38 Viking Girl Names and Their Meanings

Viking Girl Names

Viking girl names are historically pretty awesome, aren’t they? If you’re expecting a little Viking baby girl and want to pick the perfect name. Plenty of historical Viking girl names are just waiting to be used. 

And no matter what you choose, your daughter will have the edge over the rest of her peers when it comes to having a unique name that no one else in her class will have.

Best of all, all of these Viking girl names have pretty meanings behind them, too!


Aina means bright or radiant. It is a common name for baby girls in Norway, where it is often pronounced Ee-na rather than Ah-ee-na. The meaning of Aina is quite lovely and could be one of many good names for a little girl.

For example, imagine naming your daughter after a beautiful, angelic creature that has nothing but light around her! If you can, pick Aina from all the Viking girl names. It could also mean your child will become bright and radiant as she grows up.


Brenn is a Norse name meaning beautiful. Vikings were fierce warriors, so you’ll have to raise your daughter with that ferocity. Brenn would be an excellent name from the Viking girl names for a strong-willed girl.

Although, she might not appreciate being compared to her Norwegian ancestors. The ones who killed and pillaged their way across Europe. But that’s just tough luck; they had good taste in names.


Chara was a name from the Viking girl names of Norse origin. It was derived from chare, which meant agreeable, and charis, which meant graceful. The best Charas was always elegant and peaceful.

But they did have a fierce side that most people never saw, and it was there that their power lay. A mighty warrior was often paired with a Chara, for she shared her skill and strength.

It also made her very valued among her people as she could be relied upon at all times. Something almost unheard of amongst women during that period.


The name Brita is Old Norse for strong sword or sword breaker. It was commonly used in Scandinavian countries, especially in Sweden and Norway. However, Brittas is also found in Germany, France, Poland, and England.

So, If you’re looking for fresh takes from the Viking girl names, Brita is a unique name with historical roots. A modern girl might like it because of its multicultural appeal. And parents can feel good knowing that her character doesn’t come from Barbie or Taylor Swift’s phonebook.

As one mom said: My husband is Polish, and my son has strong ties to Eastern Europe. We decided to combine them both by naming our daughter Brita.


The name Dagmar is one of the Viking girl names meaning Day of glory. It is also known as Dagmar since it’s derived from Day. Other terms with similar meanings include Diana, Deira, Delia, and Demaris, this girl’s name reached its highest popularity in 1951.

And the last time it ranked as high as #28 was in 1947 and had been declining for some time. In 2012, there were only 19 girls named Dagmar living in America. Two years later, that number dropped to 16.

And it should continue to drop over time unless drastic changes to its popularity trend exist. Elsewhere around the world, it is a more popular choice.


Another beautiful Viking girl’s name is Slow or calm in Swedish. The meaning might be ironic for a Viking, but it’s a lovely name that was common in Scandinavia. Ebbe is most famous for being one of the three daughters of Sigurd and Brynhild.

Then, in Wagner’s opera, she’s Brunnhilde, Brünnhilde, or Brünnhild, depending on how you want to translate it. Ebbe seems like it should be short for something else. But there aren’t alternatives with similar meanings. It just means slow or calm!


Edlen is a Swedish female name that means noble or elegant. Other ways to spell Edlen include Edle and Adelene. One of the Viking girl names derived from Old Norse believed to be an old form of Adelaide. It was first used in Sweden around 1749, although it didn’t become popular until about 1900.

However, during that period, it was one of many names used for girls born on St. Olaf’s Day, traditionally celebrated on July 29th in Sweden.

Today, Edlen remains a popular choice for girls born on St. Olaf’s Day and girls born in November because November 29th is also known as St. Olaf’s Day in Sweden!


Svana means to own in Old Norse. It was one of the Viking girl names given to women who fought with their husbands and won. They kept their weapons after the battle, and Svana translates to weapon-woman.

Also, this Nordic name can be spelled several ways, including Svanhild or Swana. Meanwhile, there are several variations of Savanna: Syna or Sylna.

Finally, you may also know it as Swanilda or even Maud, all names stemming from Savanna’s original meaning. Svana is one of the Viking girl names to consider for your strong little girl. 


One of many Viking girl names for a daughter that means girl. Ulka is a sweet-sounding name for an adorable little girl. The name is derived from Ulrika and translates to mean lovely or graceful.

Also, It has several nicknames such as Ulka, Ulla, and Rika that are fun ways to speak to your child. And while it may sound like a foreign name, it has Scandinavian origins. However, today’s Ulka may also be American or Irish.


The name Hertha originated from an ancient Germanic language and means deserted island. Other variations of Hertha include Ertha, Erucke, Orthes, Herthamodesta, Orthezia, Hurtezetta and Harteja. It’s not common today but was used by a mother or grandmother of a man who served in Charlemagne’s court.

