6 Types of Grills and How They Work

Types of Grills

There are many types of cooking techniques across the world, and grilling is one of them. Grilling cook food with ease and speed, infusing the food with unique flavors that people normally crave. This is why it is amongst the most popular form of cooking. 

Grilling involves cooking food with the heat source beneath the grills and the food above. These grills come in various forms ranging from simple to complex structural designs.

Some grills are designed to be used outdoor, while some are designed to be used indoors. Grilling may be a kind of cooking activity, but it comes in many types.

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Types of grills

Grilling uses various heat sources, and each of them has its respective merits and demerits. Also, each heat source gives off their respective flavor, which the food absorbs; thus, they are different.

However, grilling is done in two ways, and that is outdoor grilling and indoor grilling.

1. Open Fire Grills

Like its name, this type of grill uses an open fire as a heat source. It is constructed with metals or heavy masonry, used to contain the heat source (usually wood or charcoal). 

The open fire grill usually cooks when the wood has been burned down to give off glowing embers, producing and distributing a more uniform and radiant heat when cooking.

The food is cooked directly on the grate as the dry heat burns the food’s outer parts while the inner part gets tender. 

2. Charcoal Grills

Charcoal grills are the most popular type of grills. This is because it is easy to use, and it gives off a smoky, rich flavor that most people crave for. The grills are designed with charcoal as their heat source.

They come in various styles and sizes, but they appear very basic with a small cast-iron container and a grate placed on top. Charcoal is put in the cast iron container (which could be round, square, or oblong). At the same time, the food is cooked on the grate on top of the metal container. 

Charcoal grills come in various forms. This could be according to the construction, which comes with a variety of features. Some constructions are more sophisticated than others with large parts. The most popular models are kettle grills that come with large and domed covers. 

They are also designed with air vents on the top and the bottom for the proper regulation of oxygen to regulate the cooking temperature.

Some models are designed with built-in ash containers with attached work surfaces, including storage units for utensils. The charcoal grill is usually attached to rolling carts to ease mobility and maneuverability.

Another charcoal grill comes with a small gas tank used as a fuel source in igniting the gas grill. Once the charcoal is lit, the gas supply is turned off. This model has a system that provides effective means of lighting charcoal. 

3. Gas Grills

This type of grill is the most widely used outdoor grill. It is fuelled by propane gas, and just like the charcoal grills, it comes in various sizes, styles, and price ranges. It is widely used because of the following benefits:

This type of grill provides an excellent grilled flavor to food, especially when wood chips or wooden grilling planks are used in conjunction during grilling.

This type of grill comes with features that allow you to control the cooking temperature much easier than other grills types. This allows the temperature to be controlled quite accurately. 

Most models possess multiple heat settings for the burners. In contrast, many models have built-in temperature gauges that help determine the precise cooking temperature required for a particular food type. 

Most gas grills have multiple burners, thereby allowing you to grill several foods simultaneously even if each requires a different cooking temperature setting for proper grilling.

Most models of gas grills possess automatic ignition for every burner. 

Although this type of grill is usually used on the outside, some models can be used on the inside. However, the burners of gas grills can cook foods when the pots or pans containing the food are placed.

This means you do not necessarily need to grill your food directly on the grate when you want to use a pot or a pan.

More so, gas grills may include the following:

  • Warming trays
  • Special smoker boxes to add a wood-smoked flavour to food
  • Attached work surfaces that may be folded down when not in use
  • Electric rotisserie units for the excellent flavour

4. Indoor Fireplace Grills

Indoor fireplace grills have been used for hundreds of years, but the modern indoor grills are built into the kitchen. This is commonly used by people who prefer the traditional way of making meals.

Mainly, this type of kitchen grills is usually built into kitchen ranges and electric countertop grills. 

5. Electric Grills Built into Indoor Ranges

Modern kitchen ranges designs offer models that could include built-in grills and a special feature that allows excess smoke and cooking fumes out of the kitchen. This special feature is also known as a venting system.

The grill uses electricity to burn wood and thus provide a more grilled flavored food than most electric countertop grills.

This is convenient to use when you cannot grill outdoors.

6. Electric Countertop Grills

This is a portable and popular type of indoor grill that comes in various styles and sizes. This type is designed to be smokeless and safe to be used indoors; thus, they are convenient to use and easy to clean.

Some models of countertop electric grills have features such as the following:

  • A grill rack that is designed with a heavy molded non-stick material 
  • An electric heating unit which serves as the heat source and is located directly beneath the grill rack
  • A drip is well positioned in a way that can collect any melted fat or grease that leaves the food as it cooks. 

Some models also come with grilling lids that can be closed during cooking, thereby providing a two-sided grilling.

Less complex models of this kind of grill come with traditional sense and do not usually have lids to cover the food while grilling. The grilling grate is also made from lightweight metals and is positioned several inches above the electric heat unit.

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