What to Wear on Christmas Day?

What to Wear on Christmas Day?
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Planning what to wear on Christmas day can be daunting, but in 2022, the outfit will be even more confusing.

For most of us, December 25th looks completely different. While some people are unwrapping presents in their pajamas, others are dining with their families.

Smart shoppers will invest in hard-working items – the right items are always a smart way to shop – that you can buy and save for any festive occasion.

However, since this day only occurs once a year, we’ve included some eye-catching outfits you can wear for many years.

If you prefer a laid-back lifestyle, you can still dress appropriately for the occasion: luxury home wear is a real gift and also makes a great gift.  

Additionally, what to wear on Christmas Day has always been controversial.

Some see the opportunity to wear their finest jewelry on this day and who see that as an excuse to relax in something cozy.

However, the last two years have turned everything upside down, including our view of summer fashion.

After telecommuting became commonplace for many and leisure wear became queen, many of us will stick with the 

Christmas comforts in lace-up pants and hoodies, which we’ve been collecting since 2020.

However, there’s a strong argument in favor of wearing nines because, in 2022, there’s little chance of wearing sequins, sequins, or even shoes.

Of course, the arrival of the Omicron variant will make many people look forward to their pajamas.

If you’re still wondering where to go this festive season – procrastinators, see you – whether you’re planning on increasing coziness or glamor, let us give you the source. Inspiration is much needed.

From cozy knit tops and stretchy pants to smooth cuts and stiletto heels. Below are some ideas of what to wear on Christmas day.

1. The Layered Turtleneck

First on what to wear on Christmas day is the Layered Turtleneck. Any gown is made higher when layered over a turtleneck.

Also, we advocate a white turtleneck with a darker-hued gown to provide sublime contrast. Pair with black or bold-colored booties.  

2. Neutral Hues

Neglect your blacks and blues this trip season, and reach for your favorite color palette in clothing: neutrals. However, you may seem to be based and sophisticated, from cream-colored sweaters to tan pants.  

3. The Pop of Print

If you are hoping to maintain it traditional but still prefer to show a bit of personality, strive to add a pop of print with your pumps. From leopards to a snake, animal prints continue to dominate.  

4. The Tucked Trouser

A stylish pair of pants will see you through many outdoor activities. However, tucking them into knee-high boots—this season’s favored shoe style—makes for a particularly fashionable look. 

5. The Suit Set

Next on what to wear on Christmas day is the Suit Set. It’s suiting season, and there is no higher or easier outfit to wear to your next holiday shindig.

A matching piece looks put together and goes nicely with a set. Add a bag in a corresponding color, and you’re good to go (yes, pun intended). 

6. The Blazer Dress

Black tights may transform any gown into a good winter outfit. The winter’s response to the summer’s flowing cotton dresses is a blazer. Get to the party and fasten your blazer! 

7. The Simple Skirt

Every trend girl’s closet is probably overflowing with pleated skirts—a fall fashion staple. Pair one with an oversized sweater to keep you cozy all night. 

8. The Cool Culottes

We are excited about the return of culottes. For our go-to excursion outfit, grab a leather pair and style it with knee-high boots and a turtleneck. 

9. The Holiday Jumpsuit

The Holiday Jumpsuit is also an idea of what to wear on Christmas day. There’s no outfit extra without difficulty positive than a fashionable jumpsuit.

Whether it is denim or velvet, this is an outfit you can use without problems repeating for several excursion events.   

10. The Winter White

Don’t shy away from winter whites for the ultimate holiday look. The snowy backyard will practically be a matching accessory.   

11. Eberjey

If you wear pajamas all day this Christmas, why not buy a pair as chic as Gisele Ebergee’s style?  

12. Mejuri

What could be more festive than sparkling rings? We love this style from the latest Mejuri collection, which features a bold enameled heart, 18 kt vermeil gold, and a white sapphire gemstone chain.  

13. See By Chloe

The See By Chloé with sheepskin trim is perfect for a much-needed afternoon out.   

14. Ottoman Hands

If you need to know what to wear on Christmas day, spice up the pretty jeans and shirt combo with an expressive necklace. We love the gold-plated “Osman Hands” pendant with a vintage feel.

The shade of brooding semi-precious stone seems festive but refined enough for everyday wear.  

15. Rosie

It isn’t much, to be honest, for your underwear to fit the theme.

16. Gilda And Pearl

Velvet pajamas in the Christmas tree colors are the perfect Christmas home outfit. Complete this Gilda & Pearl pair with a few layered necklaces and lunch loafers.  

17. The White Company

Now, if you’re going to stay in your cape all day (no reviews, you have), you can’t go wrong with this pastel version from White Company.

The bathrobes of this brand are so popular that they will surely sell out on the Internet, so you should act fast.  

18. Christopher Kane

PSA: The Amazon Luxury Store finally opened this month, so you can now buy designer items from its store.

Our favorite choice? Christopher Kane’s glittery knitted sequin dress and slightly stretchy midi skirt are the perfect choices for post-Christmas dinner treats.  

19. Sleeper

These vintage-inspired pajamas will make you feel good to watch the holiday in bed or look painfully calm and relaxed at parties (add your slides).  

20. New Look

This New Look jacket captures the serious Grinch vibe – at best if I’m not mistaken.   

This & Other Storie’s jersey dress features a faux neckline and expressive buckle belt for a contemporary Mrs.  

