12 Different Types of Heels to Rock Every Look as a Lady

Type of heels

High heels are shoes that have a heel that is much higher off the ground than the toes.

High heels are any heels that are more than 3.5 cm, and in the case of ballet boots, they can be as long as 18 cm or more.

How to Choose the Correct Pairs of Heels?

Wearing the right shoes might make you feel better and help you avoid injuries open-toe heels are best for wide feet.

When someone with wide feet takes a step down, they spread their feet out. Your choice of heels can affect your entire body, not just your feet.

When it comes to selecting the proper pair of heels, there are various factors to consider.

  1. Always choose the right size: No matter how lovely the heels are, be sure you get the proper size and correct fit. High heels should be comfortable and secure on foot. Open heels might cause your foot to repeatedly slide up and down, causing you to lose your balance.
  2. Shopping at the end of the day: It may seem strange, but your feet are more likely to be swollen and fatigued at the end of the day, making it easier to ensure that your heels fit precisely. Shopping at the end of the day will help you choose the correct pair of heels. And comfortable heels that will last all day. 
  3. Make a test: Before buying a pair of heels, walk around in them. Put on both heels and take a 5-minute walk around the store. Try walking about in them, turning around in them, and feeling how balanced you are. Consider getting a pair of heels if there is a hint of wobble. If maintaining your balance and posture is difficult for you, you should consider other options. Purchase heels with thick insoles and adequate padding.
  4. Take into consideration the heel height: You must consider the height of the heels to choose the right size of heels; you should consider your mobility before opting for a particular measurement of heels. Heels that are 3 to 9 cm high are the most comfortable to walk in. For work, opt for 7cm to 8cm; for everyday wear, opt for 4cm to 5m; while for dinner, you can wear 10cm or more.
  5. Choose high heels made of leather or suede: If you want your feet to be comfy in the long run, invest in top-quality leather heels. High heels are made of suede and leather. This material also prevents chafing in your feet. Aside from that, shoes made of genuine leather or suede endure significantly longer.

What Are The Different Types of Heels?

When you enter a room, the right shoe may boost your confidence, enhance your image, and turn heads. 

There are more alternatives than you might think when it comes to heels.

Whether you’re looking for opulent stilettos, exquisite pumps, or fashionable boots, the fashion world has you covered.

These are the many different types of heels to be aware of while purchasing your next pair of shoes.

1. Block Heels

Block heels

block heels are super stylish, and it also distributes your body’s weight differently compared to thinner heel. As a result, they reduce part of the pressure on the front of your foot, allowing you to stand more comfortably.

A block heel can be either modest or high in height. The bottom heels are 2 to 3 cm tall.

2. High Heels

High Heels

There are many different types and heights of high heels. This category includes any heel that is four inches or longer. Two-inch heels are low compared to high.

The most common kind of shoes with a higher heels are pumps, stilettos, and heeled sandals.

3. Medium Heels

Medium Heels

Medium heels are the ideal height for the office and every day. They’re three to four inches tall, making them excellent work and comfort shoes since they support good posture without putting unnecessary strain on the balls of feet.

4. Cone Heels

Cone Heels

A thick, solid base for a secure stance and a small, delicate tip defines the cone heel. Cone heels come in a variety of heights and can be used for any heeled shoe.

This heel style is both timeless and adaptable. This heel is a maximum of five cm-7 cm long, with a wide top and a thin bottom, resembling an ice cream cone in contrast to clunky heels.

5. Platform Heels

Platform Heels

Platform heels have an additional plateau in the front of the shoe. Platform heels increase both your comfort and the height of your heel by a few inches.

Platform heels are great for evenings out and other non-work-related occasions.

6. Kitten Heels

Kitten Heels

Kitten heels are the shortest type of heels, often ranging from 3.5 cm to 4.75 cm. They’re ideal for parties or work occasions where you won’t require the extra height but will be standing for an extended period.

It is perfect for those who are uncomfortable wearing heels and tall people. iStock Kitten Heels Audrey Hepburn is forever associated with kitten heels.

7. Mid-Height Heels

Mid-Height Heels

The height of mid-height heels ranges from 212 to 312 inches (8.5 cm). They are a middle ground between regular heels and stiletto heels, ranging from 4 to 10 inches in height.

The extreme heels, which are exceedingly small at the base, are made of steel: less than 0.4 inches.

These have been heavily critiqued for the health dangers frequent wear might entail.

8. French Heels

Often known as the Louis heel or the pompadour heel, it is a spool heel variation. The French heel, like the latter, has a large top, a slender center, and a swiftly curving bottom.

Furthermore, they are usually on the shorter end of the spectrum.

9. Flare Heels

Flare Heels

This heel, like flared jeans, rose to prominence during our favorite flower power era, the 1970s. Flare heels have a narrower base that gradually widens as they get closer to the bottom. 

10. Spool Heels

Spool Heels

During the Baroque and Rococo periods in Europe, this ornate heel became popular.

The hourglass shape of this heel is inspired by the spool of an antique spinning machine, which is how it received its name. It is an antique heel with a wider top and bottom.

It was popular in low and high styles, but the standard version has now surpassed the tall version.

The French heel, also known as the pompadour or Louis heel, is similar to spool heels, except that spools are slightly curvy vertically, but French heels are flatter and simpler.

