking around.

Since we have already accepted the fact that the world we live in is far from perfect, in this article we are looking to reveal one of how we can enhance our school security system, how this method works, and why it should be used more.

What is access control?

When we talk about access control, we are basically referring to an electronic system that helps to control the access to a specific place in a building a school or any facility at all.

You can set up this control system to help screen whoever enters into a reserved room, storage room, or any other sensitive place.

You can install access control in a school on any already existing door or gate. Some of the features of access control and when to make use of them.

An average school will probably have lots of different entrances throughout the building. And even inside the building, there are sure to be lots of classrooms storage rooms laboratories and offices.

We already know that schools that use physical lock systems usually have hundreds of different keys and sometimes you may even decide to use a master key and that will be a very significant security flaw

. If you also need to keep an eye on all the doors in a school building, you would need to hire hundreds of security personnel, and you know that is very impossible and impractical. With all of this in mind, you can now see why it is the best option to make use of access control systems.

With an access control system, you can monitor your entire school building from a single place. All you have to do is hire one or two people that will do the monitoring for you.

The individuals controlling the monitoring will be able to respond to door alarms, have complete video surveillance, receive a message and an alert when any door at all is open. And they can easily tell when anything is going wrong in the entire building all from the central surveillance unit.

Instead of employing security guards and even putting them through the stress of running up and down trying to lock every single door manually, you can use your access control system to lock down all doors or individual doors just by clicking a single button. This method is a lot faster and safer than traditional manual locking.

Also with this method, you do not have to bother about misplacing keys to any doors because you don’t have any physical key to misplace in the first place.

This is not to say physical keys are not good. In fact, the physical key has been around for a long time, and they have done a wonderful job at helping to keep things locked and safe however when it comes to keeping a school environment secure physical keys and not the best option.

With a central control system you are now switching from using physical keys to keep cards, and that makes the whole journey to security a lot easier for you and the people in your school building.

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