100+ Urhobo Baby Girl Names and Their Meaning

Urhobo Baby Girl Names

When you hear catchy names like Igho, Oke, Marho, and Onome, the first question that comes to mind is what ethnic group those names belong to.

This is an article dedicated to all those searching for Urhobo baby girl names for Omote, who has just become a member of their family.

The Urhobos take the naming of a child very seriously for many reasons, and one of the most common reasons is that they strongly believe that children are worth more than wealth (hence names like Omonefe).

This is why they take the time to select befitting Urhobo names for male or female children.

Some Urhobo baby girl names usually sound Asian when shortened, and example of such names is Ruona and Gueke.

So there’s a thrill that comes with having people go “wow” when you call your child an Urhobo baby girl name.

Before we further share some of the fantastic name options we have here, it is only fair to look at the Urhobo people as an ethnic group in southern Nigeria.

The Urhobo are the majority ethnic group in the Delta state of Nigeria, and they are famous for their native attire of wrapper, top, hat, and walking stick.

Also famous is their delicious Banga soup and starch and their yam and goat meat pepper soup.

The Urhobo are careful about choosing a name for their child because the ancestors have passed down the belief that a child’s name is tied to their destiny.

In Urhobo culture, Oghene is the supreme God, while the Erivwin represents the ancestral cult or the cult of the forefathers.

These factors, as well as the spirit and body (Erhi and Ugboma), are believed to make a man and his existence; thus, they must be considered when naming a child.

Most Urhobo baby girl names reflect factors including circumstances of birth, divine promise, hope, wealth, color, weather, place of birth, market days, parent’s religious belief, and sometimes natural resources.

There are thousands of new and classic Urhobo baby girl names that you can choose from, and they also have meanings you may be able to relate to.

We have put together Urhobo baby girl names and their meanings so that you do not have to stress about getting a name that is easy to pronounce and has a good meaning.

We hope that you find the right one here.

Urhobo Names for Girls

AkpenvwoghenePraise God
AkpobumeMy own life
AkporvwovwoGood life in later years
AnaborhiBorn with good destiny
AsaroyomaComfort zones
AvwunudiogbaThose who profess strength with mere talk
AvwunufeWealthy only by mouth, not substance
EdekiMarket day
EdoreDay of festivity(festival)
EduvieDay of Glory
EfediomeLet riches be mine
EfekodoFamous with wealth
EfemenaHere is my wealth
EfetoboWealth is achieved
EfeturiThere are more than 100 types of riches
EfevwerhaWealth is joyful
EfurhievweDestined to be wealthy
EghwrudjakporI have come to stay
EjaitaLet them say
EjiroghenePraise God
EjokparogheneLet us trust in God
EjomafuvweLet peace reign in my life
EjoyovwiLet it be a success
EmarejedjeThe elderly also run for life
EmetemediaI will always remain a lady
EmeterhireGirls have arrived
EmuobosaYour own thing is precious
EmuvokeEverything has time
EnajemeteThese are also girls
EnitaWatch what you say
EnitekiruThink before you act
EnivwenayeCompare my achievements with those of my detractors
ErhimeyomaMy God is good
ErhinyojaGod meets our challenges/ hears our prayers
ErhinyuseGod answers prayers
ErhiogheneThe spirit of God
ErukainureWe have aided them
EseogheneGod’s gift
EsereshareberuoMen are hard to please
EserovweGod’s grace/ Free gift
EsisorighoBag of money
EtanomareFreed from blame
EtarakpobunoThe world has so much to say
IghofoseMoney can break close relationships
IghofovweWealth suites me
IghohwoRiches make you human
IminiovwerhaThere’s joy in having blood relations
IniovosaSiblings are unique
IrorokpakaDeep thoughts
MiriodereI now have a name
MitaireI have achieved their match
MivwodereI now have a name
NoriogheneLook at God’s judgement
OborerhinrinIt’s your destiny
OdavwaroI am contented
OfuakoOne with white teeth
OghenebrumeGod decided in my favour
OghenechovweGod aided me
OghenefejiroGod is praiseworthy
OghenegarenGod is great
OghenekevweGod gave me
OghenekohwoGod provides
OghenemeMy God
OghenemineI look up to God
OghenenyerhovwoGod answers prayers
OghenenyoreGod answers prayers
OgheneochukoGod provides my support
OghenerhoroGod makes all things possible
OgheneruemuGod makes all things possible
OghenerukevweGod did this for me
OghenerunoGod has so much
OghenetegaGod is worthy to be worshipped
OghenevwedeGod owns the day
OghenevwogaganGod provides all my strength
OghomenaHere is my respect
OghonoroRespect is greater than riches
OhwevwoGood human relationship provides valuable support
OjanomareI have met the challenge
OkerogheneGod’s own time
OkiremuteThere’s time for everything
OkposioHeavy Rain
OmafuvweI am at peace
OmarmerhiGood God
OmenasanMine is unique
OmodiboYoung disciple/servant
OmoefeChild is wealth
OmonighoChild is greater than riches
OmonoroA child is greater than gold
OmotejohwoA girl is also a human being
OmotekoGirl born in Lagos
OmotekoroA girl is like Gold
OmotoreBirth of a girl brings festivity
OmotugheleGirl from ughelli
OmotukaneGirl born in the Diaspora
OmovighoChild brings wealth
OmoyiboLittle fair person
OnajiteThis is sufficient
OnakpomaWho creates life?
OnanefeThis child is greater than riches
OnofegharaWho shares his wealth with others
OnoharheseWho blames good deeds
OnomavweWho is my creator?
OnomeThis is mine
OnomineWhom do I look up to?
OnoriodeWho knows tomorrow
OnovughakporWho can predict what life can bring?
OrodenaThe great one
OtevwobriseIt’s sufficient to make parables
OviguerayeEveryone with his/her own destiny
OvuevurayeEveryone has his/ her own mind
OyabevweTired of sojourn
OyiboFair skinned
OyovwikemoMay our children be blessed
OyovwikerhiMay my God be blessed
UfuomaPeace of mind
UghwubetineNo more deaths
UmukokoYoung woman
UruemuesiriGood deeds
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