11. Sling Back

Sling Back

Peep-toes, pumps, or a platform are all possibilities for the front design.

Unlike ankle strap heels, the slingback heel features simply one strap that wraps around the back of the Achilles heel.

This provides it with a more attractive appearance while still performing the job of stabilization.

A pair of sneakers When it comes to blending your daily and evening wardrobes, nothing beats a pair of pumps.

12. Comma Heels

Comma Heels

This trendy heel is formed like a comma, as the name implies. Its distinctive crescent shape is both trendy and extremely eye-catching. The curve of the heels is either inward or outward.

Why Should You Wear Heels?

There are more than 100, and one reason you should wear heels. Some of the reasons are listed be are listed below; 

  1. Heels elevate any outfits to the following levels.
  2. Heels make your feet appear tiny and charming. 
  3. The heel makes you feel confident. 
  4. Heels make you look young. 
  5. Stilettos heighten a woman’s erotic appeal.
  6. Pumps make you look powerful and professional.
  7. Some heels are works of art that can be purchased for a reasonable price.
  8. Stilettos make your thighs/bums look enticing.
  9. When I run in heels with jeans, I get a lot more attention and admiration than when I walk in shoes with a skirt.
  10. The heel makes women feel good, elegant, and classy.
  11. Heels make women feel motivated and educated. 
  12. Some women are just addicted to heels. 

How to Pick the Right Pair of Heels to Go With Your Outfit?

Dresses come in all shapes and sizes: long, short, comprehensive, and tight. There are summer and winter outfits, depending on the fabric. 

Every woman wears the same sandal or shoes. As a result, each woman will need to select a shoe with a specific heel based on her age, physical condition, and morphology.

The idea is to choose heels that make you feel more at ease and draw attention to you.

Social norms must be regarded as the sort of event, location, weather, and season of the year that must be observed.

Below are some tips you can use as guidelines;

  • The ideal heels for long gowns: When wearing an attire that entirely covers your legs, it’s perfect for showing your feet a little,  not just to be playful but also to break up the fabric’s monotony. It’s also a great idea to use heels or platforms that allow you to walk easily without scuffing your dress.  If you don’t like heels, try a pair of sandals with a touch of height.
  • You’ll avoid walking on your clothing this way: if you wear plain cloth, you should wear heels, sandals, or platforms with shiny ornaments. At the same time,  a patterned dress should have single-color heels. The more classy and elegant your clothes are, the thinner your heels should be.  If you have large calves, heels or sandals with straps knotted around the ankle or thigh are not recommended.
  • The Perfect Heels for Asymmetrical Dresses: For dresses with short fronts and long backs, a pair of sandal heels and a pair of dress shoes are ideal. It allows you to experiment with various heights while also displaying your legs. Depending on the footwear chosen, this is how the garment will seem. You can use a cone heel, stilettos, wedges, and tall thin heels. 

Five Importance of Wearing Heels

Wearing high heels as a lady merely supports the adage that “beauty is pain,” but if you’ve given up (or are about to give up) this great form of footwear, this post is for you.

Let’s go over the top five important of wearing high heels;

  1. Boost your confidence and charisma: Some people believe that charisma and confidence come from within and what one can do in life. Walking in high heels makes you appear taller and attracts those around you (especially the male folks). When it comes to women’s heels, you need to walk in them comfortably to look and feel confident. You don’t want to find yourself removing your shoes at every opportunity or attempting to rearrange things. Being at ease in your clothes and other fashion items boosts your confidence and charm, making you appear more appealing.
  2. It increases your Height: High heels, for some reason, tend to boost the confidence of the woman wearing them. When a lady wears high heels with a stunning outfit, she feels more forceful, boosting her self-esteem. Every woman wants to walk into the office on Monday morning feeling like a million dollars/ Confidence is essential for general progress in all areas, and we never turn down a little boost. You might discover that all you need is your favorite pair of shoes to boost your social, professional, or romantic confidence.
  3. Enhances the shape of your body: Examine yourself while you’re wearing a flat shoe and when you’re wearing a high-heeled shoe. The way you carry yourself and the contour of your body are both unique. When you wear flat shoes, you usually pay less attention to your posture. With heels, however, the situation is different. Your tummy will be tucked in, bottoms will be elevated, and shoulders will be slightly straightened. Wearing high heels might assist you in keeping that sexy upright body figure.
  4. High Heels Display a Toned Physique: High heels can boost your physique whether you work out five days a week or wish you would. High heels provide the impression that you’ve dropped a few pounds due to their slimming effect; show off your boosted bottom, long legs, and toned calves. High heels draw attention to the calves, making our legs appear longer and more toned, and our buttocks appear perkier. Most people appreciate the instant lift and elongation; after all, who doesn’t want to look fabulous without going to the gym?
  5. Heels Make you Feel More Feminine: Men in the 17th century wore high-heeled shoes to signal their status as royalty or members of the aristocracy. Some other guys who were horse riders and fighters used this sort of shoe to keep their feet from slipping out of the stirrups while riding.

Women are increasingly presenting in fashion pieces that bring out their femininity in our modern generation of ever-changing fashion trends.

Even ‘tomboys’ can exhibit their femininity in their appearance with high heels.

All it takes is good and comfortable heels to enhance your confidence, improve your posture, and draw everyone’s attention to you. A decent pair of shoes can completely transform your life.

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