13 Different Types of Garage Doors

Types Of Garage Doors
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Discover the different types of Garage doors in this article. The type of garage door you select can significantly alter the exterior of your house.

Since garage doors can occupy one-third and three-quarters of the front of your home, making sure yours looks good and meets your needs is a no-brainer.

Although sectional garage doors and other garage door types have advantages, up-and-over doors remain a perennial favorite. You can select the materials that best complement the exterior design of your home.

You can find the ideal fit in anything from wood to laminated steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and PVC, regardless of your financial situation. 

Furthermore, it depends on the purpose of the garage in the first place as to what factors can be taken into account when selecting a garage door.

Security and insulation values are hot topics because more and more homeowners use their garages for storage or conversion into living or recreational spaces.

Please read on as we discuss some of the different types of garage doors.

1. Up And Over Canopy Garage Door

A traditional up-and-over tilted canopy type of garage door might be the best choice if driveway space is not a concern.

This can be operated by a manual or electric mechanism that tilts up and into the garage after extending outward on a pivoting hinge.

Instead of being made of sectional panels, they are made of a single solid slab. And when the door is fully opened, the door will be parallel to the ceiling.

With advanced technology, up-and-over doors combine quality, security, appearance, and convenience.” ‘With a variety of materials and styles, they can be used as an inexpensive, fashionable solution in any home.

2. Classic Garage Door

Although not everyone finds these doors as attractive as carriage doors. They are still an excellent option for many homes and are becoming increasingly common.

Also, they are helpful for various tasks, and because they don’t swing out when they open. They are ideal for houses with limited extra driveway space.

As a result, many families find them a safer option because they don’t have to worry about the door unintentionally opening and running into a child. The amount of room needed for all the hardware on a traditional door is something to consider.

Furthermore, To properly install the required hardware to operate your door. You will typically have to give up any extra space above your door that you want to use for storage.

This won’t be a problem if the door is close to the ceiling because there wasn’t much more usable vast space, to begin with. This is one of the different types of garage doors.

3. Contemporary Garage Door

When your home is more modern than traditional throughout, a contemporary garage door will add a lot of visual interest and be ideal.

You can find various details on these doors. And each one will enhance your home’s visual appeal and further distinguish it from your neighbors’ homes. A contemporary garage door is a great home improvement project that will increase your home’s value while enhancing the curb appeal. Also, to make the door stand out from the rest of your home in this style. Look for windows, straight lines, and intense color choices.

4. Roller Garage Door

Roller doors, like sectional doors, open vertically using slats wrapped around a drum and take up little space inside the garage.

You can drive right up to these doors because they are made to provide the most space possible inside the garage and in front of the garage.

The ceiling is also open and available for lamps or additional storage. Rolling garage doors combine a space-saving design with the ease of an electrically operated door, says Hipgrave.

Although roller garage doors are relatively simple, they are high-performance. Withstand heavy use, and if built without springs, they shouldn’t rust, freeze, corrode, or freeze.

This is because they are primarily made for commercial use. As a result, these garage door types are frequently a little more expensive. This is one of the different types of garage doors.

5. Craftsman Door

If your home is more like a bungalow, you should choose a garage door that appears to belong to a Craftsman-style house.

Look for small details, such as handles, faux hinges on the side, or even cross beams across the door that will distinguish your door and reflect the fashion you adore.

These doors are stunning, but they also serve the same purpose as their modern or traditional counterparts.

And they’re great for giving your house a finished look and adding visual interest. This is one of the different types of garage doors.

6. Sectional Garage Door

The sectional garage door is one of the most prevalent types and is growing in popularity for driveway designs.

The sectional garage door is the most common type for a reason. It is inexpensive, simple to use, and not prone to issues. Also, the most common type of garage door is a sectional one.

To enable the door to roll up, horizontal sections bend at the hinges and curve to match the front of the garage’s contour up to the ceiling.

Sectional garage doors come in various styles and materials, including glass and aluminum. The least expensive option is aluminum, but it is also more prone to dents.

Although wood needs maintenance, it can be painted or stained to match your house perfectly.

Furthermore, These garage doors typically employ high-tension springs to prevent the door from falling when it is partially open.

They provide full opening drive-through width and rise vertically with no loss of driveway space in front of the garage, providing additional space for wider vehicles like 4x4s and MPVs. Because of this design concept, you can utilize all the space inside and outside the garage.

7. Traditional garage door

You should select a traditional door to give your house a classical appearance and feel. These designs are still in demand for a good reason—they keep looking fantastic and are of excellent quality.

And enhance the appearance of any home. Also, you can rely on a natural-looking wood grain that won’t be naturally be affected by changes in the weather condition and will last for a very long time instead of you worrying about whether or not the type of door you choose will overpower the appearance of the rest of your home. This is one of the different types of garage doors.

8. Wooden Garage Door

For a good reason, wooden garage doors are prevalent. Wood doors are an excellent option for any home style because they have a certain charm that other doors can only approximate.

If your garage door opener isn’t a typical size. You should probably choose a wood door because it’s simple to have it made to the precise size you need.

Additionally, they are robust and can withstand bumps from children playing on them. The main issue with wood doors is that if you want to keep them looking their best.

You must regularly refinish or repaint them. Otherwise, they will start to chip and peel, lowering your home’s curb appeal.

9. Steel Garage Door

If you are concerned about how much upkeep a wood garage door needs, you should choose a steel door instead because it can last much longer without needing the extensive and occasionally expensive maintenance that a wood door does.

Unless there is significant trauma to the door, you don’t have to worry about these tough doors needing substantial repairs or being damaged to the point that you have to replace them.

Steel doors have the drawback that they can dent if hit, so you should use caution when playing basketball in the driveway.

Also, you must fill scratches immediately to prevent door rust. This is one of the different types of garage doors.

10. Aluminum Translucent Garage Door

With translucent window-like panels in an aluminum frame, these garage doors represent the newest garage door design. My favorites are these carriage-style garage doors.

In contrast, the carriage look works better with a more classically designed home, the aforementioned look fantastic on more modern or contemporary homes (i.e., Victorian).

These translucent doors are lightweight and look great at night because they emit light, which boosts a house’s overall curb appeal.

11. Side Hinged Garage Door

These manual doors offer simple personal access while providing durable and reliable performance. They typically have leaves of equal size and open outward.

They give the garage more room inside and are a great solution for garages where access to utility boxes or wall space is needed close to the door entrance.

Although steel is a sturdy option as well for these traditional styles of garage doors, side-hinged doors are frequently made from wood to resemble barn-style doors.

These are perfect if you have a small space because they leave more headroom when fully opened. Because you can purchase this type of garage door pre-hung in a frame or as-is to fit an existing opening, installation may be more straightforward.

12. Side Sliding Garage Door

A side slide garage door is the ideal choice if you prefer the simplicity of a roller or a sectioned door but don’t want to lose any ceiling space.

You could store surfboards or canoes in the garage’s entire ceiling because the door opens to the side. You can slightly open the sliding doors to enter the garage more quickly.

13. Double Door Garage Door

Double doors are the best option if you have a large vehicle that has trouble fitting through a single garage door because they have the advantage of being raised and lowered all at once.

As opposed to having two single garage doors in the same area, you will only need one garage door opener, and you won’t need to worry about these openers needing repairs.

Your size decision won’t constrain you because you can purchase a double garage door in almost any style you desire.

When you want to use half of your garage for storage options and the other half for a car, you can choose between a single door and two single doors if your garage is large enough to support both. This is one of the different types of garage doors.

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