7 Types of Sliding Doors for Your Home

Types of Sliding Doors

Modern homes have different types of sliding doors with other functions. You can have sliding doors installed for both interior and exterior decoration.

When designing your home, redesigning your home, or changing some components, knowing the best door type to use is very important because doors generally play an essential role in interior and exterior designing.

It is also vital for you to understand the difference and similarities between interior and exterior. Knowing about them will generally help you make a good choice of door for your apartment.

You customized a sliding door in many ways. They can be crafted out of wood or metal, adding beauty to your home.

The types of sliding doors can be differentiated based on their type of design, the material used, and the glass used.

We have different types of sliding doors. Some of them include: Pocket sliding doors, Sliding French doors, bypass doors, patio sliding doors, Barn doors, accordion doors, and many more used both interiorly and exteriorly.

Furthermore, like earlier said, a sliding door can be used for both exterior and interior decoration.

When using a sliding door for your interior decoration, it is advisable to use it for bathroom or pantry doors to save space in your home.

The sliding door is also a popular choice to separate the home office from the main living space. Sliding doors made with glass offer just enough privacy without reducing natural light.

Before I dive into the different types of sliding doors, I would like to say a few things about interior and exterior doors.

An exterior door generally serves as an entrance to your home. They are durable, offer security and safety, and are often weather resistant.

On the other hand, interior doors are inside your room, i.e., the door to your room, bathroom, or kitchen.

They are less durable and not as weather-resistant as the exterior doors.

Different Types of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can offer a variety of styles and appeal to your home, and some of the common types of sliding doors include.

1. Pocket Sliding Doors

Over the years, different types of sliding doors have come to life. One of the most common types of sliding doors is pocket sliding doors.

Pocket sliding doors are types of sliding doors built with a single panel without hinges. When you open a pocket sliding door, the door panel disappears into a pocket built into the wall.

The sliding doors are generally ideal for small spaces. Furthermore, these types of doors are ideal for anyone who want to have a lovely functional door but with limited space.

It makes every sense to have a door that will disappear Into the wall when you have limited space. They also come in entirely different materials or styles and are very comfortable and easy to use.

However, an average house owner cannot fix this door when an issue arises because most of the panels are hidden and replaced most times.

You might have to remove the whole door trimming and opening up the entire wall.

2. Bypass Doors

A bypass door is also one of the most common types of sliding soil. They usually have fixed and adjacent panels.

Like pockets doors, these types of door also work well in a small space but requires much space than pocket doors.

Bypass doors move in a single direction when opened. You use a bypass door in wardrobes or closets.

You can make a bypass door with glass or wood. They are suitable for use as closets or wardrobe doors because they can function as a whole body mirror.

Sliding doors are generally easy to use, and you can get them with a reasonable amount of money. They can also use to separate small office spaces in the home.

3. Patio Sliding Doors

Patio sliding doors are one of the different types used in residential apartments.

They are typical types of sliding doors comprising two panels where one of the panels stays in a place, and the other panel moves over to another side.

Patio doors have hinges at opposite sides, meeting midway. Furthermore, they help create a large entryway when both panels are open.

However, when you call the name of sliding doors, patio sliding came to mind of several people. Everyone loves the convenience of patio sliding doors.

They are rectangular and made of glass. They always look pretty nice.

4. Barn Doors

Barn doors are one of the different types popularly used for interior sliding doors. They usually create a focal point for your home anywhere you place them.

They typically make a focal point for your home anywhere you place them.

Barn doors always look great in any position you place them, either open or close, a barn door is beautiful, and they also help save space since they do not swing open.

They are prevalent in rural areas, mostly made from wood, and are well-liked. They also come in various colors and shapes and can be installed in barns and garages.

5. Accordion Doors

Accordion doors are one of the different sliding doors that offer excellent additions to living rooms or bedrooms, giving a unique outer-indoor living experience.

These types of sliding doors are the most affordable of all the other sliding doors available. This door type slides to one side when opening and folds to resemble an accordion.

They generally come in different colors and styles. They are suitable for use in closets and pantries.

Moreover, accordion doors are different from all the other sliding doors because they are carefully hung. They are relatively simple to install, clean, and have a neat appearance, and they slide easily along the tracks.

Accordion doors are generally suitable for people with a lower budget to conceal multiple entries.

6. Sliding Bi- Fold Doors

The sliding bi-fold door is one of the different entry types that they halve themselves when opened.

The good thing about a sliding bi-fold door is that they save more space than hinged doors, making them very effective in keeping space in the house.

Furthermore, you will see this type of door in the pantry, with the door sliding to one side when you open it, compacting the two halves of the door towards one another.

However, this type of door can be installed very quickly, is very convenient to use, and user friendly.

7. Shoji Doors

Shoji door is one of the different types of sliding door that originated from the Japanese culture.

Many people are now appreciating the Japanese culture, and one of the cultures people are now using in the western world is the culture of interior design.

Furthermore, these doors are usually incredibly beautiful doors made from wood and paper.

Shoji door is different from other door types because it has a unique look of using paper instead of glass.

However, shoji doors using paper means that you have to be very careful with this door. The frame is strong, but the paper can tear easily.

Shoji doors are not suitable for use in a home where children are around. It is only ideal for a house full of adults who will appreciate the beauty of the door treating it with care.

Some of the different types of sliding doors discussed below will help you choose the types of doors suitable for your home.

The type of sliding door you choose will determine how your room will look, so you have to understand the different types of sliding doors available and make your choice.

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