89 Viking Boy Names and Their Meanings

Viking Boy Names

First names are essential to who we are, even if we don’t realize it. They tell us where we come from and what other people think of us.

And how we see ourselves as members of our societies. 

And the Vikings had their naming conventions, so it’s worth looking at how they were assigned, why they chose specific names for their children and the meanings behind them. 

Hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll know the most famous Viking boy names. And what do they mean?

1. Aren

Aren is one of the most accessible Viking boy names to adopt if you’re in the Western world because it sounds very similar to Aaron.

The title reflects royalty and strength, which sometimes means “Eagle,” too. 

2. Harald

Harald is the old Norse version of the name Harold. It is Made up of the terms Valder (leader) and Har (Army). 

Essentially, the term means the leader of a mighty army or group. Harald peaked in popularity in Norway.

Thanks to Harald, the King of Norway, who took the throne in 1991. 

3. Bjorn

If you’re familiar with Swedish history and pop culture, then you probably know the name Bjorn already.

This is the name of the guitarist from ABBA. Bjorn is one of the most common Viking boy names for men today, meaning “Bear.” 

It began to gain more popularity again in the 2010s, with plenty of people rediscovering the name.

4. Birger

This name comes from an Old Norse word for “to help.

5. Andor

In Norse, this name means “Thor’s eagle.

6. Ake

Ake is a Swedish and Viking name from the word “ancestor .” Usually, this name pays homage to an essential forebear in the family and may be a way to show respect to your ancestors. The term “Ake” sometimes converts to “Aki,” too. 

7. Asger

Asger is composed of the Old Norse elements for “god” and “spear.”

8. Egil

This fierce Scandinavian name translates to “edge of a sword.

9. Njal

This rare Norse name means “champion.

10. Asmund

This Nordic name means “God is my protector.”

11. Havelock

Havelock is a bit of an odd name for Viking boy names. It translates to “sea competition.” 

So this means that this name often appeared to describe children whose families were connected to the sea through exploration and fishing.

12. Dusty

Dusty is an informal version of the quickly anglicized Norse name Dustin. It means “brave warrior.”

13. Kol

A little creepy compared to some of the other Viking boy names we’ve covered. Kol often references the dark. 

However, the term can also mean “victory of the people” or victory through dark times. Kol also has the common spelling variations of Kole and Cole.

So you may have seen it in different forms around the world

14. Torsten

Torsten is an offshoot of the Norse name Thurston. It means “Thor’s stone.”

15. Frode

This popular Norse name means “clever, wise.” It is pronounced similarly to The Lord of the Rings’ Frodo.

16. Kettil

Ketil comes from the Old Norse word for “kettle, cauldron.”

17. Toke

This masculine Danish name means “mad, raging.”

18. Elof

Elof means “sole heir.” This Norse name is perfect for an only child.

19. Gustav

One of the more powerful Viking boy names on this list. Gustav or Gustaf is a male name that’s Swedish and Viking in descent.

This name means the Goths, Geats, or weapons of the Gods. 

Also, it’s a title common enough today that you’ve probably heard of it before now. But it’s more common in Nordic countries. 

20. Bo

Interestingly, the name Bo doesn’t come from a traditional Viking forename so much as a nickname, which meant “to live.”

This nickname referenced people who got the most out of life, or it could be a reference to someone who stayed in one place throughout their lives rather than traveling and exploring. 

The name became popular again in the early 2000s, with the rise of people like Bo Burnam and Bo Jackson. 

21. Garth

This humbling Old Norse name means “enclosed yard.

22. Sune

Sune is among traditional Viking boy names meaning “son.”

23. Heirleif

Heirleif is derived from the Old Norse word for “descendent, heir.”

24. Ulf

In the Viking age, many people named their sons Ulf. It translates to “wolf.”

25. Leif

This an appealing option for those interested in Nordic male names. Leif is a title and one of the Viking boy names that usually means heir or successor. 

Moreover, this title has been around for some time, both in the US and in history books.

Because of Leif Ericson, who some people believe discovered America before Christopher Columbus. 

26. Thor

Thor is probably the best-known of all the Viking boy names – for a good reason.

He was coming from the Norse term “Thunder .”Thor was the god of strength, storms, and thunder and was the son of Odin. 

Similarly, this mighty name has been gaining more popularity in recent years due to its presence in popular culture. 

27. Hagen

This charming Danish name means “protected place.”

28. Oliver

This is probably a name you haven’t always associated with the Vikings and is usually derived from words like Olivier and Olaf.

Oliver is a common title that means descendant or warrior of the elves. 

More so, the title is still trendy around the world today. However, most people aren’t familiar with its Scandinavian roots. 

29. Einar

Einar is an Old Norse name that means “one who fights on his own .”This fierce moniker is perfect for the little warrior in your life.

30. Alva

Alva is an offshoot of the typical Norwegian name Halvar. It means “flat stone.”

31. Sven

Sven is a well-known Danish name. It means “young warrior.”

32. Soren

Coming from Danish origin, with Old Norse heritage, Soren usually means severe or stern.

Soren is pretty standard in Scandinavia, a title that’s often gentler than you’d expect. But it doesn’t have a massive base in the Western world yet. 

33. Gunne

Gunne is a derivative of the Old Norse Gunnar. The name translates to “brave warrior.”

34. Erik

Perhaps the name with the most sovereignty on this list, Erik, stands for “eternal ruler .”We see more than the standard “Eric” in other parts of the world. 

