41 Thai Names That Are Beautiful and Meaningful

Thai Names

Thai names are beautiful and meaningful. It’s no surprise that many parents are choosing to give their children Thai names instead of Western ones.

Thai characters often have meanings related to nature, culture, or the personality of the name bearer.

Furthermore, this makes them all the more meaningful when you consider what it means to be someone named.

However, picking an appropriate word can be challenging, especially when you aren’t familiar with the Thai language and its conventions for naming children. 

Here are eight beautiful Thai names that you can use. They might inspire you as you think about the perfect name for your baby girl or boy.


It is growing and Developing as a Person. It was named after a flower. Apinya is derived from an evergreen plant known for its blossoms and fragrant leaves, native to Thailand. 

Furthermore, Apinya, when used in combination with names beginning with S or T, can mean development or growth.

That is, in those syllables, often taken to be related to personal development such as social behavior or emotions.

If derived from these roots, the full name would translate roughly into Growing/Developing Tree. 

Also, the name is a trendy name amongst female children in Thai names during 1995-to 2000. These numbers are approximate based on reported births in that area but not exact figures.


When you hear a name like Anong, it’s hard not to think of tropical beaches and sunny skies. The word means heart, an appropriate title for someone who embodies your true love. 

When asking for a girl’s name among Thai names, Anong is what you’d say if you’re looking for. Find out more about Anong’s meaning here!


An old-fashioned name, Malee, has its roots in Sanskrit and means youth. Sukhum: Another traditional Thai name that’s rooted in Sanskrit. It means happiness. 

Also, Phanuwat: A modern take on a classic, Phanuwat comes from Sanskrit, too. It means friend of women. 

Lastly, Chayut: We’re big fans of the Chayut name for one reason: it sounds like Pikachu! Those names are trendy among Thai names.


A famous female name among Thai names. Sudarat means golden in Thai. In Thai culture, girls with that name are compassionate and understanding. Also, they have a good sense of humor and express themselves creatively.

Additionally, they tend to be ambitious and hardworking; their passion for success is unsurpassed. You can call your daughter by any number of nicknames, including Sui or Srau.

Also, you can call her by Arat if you want to shorten it. If you’re trying to choose a perfect name for your little girl, look no further than Sudarat!


Pantheon is a word used to describe someone who cares for and brings others joy. It’s also an easy way to remember a loved one’s name, which should be every parent’s goal!

Furthermore, if you have children or are considering starting a family, try naming your little one Pantheon. It’s one of the Thai names your child would love to bear. They will surely grow up to become someone that makes their family proud.


The name Sarawut means precious stone and is common among Thai names. It may be spelled differently depending on how it’s said. If you’re looking for a traditional and natural-sounding name for your daughter, Sarawut could be an excellent choice! 

However, what’s the only thing to watch out for? She may get frustrated if people forget how to pronounce her unique name!


This name is straightforward to understand among Thai names. It comes from a phrase in Thai that means strong and brave. Preeda is one of Thailand’s most popular names for newborn girls.

However, Preeda has also been given to boys. If you like strong girls, consider naming your daughter Preeda!


Som means cool, calm, collected, and is an excellent pick for babies born in Thailand during summer. From December to February, Bangkok sees an average high of 88 degrees (30 Celsius), making Somchai a fitting choice.

With its association with tranquility, Somchai can also be given to babies born during quieter times of the year. 

Furthermore, in 2010, it showed among the top 100 Thai names given to boys—but it wasn’t nearly as popular among girls.

The name may soon become more widespread; that same year, there were 623 new births named Somchai. That is 20 percent higher than in 2009. 

However, don’t expect American parents to follow suit anytime soon. There have been no recorded instances of Somchai in America yet!


Being feminine and delicate, ferns add a touch of charm to your name. Although it is not very common among Thai names, it remains one of our country’s loveliest names for girls. Ferns are naturally beautiful and can be found in Thailand’s forests, whose slender leaves drape from trees like feathers. 

Furthermore, with nature in mind, the fern is an attractive choice for girls with a hint of adventure. Not only does it sound sweet, but it means to develop.

It also means to grow well when written as ฟริน่า (pronounced: fu-ree-a). Have you ever heard anything more adorable?


