24 Different Types of Door Knobs for Your Door

Types Of Door Knobs
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There are numerous types of door knobs varieties to pick from; this article lists some of the different types types of door knobs available.

The different types of door knobs play a crucial role in keeping you safe and ensuring the security of your property, whether it is residential or commercial. Not only are door knobs functional, but they also contribute to the home’s aesthetic appeal.

You’ll discover more door knob styles available than you anticipated, whether you’re looking to upgrade your door or replace the damaged door knobs.

In this article, we’ll give you the full lowdown on the various types and designs of door knobs. Along with advice on selecting the proper door knob function for each door. Please Read On.

1. Smart Key

It is straightforward to change your locks and feel secure in your home and family when you can quickly and easily key your lock on your own without the aid of a professional locksmith.

Rekeying locks typically takes less than 30 seconds, and the lock doesn’t need to be taken off the door to complete the process.

2. Mounting Hardware Included

A doorknob that already includes all of the required mounting hardware will probably be a better choice for any homeowner who plans to install new doorknobs at their residence.

The homeowner can avoid frequently rushing to the store to find the proper hardware and purchasing the wrong item.

Additionally, since you will carefully select all of the included hardware to function flawlessly with the doorknob, making it simple to switch it out in a hurry, this facilitates quick and straightforward installation.

Also, if you are unsure of your ability to select the appropriate mounting hardware or are concerned about replacing the doorknob quickly, look for doorknobs that come with the mounting hardware.

3. Keypad

Some exterior doors can use an extra layer of security, so if you want to ensure your house is as secure as it can be while you’re gone for the day, you might want to buy a doorknob with a keypad.

This is just one more layer of security that has been added to your home to keep you as safe as possible and to make it more difficult for intruders to enter.

Also, you will benefit from the peace of mind that comes with installing a doorknob complete with an electronic keypad if you are prone to dropping your keys or are concerned that someone could pick the lock on your door.

4. Keyed Entry

The most popular kind of door knobs is keyed entry ones, which must be locked or unlocked with a key.

These door knobs come with the most popular door locks and are frequently used on front doors and interior doors of homes.

Furthermore, you can lock keyed entry door knobs from the inside and outside, but you’ll need a key to lock it from the outside.

The main problem with keyed entry door knobs is that you have to get the doorknob completely replaced or have the key rekeyed if you bend, damage, or lose it.

5. Keyless Entry Door Knob

Instead of traditional keys, these frequently use electronic or intelligent codes. You don’t need to replace the knob if you lose, break, or damage your keys.

If you believe the code on the electronic keypad has been compromised, you can easily change it. But it’s a good idea to keep updating the code now and then.

Therefore, keyless entry knobs might be your best option if you frequently misplace or forget your keys. This is one of the different types of door knobs.

6. Remote

The keyless entry has never been more straightforward, with a remote opening your door when you arrive home.

With a small doorknob, you can enter your home by pressing a button rather than fumbling with keys. Which can be annoying and leave you outside in the rain and cold.

Although they also have a keyed entry, the ability to add and remove access codes as needed makes it simple to let visitors into your home and keep out people you don’t want to visit.

Also, the majority of these doorknobs can be used to replace existing ones without any issues.

7. Concealed Screw

Choose a doorknob with concealed screws if you are concerned about the appearance of your door and don’t want any visible screws.

Although this can make installation a little more complicated. These doorknobs look great and are safe because no one could easily unscrew and pop them out to access your home or room.

Also, this type of door looks great in any home and is available in various styles and finishes. Although many people like the seamless appearance, the additional benefit of increased security should not be disregarded.

8. Passage Knob

Since these doorknobs are utterly incapable of locking, you should never use them on a door that needs to be able to lock.

They are perfect for rooms where you don’t care about privacy or closets because they make it very easy to open and close the door.

One instance is the kitchen, which is typically the center of the home and should be accessible to everyone at all times.

However, installing a passage doorknob on the kitchen door ensures that the door is fully functional without locking anyone out of the room. This is one of the different types of door knobs.

9. Privacy Knob

The person occupying the space can quickly and easily lock the door so that no one else can enter. Privacy doorknobs are beneficial in both bedrooms and bathrooms.

Privacy doorknobs don’t have a key, but they can be locked with a turn-piece or a button inside the room. Selecting privacy doorknobs with an emergency entry hole will allow worried parents to ensure they can enter the locked room in an emergency. 

Furthermore, a thin, stiff object is typically slid into the hole to press a button, which releases the lock and opens the door.

10. Single or Half Dummy Knob

These doorknobs only have one knob and nothing for the door’s other side. These doorknobs are not fully functional.

But it is impossible to tell from their appearance alone because they lack any of the internal hardware that most doorknobs have.

Instead, they are just a single knob that you can add to a door to enable opening and closing. It is a pull knob that is screwed onto the door and is perfect for closets like a linen closet or small pantry because no one will ever enter the space to close the door.

