30 Different Types of Sweaters and Their Names

Different Types of Sweaters

Learn about the different types of sweaters to better understand how they evolved from proper garments to attractive and adaptable pieces of apparel.

Sweaters aren’t only fashionable; they’re also cultural. Sweaters have been the subject of songs. They’re cozy, plush, and instantly recognizable.

You can undoubtedly have a lot of sweaters and have worn a lot of sweaters in your life. However, you are unlikely to have worn all of the different types of sweaters that we will mention on this list.

Without delving further into the history of sweaters, let’s get back to the main topic of this article and discuss some of the different types of sweaters that we have. So please read on.

Table of Contents

  1. Pullover Sweater
  2. Aran Sweater
  3. Argyle Knit
  4. Bell Sleeve
  5. Crow Neck Sweaters
  6. Boyfriend Sweater
  7. Cable Knit Sweaters
  8. Cape Sweaters
  9. Cardigan Sweaters
  10. Turtle Neck Sweaters
  11. Mock Neck Sweaters
  12. Cheerleader Sweaters
  13. Cowl Neck Sweaters
  14. Crew Neck
  15. Cutout Sweaters
  16. Fair Isle
  17. Fanny Sweaters
  18. Grandpa Sweaters
  19. Mock Turtle neck
  20. Off-the-Shoulder Sweater
  21. Open Knit
  22. Puffed Sleeve
  23. Raglan Sleeve
  24. Ribbed Sweaters
  25. Scoop Neck Sweaters
  26. Shawl Neck
  27. Sweater Vest
  28. Tennis Sweaters
  29. Twinset
  30. Wooly Pully

Pullover Sweater

This is your classic, comfortable sweater with a rib-knit crewneck, cuffs, and hem; the kind you can layer over shirts, tops, and blouses and stay toasty warm. Also, a pullover sweater is known as a jumper in the United Kingdom.

Aran Sweater

The Aran sweater has a hallmark look of Ireland, and it’s a style that’s gained a global following. Also, in the Aran Islands, Sweaters date back to the fifteenth century.

ishermen’s wives knit “guernseys” for their husbands on the Channel Islands between Britain and France. The guernsey, later renamed a “gansey,” was adopted by other coastal communities in the British Isles and the North Sea.

The gansey was wool and had a short collar and easily re-knitted cuffs. Sweaters became the name for these warm garments later on.

In the mid-nineteenth century, sailors, naval, and army men wore snug woolen sweaters as part of their uniforms.

Sweaters became fashionable at the turn of the century—men widely used sweaters as outerwear. Women quickly followed suit, and sweaters became a fashion standard.

Located just off the coast of County Galway, they are the inspiration for this sweater style. Furthermore, it’s a unique style, and the Aran sweater is recognized for being exceptionally warm, which is essential when living on an island off the coast of Ireland. However, if you’re looking for warm winter sweaters, this is a beautiful place to start.

Argyle Knit

The pattern of interlocking diamond shapes on an argyle knit sweater is instantly recognizable. Also, it’s a preppy, trendy look popular on the golf course.

The argyle knit design is derived from the Scottish Clan Campbell tartan from the Agryll region of Western Scotland. Since the 1600s, the invention has been seen on all types of apparel in Scotland.

However, it wasn’t until the early 1920s that the rest of the world discovered the pattern. When Pringle of Scotland, a famous Scottish fashion house, created its argyle pattern.

Also, the Duke of Windsor, one of the most renowned fashion trendsetters of the time, wore the design. He wore it on the golf course, and the rest of the world took note, and argyle became a fashion sensation.

Bell Sleeve

An ancient fashion trend influenced the bell sleeve sweater. Japan’s flared sleeves date back to the late 700s. Also, during the Medieval Era, bell sleeve fashions became popular throughout Europe.

Furthermore, the flared sleeve trend has never totally vanished from the fashion arena, and it has resurfaced in recent decades. This is one of the different types of sweaters.

Crow Neck Sweaters

A circular rib-knit neckline sits close to the neck of this sweater. Typically, this is a pullover sweater.

Boyfriend Sweater

Even though the boyfriend sweater is for women, it is meant to look like a man’s sweater. It’s known as a boyfriend sweater as a result of this.

The V-neck of this sweater is designed to be loose and roomy. The bottom is ribbed and sits just below the waist. Also, this style is known as the giant sweater because of its concave shape.

Cable Knit Sweaters

The cable knit sweater is a variation of the traditional Irish sweater, the Aran sweater. Although the cable design is centuries old, it is still quite popular.

Because cable knit sweaters are thick and warm, they are popular. These sweaters are thickly knit to keep you warm throughout the winter.

In addition, while the cable pattern on cable-knit sweaters is well-known, it serves a purpose other than aesthetics.

It also adds some texture and warmth, giving it a laid-back vibe that you can wear anywhere. It’s designed for more casual occasions, but You can dress it up with dress pants or a skirt and a jacket. This is one of the different types of Sweaters.

