What to Wear to a Barn Wedding?

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding
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Rustic, country chic, boho… You can call it anything you want, but one thing’s for sure, the barn wedding is a trend that’s not going away anytime soon.

You are definitely interested in what to wear to a barn wedding, which is why you are here anyways.

It’s not often enough that couples decide to get married in a barn. And we totally get it.

Of course, some brides and grooms dream of drinking champagne in the ballroom under a crystal chandelier.

But many people prefer to sip cocktails in mason jars under the sparkling lights!

This rustic wedding venue generally lends itself to a nature-inspired aesthetic.

Barn wedding venues are usually located on a large lot surrounded by greenery, mountain views, or other beautiful scenery.

The landscape takes center stage at a barn wedding and is often reflected in everything from the decor to the relaxed atmosphere of the wedding.

But how do you look beautiful for a barn wedding without overdressing or underdressing? How do you know what to wear to a barn wedding?

If you’re nervous about being overdressed or underdressed and the invitation you received doesn’t specifically say what kind of clothes you should wear, you might want to reach out to the bride and groom (or the maid of honor).

Still in doubt, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered with our guide on what to wear to a barn wedding.

Put that little black dress and those stiletto heels back in the closet. You won’t be needing them for now. Get your cowboy boots out, and get ready to throw them down!

However, not all marriages are the same. So don’t immediately assume the event is semi-formal just because it’s taking place in a barn. Barn weddings tend to be as elegant as any other wedding.

When choosing your barn wedding attire, consider channeling that rustic, natural aesthetic into your wedding attire.

A floor-length dress may not suit the most casual wedding style, while a midi dress with a floral pattern may be perfect for the dress code.

Neutrals, earth tones, and textured fabrics are all options for wedding guests that will blend in perfectly with a barn wedding venue.

Of course, before making a final decision, consider the weather; If it’s a summer wedding, maybe you shouldn’t opt ​​for a dress with long sleeves. However, a fall wedding could enhance such a look.

Let’s get thrilled as you are about to learn the safe routes on what to wear to a barn wedding and how you can fit in and stand out at this event.

First Thing First, Mind the Theme

Not all weddings are the same. Some couples can transform a barn into a chic and elegant space, while others go for a more boho vibe with a rustic-chic twist. And some go entirely country western.

The point is this — Just because it takes place in a barn doesn’t mean it’s a casual affair. Don’t assume you’re going to a semi-formal event just because the wedding venue has a chicken coop or horse stable.

Country weddings are often times as elegant and formal as they are traditional ones. Make sure to have yourself looking your best.

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding: Outfit Ideas

Consider Function as well as Style.

When looking for what to wear to a barn wedding, remember that function is just as important as style. This means this wedding will likely have a rustic feel with natural elements mixed into the decor, and part of the wedding could even take place outside on the grass.

Therefore, guests should wear something appropriate to the rustic wedding theme. A rustic setting often allows guests to adopt a casual elegance with shorter hemlines and less heavy textures like beading.

This means you should be expecting to meet the challenges of the elements found in this unconventional wedding venue.

For example, guests should keep their dress length in mind when deciding on barn wedding attire to help them for easier movement around the grounds. Plus, it would help if you avoid embellishment and highly detailed clothing that might get stuck in the barn.

On the other hand, male guests should choose light and airy fabrics, especially when dressed in layers. It can be hot at a barn wedding, and if you’re wearing a suit or a jacket, you don’t want to get too hot.

Add Some Personality to Your Look

Long dresses are traditionally reserved for more formal weddings. While that is still the case for formal weddings, a barn wedding is a perfect opportunity to break that fashion rule!

Since the wedding reception takes place in a more casual setting (instead of that of a country club or hotel), take the opportunity to consider the aesthetic of the day to add to your look.

You’ll notice that it’s true most women don’t wear mini dresses to a formal event. But you can wear a maxi dress for a casual occasion, as long as it’s a good fit.

If you would like to wear a mini dress, go for a pretty lace texture or a flowing A-line silhouette. Sexy bodycon dresses and skin-tight looks with beadings and jewels make more sense for a night out at the club.

Midi dresses are also ideal. You can opt for a simple sheath if you want to look sleek or a breezy A-line if you want a softer feel.

And even if the wedding is going to be casual, you can still wear a maxi dress. There’s no need for a sexy mermaid dress with a train that will be dragged across the barn floor all night. But a pretty maxi with a floral design at the ankle is usually perfect.

Dressing up for a barn wedding gives you more freedom to wear a fun pair of boots or a hat, which might seem out of place in a country club. Liven up your outfit with a unique bag or belt to match the vibe of the venue.

Choose the Right Colours, Texture, and Prints

Try to choose the right colors, textures, or prints when looking for what to wear to a barn wedding. Focusing on natural, earthy tones is definitely a safe bet.

If a couple is having an outdoor wedding in a barn, chances are they aren’t looking for glitz and glamour. Always keep this in mind. The only thing situation worse than being underdressed is being overdressed for the occasion.

Lots of pearls and lots of jewelry might suit a ballroom wedding at a five-star hotel or a luxury estate, but barn weddings always have a more rustic feel.

Instead of sequins, satin, and metallics, embrace light looks in soft fabrics like lace and chiffon. Look for pretty prints (especially flowers) and details like ruffles, puff sleeves, and wrap belts.

The Right Footwear is Also as Important

Do you know what does not look good? Sinking into the mud or getting your heels stuck on the dance floor during “Uptown Funk.”

In other words, leave the 6-inch stiletto heels at home and go for something more practical. Block heels and wedges are the perfect shoes for this kind of outdoor wedding because they will keep you firm on your feet while still looking great. Flats and sandals shouldn’t go wrong too.

Cowboy boots are always an option, especially if it’s a casual event. Pair them with an adorable summer dress, and you’ll be the belle of the ball (or the belle of the barn).

What to Wear to a Barn Wedding for Guys?

Need to help your husband, dad, boyfriend, or brother create a stunning barn wedding look? Here’s what you need to know.

No need for the tuxedo. Unless it’s a black tie wedding, you don’t need to wear formal clothing. Usually, semi-formal and smart casual will look just great.

If you plan on wearing a suit, opt for light colors like beige and pale gray. Even a black or dark gray suit may seem too formal for the occasion.

If the wedding is more of the casual side, leave the suit at home and style him in a blazer and trousers. You might even want to ditch the jacket and match the vest on a khaki trouser combo.

You can also consider boots for extra comfort, but it should be easy to find stylish shoes that won’t hurt your feet. For semi-casual weddings, you can also opt for sneakers as long as they complement your rustic wedding outfit.

And don’t be afraid to add some fun touches. If you’ve always wanted to see him with a bow tie, suspenders, or fun socks, now’s your chance!

To Finalize It

When it boils down to figuring out what to wear to a barn wedding, knowing what to wear is just as important as knowing not what to wear. You might be full of surprises if this is your first time attending a barn wedding.

For most receptions, you can just put on your favorite LBD and be done. But if everyone is wearing ruffles and floral prints, your cocktail dress might look a little out of place.

Remember to keep it light and airy. Think light and simple instead of sleek and structured. Minimize the glitz and sparkle and choose brightly colored dresses (or jumpsuits) instead, maybe with a print, maybe with ruffles and delicate detailing.

There’s another bright side to all of this…one of the reasons you should be really excited about this upcoming wedding. If you decide to buy a new dress for the occasion, chances are that you’ll be able to wear it again!

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