49 Lovely Welsh Girl Names and Their Meanings

Welsh Girl Names

Welsh girl names are classic and unique, meaning they’re also quite popular. It is so many the extent that it could be challenging to choose from any of them.

Notwithstanding, we’ve picked eight lovely Welsh girl names that enable you to quickly find the perfect name for your girl.

Here’s our list of welsh girl names and their meanings to get you started.


Morwenna is the first name on the list of Welsh girl names to be considered in this article. It is a beautiful name in its own right. Meaning born of Pembrokeshire, 

Interestingly, Morwenna has a rich story behind it. It may come from Morfudd or Murfedd. These were famous lovers in medieval Wales. 

Sadly, It was said that when Morfudd died, she threw herself into Cardigan Bay. And with her lover still in her arms, rather than let him be buried anywhere else but by her side. Welsh girl names are lovely names!


Nerys means pure. This was a trendy name in 1980, reaching number 10 that year.

Its popularity declined that year, but today, it is still a trendy name. Welsh girl names are unique!


Aneira is another name on the list of Welsh girl names. It means precious and jewelry. Its popularity rose steadily from 1990 to 2005 when it started to decline after reaching number 15 in 2003. However, it remains relatively common today. 


 Rhiannon is an example of a Welsh girl name, and it’s pretty standard in Wales. However, it isn’t as popular as welsh parents compared to other words. Rhiannon means ‘Great Queen’ or ‘Divine Queen.’

The meaning of the name gives you an idea of how powerful and influential the name is. You can imagine how your little Rhiannon would feel when she hears that her name means queen!

Even if she didn’t grow up as a ruler or leader, she would still be proud of her name. Rhiannon is a perfect choice for a little girl who loves fantasy novels, literature, or poetry.


Rhianna is another name to be considered on the list of lovely Welsh girl names. It’s a very pretty feminine name meaning queen or princess. It is not a traditional welsh name. But it has roots in welsh because of Rhiannon, who was a mythological figure.

Apparently, she was believed to be one of King Arthur’s mistresses. Rhiannon lived by an enormous lake from which she drew her magical powers.

Rhiannon was also familiar with fans of Merlin, where it is used as a variation on Guinevere. Guinevere was Merlin’s lover, whom he neglected in favor of his lover Nimue.


 Angharad is a traditional Welsh girl name that means lovely. It also means one who brings joy in English. Do you know of any little girl named Angharad? What’s your favorite thing about it? Wao! Angharad is an example of Welsh girl name that is awesome!


Arianwen means golden roses, a lovely name for any girl. It was also named after Arianrhod, one of the goddesses of creation in Celtic mythology. Arianwen is an example of Welsh girl name that is worth going for.


The meaning of Myfanwy is ‘Wonderful woman’ or ‘woman with many gifts. It’s no surprise that Myfanwy was used for centuries by many Welsh poets. If you’re looking for a name that is both beautiful and strong, then Myfanwy may be your choice! Welsh girl names are poetic!


Meaning little raven, it is derived from Rhiannon (the queen). The name has been used by famous people like Rowena Wallace of Linchfield in Cheshire (an infamous 13th-century highwaywoman) and author Sir Walter Scott.


Gwenllian is one of the Welsh girl names. Its meaning is the white footprint. Welsh girl names are great names.


Gwendolyn is another example of a Welsh girl name. The meaning of Gwendolyn is love and white. 


Eleri is also an example of a Welsh girl name, which means female ruler. Welsh girl names are ruling names! 


The meaning of Glanmor is a clean and bright mind. It’s one of the Welsh girl names you would love to name your baby girl.


 The meaning of Cynghorwyr is a divine worker. It comes from glynhafod and horuwyr. If you wish to name your baby girl a beautiful name, one of the Welsh girl names is the right option.


This is a Welsh girl name which means white, blessed or holy used as a saint’s name. When is an evolved form of Elen and Elena. It means light and it makes a great choice if you’re looking for something mellow. Name your baby Alwen today! Welsh girl names are interesting names! 


 Arianwen is a new girl name that made it to popularity recently in Wales. It was created by blending elements from a number of names like Erin, Arddun, Rhiannon etc. This makes it easy to pronounce and spell for modern parents. 

Interestingly, Arianwen could be given to your little one if you’re looking for something steady and splendid.


Awel means blessed or holy. It also means light shine, brilliance, radiance, splendor, and glow. It’s a Welsh girl name you can be proud of.


The first use of Alaw as a girl name in 2015 was 139 times. It peaked at 146 baby girls in 2017 but is not in the top 1000 currently. Law is a form of Alison and also Allie. 

