40 Vintage Boy Names and Their Meaning

Vintage Boy Names

Choosing a befitting moniker for your child isn’t always as easy as you think.

This is because whatever name you choose now will accompany your little prince for the rest of his life, and you don’t want him resenting you for not selecting a stylish name for him.

But as more and more unique names become popular entrees, maybe now is the time to consider a vintage baby name.

These names may be considered old fashioned, but they are a great choice if you’re looking for something unusual that will suit your son.

Here is a list of beautiful vintage boy names for you to consider.

1. Amos

If you’re looking to bestow your child with a biblical name to represent your Christian faith, then Amos is an excellent choice. This name is recognized as a book in the old testament. It means ‘carried by God’

2. Augustus

This is a strong and famous name that means ‘magnificent.’ Choose this name for your son and watch him grow mightily.

3. Albert

Albert is another nice and lovely name that is worth considering for your little boy. It means ‘noble.’ A significant figure that bore this name is the famous Nobel winner, Albert Einstein. It won’t be a bad idea if your child shares this name with a popular figure.

4. Abraham

This name is indeed one name to consider for your baby boy as it has a meaning that will get people attracted to your boy. The name Abraham means ‘father of multitudes.’

5. Arthur

Arthur is a name that expresses power, strength, and integrity. It means ‘courage and nobility.’ Famous British kings are well-known with this name. Go ahead and give your child this lovely name.

6. August

August is a name with a rich history. It means ‘esteemed,’ and it is a title that was often given to Roman emperors. It surely will make a good name for your little boy.

7. Barnaby

Barnaby is one beautiful vintage name that your baby boy will be proud of, and you also won’t regret bearing as it means ‘son of consolation.”

8. Basil

You want your little boy feeling like royalty? Then Basil is the best option for you. It means ‘king.’

9. Benedict

Benedict is a charming and sweet-sounding name your little boy will grow to love. It means ‘blessed.’ Giving this name to him will definitely be a blessing.

10. Caleb

You surely want your little boy growing in the way of the lord; one way you can help him walk in that path is by giving this nice name to him. The name Caleb means ‘devotion to God.’

11. Charley

Charley is one super cool name with the meaning ‘man.’ By giving this name to your little boy, he’ll share the moniker with a number of talented artists such as Charley Pride – a successful musician in the 1970s.

12. Clarence

Clarence is a charming name that wouldn’t be bad to bestow upon your child. The name Clarence means ‘bright.’ This name definitely says something about your little boy. Pick it for him, and you will be glad you did.

13. Eli

 This is another name you could consider for your little one. Eli means ‘uplifted’. Give your child this name and watch him rise amongst his equals.

14. Ezra

Are you looking for a name that’s associated with both an artist and an intellectual? Then Ezra is what you should pick. Ezra was an outstanding figure in the bible, and the meaning of the name is ‘help.’ Another famous Ezra is Ezra Jack Keats, a children book author.

15. Emmett

The name Emmett means ‘industrious.’ This name is associated with a circus clown who rose to fame in the early 1900s, as such signifies laughter and fun. You surely want to choose this.

16. Ernest

This is yet another nice name for your little boy. One bearer of this name is the famous Ernest Hemingway, an influential writer of the 20th century. The name Ernest means ‘serious.’

17. Felix

Felix is another beautiful vintage name that will suit your prince charming. It means fortunate. You surely want your little one being fortunate in life, so go ahead and choose this name for him.

18. Gilbert

Gilbert is another beautiful vintage name that you won’t regret choosing for your child. The name Gilbert means ‘pledged.’

19. Gregory

This lovely vintage name means ‘watchful,’ a trait you definitely want for your child. A common nickname for Gregory is Greg.

20. Grant

This is one fitting name any proud parent would want to choose for their child. It means ‘great,’ give your little boy this name and watch him grow to be great.

21. Howard

Howard is a lovely name to consider for your little prince charming. It means ‘braveheart’. Choose this name for your boy and watch him grow into a strong, brave man.

22. Hugh

This name is a good option if you’re looking to give your child a vintage name with artistic flair. It means ‘heart, mind, spirit.’ You definitely can’t go wrong in picking this name for your boy.

23. Isaac

This is another biblically inspired name, which means ‘to laugh.’ The meaning of Isaac is believed to come from the account where Abraham laughed when God told him his wife Sarah was pregnant with Isaac.

24. Isaiah

A biblical figure with this name is one of the Old Testament prophets, Prophet Isaiah, who wrote the Book of Isaiah. The name Isaiah means ‘Yahweh is salvation.’

25. Jesse

This is another beautiful vintage name to give your boy. Jesse means ‘gift.’ Consider choosing this name for your baby boy as he truly is a gift.

26. Julian

Julian is an excellent choice of name for your boy. It means ‘youthful.’ Your baby boy will definitely grow to be vibrant and full of life.

27. Jasper

This is one lovely name to bless your little boy with. Jasper means ‘bringer of treasure.’

28. Kenneth

The name Kenneth means ‘handsome.’ Giving this name to your handsome-looking baby boy won’t be a bad idea.

29. Leonardo

The name Leonardo means ‘lion,’ which signifies power and strength. One person that bore this name is the famous Leonardo da, Vinci. Your little boy will be lucky to bear this lovely name.

30. Neil

The name Neil means ‘champion.’ One person that comes to mind is the famous astronaut and the first person to walk on the moon, Neil Armstrong. Choosing this name for your little son will make him be in good company.

31. Noah

This name is inspired by the biblical Noah, and it means ‘comfort and rest.’ This is one name that your little boy will be proud of as he grows.

32. Patrick

Patrick is a name with meaning ‘noble.’ It is definitely not the wrong choice for your new baby. Pat, Rick, and Patty are common nicknames for Patrick.

33. Randall

The name Randall is another lovely vintage name with the meaning ‘shield’. This name is another good option when choosing a name for your baby.

34. Rhett

This is a treasured name that should be given to that lovely little boy of yours. The name Rhett expresses strength and wisdom.

35. Spencer

Spencer is one stylish name you should choose for your child, and it means ‘steward.’ It is one sweet name your little one will grow to love.

36. Steven

Steven is a name you should consider giving to your little boy. It means ‘crown.’ Popular nicknames for Steven are Steve and Stevie.

37. Stewart

Stewart is an honorable name that you should consider blessing your little boy with as it means ‘steward.’ Giving this name to your child will make him a good steward of his time, resources, and talent. Common nicknames for Stewart are Art, Stew, and Stewy.

38. Theodore

This is one strong and noble name that means ‘God-given.’ One important figure that bore this name is the one-time US President Theodore Roosevelt. If you want to make it more casual for your little one, you could shorten it and nickname him Teddy, Ted, or Theo.

39. Victor

The name Victor means ‘conqueror.’ Giving this lovely sweet-sounding name to your baby boy wouldn’t be a wrong choice, as he will always come out victorious in whatever he does.

40. Wesley

The name Wesley is a very attractive name that will be appreciated by everyone that comes in contact with your little child. It means ‘dweller of the western wood.’ Common nicknames for Wesley are Wes and Lee.

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