33 Cute and Creative Teddy Bear Names

Teddy Bear Names

Teddy bear names have long been associated with those cuddly little stuffed animals we’re all familiar with. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only name you can call your new furry friend. 

There are other options to give your teddy bear a personalized, unique, and creative name. Check out this list of cute and clever characters to get inspiration when naming your new fur baby.

Beary cute

The bears you used to play with when you were a kid probably didn’t have teddy bear names. It’s worth noting that there is a wide range of teddy bear names.

In addition to classic names like Teddy, Winnie, and Lassie, check out these unique picks: Fluffy, Snugglepuss, Shifu, and Yogi. Beary Barrington or Smudge are sure bets if you’re looking for more gender-neutral classic names.


Tazmanian Teddy bear names make excellent pets, perfect as presents or to have around when you’re bored. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and species. 

So, there’s one out there for everyone who wants a cuddly companion of their own. Whether a child or an adult, it’s famous for its small size & soft white fur, with big round eyes that make anyone squeal with delight. 


This particular one of the teddy bear’s names was made after a photo of an actual bear in Berlin, Germany. Who was forced to wear a t-shirt that said Ich Bin Ein Terri (German for I am a terrible bear)? However, the bear became very popular with tourists during her captivity. Eventually, it escaped into one of Berlin’s many parks, where a hunter later killed her. 


Part of the classic Teddy bear name choice, but with good reason. Many parents like to name their teddy bears after kids or other loved ones (e.g., little Jon, baby Clara, etc.). 

Moreover, naming your bear after yourself is a fun idea too. Remember that you can’t let him sit on your pillow at night. 


In Japanese, puritan means overnight delivery. Meanwhile, I thought I was a fun name to give as Teddy bear names with an incredible sense of humor. 

Moreover, a teddy with this name would make an excellent gift for anyone hard to shop for. They’ll appreciate how thoughtful you were about their personality.


Teddy bears have been a part of childhood since it first began (as has taunting your siblings with their stuffing). So, why not give your teddy bear names after one of those places where you spend your days snuggled up?. 

For example, Starbucks is a great place to read, relax and enjoy a hot drink. So, that makes Snugglebox a perfect name choice. 


Not only is it adorable as part of the teddy bear name, but also wholly relatable; for kids. If you think of someone with whom you would share your teddy bear, consider their name for them. Moreover, don’t forget that since teddies are meant to be snuggled and cuddled, it’s an excellent name for dogs too.


Did you know that in German, Ursula means ‘little she-bear’?. If you don’t like Ursula as a name, that’s okay because it is also among cute teddy bear names. Meanwhile, Ursula is another character from The Little Mermaid, so we love it.


Snow White is one of the fantastic teddy bear names for your fluffy little bundle of fluff. This cute teddy bear, who makes her home in Snow White forest, will be the perfect name for your pet. 

Moreover, her fur is white as snow, and so is her skin. She eats apples all day long to keep young forever (much like Snow White).

Beary lovable

Looking for teddy bear names fit for a furry bundle of joy?. These games work well on their own or as part of a longer name. 

So, they’re: very-lovable, Teddi, bearish and bear sleeves (for boys) or Muffy, sassy beats, honey bears, and bear wishes (for girls). They’re cute, to be sure, but they still sound authoritative enough to handle adult conversation without making you feel silly.


You can’t go wrong with classic Teddy bear names like Vero. She has grace, and she has style; she is brilliant, all characteristics of a majestic teddy bear, of course. 

However, Vero was chosen because she believes happiness doesn’t come from material goods or prestige. Instead, it’s through meaningful experiences with friends and family (and many cuddles). 


The name Muffy is a diminutive of Mabel, which is derived from Amabel. However, this would make adorable teddy bear names for your new teddy bear friend.


This fun-loving name was on-trend long before it made its way into our hearts. Boho is an excellent reminder of what you’re getting into and adding to your family. Furthermore, it has tons of cute pics, furs, and constant companionship, no matter where life takes you.


Since every bear needs unique teddy bear names, why not give yours a little sassy?. After all, you’re so adorable no one will ever suspect you of being naughty. Although, if your bear is overly sassy on its own, consider naming it after some other feisty female icons. 


Sweet names like honeybear fit as Teddy bear names snugly with gentle, soft nature that shows in your bear’s face. Perhaps, you’ve seen black bears: they’re more aggressive and faster than other bears. Choose a creative name like Honeybear because he will love to cuddle up close next to you.


Are you looking for a unique name like teddy bear names?. These excellent choices with positive meanings from our list of bear wishes as teddy bear names. Ted- Noun: A male given name. Definition: One who is honest, sincere, upright, or virtuous. 

Furthermore, a person who shows his good intentions through his actions. One who does something in an honest manner rather than by cheating or lying about it. He might be short, but he’s mighty!


