16 Different Types of Closet Doors

Types of Closet Doors
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No matter what kind of closet space you have, there are always different types of closet doors that can enhance their size, usability, and overall appearance.

If you are a homeowner, it is said to be beneficial to have a basic understanding of interior design because you will understand the significance of even the smallest details, such as a closet door.

Selecting the best type of closet door has benefits beyond maintaining or enhancing the room’s overall design scheme. Additionally, you must make the best choice to make the most of the storage space in your closet.

The most popular types of closet doors are covered in this article. Knowing them and their respective advantages and disadvantages would help you decide which to pick and which kind to install in which rooms.

Please read on as we discuss some of our different types of closet doors.

Bypass Closet Door

Through the 1980s, this door style was common in mid-century architecture. They remain popular but are no longer as widely used as earlier fashions. Simple sliding closet doors are what bypass doors are.

Since they can slide along a track rather than open into the room, they are lightweight and take up less space in small spaces. 

A selection of bypass doors can match any design aesthetic. They are available with wood, glass, paneling, plain fronts, mirrors, and other materials.

Since they can make it challenging to access closets, bypassing doors can be a little inconvenient. They make it difficult to use the center of your closet to its full potential because you can only reach into one side at a time.

Furthermore, they need a track to move along, so if there are many moving parts, they could be damaged and cause the doors to open jerkily or to come off the track.

For a reach-in closet, bypass doors are a straightforward and practical door style as long as the track is kept in good condition.

Bifold Closet Doors

One of the most popular choices for closet doors is this one. Bifold doors slide along a track, much like bypass doors. On the other hand, the two-door panels that make up a bifold have hinges in the middle, allowing them to fold together and open to the side.

With this closet door design, you can easily access the center area of your closet and both sides of it simultaneously. Bifolds can be easily found to fit any room because they are available in a wide range of finishes.

Bifold doors tend to come off the track, which is a drawback. They make it more difficult to access the far sides of your closet while leaving space in the center.

Furthermore, the bifold door is another option for reach-in closet doors that saves space. Poor tracking will cause fewer problems if the door is installed correctly. This is one of the different types of closet doors.

Accordion Closet Door

This style of closet door is made of several door panels that are accordion-fold, as the name would imply. These panels move along a single track typically mounted above the door opening.

Modern accordion doors are made of vinyl or PVC, and if an acrylic material is inserted, they can mimic wood, laminate, aluminum, or even fiberglass.

Sliding Barn Door

The popularity of sliding barn doors has increased along with the popularity of rustic farmhouse decor. This door has exposed, rustic-looking hardware installed outside the frame.

This door style is an excellent space-saving option because it can be customized to fit any size door opening and stays along the wall.

Sliding doors have a specific aesthetic, so if you don’t like the rustic look, you might not like them. Depending on the door materials, they might suit you if you want an industrial look.

Also, this door is not for you if you dislike the appearance of exterior hardware. These doors may not be the most cost-effective option because they are frequently customized to a room.

Furthermore, Any closet size or design can have these doors made to fit. They can save space and, surprisingly, only occupy a small amount of the wall they slide on. This is one of the different types of closet doors.

Pocket Doors

In many older homes, pockets slide into a pocket in the wall and are a lovely feature. This frees up space in rooms with little room for a door to swing. Pocket doors are a great space-saving feature that gives off a luxurious, traditional appearance.

The cost of installing pocket doors can be high. You’ll need to get specialized hardware and have a wall opening made.

You will probably need the cool assistance of a professional to complete the installation unless you are exceptionally handy.

Additionally, pocket doors are a lovely addition that can significantly improve the appearance of your bedroom while conserving valuable space.

French Closet Doors

French ornamentation is renowned for its class and exclusivity. These French closet door varieties are a great illustration of that.

These doors need something sturdy to hold onto, and you’ll need a lot of room to open them. As a result, you shouldn’t choose this style if your closet isn’t larger.

Many closet door options are available for French doors, which typically have wooden frames, clear glass panels, and shiny hardware.

