12 Types of Bathroom Sinks

Types Of Bathroom Sinks
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Learn about the various types of bathroom sinks, also known as basins, that you may purchase for your main bathroom, guest bathroom, or powder room.

In this critical, high-trafficked area of your home, the design of your bathroom basin can make a difference in your bathroom makeover or new build.

When no care is given to the procedure of your visit, you know the washroom is working correctly. A high-quality water bowl can achieve this ease of use while making a practical room surprisingly attractive.

Regardless of the size or the design of your toilet (did you know that’s what WC stands for? There are various types of bathroom sinks and bathroom vanity units to consider when planning your new bathroom design (because I didn’t).

Sinks can be made to be both durable and stylish, and they can be the focal point of any bathroom suite. You’ll be astonished at how well one of these solutions can make a difference in a space, whether it’s the bathroom next to your primary bedroom or even a little powder room.

Let’s talk about some of the various types of bathroom sinks available without further ado.

1. Wall Mounted Bathroom Sink

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a wall-mounted basin! This basin with a robust body hangs from your bathroom’s wall. This is ideal for situations with limited room or simply want a clean, minimalist look.

The plumbing fixtures are visible, but this can give your bathroom a rustic feel — it’s like having an exposed brick wall in your bathroom.

Furthermore, this design does not allow for a built-in cabinet, but it provides additional storage flexibility! But be careful not to sit on a wall-mounted basin because they can’t support too much weight.

2. Drop-In Sink

A drop-in basin sits on top of a vanity or counter. This is designed in a classic style, with the basin in the center of a standard surface. The drop-in basin features a broad rim that makes installation a breeze.

Only an appropriately sized hole in your countertop is required, and the sink is easily placed in the spot and supported by its rim. This is one of the different types of bathroom sinks.

3. Undermount Sink

Sinks that are installed from below, as the name implies, are known as under-mount sinks. They’re usually embedded in surfaces like granite or marble slabs.

The sink is installed beneath the solid surface, and the space in the countertop perfectly fits the rim of the sink bowl.

Furthermore, the sink and countertop appear to be one item once the basin is placed. Also, if the work is clean and the edges aren’t evident, the under-mounted sink will look perfectly merged with the countertop.

This also allows you to experiment with different colors and materials to make a unique basin unit. Also, these are relatively common, and most of us already have them in our bathrooms. In addition, this is one of the different types of bathroom sinks.

4. Vessel Sinks

Sinks formed like a vessel or bowl are known as vessel sinks. These vessel sinks will be placed on a solid surface or countertop.

Unlike under-mount sinks, these bathroom sinks do not require any particular installation or cutting from the size of the sink into the countertop. Furthermore, it’s simply positioned on top of the countertop.

The vessel can come in several shapes and sizes, but it’s commonly a round or oval bowl. Also, the water is less likely to splash and saturate the counter if the vessel is taller.

However, depending on the vessel’s height, the faucet can be positioned differently to reduce splash.

5. Pedestal Sinks

Given its name, a pedestal sink is likewise self-explanatory. A pedestal supports the sink. In turn, the pedestal is put on the floor. This is essentially a floor-mounted sink.

While the pedestal supports the sink, both pieces appear to be merged because specific hardware covers the sink material from the outside.

Furthermore, this is a nice setup that doesn’t take long to put together. You only need to find a location to install the basin and pedestal because they come as a single unit.

The plumbing is likewise hidden, resulting in a clean and tidy space. In addition, this is one of the different types of bathroom sinks.

6. Topmount Sinks

Top mount sinks are inserted into the countertop from above, unlike the under-mount sinks explained before. A rim is usually installed on top of the surface of a top-mounted sink to prevent the sink from dropping through the gap.

Self-rimming sinks are sometimes known as drop-in sinks since they are lowered into the cavity from the top. The rim around the edges makes them easily identifiable in kitchens.

Furthermore, Mounting clips or even caulk beads are frequently used to secure these sinks. While the rim is included in the design for practical reasons, it also gives relief and texture to the overall look.

This is extremely handy if the counter and sink are the same color. This is definitely one of the different types of bathroom sinks.

7. Console Sinks

One of the most fashionable and gorgeous varieties of bathroom sinks is the console sink. For the most part, these sinks are wall-mounted. However, they are supported by two to four legs.

Usually, the area beneath the sink is unoccupied and can be used for storage. In this configuration, the basin frequently serves as a sink and a counter.

Furthermore, You can also add metal rods to the basin’s legs, which can hang towels or other uses. This is a multi-purpose bathroom sink that is very handy in small bathrooms.

8. Corner Sink

A corner basin is comparable to a wall-mounted basin, but it is specifically built for a room’s corner! Because corners aren’t typically used in bathrooms, this is an excellent method to save space.

Because they can’t support weight and don’t give any storage space, this is a more informal option for two-piece bathrooms. Also, these sinks remind me of those found in public beach restrooms.

9. Semi-Recessed Sink

Basins carved out of a slab of stone are known as semi-recessed sinks. The countertop and sink are normally made of the same material and appear to be one piece, yet they may be made up of several sections that have been joined together.

In addition, these basins are only slightly sunken and do not go all the way down, unlike completely recessed basins. As a result, they are a hybrid of countertop basins and full recessed basin bathroom sinks.

Faucets and other plumbing fixtures are frequently installed on the wall behind these basins. This is one of the different types of bathroom sinks.

10. WashPlane Sinks

A wash plane sink is a sleek and slim design that adds luxury and style to any bathroom. Also, they take up very little space in the room and have a very sharp and contemporary style. However, other than handwashing, they are only suitable for limited uses.

Furthermore, the back of the basin usually has a trough that leads to a hidden conduit. The sink’s tilt guarantees that water flows through this gap and into the waste pipe rather than out the drain.

These sinks are frequently fixed on the wall, which frees up valuable floor space. It’s the most contemporary and minimalistic of the bathroom sink designs.

11. Vanity Sink

Sinks with a closet or cabinet underneath them are known as vanity sinks. However, this cupboard can also be used as a vanity closet for storing cosmetics, medications, and other toiletries, thus the name of this bathroom sink basin type.

Although it takes up more space, the entire unit looks like a complete piece of furniture and can be pretty handy even in a small bathroom. These types of bathroom sinks may be preferred by women who spend a lot of time and effort on their appearance.

When it comes to the sink and the vanity below, you can experiment with different color choices. The sink can be a bright white, but the vanity below it, which is usually constructed of wood, can be a variety of hues. You can even paint your patterns on it.

12. Table-top Sink

A tabletop sink sits on top of a flat surface that resembles a tabletop, thus the name. A table-top sink differs from a vessel sink in that it is usually square or rectangular in shape.

Furthermore, it may also have a vanity cupboard attached to the bottom, but the most distinguishing feature of these types of sinks is that they are mounted on top of a flat wall-mounted counter.

The space beneath this unit could be unoccupied and available for storage. This is one of the different types of bathroom sinks.

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