21 Different Types of Granite Countertops

Types of Granite Countertops
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Please enjoy our comprehensive guide on the different types of granite countertops.

This manual will go over the various varieties of granite you can choose from, the typical costs associated with buying and installing granite, and much more.

In every sense, Granite is incomparable to beautiful, durable countertops. One of the hardest natural stones for the kitchen, it is highly resistant to chips and scratches.

Granite countertops are water, oil, and other kitchen liquid-resistant once sealed. They can last a lifetime if properly cared for, maintaining their rich color and warmth.

Granite is undoubtedly much more than just resilient. It’s innate beauty and glossy sheen never go out of style. Granite is unquestionably more than just a fad.

It has always been a well-liked and desired material for counters. If you invest in granite, you won’t need to replace your countertops again.

Your countertops will be unique because granite is available in hundreds of colors and patterns. Each slab’s veins, swirls, and colors are unique.

Here are some of the different types of granite countertops;

Tiled Granite

The countertop is made from granite tiles that are adhered with epoxy and placed edge to edge. This variety of granite counters is DIY-friendly and very affordable.

The granite tiles have a premium appearance, but the numerous seams created during installation are typically much more challenging to clean.

Additionally, tiled granite isn’t a common choice because it’s still expensive compared to other tiled countertop styles.

Also, many homeowners believe that if they spend all that money on granite, they might as well go all out.

White Granite

Because of their pristine and timeless appearance, white granite countertops are among the most popular.

They mainly consist of quartz, which gives them a bright reflective quality, but they also naturally contain feldspars as inclusions.

Contrary to the artificial quartz alternatives’ sterile feel, white granite has these calcium, sodium, and potassium crystals that give it visual texture. Mica can be found in some forms as well.

The appearance is strongly influenced by the density and color of these inclusions. White granite can have beige, pale blue, or rose accents in addition to its usual gray or black veins and flecks.

Modular Granite

If your kitchen is a standard size, this mid-range option might be a great choice. These pre-cut mini slabs are already made in regular shapes and sizes so that they might fit the design of your kitchen.

You can get granite countertops for a great price in this situation. (Reference: Granite Countertops Price Guide)

Of course, you can choose to fit pieces together if your kitchen does not fit the standard sizes, but you’ll end up with wide seams that might be unsightly.

Since the small slabs are much lighter and more straightforward to install than a granite slab, modular granite is a good choice for do-it-yourselfers.

Slab Granite

This is the most pricey and opulent option; a solid piece of granite manufactured off-site and tailored to fit your kitchen countertop’s dimensions.

Since slab granite is so heavy and challenging to install correctly, it is always done by a professional. Additionally, given the cost of slab granite, you’ll want to take precautions to prevent any cracks or breaks from occurring during installation.

Granite slabs typically come in uniform pieces to minimize or eliminate seams, which impacts the cost. Even though the cost of the stone isn’t significantly higher, you also have to pay for installation, customization, fabrication, and transportation.

Local stone yards, upscale kitchen and bathroom retailers, and well-known retail chains like Lowe’s and Home Depot all sell slab granite. This is one of the different types of granite countertops.

Tiled Granite

You should budget between $4 and $19 per square foot. For about $150 per section, one can purchase DIY kits with tiles and a matching backsplash.

You can anticipate spending between $500 and $1400 to complete the kitchen using several kits. Of course, neither mortar nor the necessary tools are included in the installation kits. Expect a $100 to $400 increase in price.

Modular Granite

Expect to pay between $25 and $100 per square foot for modular granite. If you install it yourself, an average-sized counter should cost between $750 and $3,000, depending on the rarity of the color you pick and any additional customization.

Granite slabs for modular construction frequently have a standard edge, are polished, sealed, and may also have a backsplash that matches.

Brown Granite

Brown is a trendy choice, particularly when combined with light wooden cabinets, despite being darker than beige and having a much smaller range of complimentary colors.

Due to their tendency to feel cozy and comfortable, brown works well in kitchens designed in a country or rustic style. Your granite won’t contrast sharply, highlighting the room’s woodwork instead.

Beige Granite

Although beige granite is similar to white, homeowners generally find it a little friendlier. Beige granite frequently has more brown, black, and gray spots mixed in, which can give you more decorating options. Popular in traditional, country, and other classic design styles, beige is a neutral color.

Black Granite

For those who prefer a more solid color, black is a striking option because the dark hue tends to hide veining better than lighter hues. Any granite will sparkle when the light hits it, but black granite will spark even more.

If you choose black granite, contrast it with white cabinets for an eye-catching look. The winning color scheme for modern kitchens is black and white. This is one of the different types of granite countertops.


This exotic option looks best when used as the center of attention in a minimalist kitchen. Asian-style kitchens look great with granite that has a red or green base, but you should be cautious about the cabinetry you choose to go with them. The cabinets will look out of place with your granite if they are overly bright.

