43 Tomboy Names for Girls and Their Meanings

Tomboy names for girls

The name you choose for your daughter, niece, cousin, or granddaughter can say a lot about her personality.

So, If you’re looking for something that says spunk and sass, consider these 43 Tomboy names for girls.


If a name makes you think of your favorite Disney character, it’s our vote. Although we believe Ariel is a spunky tomboy girl named Giselle works as a tomboy nickname. The best part? You can probably use these Tomboy names long after she stops being a tomboy.


If you’re looking for spunky Tomboy names for a girl with an air of sophistication, try Bailey. It’s more common as a surname and is Irish in origin (spelled Ó Beagáin). On a day-to-day basis, you probably won’t find many Baileys. 

However, There’s no shame in taking a less popular route if it fits with your little one’s character. Girls who are free spirits and challenging as nails need to have spunky tomboy girl names. Bailey is perfect if you’re looking for something different that isn’t too out there. 


The name Aiden, a little fiery one in Gaelic, is hugely popular with boys but also perfectly cute for girls. Add it to her nicknames, like Allie or Aidan, to make it even more tomboy-like. Other great options of Tomboy names include Anastasia, Andromeda, and Antoinette. 


Waverly is an evergreen shrub with dark green leaves and fragrant flowers. This soft and straightforward name means wavy and is perfect for a boisterous little girl with wavy blonde hair. 

Moreover, it’s an uncommon name; Waverly is also a surname. It’s old-fashioned, but its simplicity makes it more modern than you might think. We love the spunky Tomboy names.


Inspired by television, Tyler comes from the character Tyler Lockwood from The Vampire Diaries. These names are great options for tomboys or people who like to play sports. 

However, The name Tyler means people’s ruler. Another strong and manly of those Tomboy names that many can connect with. 


The feminine form of Andreas, meaning man. Andrea can also be a variation of Andrea, which means strong, or a combination of Andrew (man) and Andrea (strong). This is one of the Tomboy names that may seem to lean toward masculinity at first glance. 

Unfortunately, in use today, it’s hardly given only to boys. Andra is rarely used as a full name.


It is a female version of Anthony. It may be unusual, but it does not carry any specific meaning or significance. If you are looking for a gender-neutral name, Antonette is a good choice. Antoinette: It has been derived from ‘Antoine.’ 

Although, the name sounds feminine and conveys elegance and innocence. Antonio: Men with such terms are likely to be passionate about life and would always speak their minds. 

However, The male name is commonly used in Italy, but it can also be spelled as Antone or Antony. Armani: One of those quirky tomboy names, Armani means beautiful eyes in the Armenian language. It’s an appropriate meaning that appeals to parents who want something unique and modern.


Taylor Swift is one of the perfect Tomboy names. She is pretty, popular, and a successful singer and songwriter. Her songs are popular not only with teenage girls but with all ages.

However, the meaning of Taylor is a tailor. It’s an adorable name that would make your little princess a perfect tomboy girl name.


Sloane is a surname that was traditionally used as a masculine name. Although, it has been adapted in recent years to fit female characters. 

So, It’s now characterized as part of the Tomboy name. Originally an English last name, Sloane’s meaning is a small lake. 


This unisex name began appearing on charts in 1916 and today is given to about 100 baby girls a year. It’s no wonder parents are choosing it, considering that Augusta has become synonymous with greatness.  

In addition to being powerful, Augusta also means majestic and greatness. So it’s appropriately one of the Tomboy names that high-achieving people have borne.


I love Avery! If you’re looking for spunky tomboy names, you can’t go wrong with Avery. It has all of my favorites: A, V, and Y. 

Furthermore, it means your little one will have an easier time fitting in all of her nicknames as she grows up. This is an excellent option if you want to get creative with Tomboy names. Avery also works well on either gender, thanks to its super-simple style.


This is one of those classic tomboy girl names that every child, boy or girl, will always love. It’s nature, outdoorsy, and an adventurous name. Not to mention that it’s super cute as part of the Tomboy names.

However, the name Sawyer is adorable for a little girl. Though, this tomboy name is more likely to be used on a little girl than as a middle name choice.


One of many awesome tomboy names. The best thing about Riley is its versatility, and it sounds great when paired with anything from Smith to Campbell. Riley has you covered if you’re looking for traditional Tomboy names with feminine flair. 


The name is a girl name. The origin of Bernadette is Latin. 

However, Bernadette is a variation of Bernardine (English). There are thousands of people with these Tomboy names here, giving you plenty to pick from.


Blake is a cool name, given to over 44 boys in 2016. Blake first reached public notice as a surname from Scotland and Ireland. It later became famous as a masculine given name among English speakers in America during the 1950s and 1960s. 

Moreover, in some parts of North America, Blake can also be used as a feminine name. Another great option if you’re looking for girls’ tomboy names is Blakely.


Another part of the tomboy name meaning little dark one, Carson would make an excellent option for your little tomboy. If you want to choose a unisex name, look at Carsyn, an alternative spelling of Carsen. Both words mean a little dark, so you could use either to describe your son or daughter. 


This particular tomboy name is also a girl who likes to play sports/ enjoys outdoor activities. The name means park keeper, making it a choice for parents who want to explore parks with their children.  


This name is derived from a Greek word meaning Warrior, and it’s also used as part of the Tomboy names. In Greek mythology, Elliot was a playboy who annoyed Aphrodite, making her fall in love with him. 

So, when she begged Zeus to punish him, he transformed him into a spider as punishment. This cool name can work in any generation and either gender.


