What to Wear to Church?

What to Wear to Church
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Does God specify what to wear to church? Church attire is typically respectable, modest, and somewhat conventional.

Since the “home of God,” aesthetic isn’t usually considered fashionable, it’s just plain Jane for the majority. 

To avoid doubt, I believe that dressing up for your time of worship is the better choice in the argument over what to wear to church. 

While this does not imply that they are stuffy or frumpy, it does mean that your club outfit and workout suit is inappropriate for Sunday mornings. Everything has its proper place and time, as the saying goes.

You shouldn’t wear minis, tanks, sweatpants, shorts, halter tops, or cleavage to church. Regrettably, a great “church to beach” attire does not exist.

But being fashionable and attractive does not require you to wear only clothes appropriate for church. 

Dressing for early morning mass may be a chore, with knee-length gowns and cardigans that seem like they belong to an English teacher.

However, there are methods to improve your sense of style while still adhering to church regulations if you see yourself as a worship trendsetter. And no, this does not entail attending the Met Gala in full. 

As a result, if you’re unsure of what to dress for church, stay tuned. No need to worry if you’re still uncertain of what to dress for church.

We’ll offer some professional wardrobe suggestions for your upcoming Sunday service. 

Outfits for Women

1. Summer Dress With Cardigan

You must have a summer dress that is at least knee-length in your closet.

You can still wear that dress to church even though it has a low-cut neckline and spaghetti straps.

Button up a fitting cardigan to complete the look. The Cardigan gives you usual summery outfit a conservative top. You can proceed once you’ve added a kitten heel. 

2. Classic Cardigan With a Mini Skirt

Next on our list of clothes to wear to church is a Classic Cardigan with a mini skirt. Church fashion naturally blends well with cottage core vibes. Why? Well, the silhouette of these garments is often modest.

This modest outfit is bright, light, and ideal for Sunday worship. It is delightfully traditional without appearing rigid or strict. 

Due to their open-toe style, strappy sandals are typically not considered appropriate attire for church.

We advise kitten heels or flats as a safer alternative and a better replacement. 

3. Turtle Neck, Midi Skirt, and a Pair of Leather Booties

If the cold weather arrives, you can wear this dress till the first snowfall. Given that this design combines warm and dark tones, it’s the ideal fall outfit.

Nearly all exposed skin is covered out of respect for church regulations (and to protect yourself from the chills). 

The skirt does wonders by lengthening your legs, while the turtleneck contributes to giving your figure some structure.

Additionally, the boots add a little bit of height. We advise layering and covering yourself with a wool shawl if it gets chilly.

4. Long-sleeved Midi Dress

For fall and church, a long-sleeved midi dress is a must-have. Try an empire waist or belted design to add a tight fit. 

5. The Classic Monochrome Fit

The Classic Monochrome Fit is also an idea of what to wear to church. For people who prefer muted colors and patterns, monochromatic looks are advised.

This is a straightforward design because it only calls for a limited color scheme of beige, cream, brown, and white. 

To help achieve a uniform fit, you can stay safe by wearing a pair of wide-legged jeans, a plain t-shirt, and a long cardigan. To be completely monotone, you must have a matching handbag and a set of shoes. 

6. The Jeans and Blouse Combo

Are jeans inappropriate for church? The answer is no, considering I attended several denim masses when I was younger. Levis is a popular choice for Sunday churchgoers. 

In light of this, selecting a conservative and fitted jean cut is crucial. It’s always stylish to wear feminine blouses with high-waisted bottoms. 

To keep your attire incredibly casual, we advise wearing a pair of Mary Janes or some spick-and-span sneakers. As a coordinating piece, a granny knit cardigan will also look fantastic. 

7. The Traditional Floral Dress

Florals have strong Easter Sunday vibes, so if you’re wondering what to wear to church on Pentecost, go for them. When winter is over, you can wear this lovely dress for your springtime look. 

This patterned outfit is conservative, fitted, and has a stunning silhouette. It has a broad collar, monochromatic buttons, and 3/4 sleeves. Additionally, it is the ideal length and doesn’t expose too much skin. 

We advise layering and wearing tights underneath for individuals who like to cover their legs. You can choose to wear them with flats or kitten heels for footwear. 

8. The Springtime Dress

Next on our list of what to wear to church is The Springtime Dress. A dress is a terrific option if you’re searching for summer church attire.

This lovely dress is ideal when the humidity rises because of its straightforward and acceptable design. It has button-down closure, cuffed sleeves, and a clever self-tie to draw attention to your waist. 

This gorgeous piece, dyed in a traditional cream, goes with many different ensembles. Could we propose a tiny necklace to go with it and a basket-weave purse to match? 

You are entirely free to choose your footwear. However, we advise a matching pair of oxford kitten heels. If you’re attending a summertime Sunday service, a straw hat could give your appearance a chic, retro edge. 

9. The Bookish Sweater Vest

A sweater vest shouts Sunday school better than anything else. A cream-colored shirt is worn over a sleeveless turtleneck in this chic combination. 

The fitted black pants give the outfit some structure because the silhouette is very formless in the upper half, keeping your figure intact. 

We advise wearing a straightforward pair of low-heeled black booties for church. Concerning jewelry, piercing jewelry is typically frowned upon in places of worship. Simple jewelry pieces, such as a plain gold chain and a pair of tiny hoops, are often appropriate. 

10. The Go-to Jean Jacket

The Go-to Jean Jacket is also an idea for what to wear to church. The coveted denim coat is typically our recommendation for folks unsure of what to wear to church. It’s a simple method for draping your shoulders.