Fluffynose is a cute name for any teddy bear. The teddy bear names’ Fluffynose’ is adorable and playful, but not too childish. This would be a great name to give to a toy your child has been playing with. 


The name Billy is typically masculine, although it’s occasionally used as a feminine name. It was among the top 10 most famous teddy bear names in 2018. 

However, the etymology of Billy is somewhat unclear. But, one possibility is that it comes from an Old English word meaning willing or desirous. 


The idea behind teddy bear names is to choose something that matches your teddy’s personality, looks, or origin. Winnie is a classic, cute name used as a girl or boy name, depending on its color. Moreover, it sounds like a winery, making it unique, unlike any other character!


Inspired by her dog, Collie is a cute-sounding option of teddy bear names that’s not too common. It may sound like a breed-specific name for a pet you already have or had when you were younger. 

However, there is no real reason why collie isn’t an excellent choice. There was even an American football player in 1934 with that very same name.


It’s only fitting that our favorite Lassie has become part of the conic teddy bear names. Besides, who doesn’t want to name their teddy after a bona fide Hollywood star?. 

Moreover, adopting a furry friend is one of those things you have to do yourself to understand why so many people love them so much and why Lassie was able to gain fame.


Fluffy is a name that immediately calls to mind a cute little bear with soft brown fur. If you like warm, fluffy blankets, then Fluffy will remind you of your favorite teddy bear each time. 

Although, It’s also part of easy teddy bear names to say. It’ll make it easy for everyone in your family to call out when the teddy bear’s attention is needed. What could be cuter than a teddy bear named Fluffy? 


If you’re looking for fun teddy bear names, Snugglepuss is an excellent choice. It can be used on its own or as part of an adorable nickname (like Snugglypoo). 

Moreso, this teddy bear’s name is so cute it will make you want to get your very own furry friend. And once you cuddle up with your little Snugglepuss, we’re sure you won’t regret it.


Bilingual teddy bear gifts have been around forever—but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Shifu was named after a Buddhist master who taught Kung Fu to martial artists. You can even go with Master Shifu as the teddy bear name. 


According to WikiAnswers, The name Yogi was given to a bear at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo in 1958. Yogi is pretty famous among other bears. Even if you don’t get too specific with your name choice, using Yogi might be a no-brainer when picking out cute teddy bear names.


Yori is one of those teddy bear names that sounds exotic enough to be a nickname for a word. But means something in itself. It’s also one of those names that can be pronounced both ways (you-ree or your-eye). 

Yori is an ancient Japanese name meaning elder brother. However, this makes it kind of like giving your bear a pet name. Teddy bears aren’t just made of cloth; they now come with soft fur.


This is part of the cute teddy bear name but should be used carefully because it’s pretty childish. It’s an option if you’re buying a gift for a young girl or maybe your niece or nephew. Moreover, it may seem silly to call your huge brown bear sweetie.


There’s something about a friendship that feels better when you add an endearing nickname to it. Take that to your teddy bear—or any toy, for that matter. 

However, you have one of the teddy bear names you can give: Bestie. This is great not only because my best friend is cute. But, because it lends itself so well to Super Bestie or even Besties 4 Lyfe. 


The name Babyloo is just as cute as it sounds among the teddy bear names. It’s with three very distinct syllables that can easily roll off your tongue.

Moreover, It’s an adorable name, which might give you a chuckle whenever you hear it aloud. And if your family has a thing for baby-themed words, then you’ll want to look into choosing Babylon.


If you’re looking for a more healthy option as a teddy bear name, consider Moonpie. After all, everyone loves them. 

Plus, it has an appealing double meaning, whether you call your new friend Moonpie or just Mr./Ms. For a simple search for moon pie, teddy bear names will reveal that plenty of people refer to their bears in that term.


Puffball is not just a round, colorful, sweet treat you can enjoy on a rainy day. This nickname comes from Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking Glass. The inspiration might be Victorian-era puffballs that have an outer layer of petals. 

So, If you’re looking for nature-based teddy bear names, Puffball is a good choice. More so, but bear in mind that there are lots of people named Puffball already out there.


How could you not love Chubbles?. This is part of soft, fluffy teddy bear names, perfect for a bear of any size. Even if your teddy bear isn’t chubby, he’ll still get some chuckles at his name being just as soft as his fur coat. 


For cute teddy bear names, consider Humchies – yes, it’s a portmanteau of hump and tummy. Although, isn’t every teddy bear pretty round in appearance?.  

Humchie is an adorable name that anyone who loves teddies will appreciate. Plus, it’s not as weird-sounding as some other names on here. 

So, if you’re looking for something unique yet simple (and easier to say than Big Poppa), go with ‘Humchie.’ I hope that help.  


With a bit of brainstorming, you should be able to come up with some fun teddy bear names. However, not only is it fun, but you’ll feel accomplished by being able to spend time with your best friend. So what’s stopping you? A bear needs a name. After all, be creative and have fun.

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