22. Freedom People

Highlight your GoGo inner girlfriend in these glittering sequins this Christmas. The couple will also be serving snacks on New Year’s Eve.  

23. Skims

New nightwear from Skims – TDF. This classic two-piece set is the epitome of coziness. In addition, it is very comfortable: it is made of super soft rayon with an elastic spandex blend.  

24. Mango

For Christmas outings, dress up in this Mango hella luxe bouclé winter coat.   

25. Mint Velvet

If you’re throwing heels into the back of your closet this Christmas and leaving them low, pamper your feet with these soft sheepskin sandals.  

26. Karen Millen

You don’t do sequins and sequins? Karen Millen’s cropped faux fur coat looks carnival in bold berry color.  

27. John Lewis

You can start wearing this bright red beanie right now. For a unique Parisian look, wear a black turtleneck and red lips. 

28. Anthropologie

What a beautiful winter floral print on an Anthropologie organza dress. This midi design is beautiful and suitable for the whole family. When you are still deciding what to wear on Christmas day, try this Anthropologie dress and Thank me later.   

29. Asos Design

Asos velvet heels look like cute presents with large bows.  

30. Jigsaw

A sequined vest is an indispensable attribute of this festive season. We love this jigsaw with a wide V-neck, adjustable shoulder straps, and a semi-fit shape. Be glamorous this Christmas and style your style with matching palazzo pants.  

31. Albaray Forest Green Velvet Jumpsuit

This velvet jumpsuit from the environmentally conscious company Albaray is gorgeous. The quality stood out to us – this elegant, well-made piece feels plush.

The wide-leg fit is all about drama with a subtle sway at the ankle, and the high, pleated collar exudes elegance.

A post-Christmas lunch godsend, it has two side pockets and cinches at the waist without being constrictive. 

Even though the deep, forest green velvet practically screams holiday, you could just as easily wear this before an autumnal dinner or a formal birthday party.

Making it a versatile piece you’ll probably reach for year after year. Pair with strappy kitten heels, a bold lip color, and a glamorous pair of earrings for the big day. 

32. Hush Ina Knitted Midi Dress

Decisions on what to dress on Christmas Day are genuinely tribal: one group won’t take off their festive pajamas, while the other is prepared with a dazzling outfit.

Although, this warm knit dress is ideal if you fall under the first category but still need to get dressed for visiting relatives.

This season, collared midis are all the rage, and we adore the burnt orange color.

Even though it’s slouchy, you’ll feel more put together than you would in a fluffy onesie.

Although the dress is designed to be roomy, we’d recommend sizing down if you want something a little closer fitting on Christmas Day (the last time anyone said that).

Otherwise, we found the dress to be true to size. Pair with chunky boots just like the model or your fluffy slippers for a truly off-duty look. 

33. Baukjen Nadia BCI Cotton Jacket and Cotton Trousers

For months, we’ve been smitten with this salmon-colored suit, and we’re here to tell you that it looks even better in person and fits like a dream.

Even though the matching jacket and pants are sold separately, it is advisable to buy both of them because they are both adaptable and can be dressed up with heels for a special occasion (like Christmas) or dressed down with smart white sneakers and a roll-neck for a more casual daytime look.

If using them independently, there are countless choices. As a B Corp, Baukjen has attained exceptionally high sustainability standards for its products, operations, recycling, and traceability.

Each new product’s sustainability impact credentials are broken down into seven categories on the brand’s website, including how much water and chemicals it uses.

And if buying new clothing is only occasionally within your budget, the firm also rents out used items. 

An example would be the jacket and pants manufactured with cotton from the Better Cotton Initiative.

This program helps assure transparency and sustainability in all phases of the cotton-making process.

We adore the jacket’s silky cord feel and loose fit. The pants have an elasticized rear waist to ensure all-day comfort, even after a heavy dinner. 

The jacket’s single-breasted style makes it simple to wear, whether the two buttons are fastened or left undone.

For the big day, we’re pairing it with a tiny black velvet cami, but we also like the idea of a timeless white T-shirt underneath. On this one, you will undoubtedly receive numerous compliments. 

34. Reformation Lyza Dress  

We thought this velvet wonder would be a match made in heaven the moment we first saw it. We adore the side split, which shows just the right amount of thigh, and the spaghetti straps are adjustable.

Naturally, we would advise teaming this short with tights (£2.99; Calzedonia.com), a pair of slingback kitten heels (£29.99; Zara.com), and these dramatic earrings (£12.50; Asos.com).

The fact that it can be worn all year round is the nicest part. Although we hope the brand will work on it, we are disappointed by the lack of sizes available. 

35. Warehouse Chunky Cable Knit Jumper Dress

Last on our list of what to wear on Christmas day is the warehouse Chunky Cable Knit Jumper Dress.

You might choose something less festive and more cozy depending on how you spend Christmas Day.

And there is now a method to dress up your traditional warm look in the shape of a jumper dress. This is a wonderful option if you want to brave the chilly December air.

You’ve probably seen them around lately. It has a funnel neck that traps warmth inside and is incredibly soft.

The best part is that we’ll wear ours all year long; it’s not just a Christmas dress.

Wear it on the big day with some seriously jolly makeup and glittery tights ($15.99, Calzedonia.com). 

Choosing or deciding what to wear on Christmas this year won’t be a problem. 

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