Adoption of these forms of Alaw reached its most widespread 20 years ago with the average #783. It has become much less since #1418, with 81% with conditions such as Aly becoming less trendy. Moreover, a few babies have Alab as a name. Welsh girl names are fantastic!


Alys is another example of a Welsh girl name meaning noble sort. It is also spelled Eiluned. The name is popular in Wales as it is considered to be a diminutive of Elizabeth.

Basically, other variations of Alys include Alis in Latvian, Alyce in French, Alix in German, Elisa in Spanish and Ellis. In Greek, it means shining light or sun ray. The name may be passed down from ancestors who settled in Wales from Germany during Norman times.

Perhaps, it may be inspired by Lisa Ephron. She is an American film director, writer, and actress known for creating movies with snappy dialogue about middle-class women.


If you’re planning on giving your daughter a beautiful and meaningful name, Argoel might be it. This unique name is a combination of two welsh words. Ar stands for early, while goel is an old Welsh word meaning happiness.

Furthermore, the name might have been inspired by Saint Argol. He was a saint that was known to be one of Wales’ most significant Catholic martyrs. I hope you have been able to learn much about Welsh girl names.


Relais is a Welsh girl name meaning ‘early’, one who comes first. Its alternative meanings are Abenla, Agnes, Ainehir, Airet, Angharadwen, Arfonia, Avrilenn and Bledanwyn.


Erddylad is a Welsh girl name which means third daughter or the other. Its alternative meaning is female, Aldona.

However, Welsh girl names are names you might wish to recommend for your pal because of their uniqueness.


Beca is a modern welsh girl name meaning young falcon. It is pronounced as Bih-kah. Beca originates from welsh origins.This name has 3 syllables and 6 letters in it. It was given to around 2 in 2017.

Meanwhile, Find out below some other girl or boy names with the same meaning as Beacom. If you like this name, you might also like some other names like Becadith or Beccadith.

Also, you might like suggested baby names like Banbhan, Doonia , Banbhan and Kirstyn . Get more fresh ideas for baby boy or girl names at our website since babies are always welcome.


Bethan has a ton of meanings, including life and lamb. Both Jewish and Christian traditions inspire the name Bethan. It’s also common in Wales and elsewhere in Europe due to its popularity as a traditional baby girl name.

However, it’s a modernized form of Elizabeth. As a result, it has become one of many popular choices for parents looking for something traditional yet fresh. Also spelled Bethandy or Bety/Bettie, you can use it as a shortened form to a trendy nickname like Bev.

As a matter of fact, the more unconventional spelling Bethini could be another option. If you’re interested in shortening it further, many choose Bettie as an attractive alternative too!


Braith Is a Welsh girl name meaning fire and also an old surname used mainly as a feminine given name.  

Nonetheless, it can also be used as a masculine given name. The Welsh word comes from braith which means strength or might.

In ancient times, braith also meant burning coal or blazing fire. Braith has been used since the Middle Ages and was popular in Wales until around 1980.

Moreover, it is not frequently used today. Modern variations include Branwen, Brinwen, Briallen, and Brynwen. Welsh girl names are names perfect for beautiful baby girls.


Caraf is actually a combination of two welsh words meaning love and beauty. This name is perfect for parents who want to give their children a great life full of love. Also, for parents that want to give their kids a sense of beauty, Caraf is a good choice.

 Infact, if they want to protect them from evil, Caraf is splendid. Caraf’s are loving and kind-hearted people who always put others before themselves. They look at every situation with optimism, which is something they should pass on to their children. 

Obviously, they enjoy fashion and beauty, but aren’t afraid to get dirty when it comes to working hard. This name works well for both newborns or anyone in her teenage years up until about age 20. After that point it may seem outdated to some people. Welsh girl names are wonderful names to come by.


Cari is a Welsh girl name meaning heart. Other names which are very similar to Cari are Ciara, Keairra, Keira, Kia, Kyara and Tiara. These names were created by adding an -ia suffix to Cari. 

Although Cari is not in our top 50 list for popularity in 2018, it was popular 7 years ago. This was when we started collecting data for boys and girls with 2 occurrences.

We also discovered that Cari was used in 2000-2009 with one occurrence and Carie also with one occurrence in 2015. Would you like to name your unborn baby one of the Welsh girl names?


A few centuries ago, Catrin was a popular Welsh girl name. It had several meanings, including pure, hope and lovely. The name can also be traced back to an ancient word for battle.

Traditionally, it’s been used as a first name and a surname. Catrin is quite popular in its native Wales, especially as an alternative to Catherine or Kathleen. 

However, in other countries, it hasn’t caught on so well, and it’s relatively uncommon outside of Wales itself. Are you looking for a unique girl’s name with Celtic roots and a sense of magic? Catrin could be just what you need! Welsh girl names are good options when choosing beautiful names!