So, if you install this, your walk-in closet will become the pinnacle of tasteful design. However, this door isn’t an excellent choice for minimalist homeowners because it has a vintage feel. This is one of the most beautiful different types of closet doors.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are classy if door clearance is not a concern and you enjoy some drama. They can fully open because they are joined to the door at the top and bottom. You can accommodate any style or room size by making their order.

These are not for budget-conscious shoppers. The hardware may be pricey, and they require expert installation. Since the doors are frequently customized, expect to pay a hefty price.

Furthermore, pivot doors, with their simple opening motion, are both practical and impressive options for a large room.

Mirror Closet Doors

These doors keep your closet area light and are incredibly stylish. Frameless mirror doors can be customized and made to look like bypass doors.

You’ll get full-sized types of mirrors to check out your outfit in addition to saving space. It’s pretty impressive that you can avoid mounting a separate mirror in your walk-in closet this way. The feng shui in your bedroom may also benefit from this.

However, these closet doors require a lot of work to maintain. Additionally, you’ll receive some unwelcome glares in your room, which is demoralizing. This is also one of the different types of closet doors.

Bookcase Closet Doors

Since most of us live in tiny apartments or small homes, many of us find it difficult to organize things. The bookcase closet doors will be an excellent addition to our interior in that case.

In essence, it is a bypass door with bookshelves. To make your space cozier, you can keep your reading materials and some decorative items. Furthermore, your closet will be utterly accessible once you open the door. The best of both worlds, isn’t it?

Furthermore, these closet door designs can be installed relatively simply anywhere, regardless of how big or small your room is. Moreover, you are free to use any material, so a large budget is unnecessary.

Double Pivot Doors

This is the swinging closet door that is more common. They appear to be two standard doors with individual knobs. You can have a full swing to access the entire closet or open just one door simultaneously to conserve space.

Also, you can use more contemporary styles or the common latch lock. It works best in rooms with more space. Also, they can be made of various materials and finishes in terms of design.

Glass Closet Doors

You can use the sliding style to create glass closet doors like mirrored ones. Many people’s dreams can come true with these doors, which are renowned for giving your interior a sleek appearance.

When choosing glass closet door styles, you also have a ton of closet door options to choose from. Depending on your preference, glass closet doors can be made with a framed or frameless design. You can easily purchase tinted or frosted glass doors instead of clear ones if you’re uncomfortable installing them.

However, you must take care of the glass door to keep it in top condition once you have it. Make sure it won’t be a problem because these doors tend to get dirty quickly.

And yes, if durability is a concern, always choose impact-resistant glasses for a better experience. This is one of the different types of closet doors.

Single Swinging Doors

Are you seeking a simple design? Then choose single swinging closet door types. The door can only open 90 degrees thanks to the hinges used in its construction. This is the best choice for minimalists because it is both elegant and straightforward.

But you’ll need enough room on the floor to access your closet to open this door. Therefore, if your room or closet is messy, this might not be a good option.

Louvered Closet Doors

These doors have wooden or glass louvers on the frame, which allows air to circulate in your closet. They are appropriate for any medium to a large room and typically come with two pairs of panels.

The louvered doors, however, are challenging to keep clean and are not the best option for people who live in humid climates.

Wood Closet Doors

Consider wood closet doors if you have a penchant for a rustic, country, or farmhouse aesthetic. The closet’s bifold or sliding barn door would be the most popular type.

Accordion closet doors are also incredibly beautiful to look at. While some wear and tear are expected over time, regular maintenance can minimize it. This is one of the different types of closet doors. 

Synthetic Material Closet Doors

This one serves as a general term for the PVC, acrylic, and vinyl materials utilized in the construction of closet doors. They are more versatile than other materials and can be made into various designs.

They are also very strong and light. A bypass, bifold, or sliding closet door can be made of synthetic material if you prefer alternative designs.

Single Panel Closet Doors

Even with a single closet door, which is more practical if space is your main concern, you can still have a very fashionable closet door.

It is a standard swinging door that can match the material and design with consistency to the door to your bedroom. If you are into minimalism, it is an excellent option for you and only requires a small amount of door space to be swung out.

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