Things to Do at a Sleepover

Teenage girls lying on pillows

For any child, regardless of the age, the classic sleepover is tradition.

Sleeping over at a person’s house or having a child sleepover at your place is a way for a teenager to have a taste of independence.

It also allows the child to see how other households operate or learn how to work together and be a good host.

Sleepovers provide a child with the freedom to attempt something different and allow them to create long-lasting friendships.

While sleepovers are seen as the apex of fun by children, the experts assume that they also can strengthen a child’s emotional intelligence or the capability to be conscious, be in control, and convey their emotions.

While sleepover at friend’s home is a child’s first taste of freedom, it’s also the right time for a parent to begin the process of letting go of the impression of their kid as their baby and start considering the fact they’re actually growing.

As a parent, the idea of our little ones growing up is a difficult pill to swallow.

However, appreciating how much pleasure they will have during a sleepover will make it a little more bearable.

Hosting a sleepover is a lot of stress, but you want your child and their guest to enjoy themselves.

Here is a list of a few simple and thrilling things to do at a sleepover that will ensure that your kid’s sleepover will be the talk of the town (in a good way).

Create homemade slime

Creating slime is a common means of keeping the children active while harnessing their inventiveness. There are numerous types of slime and different things you can put in it.

If creating homemade slime isn’t something you like to do, you can always purchase slime kits that will make the process more simplified. Amongst the best aspect about it is that everyone can carry their creation home with them as a souvenir.

Play a taste test game

Everyone believes that they are aware of what their favourite brand of cookie, ice cream, juice or variety of chip is. But do they actually know? Play a blind taste test game using snacks or drinks each guest likes.

Let them guess which one they like the most. If you’d like to make it more scientific, let it be a double-blind test so no one would know the brand or type. After everyone is done, do a big reveal of each person’s favourite.

Develop a custom nightshirt or gown

Get your guests a large T-shirt or plain nightgown. When the time is right, each person begins to design their nightshirt or gown.

If you plan on wearing it to bed during the night of the sleepover, you might want to start your project immediately because there might not be enough time for it to dry.

You can make use of any design you desire, using fabric paint, Glue sequins, Sharpies, or other sleek objects to your DIY sleepwear. As long as it is entertaining, everything will turn out well.

Play glow in the dark games

When the sun sets, the glow sticks will become more visible. There are various types of glow in the dark games you can play both inside and outside.

It can be as simple as dancing with glow sticks or as complicated as glow in the dark capture the flag.

Below is a list of glow in the dark games:

  • Glow Frisbee
  • Glow in the dark Cornhole
  • Flashlight Tag
  • Glow treasure hunt
  • Glow ring toss

Start a nerf war

Acquire some nerf guns and foam ammo out. You can play as a team, or it can be a single-player game. If you truly wish to get into the game, you can set up a barrier course utilizing cardboard boxes or pallets as protection.

You may even include a water balloon for more fun. Just ensure that you make use of eye goggles for protection. If you do not want to shoot at each other, you can erect marks and discover who among you is the sharpest shooter.

Paint and hide rocks

Painting tiny rocks using your unique designs is pretty fun. You can add inspirational words on them, decorate them to resemble your favourite animal or emoji.

Although what is even more entertaining is that you can hide them in place around your neighborhood so that other children can find them.

You can also write a little message on the rocks instructing whoever found them to hide the rock again to keep the game going. You can even begin your own or join a rock finding Facebook page but ensure you tell your parents before making any decision.

Make your pool party

If you own a pool then no problem, but if you don’t, you can always create a mini pool party. It isn’t a bad idea to put up a mini blow-up pool and pretend to be at the beach or local pool.

Provided that the weather is good, the chances are vast. Get some inflatable pool toys, lawn chairs, and drinks, so you can sit and appreciate everyone’s company.

Prepare homemade popsicle

There are numerous types of recipes for preparing homemade Popsicles online. It can be as straightforward as pouring juice or Kool-Aid into Popsicle moulds to blending up the whole fruit and yoghurt to prepare a gourmet treat.

There are popsicle moulds that come in numerous shapes, and you can get them in conventional moulds as well as moulds that resemble bananas and spacemen.

You can make flavoured ice cubes in different forms to make the sleepover drinks a little sweeter. Regardless of the flavour or mould of the Popsicles, they are an acceptable means of passing the time.

Play laser tag

Laser tag is a tremendous way to be active and have some good time, and it can be done inside or outside. You can play this game in teams or have everyone do a battle royal (everybody vs everybody).

If you do not have the gear, you can play any kind of tag. Few recommendations are Freeze tag (teenagers are frozen when tagged), tunnel tag (the players have to go under a person’s legs to get back in the game) and blob tag (when you are tagged you are required to hold hands with the person who tagged you while looking to get other players).

Create a play or puppet show

Conducting a play or puppet show will get everyone’s imaginative juices flowing. Begin by selecting a play or puppet show theme, or you can use a similar concept from your favourite movie.

If you can’t get puppets, you can always use stuff animals or create some out of little paper bags. Give everyone a role in the play or puppet show and have a good time.

Play in the sprinklers

This is a traditional good old’ pastime. This is a simple and fun means of getting everyone moving and wet with no pool needed. If you have built-in sprinklers then just put them on, and you are good to go.  But if you don’t have, get the ones that you can hook up to a hose and let the fun begin.

Play traditional sleepover games

No sleepover would be perfect without playing one of these games:

  • Truth or dare
  • Two truths and a lie
  • Have you ever
  • Would you rather
  • 21 questions
  • Make me laugh

Make crafts

Getting inventive is often fun. Below is a list of crafts that any sleepover guest would like to do:

  • DIY cardboard marble run
  • Birdseed ornaments
  • Cloths pin aeroplanes
  • Lunch sacks kites
  • Pour painted flower pots

See a movie

Occasionally you just want to relax. Grab a film and watch it with your friends. This helps everyone unwind for the evening. Don’t forget about the goodies! There is nothing better than snacking and watching a movie.

The perfect sleepover includes a blend of kid recreations that will tire them out, alongside some more undisturbed pastime.

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