Eliminating the need for a knob on the other side. This is one of the different types of door knobs.

11. Double Dummy

Double dummy doorknobs, also called “full dummies,” are full-size knobs without the latch mechanism necessary to function as a doorknob.

Since they don’t have a latch, they are screwed onto the outside of the door without a hole for a latch.

They are decorative unless you open the door and look for a mortise and latch. It’s usually impossible to tell that they aren’t working doorknobs. 

Furthermore, this is perfect for homeowners who want all the doorknobs in their homes to match and don’t want to worry about some of the doorknobs they selected standing out from the rest.

Also, they work well for ample closets for a person to enter and close the door from behind, double doors, pantries, and utility space rooms.

12. Interior Mortise

The operating components of mortise locks are inserted into a mortise cut into the side of the door. A latch and a knob are used to operate them.

And turning the knob will cause the latch bolt to slide out from the door frame. Allowing the door to open. They are excellent at defending a house from intruders and effectively enhancing property security.

Installation is challenging and requires a skilled carpenter to prevent damage to the door shutter. This means that most homeowners will need to hire a professional to come in and finish the job if they want to replace their old doorknobs with this style of knob.

13. Electronic Knob

Electronic doorknobs will either have a keypad for entry and exit or will also be able to be opened and closed with a key, even though they are incredibly secure.

Some homeowners are hesitant to install them because they are concerned that someone will be able to crack the code and enter the house.

Although this is a constant worry, there is little chance it will happen because these doorknobs are regarded as very secure. This is one of the different types of door knobs.

14. Push Lock Knob

By simply depressing a button on the knob inside the desired room, these knobs are quickly and easily locked. At the same time, this has the advantage of making them very simple to close and use.

It also means that small children can lock them with ease. Turning the handle is all it takes to unlock the door from the inside. And you can carefully open most doors from the outside through a small emergency entry hole.

15. Thumb Turn

These doorknobs have a tiny piece that you must turn at the end of the knob to lock the door.

As a result, locking a doorknob with a thumb turn is typically more deliberate than accidentally locking one with a push button.

With the emergency entry hole found on most doorknobs. You can usually unlock a push-button doorknob from the outside like you can with a thumb-turn doorknob. These knobs are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms where more privacy is desired.

16. Eclectic Door Knob

Eclectic knobs allow the homeowner to express their personality and sense of style through the doorknobs. Making them ideal in the home of an artist or stylist.

These doorknobs, which come in vivid colors, intricate designs, and even unique shapes, are perfect for people who believe that every room in the house should reflect their style. It’s simple to find eclectic doorknobs that instantly update a room, from rocks to skulls.

17. Rustic Door Knob

Rustic doorknobs are aesthetically pleasing, simple to use, and frequently have entertaining decorations.

It is simple to find doorknobs with images of bears or moose on them. And they are typically bronze or oil-rubbed bronze in color.

18. Tropical Door Knob

A pineapple-shaped tropical doorknob will give you the impression that you are at the beach for the best sense of escaping on vacation while still at home. They fit in well with tastefully decorated homes and are fun and quirky.

19. Glass Or Crystal Door Knob

These tasteful door knobs have a classic appeal and will never go out of style. Glass or crystal door knobs will undoubtedly give your foyer or room a touch of elegance.

Furthermore, by including a silver or gold backing and a crystal shank, your glass/crystal door knob will look more opulent.

Glass makes up most of the crystal door knobs currently on the market. This is one of the different types of door knobs.

20. Satin Nickel Door Knob

These door knobs are more basic and conventional in design. If you’re looking for something quick and straightforward to use and also reasonably priced, satin nickel door knobs are a great choice.

These door knobs, which are typically round in shape and have basic latches, can be mounted on any door.

21. Brass Door Knob

Brass is a sturdy, dependable metal that lends a classy, sophisticated touch to doorknobs. There are several types of brass door knobs, including shiny, antique, and satin finishes.

Furthermore, brass door knobs are straightforward to maintain. And their silvery-gold hue adds vibrancy and can brighten even the darkest room.

22. Oil Rubbed Bronze Door Knob

Your oil rubbed bronze door knobs are a great option if you’re looking for distinctive door knob designs to make your doors stand out. These look great with almost any style of decor.

Many different metallic color options are available, but oil-rubbed bronze door knobs have a dark, charcoal color.

23. Chrome Door Knob

Chrome door knobs have gained a lot of popularity recently. These are not only very simple to locate in your neighborhood hardware store. But they also come in various sizes and shapes for door knobs.

And most importantly, they are reasonably priced. With just the occasional polish, chrome door knobs are straightforward to keep clean and shiny.

24. Copper Door Knob

Your doors and décor can have a distinctive look thanks to copper door knobs. Copper has a lovely burnished sheen that is very alluring. Copper door knobs are sturdy and long-lasting and polish up beautifully for a tidy appearance.

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