100 Beautiful Ukrainian Names for Boys and Girls

Ukrainian Names for Boys and Girls

The biggest country in Europe, Ukraine, is a beautiful nation that started in classical times with an excess millennial list of conventions and history.

This nation ‘Ukraine‘ is so prestigious with excellent individuals, delectable food and meal recipes, unequaled cultural heritage, and impeccable scenes. Yet, that is not just all.

This place, Ukraine is well known for its fruitful agricultural fields and substantial industry, has some beautiful and novelty, baby, Ukraine names in its kitty as well.

Similarly, as with most societies and cultures, Ukrainian baby names are chosen by the parents or guardians. Suppose you are a single Ukrainian woman or man.

In that case, the top names originate from the two vital sources – First of Greek inception, the Orthodox Church convention, and Roman Catholic custom, Latin birthplace. Slavic root names are also acquainted with the Ukrainian culture.

Additionally, the names are always gender-specific, even though they can be derived from similar roots or share similar meanings.

For the cognomens, Ukrainians generally use diminutives (short aliases) of the given names, for instance, Andy for Andriy and Anna for Anastasiya.

Most of the names are Ukrainian variants or forms with the original English names, Roman names, and Latin name versions.

Ukrainian Names for Boys

Naming your kid is often a great experience; it guarantees an appropriate significant identification with your child.

Like other societies, a person has a birth name, a given name by their parents, or other relatives.

Here are some popular and unique Ukrainian baby boy names for your pleasure to pick from:


This name is a Ukrainian version of the name Andrew. It means to someone manly and robust. It can also be interpreted as a warrior.


This name is a diminutive of the name Artemas. It is a derivation from the Greek god name Artemis and means perfect health.


It is a form of the name Alexander. It’s an ancient Roman name that refers to the defender of men.


This was the name of a king. This name can also refer to food, grain, earth, and water.


This name has its roots in the Roman culture name Antonius. It means worthy of praise.


This name is of Ukrainian origin. The name means the gift of God.


This name is the masculine version. For females, the name is Bohdana. It means given by God.


This name is also of Ukrainian origin. It means a warrior. This also refers to someone who can fight.


This name refers to someone who likes warring for fame. 


It is another version of the Ukrainian name Boyko. It means an inhabitant of western Ukraine. It is also a popularly employed surname.


A Ukrainian original name. The name refers to one who dwells near the weeds.


This name is a Ukrainian variant of the Hebrew name Daniel. It means God is the judge. Another variant of Danilo is Danylet.


This name refers to someone who can give sound Judgments.


This name is the Ukrainian form of the Hebrew name James. It means supplanter.


This is a name of Ukrainian roots. It means a boy child who is ‘valiant and brave.’ This name has many variations like Fadey, Fadeya, and Fadeyushka.


This name means a gift from above.


It is a Ukrainian form of the name George. This name means farmer.


This name means the hair of God.


In English, this name is spelled as Gregory. It means vigilant, watchful, or alert.


It is a name of Ukrainian origin. It means destroyer; it is also popular among Ukrainian surnames.


This name means a farmer or to a person involved in the occupation of farming.


This name refers to a man who has God as his guard.


This name of grace means God is gracious. The name also has Latin roots.


This name is the Ukrainian version of the name Constantine. It means constant or stable.


This name is the Ukrainian masculine form of Christian. It means a follower or disciple of Christ.


It is a name of Ukrainian origin. It refers to the universe.


This name means God or the Lord.


This simple Ukrainian name means seagull.


The name means the one crowned with Laurel tree leaves.


This name is one of the Ukrainian versions of the Roman name Alexander. It means the defender or protector of mankind.


This name is given to a child expected to be kind. The name refers to the one who is nice to everyone.


The name means one who is the greatest.


The name is the Ukrainian version of the Roman name Marcus. It means war-like or Warrior.


This name is a Ukrainian variant of Matthew. It means the gift of God. Another variant spelling for this name is Matviy.


The name means the greatest one. One variant spelling of this name is Maksym.


This name is the Ukrainian version of the name Michael. It means one who is like God. Another variant spelling for this name is Mychajlo.


This name is the Ukrainian version of the Latin name Nicholas. It means victory to the people.


This name refers to a child who is capable of winning in every area of life. It means a winner.


In Ukraine, this name is used to refer to one who is from Nazareth.


It is a diminutive of Oleksander, a name of Ukraine origin. It also means defender of mankind.


This is a Ukrainian form of the Greek name Alexius. The name means protector or a defender.


One who stands on the mountain.


It means God shall add.


Ostap is a masculine Ukrainian name that means Steady.


He who is immortal.


This name is a Ukrainian form of the name Paul. It means small or little.


This name has both Esperanto and Ukrainian roots; it is a variant of the name Peter. It means solid rock or stone.


It is also a Ukrainian version of the name Peter. It refers to a rock or stone.


This is a Ukrainian version of the Old English name Philip. This name means lover of horses.


Ruslan is a name of Russian origin for one who is like a Lion.


This name means one who God listens to.


This name is a derivative from the Roman clan name Sergius. It means protector.


The name is the Ukrainian version of the Greek name Simon. It means listeners.


It is also known in Russian and Ukrainian alike; it is the Greek name Tarasios. The meaning of this name is Tarentum.


God’s gift.


This name means Nobility in Ukrainian.


This name is the Ukrainian form of English Basil. Vasyl means king.


It is a Ukrainian version of Vladimir. The meaning of the name is Heir of a famous ruler.


