40 Two-letter Baby Names That Packs a Punch

Two-letter Baby Names

Choosing a name for your newborn can be a challenging but rewarding experience for new parents. There are many options to consider to pick the perfect name that will accompany your little bundle of joy throughout their stay on earth.

If you’re not a fan of long names and just want to keep it short and simple, then going for a two letter baby name can help you achieve that.

Whichever name you decide to pick, make sure it’s what you and your partner agree on, and don’t forget to consider what your child will think about the name in the future.

You don’t want him, or her to grow older and not forgive you for choosing a not-so-stylish name.
Our list of two-letter baby names contain both popular and unique entries, so you don’t have to worry about not finding the perfect name.

Two-letter baby names

Here is a list of two-letter baby names select from as well as their origin and meaning. If you can’t find the one you like or have something more fashionable, don’t forget to share it with other parents and us via the comments section. Thanks in advance for your contribution.

1Alfair, handsomeBoyEnglish
2Boto liveNeutral (mostly boys)Swedish/Danish
3Cymaster, lordNeutral (mostly boys)Greek/Persian
5UnknownNeutral (mostly girls)American
6KeArthur’s brotherBoyEnglish
7KiAir, breath, Sumerian earth goddessGirlChinese, Korean
8pronounced as BeygirlUnknown
10KyStrait of waterNeutralCeltic, Gaelish, English
11OmFather of IdunnBoyNorse
12OzStrength, courageNeutral Hebrew
13DiDivineGirlLatin, French
14Elvariation of EleanorGirlFrench
15FiLoveNeutral (mostly girls)Gaelish
16EdShort for EdwardBoyEnglish
17JoGod is graciousGirlLatin
18RaName of the Egyptian sun godNeutral (mostly boys)Egyptian
20Lufamous warrior, lightGirlGerman, Latin
21Sito listen, hearBoyHebrew
22pronounced as MeyGirlUnknown
23SyOf the forestGirlLatin
24Modark-skinned, Moorish; saviorNeutral (mostly boys)Hebrew, Latin
25TyFrom the land of EoghanNeutralAmerican
26KaSpark of lifeNeutralEgyptian
28God will increaseBoyHebrew
30Suwater, respectful Neutral (mostly girls)Turkish, Chnese
31ViShort for violetGirlAmerican
34Tuearth; starNeutralChinese; Vietnamese
36Muserious, adoredNeutralChinese
37Azstrong, miughtyBoyHebrew
38Puuncut jadeNeutralChinese
39LylionNeutral (mostly girls)Vietnamese
40Jiorder, continuityBoyChinese

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