And that was during 800 A.D., as well as one known to have lived in Britain during 850 A.D. As one of the Viking girl names, Hertha might be perfect for your child if you want her to feel unique. And one-of-kind, more modern alternatives would be Tara or Pilar.


Helga is a feminine name of Old Norse origin, meaning bright one. It was also a common name among Viking girls names. Popular forms of Helga include Helge and Olga.

However, the name was initially reserved for members of the nobility, but after 1000 A.D., it became more widespread in Scandinavia and gradually increased in popularity throughout Europe. If you’re looking for authentic yet fresh Viking girl names, consider using Helga for your daughter or sister!


The name Dagny means Daybreak in Icelandic. Vikings worshiped many gods and goddesses, but perhaps none was as central to their culture as Thor. This powerful god of thunder and lightning was said to rule over all aspects of life on Earth. 

So it makes sense that his name was often passed down through generations. It is also widely believed that Thor chose those who were to be named after him, making Dagny one of the influential Viking girl names to consider. 


This Norse name is thought to mean herring. And it was a popular name given by parents in Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.


This Old Norse name means white serpent. Unsurprisingly, it was one of the many Viking girl names that didn’t make it into modern times.


This Nordic moniker meant raven and was common during ancient times. One of the not-so-popular Viking girls’ names in the modern era. 


This unusual Scandinavian name has two meanings depending on which way you’re using it! A good choice among the Viking girl names if you want a mysterious name for your girl. 


Herja can be a difficult name to pronounce for many English speakers. So tricky that it might have led to its decline in popularity over time. A derivative of Thor’s character, Herja means honor or glorify.

And indeed, herja is often used as a term to describe an ancient Scandinavian celebration. Where a procession would parade around with a replica of Thor’s hammer. There are few women named Herja throughout history, but there are even fewer words that mean honor and glory.


Prima means first in Latin. The word was used for girls born second or third in a family or as one of a group of three. Prima has long been associated with first-rate quality and is a trendy name today. 

And it reached #37 on Nameberry’s 2017 list of top baby names. Here is some famous Prima: primatologist Jane Goodall; television personality Regis Philbin’s wife Joy; rapper Eve; and actress Amanda Peet.


It’s Icelandic, it means the wheel, and it’s badass among the Viking girl names. So What more could you want?


This Hebrew name means to breathe or to be fresh. Another badass contender among the Viking girl names.


In Hindi, Rani means queen. While historically, Vikings were men, women also fought for their tribes and held leadership positions—one of the Viking girl names with an Indian origin.


In Hebrew, Raabia means an Arab woman who leads or rules others with strength and courage.


Idun is a fantastic and mystical name with roots in Norse mythology and also one of the ancient Viking girl names. Her word comes from Yggdrasil, the world tree that connects Earth to Asgard and represents immortality, just like Idun! The gods sent her to Earth every Day carrying an apple of eternal youth for them to eat.

However, not only does she keep them young forever, but she also keeps their knowledge of good health. Could there be a better choice among the Viking girl names? 

They are also used as a symbol for weight loss products. So don’t get that one confused! But try it: a baby name meaning immortal makes an excellent first name.


Despite its soft appearance, Moja is quite a bold name. Derived from Icelandic words meaning love and girl respectively, it refers to an influential female deity known as Moia. Also spelled Moya, she was one of nine sisters worshipped by early Scandinavian pagans.

So if you want to give your daughter a strong moniker that honors her ancestral roots and religious beliefs, one of the Viking girls’ names you can’t go wrong with is Moja.


Olga or Helga was a princess of Kiev who was married to Igor of Kiev. It was described as fierce and courageous, and it is said that she once killed her husband’s enemy. While he slept, cutting off his head with an axe.

And In 980, Olga ruled over Kievan Rus’ as regent for her son Sviatoslav after her husband’s death. She expanded eastern borders in several military campaigns against Constantinople and neighboring empires.


Velica means the white-haired one; Velica is a Scandinavian female name and was in use during medieval times. It is still in use 

today in Scandinavia. Celica was among many traditional characters from Norse mythology that became popular names for Scandinavian girls after 1960. 

When Vikings were widely portrayed as heroes on television shows like The Ventures of Ragnar, she’s not exactly a top name these days, but there are plenty of little Velicas running around out there! There’s also a French town named Vélizy-Villacoublay, in case you want to combine France and Norway with your choice!


The name Yulia comes from Old Norse and means You are pretty, and it’s a modern Scandinavian version of Giolla, which means yellow or gleaming in Gaelic. Variations include Giola, Iola, Jolla, Ilia, and Jill.

However, this is one of the Viking girl names that has been around since 1880. The spelling variation Iola became popular after 1900, but now both forms have fallen out of favor with parents. If you like Yulia sounds but want something more familiar, try its alternate spelling variations like Iolanthe or Eleanor.


Björg is another Old Norse name that was very popular during Scandinavia’s Viking Age (from 793 to 1066). It means Protection and could be considered an early form of Bridget, one of Ireland’s most famous names, which comes from Irish and Celtic roots meaning Strongly Independent.