About history, this Viking spelling describes a Viking explorer with tremendous bravery and strength.

The name often harks back to renowned Viking leader Erik the Red.

35. Erland

Erland is one of the most elegant Viking boy names, with various meanings and origins.

Most people believe that the name Erland comes from “Erland, ” meaning foreigner. 

However, Proto-Norse words could indicate that “Erland” also stands for importance. And dedication. 

36. Finn

Finn usually means white or fair and was often used in Viking boy names. To refer to someone with light skin and hair.

Finn is also more popular in the Western world, where it has various spellings, including Fynn. 

37. Hackett

Hackett is a rare European name with Nordic roots. It means “little hewer of the woods.”

38. Gunnar

This ragged Old Norse name means “soldier.”

39. Odin

Odin was the father of the Norse gods and ruler of war and wisdom. This impressive Scandinavian name is a bold and beautiful choice for any baby boy.

40. Jari

Jari means “God will rise.”

41. Troels

The Viking name means “Thor’s arrow.

42. Bragi

In Norse mythology, Bragi is the god of poetry.

43. Freyr

Freyr is part of the important Viking boy names. It means “lord.”

44. Sigurd

Sigurd is commonly used throughout Norway. It translates to “guardian of victory.”

45. Rune

Rune is an Old Norse word meaning secret.

46. Ingolf

This name translates to “Ing’s wolf.”

47. Egill

Egil stems from ancient Scandinavia. It means “awe, terror.”

48. Dag

Dag is a Norwegian name and one of the Viking boy names that mean “day.” Some lucrative alternatives with the same meaning include Dagf, Dagr, and Dagur.

49. Baggi

This ancient Scandinavian name means “bag.”

50. Sten

In the Viking age, it was considered one of the Viking boy names. Many men went by the name Sten. It translates to “stone.”

51. Ask

Ask was the first man created by the Norse gods. He and his wife, Embla, are the Norse equivalents to Adam and Eve. Ask means “ash tree.”

52. Brokkr

Brokkr means “badger.”

53. Fenrir

Fenrir means “marsh fern.”

54. Roar

This intense Viking moniker means “fame” and “spear.”

55. Alvis

Alvis comes from the Old Norse word for “all-wise.” Alvis is also a character from Norse mythology. He is the dwarf that marries Thor’s daughter.

56. Loki

Loki is a name that most people already feel familiar with due to the Marvel movies. And plenty of great literature.

The term for the god of mischief and destruction in Norse, Loki, refers to a trickster. 

But it’s part of popular Viking boy names worldwide, particularly now that it’s so common in pop culture. 

57. Osmond

The Scandinavian name means “God’s protection.”

58. Elvis

This well-known Norse name was made famous by singer Elvis Presley.

59. Kåre

Kåre is a Viking name that’s ideal for any curly-haired babe.

60. Njal

This is one of the rugged Viking boy names. It means “giant.”

61. Thorsen

Thorsen is a more formal-sounding alternative to Thor.

62. Holmes

The Nordic name means both “island” and “low-lying place.”

63. Vernon

Vernon is a surname from the Gaul word for “alder trees.”

64. Freyre

Name your kiddo after the Norse god of weather.

65. Welch

Welch is also a part of the Viking Boy names. It means “foreign.”

66. Aric

Aric is an exciting variant of Erik. It’s a simple and common name with rich Norse roots.

67. Bosse

This casual offshoot of the name Bo would be perfect for any modern babe. It means “to live.”

68. Brant

Brant is an Old Norse surname that doubles as a masculine given name.

69. Beckett

Beckett is a typical English surname with Norse roots. It means “brook” or “stream.”

70. Skarde

This is another one of the rugged Viking boy names meaning “one with a cleft chin.”

71. Alf

This name is derived from the Old Norse word for “elf.”

72. Begbie

Begbie is a place name derived from the Old Norse word for “farm, settlement.”

73. Arnfinn

This lovely Norse name comes from the elements “eagle” and “person from Finland.” It could easily be shortened to Finn or Arni.

74. Balder

Balder is the immortal son of the Norse gods Odin and Frigg. He is said to reside between heaven and earth.

75. Midgard

In Norse mythology, Midgard is the name of the place where humans reside.

76. Vale

Vale was the son of Odin.

77. Vidar

This nature-inspired Scandinavian name means “Forest battler.”

78. Halfdan

This intriguing Scandinavian name is among Viking boy names meaning “half Dane.”

79. Canute

Canute is an anglicized version of the Scandinavian name Knut. It means “knot.”

80. Darby

The name is derived from the Old Norse words for “deer” and “settlement.”

81. Colborn

Colborn means “cold stream.”

82. Kory

Kory is a Norse variant of the Norse name Kori. Its meaning is unknown.

83. Ove

This ancient Scandinavian name and one of the Viking boy names means “brave.”

84. Manning

Manning is derived from the Old Norse word for “bravery.”

85. Aghi

Aghi is the Old Norse form of the Scandinavian name Ove. It means “terror at the edge of a sword.”

86. Magni

This name means “mighty” in Old Norse. Magni was the name of one of Thor’s sons.

87. Magnus

Magnus is a Latin name that gained popularity in Norway after the reign of King Magnus I.

88. Hemdall

Hemdall was a shiny, white god and son of Odin.

89. Olaf

This Old Norse name means “ancestor’s descendant.” It’s among excellent Viking boy names with ancestral roots in Norway.

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