Nattapong is a very traditional name and is of Chinese origin. It means to do good things or to do the right things. Nattapong would be a good choice for parents who want to choose a meaningful name with a traditional flair. 

Also, you can translate it into English as Natalie. Natalie is well-known in American culture as a classic, beautiful girl’s name. Nattapong is also popular among Thai names as a boy’s name and has been for generations! 

Lastly, Nattapong might not be a familiar name for Westerners. If you want to give your child something lovely but unexpected, Nattapong could be perfect.


The name Siriporn means pretty and fragrant. An excellent name for a girl, it has been in use since 2000 and is relatively popular among Thai names. 

Also, it can be spelled as Sripon or Siphon. The meaning of Siriporn can be interpreted differently depending on its tone.


To be praised; is a name that honors its bearer as one who brings light into others’ lives. This is a great name for anyone with leadership abilities, an excellent quality to have in business and entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the word Sunan is most commonly used by those of Chinese descent. It is popular among those of Malay heritage. However, it can be used by any gender and age group as one Thai name.


Kanokwan is one of the Thai names, and it means golden basket. This girl is sure to make friends wherever she goes! Kanokwan might also be written as Kankawan or Kamkawan, depending on where you live. 

Also, this name sounds very pretty when said aloud, and it’s got a lovely meaning. What could be better?


Lovable little sweetheart. This name is an endearing tribute to someone special. The meaning of Teerapat is similar to its importance in English; it means charming. 

Furthermore, the name is pronounced tay-rah-PAHT. (Example: Teerapat’s sister, Sompong, could be called na-muting TAN.) It’s an excellent choice for parents who wants one of the traditional Thai names with a lovely meaning for their child.


(Thai female) From Sanskrit ācārya meaning teacher. In Thailand, Achara is one of the most common names for women.

The male equivalent is Acid—also,Ekarat: เอกเรศ (Thai female) From Sanskrit akṛt meaning bestowed with good qualities. Ekarat is not common among Thai names.


The meaning of noon is to strive, to endeavor, which is a very admirable quality for both men and women. It was first used in 1842. 

Famous bearers include musician Ali Nasser Noon (Ali Al-Nassir) and soccer player Phanuel Kavuala Nnochiri (1973–2013).

Also, football manager Aleksandr Novikov (born 1967). Noon is one of the beautiful Thai names you should consider naming your child!


Meaning golden lotus, panupong is a beautiful but rare female name among Thai names. The lotus flower in Buddhist mythology holds great significance, with both beautiful and spiritual characteristics. A golden lotus symbolizes strength, peace, and prosperity. 

Furthermore, it’s no wonder panupong is a perfect first name for your daughter! As an added bonus, panupong translates well into English or any other Western language. She’ll have a timeless name if you decide to move your family abroad one day. 

Also, She won’t need to change her identity just because you relocated. For example, Narae would become Natalie in English or Anne in French (or most other European languages). You don’t have to settle for common English-translated names when looking at Asian languages!


Alisa is one of the beautiful Thai names, and it means beautiful. But what makes it a meaningful name? One of Thailand’s most popular beaches is named after Princess Alisa.

Consequently, the name has to be a good one! If you want your child to have a beautiful and meaningful name, go with Alisa.


This name is a girl’s name, one of many Thai names. Chanathip also has alternative spellings, such as Chanathiphon or Chanatip. This means that Chanathip is used in multiple languages and/or countries and may have several variations of its meaning. 

Furthermore, a few factors that may play a role in how it is spelled include Countries using non-Latin alphabets. Thailand, for example, often spell foreign names with minor adjustments to better fit their language’s phonetic system.


An Anchali is both beautiful and meaningful. Meaning beautiful, the word Anchali comes from an ancient Indian language. It’s a name for someone with a lovely voice. 

For example, you could name your daughter Anchali because she has such a beautiful singing voice! A girl who has an Analchali as a middle name will live up to its meaning of forever stunning. She will do this by always being gorgeous and kind-hearted. 

Also, a boy named Ananchala will be fortunate in love, just like his parents were when they called him! And even if he isn’t beautiful, his inner beauty will shine through – just like his name! You should consider Anchali among the beautiful Thai names you want to name your child.