This name is perfect for spunky, tomboy names for girls. It means fortress at harriethat, initially used to describe one of two British warships. A spunky little Harriet might remind you of her namesake., 


It’s a great choice to pay homage to your favorite author or character. Henrietta is also pretty and feminine. Moreso, it has a unique flair that sets it apart from other girl names like Grace and Isabella. 


French for God will add (another daughter). It’s not classified under the Tomboy name because it’s not tomboyish. 

Although, it does have a don’t mess with me vibe. A name you could use if you have a daughter you want to honor or tease. 


They are borne by a mythological Spartan queen and an Australian actress. Kai is an undeniably badass girl’s name but not part of tomboy names. 

So, this is a bonus point if you give it to your little warrior girl with a K. Trust us, she’ll love it and be proud of her moniker. If you’re looking for something more traditional, go with Kaia. 


This name might not be one you would have expected as one of the tomboy names. Although, with various nicknames such as Kylee and Kylie, it fits well. Even if your child isn’t particularly masculine in personality, she will still love being called Kyle by family/ friends. 


This name is associated with Ireland and Scotland. It means slight hollow or hollow and has been used as a name since about 1445. Logan also makes another excellent tomboy name, thanks to its unisex meaning. 


A fiery bird rising from ashes, phoenixes symbolize rebirth and renewal. It’s a perfect moniker for anyone who has overcome a significant obstacle in life.

 So, remember, though, it’s another part of the Tomboy name. But, giving your daughter a fiery nickname like Phoenix may not be appropriate for her to use.


This is a boy’s name but has been popular among female babies since 1950. A famous Sam is Samantha Brown, an American author, and television personality.

However, her shows have won awards for travel. It’s another part of the great tomboy names if you like to travel.


Descendants of Scotland, Stephanie is a spunky Tomboy name. The name means crowned little queen and was given to children born on St. Stephen’s Day (December 26). 


It may be short, but Toby is spunky. A cheery demeanor and spirit is a great way to give your girl an edge. Just make sure you avoid masculine nicknames like Tobes or Tobey because they’re not Tomboy names.


The name Wilhelmina means protector and is derived from a combination of William and Helen. However, in recent years it has taken part of the more Tomboy names that sound with its two-syllable rhyme. 


A take-no-prisoners name with a history of all-American success—from Wyatt Earp to Wyatt Cage. Wyatt is often used as a surname but works just as well as a first name. This spunky tomboy can play on the farm and still get straight As in school.


One of my favorite Tomboy names for girls, Wren, is a bird of song with delicate features and a bold personality. However, this name’s meaning craven has an old-fashioned vibe, which pairs well with more modern vibes. Its alternate spellings include Renn, Rennie, Renee, and Rain.


A Celtic name that means of, or like, God. Originally a boy’s name, Teagan is coming into its own as a girl’s name in modern times. With the popularity of kids’ TV shows like Avatar: The Last Airbender and Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.


Part of the perfect Tomboy names. It’s strong, and it sounds mighty. Trust me; your baby girl will make a splash with Sutton.


You are inspired by the Scottish place name Rowan, meaning little red-haired one. This short and sweet name is ideal for your spunky tomboy girl. The perfect name for your go-getter child! 


The spunky tomboy that we all wish we were. Elegant, spunky, and upbeat are a few words that can describe someone with the name Peyton. 

Furthermore, the tomboy names are derived from Peighton, an English place name meaning town on a plain. This girl will have boys and girls alike floored by her charm and confidence.


Girls can be tomboys and can be given Tomboy names too. Names with Jamie as a root may be what you need. 


This classic Irish name could be a great choice if you want something traditional and straightforward. However, this girlie-sounding alternative to Shane is cute and spunky with a nice girl power edge. 


A robust and intelligent name that doesn’t skimp on cute. It’s got a little bit of an edge, but it doesn’t outshine how adorable it is—a perfect pick for girls and not boys or tomboy names.


One of my favorite tomboy names for girls is Reagan. I think it’s a beautiful name that has become more popular in recent years. The definition is ruler and regal, so it makes sense as a tomboy name too.

Moreover, If your daughter likes to wear masculine clothes or play sports like soccer or football, then maybe Reagan would be an excellent choice.


Suppose you’re looking for a way to pay homage to your Greek heritage without coming off as tacky. Rhea may be perfect as part of the tomboy names. 

Also, it’s spelled Rhea or Rea, an appropriate name for a girl who thinks she can do anything. These tomboys won’t let anyone call them sissies. The rest of us will have to refer to them as cool chicks.


The German word for glad or cheerful. This name is among the Tomboy names gaining popularity in America. Please get it here: Jae-Alexandra, Jae-Lee, Jae-Lynn.

Moreso, this spunky tomboy name is also used by Spanish speakers and may be a variant of Juana. 


Often associated with green, fresh leaves, ivy also symbolizes eternity. Fittingly, it’s become popular to give tomboy names like Ivy and Brooke. 


This is not only part of the cute tomboy name but also comes with a lot of meaning. Jade is symbolic of love and marriage. 

However, many people think it protects against danger and evil spirits. Plus, your child will always be able to find their favorite color in nature,


With so many tomboy name options available, finding a name that fits well with your daughter’s personality is essential. Of course, not all tomboys are created equal and should be given regular Tomboy names. 

Moreover, some are calm and cool, while others get into trouble regularly. Try finding a tomboy name that suits your child’s personality perfectly! Happy naming!

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