40 Weather-inspired Names for Your Little Princess

Weather-inspired Names girl

Whether you agree to it or not, the weather does affect our perception, moods, and minds. So it won’t come as a shock to see tons of baby names inspired by it.

While our minds may wander to obvious elements such as Sunny or Misty, they are not the only ones that may inspire weather-themed baby girl names.

We have carefully curated a list of popular and unique baby names with references to the weather that you can check out.

While you may find some names with obvious links to the weather, there are also some rare names with subtle references to it.

Weather names for girls

1. Alizeh

This is a beautiful Persian name, and it means ‘wind.’ It is a catchy variation of the names Alissa, Elize, and even the French form Alizee. Famous namesakes include the daughter of Geena Davis and the Pakistani film director, Alizeh Imtiaz.

2. Anemone

This is another unique weather inspired name, and it is coined from the Greek word anemos, which means ‘wind.’ According to Greek legends, Anemone was the nymph who transformed into a wildflower. This name would make an exciting and even challenging choice for parents looking to pick, and exotic weather inspired name.

3. Aureole

This is a cute English name that is a diminutive form of the Latin name Aura, which means “wind or breeze.” We believe Aureole will make an exotic substitute for the popular name Ariel.

4. Amaya

This name has enjoyed increased usage in the United States, due to its similarity with the name Maya. It is a Spanish variation of the name Amaia which is the name of a mountain in Spain, and means ‘night rain’ in Japanese.

5. Wendy

Wendy is another popular baby girl’s name and is considered to be a variation of the wind. This name was originally invented in Peter Pan by Sir James Barrie. This famous nickname was most popular in the ’50s and 60s, but it’s still a fashionable name today.

6. Audra

This is a Lithuanian name that means “storm.” Audia is a widely-used name in Scotland and is considered a variation of Audrey. A famous bearer of the name is a popular broadway actress, Audra Ann McDonald.

7. Breeze

Breeze is an excellent word name referring to the smooth and soft wind. Breeze is mostly used as a middle name, but we believe that it would make for a good first name as well. Breeze is also the first name of Levi Johnston’s daughter.

8. Noelani

Noelani is a beautiful Hawaiian baby name that means ‘heavenly mist.’ this is also an adorable Christmas baby name and suitable for children born during the festive period thanks to its ‘noel’ beginning. Its modern namesake would be the American ballerina, Noelani Pantastico.

9. Indra

This name has Sanskrit origins, and the meaning is ‘possessing drops of rain.’ In Hindu mythology, Indra is the warrior god of the sky and rain and is a popular boy’s name in India. But in America, Indra is better suited to a baby girl. It can also be spelled as indre.

10. Aella

Aella is the Latin variation of the Greek name Aello which directly translates as ‘whirlwind or storm wind.’ According to Greek mythology, Aella was an Amazon warrior renowned for carrying a double ax. She was killed by Herakles.

11. Rainbow

Rainbow is the colorful arc that appears in the sky after a rainy day. This exciting name was a favorite name choice among the hippies in the 60s. This name is associated with several famous figures, including the American novelist, Rainbow Rowell. Holly Maddison also chose the name for her baby.

12. Skye

This weather-themed moniker brings the beautiful sky down to earth, and it also refers to the Scottish Isle of Skye. This variant of Skye is often used for girls than boys. It first appeared on the list of baby girls names in the year 1987, via Skye Chandler, one of the characters in “All my Children.””

13. Rain

This is the classic version of rain-inspired names. Other spellings include Raine, Reine, Rainn, and Rayne; it would also make an excellent middle name. Brooke Burke’s daughter is named Heaven Rain.

14. Makani

Makani is a Hawaiian baby name, and it means ‘wind.’ At first, it was thought to be a baby boy name, but it made the transition to a girls name when Woody Harrelson chose to christen his daughter the name. Mikey would make a lovely nickname for Makeni.

15. Scirocco

This is the most exotic baby name on this list. Scirocco is an Italian name with Arabic roots, and it means ‘warm wind.’ one of Volkwagen’s car series is named Scirocco. A variation of the name is Cirocco.

16. Summer

This is one of the most loved seasons as its time when people can enjoy the clearest of skies and warmest weather. So why not name your little princess after this season? Summer was first used in the 70s and hadn’t stopped being fashionable since then. This alluring moniker has been featured on the small and big screen like “Baywatch,” “The Mentalist,” and “(500) Days of Summer.”

17. Cora

Cora is a Native American name and also the name of a place in Venezuela. The meaning of the name is ‘wind.’ This nickname will make an awesome gender-neutral baby name, but we think it sounds more like a feminine option than a masculine.