This delicate name is perfect for a girl whose beauty knows no bounds. The name translates to pretty in English. With this name, she will surely win over any crowds as soon as she steps into society. 

Furthermore, Praewa is beautiful and has many positive traits that make her an attractive person to know. Get ready to get compliments! 

Lastly, the name can also be spelled Prayaw. Praewa is a beautiful name you should consider naming your girl child among Thai names.


Phonetically pronounced Ah-bee-sit, meaning the love of knowledge. This name is popular with both genders. If you have a boy or girl, you may want to consider it as an option among Thai names. 

Also, if your child loves to read, they’ll appreciate being reminded that every time their parents say their name. I can attest—I met a little girl named Apisit who enjoyed reading very much!

Her family proudly called her Little Bee, and she seemed like a brilliant girl! Lastly, You could do worse than your child being named after an insect that pollinates flowers and creates honey!


This name means merciful, soft, lovely, and charming. You can also pronounce it rinnada. Rinrada can be used as a nickname for girls whose names end in -rada. 

Consequently, you might know someone called Nida or Mardda (friends of mine) but call them Rinrada. That is – like a nickname, but more meaningful! It is also great for mothers with daughters with names ending in -thara.

This is because you can use RINTHARA instead. Use your imagination! You should consider Rinrada, a charming name among Thai names for your girl child!


A beautiful name among Thai names, and it means flower. This name has a subtle grace and beauty to it. We don’t see many Thais with flower-inspired names, but it’s perfect for a young girl.

Also, it is perfect for an adult woman who has a romantic and delicate personality. Flower-themed names like Boonrit are great for Western families, too!

Lastly, if you’re looking for something softer and more feminine than Rose or Violet, Boonrit might be your top choice. The only downside is that there aren’t many girls with flower names in Thailand.


A lovely name among Thai names (not derogatory), Pronounced mock. It means cute, friendly, and petite (i.e., a pretty little person or animal). It can also be used to describe someone quiet or shy.


This name, among Thai names, meant love me more and was given to especially beloved people. (Sounds like a pretty popular title.) In Thailand, it’s possible to see street signs with unusual names such as Porrmate Road or Kratie Alley. 

What’s so cute about these names is that they double as a greeting that can be used in public. If you pass someone on the street whose name is Kratae, you can say, Kratie ahk-ahn?

Does this translate to Do you love me? They will usually respond kindly by saying yes or no, depending on their feelings for you at that moment.


Pronounced mee-tawp-uhn, among Thai names, means beautiful lotus flower, Methapan is a perfect name for a baby girl. You can either shorten it to Methaporn or leave it as it is. It sounds like someone whispering so softly that you must strain to listen. 

Furthermore, in terms of meaning, lotus flowers are beautiful but poisonous and hard to grow. Hence, how difficult life could be for little Methapan. She may sometimes struggle, but she will always be beautiful and graceful like a lotus blossom.

Aekarat Seangchan

This beautiful name is a female name, meaning elegant queen, and a male name, meaning golden sun. The latter is popular among Thai names for royal families. It is often used as a royal title. 

However, we don’t know if there are any royals with that name, but we love it nonetheless! Aekarat is also listed as one of the 101 most appealing Buddhist names for both sexes in Thailand. This is because it means noble virtue. (But again, we know of no famous people named Aekarat.)

Assadayut Kantawong

This, among Thai names, literally translates to comes into view. It is a common name among new moms who have not seen their newborns for nine months! 

Similarly, couples with baby number two might name their son Alangkarn (flower of happiness, another popular boy’s name).

Others might choose to honor their parents with words like Surasak or Charuvit, which mean wisdom/knowledge and friend, respectively.

Still, others will keep religious figures with names like Metta (loving-kindness) or Vimalao (purity). There are plenty of options for girls as well: pretty Abhijati (wise) and Asarene (gift) are both growing in popularity.


This female name means spirit in Thai and is very commonly used. Natnichia means blessed with spirit. Another meaning of nat is soul. 

Also, it is a popular name among Thai names. It is also popular and non-Thais. She also called Netchya.


This is one of those traditional yet elegant Thai names. It isn’t prevalent in America but holds a lot of meaning. Cherries are round, sweet, and plump.