Additionally, it gives ensembles that are generally simple in terms of color and print a splash of color. A pair of wide-legged pants and a plain white top in this outfit convey sophistication and charm. Nude heels will enhance your excellence in Sunday school. 

Typically, jean jackets are available in a variety of colors and cuts. In our opinion, a cropped, classic mid-wash fabric is a smart choice because it draws attention to your waistline. 

Outfit for Men

1. The Trench Coat and Jeans Combo

An ensemble gains an additional layer of refinement with a trench coat. They look great with any pair of casual jeans and a simple long sleeve shirt.

If you’re dressing for fall, accessorize with a complementary scarf to help tie your ensemble together. We advise replacing sneakers with loafers because they are typically used as streetwear. 

Why shouldn’t bags be associated with men’s fashion when they typically aren’t? A simple tote bag can help make this outfit look more “smart but casual” by adding to its “smart but casual” vibe. 

2. Bright Coloured Button-down With Black Jeans

Next on our list of what to wear to church is Bright Coloured Button-down with Black Jeans. If you’re searching for “what to dress to church in the summer,” we recommend this elegantly understated ensemble. A pastel blue button-down jacket elevates the standard white shirt and trousers ensemble. 

This clothing, when paired with a pair of black pants and a pair of cream-colored shoes, is considered a “softer” variation of Sunday School attire. 

Wearing white socks and rolling up the cuff of your jeans can earn you extra style points. Although wearing a watch is optional, it will assist project a chic, bright aura. 

3. The Smart Sweater Vest

Is wearing sweatpants to church acceptable? No, in our humble opinion. It’s similar to wearing joggers to a first date in that it usually comes across as impolite and unprofessional. 

Having said that, if done correctly, baggy silhouettes can appear attractive. Consider this ensemble, which combines loose-fitting pants with a collared shirt and a sweater vest. If pricey formal attire isn’t your thing, this outfit is fashionable, cozy, and incredibly casual. 

4. Collared Shirt and Khaki Pants

Layering clothing and having a basic understanding of color theory is typically required for stylish attire. Bright and muted colors blend well and are frequently worn together, as shown in this chic outfit.

Try wearing a collared shirt under the sweater to look incredibly sophisticated. We’ll take another advice from Tan France: a French tuck is necessary if you want to highlight your physique. Those who reveal a little of the collared shirt beneath will receive bonus points. 

5. Bright Sweater With Muted Pants

Last on our list of what to wear to church is a Bright Sweater with Muted Pants. Not a fan of one-color clothing? If so, adding a splash of color might make you stand out from the crowd.

Your skin will benefit significantly from the added shade provided by this vibrant yellow cable knit sweater. 

Additionally, the inclusion of pants in a cream tone helps to lighten the overall appearance. We advise wearing a pair of traditional brown Oxford shoes to keep things classy. 

Can You Wear Jeans to Church?

Yes, you are permitted to wear jeans to church. Keep to dark-wash, straight-cut, mid- or high-rise denim. Then, add two layers on top of them, along with a stylish pair of shoes. Try wearing a shell top with a delicate cardigan and plain ankle boots. 

What Shoes Should You Wear to Church?

For the church, low-heeled heels with a covered toe are always a terrific option. A neat ballet flat also works. You should wear a straightforward ankle boot if you’re wearing pants. Avoid wearing flip-flops, old sneakers, and extremely casual sandals. 

What Not to Wear at Church?

Church attire often requires a respectable amount of refinement and class. You don’t want to appear couch-bound while you attend church. Here are a few outfits you should never wear if you’re attending Sunday school for the first time: 

1. Loungewear

Typical examples include baggy joggers, sports bras, and biker shorts. It is best to take a broad look around to determine what is proper to wear during mass. Hoodies are occasionally accepted in some churches. 

2. Crop-tops

It is deemed offensive if you display too much belly during a religious service. So you can either wear a tank top underneath or slip it into a pair of high-waisted pants to conceal your waistline. 

3. Shorts

Short-shorts must adhere to this regulation. Bermudas and capris are often acceptable attire for the church as long as they are knee-length or longer.

Naturally, cheeky bottoms and booty cuts are not permitted. If possible, we advise choosing a skirt because it is a more breathable option. 

4. Flip Flops

Regarded as the “what to wear to church,” Holy Grail flops are a no-no and will undoubtedly draw unwelcome attention and grimaces during mass. This includes all varieties of velcro sandals, slides, and Birkenstocks. 

5. Distressed Jeans

It’s acceptable if your clothing shows minor signs of wear as long as it’s not visible from a distance. However, heavily distressed denim is viewed as inappropriate for religion. After all, mass is not a place to see the cityscape. 

6. Low-waisted Bottom

Both skirts and pants fall under this category. They not only expose a lot of skin, but they also feel awkward in kneeling or sitting processions. Additionally, no one wants to witness butt cracks during prayers. 

It shouldn’t be challenging to decide what to wear to church because it’s not a math problem. It ought to be much simpler than that.

Whether you like it or not, modest fashion can be made stylish if you are prepared to put in the effort. 

To help you break out of the shirt-and-jean style rut, we presented a variety of outfit suggestions, providing you with much-needed fashion inspiration. Additionally, we warned you about inappropriate attire for mass. 

We hope that at least one outfit on our lengthy list, which includes springtime dresses and elegant trench coats, attracted your attention.

After all, selecting attire for the church is not always a simple issue. If we have humility, we will care whether God is holy and others are loved.

But if our hearts are full of pride, we will put our preferences and liberties ahead of God’s glory and other people’s spiritual well-being. 

Finally, when we get close to God in worship as a group, we will think as little as possible about our attire if our hearts are wearing humility. 

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