Cerys, which translates to love, has historically been an ordinary girl’s name in Wales. This moniker means love in modern English.

 However, it comes from an older sense of love. According to Oxford Dictionaries, that refers to friendship or mutual support. Cerys was also used as a nickname for historical figures named Margaret or Karen. Welsh girl names are lovely names.


The name Efa is a girl’s name of Welsh origin meaning earth. It’s a trendy Welsh girl’s name since 1974. Efa is a diminutive form of Dafydd.

It was first used by Sir Walter Scott in his 1805 novel Anne of Geierstein. Six characters named Efa in Shakespeare’s plays make it a trendy literary name choice. Today it remains a unique choice for its musical quality. 

Usually, the adorable nickname ‘Effie’ is based on EFA’s other diminutive form. Effie is a solid counterpart to much-used Emma, Emily, Ellie, and Olivia.

Efa adds an elegant touch to any modern classic baby girl’s name list. Think of Grace Kelly as opposed to Gracie, Jessica as opposed to Jessie.


Eira Means Snow. It is a rare modern name that is derived from a literary character in a collection of Mabinogion stories. In these tales, Eira was an enchantress who lived in an icy palace surrounded by perpetual snowfall.

In addition, today, many parents choose Eira as a name to honor their heritage. They also select the name, hoping their little girl will inherit some of her namesake’s magical qualities.

Meanwhile, parents should know that Eira has several different pronunciations. British English sounds like ER-er-ah, while AIR-ah in American English. Welsh girl names are names backed with stories.


Enid is a Welsh girl name meaning ‘Long-lived One.’ This name was once written as Enidd, meaning being born in Id, probably a district of Hereford. It could be comprised of en (blond) + idd (ancient). 

Further, a famous bearer is Enid Blyton, who used it for characters in several books. She named her character Enid Blyton after herself! Welsh girl names are good names!


Eres is a beautiful Welsh girl’s name. Eres means love. Another factor that makes Eres a unique name is its Latin origins. This means there will be no other children with your child’s name in school or daycare.

However, The only problem is that you can’t tell anyone your baby’s middle name because no one will know! At least not until they read it here! What do you think of Welsh girl names?


Ffanci is a Welsh girl’s name meaning Ffanci is strength. 


Buttons is a Welsh girl’s name meaning Buttons is ‘Like Button.’ 


 Rhiannon is a Welsh girl’s name meaning divinely Inspired Peaceful Queen.

Y Cariad

Y Cariad is a Welsh girl’s name meaning love forever. Welsh girl names are classic.


Ailill is a Welsh girl’s name. It’s one of the Welsh girl names you can boast of.


Fflur is a Welsh girl’s name. It’s an anglicized version of a Welsh girl’s name, composed of two elements. Fflur is one element, which means flower comes from ‘fflur.’ 

Also, the second element, ‘holly,’ means ‘holy’ in the Welsh language. This was often used in Christian names as a replacement for holly in their native tongue. Can you name your baby girl one of the Welsh girl names?


Garan is a unique name for any girl who wants to stand out in her crowd. It’s a unisex name, but mostly it’s more famous for a boy. So if you like something different, we suggest you choose Garan as your baby’s name. 

Furthermore, It has multiple meanings derived from the old English language. Geared means enclosure. 

Occasionally, it’s also used as a masculine given name. It can be translated into the guardian of plants and animals. Earth Mother is another interpretation and a feminine variation of Garry.

The short form of Gareth means a person from Wales, and finally, an abbreviation for Garret means craggy. Welsh girl names worth recommending.


Glain is a Welsh girl name given to 5 baby girls in 2012. The words sound like gleam or glean. It is pronounced as ‘gleee.’ Glain is a version of Glen in English.

Gillian is a variation of Glain. What do they mean? There are several theories about Glain’s meaning. One theory states that it comes from the valley. Another view says that it means hard or strength. What do you think?

Honestly, I like how it sounds and looks, so I’d go with that one! If you’re looking for something different yet similar, check out other forms of Glain.

They include Glynis, Glynn, Glyndwr, Glynne, Gwyneth, Gleann, Gwenda, Gwenllian, Gwenno, Guinevere, and Gwynn.


The name Gwen is a girl’s name of Welsh origin, meaning fair, white, and holy. The old German cognate is Guenevere. In Arthurian legend, Guinevere was King Arthur’s wife, a one-time rival to Queen Guinevere for Sir Lancelot’s affections. 

Furthermore, she was ultimately identified with Elaine of Astolat by Thomas Malory in his Le Morte d’Arthur. The name became popular in Britain after Queen Victoria chose it for her daughter Princess Victoria in 1840.