Cape Sweaters

Cape sweaters are ponchos fashioned to seem like traditional capes, yet historic outerwear is still seen occasionally. Also, Cape sweaters are trendy right now.

Also, you can wear them both inside and outside. Unlike many other types of sweaters, Cape sweaters are one of the different types of sweaters that can only be worn as a layer and not be worn alone.

Cardigan Sweaters

The cardigan is a traditional sweater with a wide V neck and a button-up front. This sweater style is named after James Thomas Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan.

He is well known for leading the Charge of the Light Brigade during the Crimean War. In addition, thanks to fashion designer Coco Chanel, the traditional cardigan became fashionable in the 1920s. She preferred sweaters with a button-up front that didn’t muck up her hair when she dressed.

Queen Elizabeth, another style icon, is known for wearing cardigans. Cardigans are versatile and trendy sweaters that both men and women may wear. This is one of the popular types of sweaters.

Turtle Neck Sweaters

It features a high, close-fitting, folded-down collar on this sweater. It’s also referred to as a polo neck or a roll-neck.

Mock Neck Sweaters

This sweater features a turtleneck-style neck, but it will not be a turned-down collar; instead of folding over like a turtleneck, the neck will stand up.

Cheerleader Sweaters

The antique and classic design of the cheering sweater is still popular today. Previously, though, only men wore this garment. Cheerleading originated in the 1880s, with the original teams being entire men.

Until the 1920s, women were not permitted to engage in the sport. They didn’t seize control of the sport until the 1940s when most men served in the military.

Furthermore, Cheerleader sweaters had developed a characteristic appearance by the 1970s: close-fitting, waist-length sweaters with big shoulders and upper sleeves.

You can frequently embellish these sweaters with a letter that represents the school. Also, Cheerleading as a sport underwent substantial changes in the 1970s, with more athletic-friendly clothes.

Cowl Neck Sweaters

Cowl Neck Sweaters can fold down the wide, long neck of the cowl neck sweater. Also, clothing with cowl necklines became popular in the 1930s, but the neckline itself dates back to ancient Greece.

Crew Neck

A short, circular ribbed collar rests right about the base of the neck on the crew neck sweater, often known as a crew neck sweater. According to Gentleman’s Gazette, You can name this collar style after the first fisherman who wore the crew neck look.

Cutout Sweaters

Cutout sweaters, also known as cut-out sweaters, have a contemporary and sexual aspect. Also, Cutout sweaters can be identified by what isn’t present in the pattern.

Cutout sweaters have areas where the wearer’s skin is visible. Cutout shoulders, a skillful cutout area of the chest or back, and cutouts in the sleeves are alternatives for the sweater.

Also, You may find cutouts almost anywhere to create this style that teases with a smidgeon of more skin. Even though this design appears to be relatively new and trendy right now, it has been around for more than 50 years. This is one of the different types of sweaters.

Fair Isle

The Fair Isle sweater is famous for being a favorite among the British Royal Family. Also, With their gorgeous colors, attractive motifs, and soft wool construction, it’s possible that very few people would have heard of these reasonably simple but widely adored sweaters if it weren’t for the royals.

Fanny Sweaters

The fanny sweater isn’t always known as a distinct style in the fashion world because it may be created in various styles. The fanny sweater is distinguished because it is a long sweater that ends below the hips and covers the backside. Many different styles of sweaters can be classified as fanny sweaters if they have this feature.

Grandpa Sweaters

As funny as this might be, A grandpa Sweaters is one of the different types of sweaters available. Like some other sweaters on this list, the Grandpa sweater isn’t a single design.

A grandpa sweater could be a cardigan, a pullover, a sweater vest, or anything else. The complex, typically brilliantly colored pattern of stripes distinguishes the grandpa sweater.

Although horizontal stripes are familiar, they are not required. You may mix in other designs with the stripes in some cases.

Mock Turtle neck

The mock turtleneck is a variation of the conventional turtleneck, but it has evolved into a distinct design. The mock turtleneck, also known as the mock neck, is a close-fitting collar covering about an inch of the neck in sweaters and other apparel types.

Mock neck sweaters have a similar appearance to turtleneck sweaters, except that the neck isn’t as constricting or broad as a traditional turtleneck.

If you enjoy a turtleneck style but not the way the collar feels around your neck, the mock turtleneck sweater is for you. Mock necks come in a range of fabrics and colors as well.

Off-the-Shoulder Sweater

In the 1980s, off-the-shoulder sweaters were trendy, sometimes known as off-the-shoulder. Anyone wearing a form-fitting sweater with bare shoulders can be seen in any period film or television show.

This design trend has just revived, and history shows that shoulders will continue to play an essential role in women’s fashion.

Off-the-shoulder sweaters are still popular today, according to designers. When done correctly, the 1980s vintage aesthetic can be pretty appealing. So go ahead and experiment with this look since shoulders in women’s fashion are empowering.