Yakiv is the Ukrainian form of the name Jacob. Just like James, it means supplanter.


It means well-born. The name is the same as the name Eugene


It means a farmer by occupation

Ukrainian Girl Names with Meanings

Ukrainian Names for Girls

Generally, it is known that Ukrainian names were derived from the names of holy people or characters from the bible with Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and Jewish origins. However, many names are additionally mainstream across every Slavic nation.

Usually, Ukrainian girl names frequently end with ‘a’- the ‘uh’ sound, which is really incredible on the chance that you have a specific preference for this uniqueness.

Regardless of whether you have just got a rundown of names stated or you are just beginning your search, below is an adjusted list of our top Ukrainian baby girl names.

Which are all perfect, trendy, and one of a kind in their own particular meaning.


This Ukrainian feminine name means strong as an Oak tree.


This name is a Ukrainian and Russian version of the Latina name Anastasia. The name means resurrection.


This name was derived originally from the name Angel or Angela. It means messenger, and the name is also popular in Russia.


This is a name for a graceful child. This also means grace.


This name is both of Latin and Greek origins. This name means grace or favor.


This Ukrainian name means priceless. It is a traditional Ukrainian name.


This name is a feminine variation of the Czech/Ukrainian name Bohdan. It means God’s gift.


This name is a feminine version of the Czech/Ukrainian name Bohuslav. It means God’s glory.


This is a form of the Italian version of Daniele and the Ukrainian name Danilo. Just like Daniel, it also means God is my judge.


This name is a Ukrainian derivative of the Roman name Daria. It refers to the gift of God.


This name means peaceful for a girl who stays quiet and calm, regardless of the situation. It also means calmness.


This beautiful name means one who is full of grace.


This name is the Ukrainian name for a fast-flowing stream of water.


This name means a gift of God.


This is a Biblically derived name. It means God is gracious.


This is a Ukrainian name coined from the Ukrainian name of a guilder rose plant.


The name is a Ukrainian version of the name Katherine. It means pure.


This name means a pure or a chaste woman.


This name is a Ukrainian variation of the Czech/Russian name Ludmila. It means people’s favor.


This name is perfect for little girls. It entails beloved, star of the sea, or loved. It is the Ukrainian form of the name Maria.


This name is a variant of the name Marina. It refers to one who is of the sea.


This name is a variant of the Ukrainian name Mykhailo. It means one who is like God.


 This is a traditional Slavic name meaning ‘glorious.’ It is pronounced thus ‘mir-oh-slava.’


This name is a Ukrainian pet name of the name Nataliya. It refers to someone born on Christmas day according to Latin Church tradition.


This is an old lovely traditional name that means fish in Ukraine.


The name is both of Russian and Ukrainian form of the Greek name Xena. It means very hospitable.


This name is a Ukrainian form of Helen. It means the moon.


This is a variation of the Russian/Ukrainian name Oksana. It refers to someone who is hospitable to foreigners and strangers.


This is a popular name used in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish names. This simple name means humble.


It is a beautiful Ukrainian name that dates long back to middle age. The name refers to a woman from the Roksolan tribe.


This Slavic female name is used to refer to a lioness.


This name is a Ukrainian variant of the Greek name Sophia. It means wisdom.


This Ukrainian name was originally derived from Greek origin. It means peace.


Two spelling variants; Svetlana (Russian) or Svitlana (Ukrainian), name means light, bright, or pure soul. The slight variants of this name are Sveta and Lana.


Veronika is the Ukrainian form of the name Veronica. It means to attain victory.


This name is derived from a mythological Slavic Goddess. It means to spring.


This well-known name also means victory, another variant of Victoria.


This is the Russian and Ukrainian variant of the Roman name Victoria. It means conqueror, to attain victory.


This name has a solid Slavic root. It means glory. It can also be adopted for a Russian girl child.


This is a feminine variant of the Ukrainian name Wasyl. It means Queen.


Xristina has its roots in the Greek language, a feminine version for the Ukrainian name Krystiyan and Greek name Christian. It refers to a follower of Christ.


This name has both Ukrainian and Russian origins. It means the gift of God.


It is a traditional Ukrainian name that means glorious and fierce.


It is pronounced ‘yah-rih-nah.’ It is a graceful Ukrainian feminine name meaning peaceful.


This name is the Ukrainian version for Elisabeth. This beautiful name means devoted to God. Perfect for a Ukrainian girl; It is pronounced ‘ye-liza-viet-uh.’


Yeva is the Ukrainian version of the biblical name Eve. It means life, pronounced as ‘yeh-vah.’


Yulia is a form of the name Julia; it has a variant spelling as Yuliya. It means young or youthful.


This is one of the most trendy Ukrainian language names. Zlata means gold.


“A good name is better than striking its riches; a gracious spirit is better than money in the bank.” – Proverbs 22:1 (MSG)

Are you hunting for the perfect Ukrainian baby boys’ or girls’ names? Let me employ you to make use of the above complete list of Ukrainian Baby Boy and girl names.

Firstly, thanks for making use of our selection, we hope it was helpful? Here, we understand the requirements for all parents to name their newborn baby boy or girl.

The above list is a valuable and comprehensive collection of all Ukrainian Baby Names, covering traditional, modern, unique, trendy names.

Also, famous names, short-cute names, and easy to pronounce Ukrainian baby names for strong Ukrainian boys and beautiful Ukrainian girls help you make the right choice!

All Ukrainian baby names have been aligned alphabetically with their meanings and origins to help ease your research.

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