White Ice

Another well-liked Brazilian granite for countertops is White Ice. Although the colors suit contemporary interiors with cool grays or subtle pastels, the strong veining can have quite a dramatic effect. It can also make a strong contrast with dark hues.

Even though white is the dominant color, the surface also contains traces of gray, blue, black, and occasionally brown.

These produce a veined, patchwork-like appearance reminiscent of the frozen lands from which it derives. Additionally, quartz flakes can enhance reflections and give the surface sparkle.

Black Galaxy

As its name suggests, Black Galaxy granite from India seems to capture a brilliant starry sky on a clear night. Another type of granite with a genuinely opulent appearance is frequently used in conjunction with dark woods for maximum impact.

Rarely does Black Galaxy have veining. Despite being sparse, flecks are uniform throughout the surface. White, copper, silver, or gold are the available hues.

When the granite is polished, the flecks add highly reflective contrast to the otherwise deep-black background.

Black Galaxy granite is frequently one of the more expensive countertops, much like Absolute Black. Although honed or leathered finishes are an option, they would dull the highlights that make Black Galaxy so well-known.


Another Brazilian granite is called Ubatuba (also written as Uba Tuba). It gives kitchen countertops an opulent appearance with its mica inclusions and various colors. Although leathered and honed finishes are offered, the polished slab is how it truly shines.

The Ubatuba granite has a stunning variety of color dots. Greens, browns, grays, and blacks are possible, but gold is the feature that stands out the most frequently.

The surface has a general sparkle due to the small size and dense distribution of these inclusions, particularly reflective when highlighted by downlighting.

Furthermore, Ubatuba granite is widely accessible and typically has a competitive midrange price despite having a high visual impact.

Bianco Antico

Although the Italian word “Bianco” means “white,” this granite from Brazil has a soft-gray background. Depending on density, overall appearance can range from light to medium. It is frequently selected as a complement to classic white kitchen cabinets.

When examined closely, Bianco Antico occasionally reveals striking veining that almost has a crackling effect.

Samples are not always representative because a slab’s visual texture can vary significantly; instead, it is essential to view the entire object.

Inclusions of soft brown can occasionally give the overall color of pink. Additionally, quartz crystals embedded in the surface could produce highlights that reflect light.

Furthermore, a mid-range granite is called Bianco Antico. Its versatility can be further increased by being polished, honed, or leathered; each has a distinct appeal. This is one of the different types of granite countertops.

River White Granite

India is the source of River White Granite. Its white base is embellished with numerous deep red burgundy spots, flecks, and light and dark gray veins.

This distinctive granite is unique in every slab. The white base combines cream, blue, and gray shades to produce the most incredible countertop patterns you have ever seen.

The advantages that will entice you to check out the River White include appearance, toughness, and simplicity of maintenance.

Black Pearl Granite

Check out Black Pearl Granite if you want a deep, adaptable black granite countertop. Its overall appearance is dark, just like all black granites.

However, the appearance of Black Pearl Granite adds mystery and further interest. Small shiny silver, gold, green, brown, and gray flecks and speckles are scattered throughout a semi-solid black color. Also, It is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor kitchens.

Baltic Brown Granite

Granite countertops in Baltic Brown display a stunningly beautiful brown natural stone. They have a wonderful mixture of tiny black, gray, and tan flecks throughout a base color of brown.

The so-called “irregular” fracture can be seen in this lovely brown granite stone. This unique quality gives any kitchen space a charming and unique appearance.

You can have Baltic Brown countertops, which have a pleasing appearance and features that resist stains, water, and mildew.

New Venetian Gold Granite

The unique gold granite stone known as New Venetian Gold Granite will fill your kitchen with the radiance and warmth of the golden sun.

Deep gray, red, and brown tones and shades are lightly veined throughout with beige and golden tones. One of the best ways to update your kitchen’s appearance and increase your home’s perceived value is with New Venetian Gold granite countertops.

Tan Brown Granite

Check out Tan Brown granite if you like the look of darker brown granite countertops. The intertwining patterns of brown, black, gray, burnt orange and deep red flecks and hues make for an excellent surface for your kitchen’s daily needs. This magnificent stone is mesmerizing in its depth and richness.

New Caledonia Granite

One of the most attractive and fascinating varieties of gray granite is New Caledonia Granite. Gray and white come in various subtle tones, from light gray to charcoal.

The essential room in your house will benefit from the natural beauty and distinctive, opulent vibe that New Caledonia Granite countertops bring!

Combining various slabs of this gray granite stone is simply because of their unique, constant grain structure. This is one of the different types of granite countertops.

Steel Gray Granite

India is where Steel Gray Granite is from. It represents a granite stone with a low variation abundant in different gray tones and a few tiny flecks of lighter gray.

If you love the enigmatic, dark gray look, Steel Gray Granite countertops are a perfect choice. They are the ideal illustration of how to use conventional stone to produce a sleek, modern decor.

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