24 Types of Bra Cups Explained

Types of Bra Cups

Do you know that bra cups are an essential part of the bra you wear? Your choice of bra cups also depends on the type of bra and clothes you wear.

The type of bra cup you choose defines how your breasts look on your dress.

Knowing the right choice of bras and bra cups is essential if you want to enhance the looks of your boobs.

Types of Bra Cups

There are dozens of types of bra cups; here are some prevalent ones:

1. Full Cup

This kind of cup offers maximum coverage to your bust. The full cup is designed and featured with a broad back and wide wings that provide support. Also, it covers the entire breasts, especially for ladies with fuller and larger breasts. If you have huge breasts, this type of bra cup will offer you great comfort and security.

2. Demi Cup

Demi Cup is a half cup, and it covers from half to three-quarters of the breast. It creates the perfect amount of cleavage and also keeps you comfortable. Furthermore, the demi Cup is delighted for ladies with small and medium breasts.

3. Minimiser Cup

This type of bra cup compresses your breasts, making them appear less bulky. Wearing a bra with this bra cup looks best on free tops rather than tight shirts.

4. Cut and Sew Cup

These are often seamed cups made with two or more fabric pieces. With the additional construction, they provide support to the breasts.

5. Padded Cup

Padding in cups often provides enhancement; add size and a smooth finish over your outfits. Padded cups are for women with small breasts.

6. Balconette Bra Cup

The balconette cup is more petite than demi cups. They are cut horizontally above the bust line with vertical seams, which adds extra boost, while the little padding will enhance your breast shape. Lastly, the balconette bra cup also gives your breasts a full figure.

7. Contour Bra Cup

Designed with a unified layer of padding and made especially for women nervous about large breasts. Contour cups are crafted with underwire and have a foam lining. With the contour cup in your bra, your breasts will have a defined shape.

8. Petite Cup

The petite cups are specially made for women with small boobs, as the cups can give a natural lift to busts.

9. Soft Bar Cup

The soft bra cups are designed not to have under-wires and feature multi-part cups. Soft bra cups are designed with support slings and straps, granting enough support.

10. Seamless Bra Cup

The seamless cups are one of the most comfortable types of bra cups you should try out. Seamless bra cups are molded in a particular form to feature a smooth lining and transparent design.

11. Lined Bra Cup

The lined cups are suitable and comfortable. It prevents see-through. By the sort of lining used to design the cups, it enhances the support and bust fitness. Lined cups are relatively thicker; therefore, they also remove nipples show through.

12. Nursing Cup

It is usually designed for breastfeeding mothers. These cups are designed to be open, allowing space and air for the baby to feed without taking off the bra. Furthermore, the cups also accommodate the change in size when your breast is full.

13. Sports Bra Cup

With the sports bra cups that hold the bra firm, you can be comfortable carrying out any physical or sporty activities. The fabric used in making these cups are such that they absorb sweat and moisture. Also, this type of bra cup flattened the breasts against the chest but still allowed free movement.

14. Adhesive Bra Cup

The adhesive cups, also known as stick-on cups, stick to the breasts. The cups cover deep cleavage and are very comfortable for small-sized breasts.

15. Beginners Bra Cup

With the beginner’s bra cup, your teenage girl is safe and will feel very comfortable with full support from the cups that allow for adjustment.

16. Medical Bra Cup

Women who have just undergone breast augmentation or surgery do not need to wear bras with heavy cups, and what is recommended for them is a mastectomy bra cup or medical bra cup. With this type of bra cup, you do not have to worry about breasts pain after surgery, and these cups offer you comfort and support.

17. Push-up Bra Cup

The Push-up cup is designed to give fitting and natural lift to the breasts. With the extra padding of the under of each cup, you do not provide worry about sagging breasts.

18. Bandeau Bar Cup

These cups are suitable for ladies with tiny busts. The cups are not separated, and the fabrics of the cups are stretchy. This type of cup does not give much support.

19. Half-lined Bra Cup

The cups are half-lined inner with a lacy outer, and it is more like a see-through than a regular cup.

20. Bustier Bra Cup

The bustier bra is more like an inner singlet, but with the design of a cup. The cups are heavy and comfortable for ladies with large breasts.

21. Bullet Bra Cup

The bullet bra cups are shaped like a cone, and the cups have circular stitching leading to the apex point. These cups are very suitable and comfortable for women in the armed forces.

22. Encapsulation Sports Bra Cup

Sporty Ladies are not supposed to wear bras with regular cups, and the cups are separated and have compression capabilities.

23. Maternity Bra Cup

Also known as pregnancy cups. These kinds of cups are meant for ladies who are pregnant. The cups are made of cotton fabric or any other fabric that can support the growing breasts(as the pregnant lady’s breasts will change during the pregnancy).

24. Spacer Bra Cup

The cups of a spacer bra are made of light and breathable fabric. It features a light and breathable spacer foam padding inside the cups, making the bra comfortable.

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