Other notable bearers include singers Gwen Stefani, born in 1969, and Gwenyth Paltrow, born in 1972. Welsh girl names are fantastic names.


Haf is also a Welsh girl’s name. It was once an exclusively masculine given name. But it has become popular in recent years as more parents seek out gender-neutral names for their little ones.

Usually, its meaning is summer, according to Nameberry. Haf is an excellent alternative for parents who prefer earthy and nature-inspired monikers.

But want something with a little more gender balance than your average Willow or Oak. In addition, it’s relatively rare. When naming your child after summertime weather, you can feel like you own something special. 


Heulwen is an example of a Welsh girl name that means Fair brow. The name is of Welsh origin. The length of Heulwen is seven letters. It comprises three syllables and three vowels. 

Furthermore, the story behind your child’s name is about a beautiful lady born with fair brows and hair. In mythology, she was one of King Arthur’s cup bearers or maids in waiting.

Meanwhile, a feeling of harmony comes from reflecting on your child’s surname, giving you an instant sense of calmness. It also brings strength to those around you without even realizing it!


Lola is a Welsh girl’s name, which means shining with light. Lola is in the top 2000 baby names list. How famous was Lola over time? Lola has been a leading 1000 baby name since 1880-1889.

Furthermore, in 2016, it ranked #432 in the baby name ranking. Be unique by personalizing your Welsh Baby Name with its meaning! Your Welsh-named baby will join thousands of others! 

Perhaps, you want to know how it sounds and learn how to pronounce it here. You can find other information on Welsh names here.


 It’s believed that Irwen originated from Wirwen, an old Welsh word for work. This was later used to mean to play our music because it is a strange combination of sounds and spelling. 

Irwen may have been too difficult to pronounce at one time. This explains why it fell out of favor as a girl’s name in Wales. These days it remains scarce.

So, few girls have been given the title since 1935. No ranking has been assigned to it by UK baby name sites.


Leri is a type of welsh girl name meaning softly pretty. Leri would be a lovely name for an older girl or could work as a less used middle name. It is a precious traditional-sounding welsh girl name. 

The name learns, meaning gentle, has been used since medieval times. Meanwhile, in Old English, it was spelled leorra, the source behind the title.


Lillwen is translated from welsh to English as town flower or Lilly. Lillwen is derived from ‘Lilium,’ meaning lily. This name has a floral connotation which works well in Celtic-inspired words.

Furthermore, In Welsh, Lillwen is used almost exclusively for girls. It’s impossible to say whether a girl named Lillwen will live up to its fancy name. But at least it can be assumed she has a strong character. 

She will be quiet. But not so shy to the extent of being unable to speak her mind when necessary. She might also do very well in creative fields where her artistic abilities are displayed.

Also, she might want to try modeling, poetry, or fiction writing. Welsh girl names are classic names.


This Welsh girl’s name is taken from A. Linnet. It’s feminine, given the word also found in male form as Linney or Lynney. Its meaning is quite beautiful. It means bright star and It doesn’t get much more lovely than that!

Besides, In 18th century Wales, Linette was a common moniker for women born on Thursday. Nowadays, it’s still trendy in Wales. Though less so among English-speaking cultures usually only appears as a middle name. 

Meanwhile, If you are looking for something beautiful for your little girl, try Linette out; she’ll thank you for it later! Linette is one of the unique Welsh girl names.


Believe it or not, there are many exciting things about names you don’t know. They can tell us where we come from, our ancestors, and what era we lived in. Also, they tell us what type of people we are. 

There are so many ways to see names. One thing is for sure: they will always be essential and relevant no matter how fast things go. So, if time is on your side, try to learn more about some cool girl names out there! 

After all, naming your daughter is a special responsibility. Wouldn’t you like her name to be as beautiful as she is? Welsh girl names are beautiful names.

What does welsh mean?

Welsh derives from an ancient Celtic tribe called wealas, who lived in Britain centuries ago. The name is thought to mean strangers or foreigners, which may be a reference to their geographic location. Furthermore, they were also known as Brythons or Britons. So it’s possible that Welsh was meant as a descriptor rather than an ethnic label. I hope you have learned a lot about Welsh girl names.

What is the origin of Welsh names?

Despite popular belief, Welsh names are not typically of Gaelic origin. Most welsh names, such as Gwenllian, Iola, and Eurig, are derived from welsh words. For example, Gwendolyn is a combination of gwenddolau, meaning fair breast, and Gwyn meaning white. This is why it is common to see so many welsh names with double consonants. They reflect word construction in welsh grammar! Great Welsh girl names!

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