18. Reva

Reva is another unique name with Hindi roots, and it means ‘rain.’ It’s also the name given to one of the seven sacred rivers of India. A famous namesake is Reva Shayne, one of the characters on the American Soap series “Guiding Light.”

19. Hurricane

Hurricane is a storm with a violent wind. It became a trendy baby name thanks to the tennis star, Hurricane Black. This tempestuous name is an excellent gender-neutral name choice, although it hasn’t been recorded as a baby boys name yet.

22. Rainey

This name is reminiscent of rainy and has an old-time country feel to it. Maybe it’s because of Ma Rainey, who is fondly called the “Mother of Blues.” Another variant of the name is Rainie.

21. Tornado

If you’re looking to christen your little angel with an attention-grabbing name, Tornado is just the perfect option. Did you know it is also the name of the sister of the popular tennis player named Hurricane? Amazing right.

22. Tempest

This is an evocative word name that means ‘stormy.’ It is not only famous for being the title of one of the most popular plays written by Shakespeare, but also for its association with the American actress, Tempestt Bledsoe.

23. Varsha

This is a Hindu baby name that comes from the Sanskrit word for ‘rain.’ This fancy name reminds one of the tropical monsoons when rain heals the parched lands and restores the greens to the dry fields.

24. Mistral

Le Mistral is a strong cold north-west wind, spilling over the Alps and rushing across the Mediterranean Sea. This unique baby girl name would be a positive force to be reckoned with.

25. Talia

Talia is a Russian baby girl name that has been gaining massive popularity in recent times. The name, which means ‘rain from heaven,’ first entered the top 300 list of baby names in the year 2015.

26. Zephyrine

Zephyrine is a Greek name and the female variation of the name Zephyr, meaning ‘west wind.’ Also seen as a close relation to Severine and Seraphina, Zephyrine would make a unique option for your little girl.

27. Alya

Alya is a beautiful Arabic name, and the meaning is ‘sky.’ This name is quite a household feature in the United States in its modified form Aliya. Apart from being an established Muslim first name, Alay is also the name of a place in Turkey.

28. Amaterasu

This name is drawn from Japanese mythology, and the meaning is ‘sky and heaven.’ According to the legends, Amaterasu is the sun goddess who is also the ruler of the heavens. The Japanese believe that the members of the royal family are her descendant.

29. Araceli

This melodic name is of Spanish origin, and it means ‘alter of the sky.’ Its an alias of Mother Mary depicting her role as a patron saint of Lucena. Another famous namesake is Araceli Segarra, a popular mountain climber.

30. Azure

This name was drawn from an English word, and the meaning is ‘sky blue.’ Around the middle ages, lapis lazuli was also called Azure. A famous bearer of this name is the American actress, Azure Parsons.

31. Corentine

Corentine is the female variant of the name Corentin, and the meaning is ‘storm or tempest.’ This gorgeous name has never really featured in the top 100 list of girls’ names, but it’s now rising in the ranks after a period of neglect.

32. Iris

In Greek mythology, Iris is the messenger of the gods and personification of the rainbow. It is believed that he used the rainbow as a bridge between the heavens and earth. It is also a beautiful flower name for your baby girl.

33. Nephele

Nephele is a unique name with Greek origins that haven’t been featured much in the modern world. It was the name of a Greek nymph that Zeus created from a cloud, whom he later made the goddess of clouds.

34. Thora

The feared goddess of thunder and storm has a name that is much softer and gentler than its meaning. This nickname was made popular by the famous actress Thora Birch.

35. Aria

Aria is a unique feminine name that means ‘the wind.’ It has gained a massive following in recent times and has even made the top 100 list of girls’ names, all thanks to Aria Stark, an iconic character in the Game of Thrones.

36. Esen

This name originates from Turkish, and it means ‘the wind.’ It’s windswept and dramatic, and it would make a gorgeous name for your little angel.

37. Haneul

Haneul is a Korean gender-neutral baby name that means ‘sky.’ We believe it would be a perfect choice for parents who are looking for a name that unites cultures.

38. Ilma

Ilma is a widely used weather-inspired name in Finland, and the meaning is ‘air.’ This name is also believed to be the Hungarian variant of the name Amelia.

39. Miku

This is another beautiful nature-inspired name with Japanese roots, and the meaning is ‘beautiful sky.’

40. Kalani

Kalani is a melodic name, and it means ‘sky.’ A famous bearer of this name is Kalani Brooke Hilliker, the dancer on ‘Dance Moms,’ and Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition.’

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