And Germans translate Bjorg to mean Fortification while Danish gives us Bierg as another word for Mountain. Perfect choice If you are looking for a firm name among the Viking girl names.


Atla, which comes from Old Norse, means tender or sweet. It was also a goddess name, and she was one of three wives to Ægir, god of salt water and brewing. The other two were Eldia and Rán. 

Also, Atla is an alternate spelling of Attila, a Hunnic king. Who is credited with ruling what is now Hungary during a large part of the 5th century? Atla is an obscure character in Norse mythology who spent her time fishing for men that drowned in shallow waters. 


The name Elli meant to shield and was often given to girls born during stormy weather. Elli refers to Sif, a Norse goddess who is said to have golden hair and impenetrable shields made from metal. If you’re looking for authentic Viking girl names, look no further than Elli.


Embla is a Viking girl name that means ash tree or elm tree. The name Embla is used as a female name. The origin of the name Embla is English. This Viking girl’s name has at least one variant form.

According to Norse mythology, Embla was created by Odin when he was making human beings. In Nóatún from two trees on Midgard: ash and an elm.

And because of their derivation, these two types of trees are sacred to Freyja. Who is called álfroðull (Elm-Roots) and árvakur (Ash-Maid)?Another firm name from the list of our Viking girl names. 


Frigg was a Goddess of Norse mythology, one of Odin’s wives. She was known for her wisdom and insight. Frigg is a popular girl name in Ireland, where it means to love. Today, there are more than 75 registered Frigg last names in Norway.

 Also, the name is commonly used for girls born on Friday. Suppose you’re looking for an offbeat choice with a cool backstory and mythological history. Among the Viking girl names, Frigg might be just right!


Gerd is a name that means fierce in Norse, making it an obvious choice for an aggressive Viking girl. This name is also on the list of top baby names for 2013! Gerd was considered a male name until recently, and In 2012, it ranked #112 for boys and #1,655 for girls.

And It has only been used for girls since 1992, but it seems to be growing in popularity, so watch out for baby names. And it’s a great choice among the Viking girl names for your fierce little girl. 


Grid was a Valkyrie and daughter of Loki in Norse mythology, and she married Vidar, son of Odin. The names are derived from a word meant to fight in old Germanic languages. Grid was described as beautiful with blonde hair, a fair complexion, and blue eyes.

And she wore armor like her brother, Thor. In battle, she rode on horseback or fought on foot wielding a sword and spear. She is also known for having invented the art of knitting. Her name means advice or weaves in Old Norse.


In Norse mythology, Hel is a character that features prominently in both versions of Ragnarok. As Loki’s bride in Snorri Sturluson’s Prose Edda and Baldr’s wife in Gylfaginning.

However, to appease both Norse mythology fans and parents hoping to infuse their child with elements of power and royalty. It makes sense for Hel to rise on lists of Viking girl names.


Joro, a Norwegian name that means darling, can also be used as a nickname for Gretel, which means pearl. The name is relatively uncommon in Norway, but it has experienced a recent increase in popularity. In 2000, only 69 girls were named Joro in Norway; by 2016, that number had increased to 303.

Although In America hasn’t caught on yet, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider using it. Just wait until your child is older before introducing her to her friends with a cute story. About how you named her after your favorite Y.A. book character!


Laga is one of those names that sounds like it came straight out of medieval Scandinavia but doesn’t. Laga’s origins are ambiguous, making it a favorite for parents looking for an unusual name among the Viking girls. 

And the name Laga comes from the Old Norse word laguz, meaning lake or pool and likely referring to bodies of water in Scandinavian lands. Aside from being used as a girl name, Laga is also a boy name in Latin America.


Nott means night in Old Norse, and her name is part of a more extended compound, Nott-dagr, which means night-day. She has been used as a male name in Scandinavia and Iceland since medieval times. Its popularity has recently surged due to being featured in J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Where it belonged to an elf named after his father, Dagannoth, he led one of three tribes of elves on Middle Earth and was killed by elves from another tribe. Who were jealous that he had inherited leadership from his father instead of their leader and uncle Fëanor. 

Whose own son Maedhros could not be trusted with such power, having once tried to destroy them all. Another firm name to pick off our list of Viking girl names. 


All in all, Viking girl names do an excellent job of representing strength and courage, undeniably admirable traits. If you want to find a good fit for your daughter, keep these essential things in mind. Match their attributes with your style; find one that fits her personality and is still pleasing to the ear.

Also, the name you choose will be used often by teachers, classmates, and other associates of your child. Pick something you’ll be proud of every time you hear it when the time comes to meet with a naming professional or discuss your plans with family members and friends. 

And, remember, don’t rush! Viking girl names may seem very appealing at first glance. But you must ensure they’re suitable for you and your growing family.

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