Also, they can add a zing to many foods and represent health, prosperity, love, and wealth. The cherry tree is traditionally used in floral arrangements because it represents happiness, youthfulness, and hope. 

Furthermore, a name such as Cherry would be perfect for your little girl! She’ll enjoy picking cherries from her favorite tree when she grows up! 

Although, it doesn’t have any negative connotations except for maybe to those who don’t like cherries! Try not to use Cherry as an abbreviation for Cheryl or Cherrie.


One of those names that’s equally sweet, sexy, and cool all at once, Baifern (ใบเฟิน) means fragrant. It is a good choice for parents looking to give their daughter a name among Thai names with traditional roots. It’s pronounced something like By-far-un. 

However, remember that though it has fern in its name, no direct English translation is available. Be sure your prospective neighbors are familiar with fern plants before deciding on this name for your little girl!


This name means kind and generous in English. Kachawuth also sounds similar to another popular name among Thai names: Wassana, which means forever beautiful.


The word means royal gold, but it also signifies wisdom and clarity. Pongsakorn, among Thai names, is believed to bring good fortune and an ideal personality to people with that name. 

Also, notable people with that name include a former education minister and a University of South Florida professor. Also, an actress from Thailand. It’s hard to dispute that Pongsakorn is beautiful and meaningful at once!


While you may have trouble pronouncing it (fern-AHN-doe), Fernando, among Thai names, means true. So don’t be shy about calling your son by his full name—you’re giving him a great gift.

It’s also an increasingly popular name, so he’ll have an easy time making friends. Moreso, just be sure to call him by his nickname, Ferny. This is because most people think it sounds like something from a Stephen King novel.


Among Thai names, it is a powerful monarch and a popular choice among traditional parents in Thailand. It is not used as often as other names, but it stands out for its solid masculine feel. It has connotations with power, authority, generosity, and honesty. Its meaning is power.


Among Thai names, there are many theories about how exactly Tangkwa got its name. However, it’s generally agreed that its meaning comes from two different words in Chinese. The first word is the tang, which means peace and safety. 

Also, the second word is kwa or guah, a typical Chinese surname that makes up part of many family names. Together, these words create a term with positive connotations relating to safety and tranquility.


This name, among Thai names, means flower shop. Kantima is also a female name, but it might be tough to find its meaning unless you know that kantima is short for kantima Hua chon.

Furthermore, kantima Hua chon translates to the flower of a rose. We love that beautiful connection between these two words!


Girls who have Ngam-Chit as their name often tend to be intelligent and funny. It also means a girl with many talents or gifts used for good. A Thai names and meanings search usually results in many girls named Ngam-Chit. 

Also, this name is cute and works perfectly for a middle name. It also works for a nickname or shortened form of a long term!


Thinking of a traditional family from Thailand, you’ll probably have an image of a mother, father, and several children. Indeed, families in Thailand tend to be significant.

Furthermore, according to data compiled by The World Bank, about 3.5 people lived in each household in 2013. (The worldwide average was just under 2.) What explains why so many people live together is that many use their Thai names as nicknames. 

Also, they use it not just for friends but also for family members. Thus ‘Tone Deum’ may go by ‘Ton .'(Sounds like the dawn.) 

However, In English, Ton might sound like Don or Tony. But what do those nicknames mean?


Among Thai names, Khim means gold in both Lao and Thai. Khim is also an ordinary girl’s name in both countries.

Khim Kherdsaknavong was a notable member of Thailand’s women’s volleyball team at various international competitions.

Furthermore, she participated in the 1996 Summer Olympics and 2000 Summer Olympics. Her sister Somyot Kittimankhong served as vice-captain of Thailand’s women’s volleyball team. Another prominent woman with an equivalent name is Khamla Phanrassamee (born 1952).

She works as Director-General of Women Development for the Office of Gender Equality and Family Promotion. She has worked in the office under the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security since 2005.


The world has many diverse cultures and beautiful languages. However, when it comes to baby names, few beat Thai words. With a rich history and highly creative culture, Thais have come up with some cool names for their children. 

Also, any of these names have deep meaning based on a person’s life or characteristics. Others are derived from mythological tales or religious beliefs.

Lastly, we hope you’ve found one, whatever your reason for choosing an unusual name for your child. We hope you’ve found a name that is both unique and meaningful!

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