10 Different Types of Kisses and What They Mean

Types of Kisses

You can agree with me that kissing is great! Don’t get red in the face, I know it, and you do too.

Kisses have different meanings depending on the type and who it is coming from. A kiss can be a fairy tale experience for you. It was so for beauty and the beast.

That one magical moment that turns your life around. Every kiss sends a special message to the other person; whether it is a kiss from a parent, a friend, a boyfriend or a spouse.

Kisses are not meant only for the face; there are other parts of the body which can be kissed too.

Let’s make this journey memorable, as we explore different types of kisses and what they mean.

1. The forehead kiss

forehead kiss

This is a kiss to the forehead; it is gentle and expresses admiration. It also signifies a promise; it conveys love and trust and doesn’t require a reply.

It offers an assurance from the kisser that they will be there, no matter the circumstances. From a parent to a child, it signifies love and protection.

For lovers, it is a start to something more intimate and romantic.

2. A kiss to the hand

kiss to the hand

Many think this kiss is old-fashioned, but it is absolutely not. It is the kiss of a real gentleman. In this case, the kisser(man), takes the hand of his lady and places a kiss lovingly, but firmly on it. It signifies respect and admiration for his lady.

Although, it has evolved to be also used for dignitaries and formal gatherings. When used in such cases, it signifies respect and loyalty.

3. The peck

peck kiss

This is a short kiss on the cheek. From a family member, it indicates love. Depending on countries, it may also indicate hello or goodbye.

4. The French kiss

French kiss

This kiss is sometimes referred to the king of all kisses. If you want to know if your man or woman is a good kisser, then this is the perfect kiss.

This kiss involves plenty of tongue action and mastery. It comes from intense passion and romance and creates pleasure and desire for both parties.

You can spice up your French kiss by caressing the cheeks of your partner with your thumb, softly trailing your fingertips along their jawline, and moving your fingers through their hair.

5. Single lip kiss

Single lip kiss

This kiss involves you sucking the lips of the other lightly. It is also known as a seductive kiss, as it gets both partners ready to make love. This kiss signifies that you are really into the other person.

6. Neck kiss

Neck kiss

This kiss is strictly for lovers and is seen as foreplay before lovemaking. There is nothing more stimulating than a touch of wet lips on soft skin. Allow your imagination to run wild; you will get the gist.

7. Nibble kiss

Nibble kiss

This kiss is also for lovers. It involves nibbling softly (subtle bites) on the lips of your lover or their ear lobes. This kiss can end a French kiss or used alongside the single lip kiss.

Trust me, you don’t want to nibble too hard or you spoil the mood as this can result in a little pain. Other than that, there is nothing wrong with adding a little danger to your kisses.

8. The lingering kiss

Yummy! Here, you want to take a break from all the deep kisses, and just let your lips linger on that of your lover. It basically involves the use of the lips to create that passionate and love-filled sensation.

9. The talking kiss

talking kiss

This kiss is for lovers. It involves you whispering in the ears of your lover while you kiss.

It may be done when you cannot go straight to lovemaking or to spice up the kisses of the day.

The words you say during this period makes your partner excited and wanting what follows after that.

10. Adventure kiss

Adventure kiss

Yeah, exploring the body of your lover while dropping these kisses is really an adventure. You may want to start from the forehead and work your way down.

You know what you will find there. This kiss is for lovers, as it is a method of foreplay creating stimulation and desire.

Kissing is an essential part of any relationship, know what works best for you and your partner and put it to action. You don’t want to miss out on the pure and tingling sensation it brings.

What type of kissing do you practice with your partner? Would you like to explore the kisses the list above? Feel free to leave you suggestions and contribution in the comments. Thank you!

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