Open Knit

The open knit sweater is a manufacturing technique rather than a regular sweater style. The yarn of this type is loosely braided together rather than tightly in available knit designs.

The fabric is left with tiny holes as a result of this. Furthermore, these holes are sometimes transparent, allowing you to look through this type of sweater.

Also, The looseness of the weave and the style of open knit designs varies. Also, You can use an available weave design to create any sweater.

These designs are excellent and light, and they aren’t meant to give a lot of extra warmth. Moreover, Skip this one; open-knit sweaters are all about a style if you’re looking for a warm sweater.

Puffed Sleeve

If you’re familiar with the puffed sleeve style from days gone by, whether you’re a fan of period films and television or merely “Anne of Green Gables” stories.

Puffed sleeves are associated with the Edwardian period, depicted in “Anne” stories when fashionable women wore billowy puffy sleeves with gigantic skirts.

You may trace the pattern back a long way. Puffed sleeves have returned as a prominent trend in the fashion business. You can find puffed sleeves on a variety of blouse styles.

Sweaters are no different. You can design puffed sleeve patterns to fit any sweater form, but cardigans and cropped sweaters are the most popular. Furthermore, this is one of the different types of sweaters.

Raglan Sleeve

The raglan sleeve sweater, also known as a raglan sweater, is distinguished from other types of sweaters by its construction. No shoulder seams are also used in raglan sweaters.

On the other hand, the shoulder seam spans across the front of the chest. Furthermore, the sleeves are sewn to the sweater at the collar, resulting in a single continuous seam that runs the arm’s length.

This is also a comfortable shape with a lovely, loose-fitting body drape. Raglan sleeve forms are common on cropped sweaters because they offer a loose, nearly seamless fit.

Ribbed Sweaters

As the name implies, ribbed sweaters have a “ribbed” look akin to corduroy. Also, these sweaters are available in a range of thicknesses and colors.

Ribbed sweaters have a lot of texture but aren’t as bulky as a regular sweater. Although it is a lightweight sweater, it can be worn with a blazer when it is cold outside.

Ribbed sweaters also have a “ribbed” appearance, similar to corduroy, as the name suggests. These types of sweaters are available in a range of thicknesses and colors.

Ribbed sweaters have a lot of texture but aren’t as bulky as a regular sweater. Although it is a lightweight sweater, it can be worn with a blazer when it is cold outside.

Scoop Neck Sweaters

Scoop neck sweaters, often known as scooped neck sweaters, have a broad, rounded neck. Also, the entire channel and some of the collar bone are exposed in this design.

Scoop neck sweaters are commonly manufactured in cardigan and cropped forms, but also, they may be made in a different variety of other styles as well.

However, the scooped neck is a fashionable neckline in women’s apparel. Also, Pair a scoop neck sweater with a collared shirt to show off a lovely blouse instead of your neck.

Shawl Neck

Hollywood’s well-dressed major stars have worn the shawl neck sweater, often known as the shawl collar sweater. Steve McQueen and Daniel Craig have worn it, which isn’t a bad endorsement.

Shawl collar fashions get their name because the tops of the sweaters resemble shawls. Extra cloth is sewed around the neck area to keep you warm and comfy.

Shawl collars are suitable for casual and formal wear and replace your several hoodies. Furthermore, they are also worn by both men and women, indicating that they are not only attractive but also stylish sweaters. This is one of the different types of sweaters.

Sweater Vest

Sweater vests are worn over a shirt and feature no sleeves. They come in round or V-neck styles and may be worn up with a business suit or down with jeans for a more relaxed approach. Sweater vests work with a wide range of dress shirts.

A must-have item of clothing is the sweater vest. This sleeveless sweater has been worn by several presidents and first ladies, A-list celebrities, and trendsetters.

Sweater vests can be fashionable, preppy, sophisticated, and professional. Also, a fashion model or a college lecturer looks fantastic. The best part is that sweater vests remain perennially fashionable.

Tennis Sweaters

Tennis sweaters are a classic style. It’s also a one-of-a-kind item of clothing. The color of a tennis sweater is white, off-white, ivory, or cream. It’s constructed of cable knit fabric and has a V-neck.

It must include colorful bands along the neckline to be called an actual tennis sweater. On occasion, additional color bands are placed on the sleeves and waist. This portion, on the other hand, is optional.


A twinset is made up of two different styles types of sweaters. This is a cardigan with a pullover underneath. Both are constructed of the same material, have the same color scheme, and have the same pattern. This is why this outfit is known as a twinset.

Wooly Pully

The woolly pully, often known as the commando sweater, is a military garment. It was designed specifically for British SAS operatives during WWII.

The sweater quickly spread to other military people, then to the general public. The leather patches on the shoulders and elbows distinguish the woolly pully.

A crew neck collar and ribbed cuffs are typical of a wooly pullover. This sweater is designed to have a smooth, straight flow and fall below the waist with no cinching. It may be a severe or adorable sweater, depending on how you wear it.

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