35 Swedish Boy Names That Will Make Your Baby Stand Out

Swedish Boy Names

Naming your baby can be stressful, especially if you have no idea where to start.

If you’re planning on naming your baby something Swedish, you may be looking for a name that’s not only attractive.

But it also translates well from Swedish to English and doesn’t sound awkward or mean anything else.

Whereas these attractive Swedish boy names are perfect for parents looking to give their baby boy an original character that won’t be misunderstood or hard to pronounce.


Ame is a variation of Amy, which is a form of Emma. It originates in Latin and means lovable, worthy of love, and loved one. It’s given to boys. Another source claims that it’s mainly given to boys in Sweden. 

However, this Swedish boy’s name is perfect for your little boy if you want him to be loved by everyone around him. People will call him adorable, cute, sweet-natured, and fun.

He’ll also inspire love from others due to his cheerful nature! Ame will get along well with all types of people, especially kids.


Andreas is a Greek name in Sweden, where it is quite one of the popular Swedish boy names. According to Wikipedia: Andreas originates from Andrew ancient Greek Ανδρεας (Andreas), itself derived from ανδρειος (andreios), meaning manly, masculine, or ανδρευς (andreus) meaning courageous.

Nevertheless, the name was borne by several figures in antiquity and history, including Saint Andrew. A Christian apostle who became the patron saint of Scotland and six Byzantine Emperors.


The name Axel means father of peace and has been popular in Sweden since medieval times. Variations include Axl, Axil, Axell, and Axtel.

This is a unisex name. Its popularity has increased in America recently thanks to celebrity parents like Demi Moore, who gave it to her son in 1995.

However, the name rose back up on charts in 2006 thanks to soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his wife, Helena Seger. With whom he had a son named Maximilian.

All three of these births boosted Axel’s current spot at #10. As an option for parents looking for something masculine as Swedish boy names, classic and international, without getting too weird or edgy.


Baldur is one of the beautiful Swedish boy names. It is Odin’s name in Norse mythology. Moreover, Baldur was not only a hero but also a god of fertility, light, and peace. He was the son of Odin and Frigg. The meaning of Baldur is lord.


Bengt, a boy’s name, is of Old Norse origin, and Bengt means bear. Swedish: variant spelling of Bengt. Pet form of Bengt: Bennie. 

Also possibly from Old Norse Benja meaning to make a religious vow, or being, meaning helper. A semi-common modern use is in honor of the former prime minister of Sweden, Bertil Ohlin (1907-1999).


Bjorn is a Swedish given name, equivalent to English Bernard. It is derived from Germanic bern (bear) + hari (army) (i.e., bear-army). [Source: Wikipedia] In other words, the Swedish boy’s name means bear-warrior. It has been borne by two Swedish kings and several prominent Swedes. 

In short, the form Bernd was formerly used in Sweden as well, but this has now largely fallen out of use there. Björn can also be found in East Nordic countries like Iceland and Norway.

Also, as a variation of Bjørn or the Icelandic given name Bjarne for boys born in wintertime. A literal translation would be a little bear (as it is said in Swedish).


It is named after a Northern Germanic word for wolf. Blix was among 19th-century writer and poet Henrik Ibsen’s top 10 most popular male baby names in Norway.

Another famous Blix is Blix, a two-time winner of Sweden’s FIVB Beach Volleyball World Tour Championship.

This is a variant of Blienc, Blynx, and an alternate spelling of Nils. Orgin: Norse; Gender: Male; Rating: Unique Rating: Eerily attractive-sounding gender-neutral Swedish boy names that have a masculine and feminine feel to them. Perfect for parents looking for boy names.


Like tennis player Stefan Edberg, parents of boys born in Sweden are naming their offspring after sturdy Nordic names.

In a country home to Volvo and Saab, it makes sense that Calder is one of those names. It means kettle or cauldron—fitting for a child who will learn how to fight fires early. 

More so, this Swedish boy name is also surging in popularity: It was given to fewer than 100 kids born in Sweden before 1891. But it hit its peak popularity in 2011 with over 800 kids named Calder!


Cort is a firm name with a long history of use. They are making it perfect for boys who love unique and distinctive Swedish boy names.

In Sweden, Cort can be traced back to at least 1853, when a 4-year-old named Cort was noted in civil records as living in Norrköping. 

Over time, it has also become prevalent across Europe. With a cute nickname like Curt or Curley and such meaningful nickname options as a warrior (Corte). Fiery (Korte) and sorrowful (Kurt) may be one of the best boy names you’ll ever find!


Einar is one of the typical Swedish boy names of Scandinavian origin. It means ash in Old Norse; in modern Swedish, it is used to denote ash and elm trees. The famous Swede Einar Tambar lived from 1872-1954.

Notwithstanding, His parents named him after a type of elm tree that grew next to their home. Today, Einar is rarely used as a baby name but can work well as a middle Swedish boy name.

Some might say it sounds like a yawner or even a eunuch! But others will see it as charming and relaxed. As for nicknames?


A Swedish boy named Emil is a very masculine name with an elegant sound. Moreover, It is said to be the most famous Scandinavian first name.


Felix is a common name in many Western countries, meaning lucky or happy. The name Felix comes from Latin and is short for words like Felixberto and Felixonimo. This name was given to over 3,000 boys born in Sweden in 2015 alone.

However, Other popular choices for Swedish boy names are Oliver and Hugo. Pronounced Ollie and Hew-gee, these names have been favorites of Swedish parents since the 1980s.

In 2016, there were 163 Olivers and 97 Hugos born in Sweden. While both characters have declined in popularity since the 1980s, they’re still very much appreciated by Swedes Today.


The name Fisk is a Swedish baby name. In Swedish, The meaning of the name Fisk is Fish. From Erik and Yngve, two Norse gods often worshipped together as twin brothers to Freyja and Freyr.

These Swedish boy names are now rarely used as children’s names, except for purely literary uses. Diminutive of Eric. Son of (Ed-)Erik. 

In addition, Short form of Eyvind and Eyvindur: from Old Norse Eiðvarðr, from eið path + varðr guardian. A surname is derived from place-names in Norway or Denmark. Diminutive of Ferdinand.. Short form of Ferdinand or Fernand, both associated with peace.


Folke is a seldom-used masculine given name of Germanic origin. The meaning of Folke is people, tribe. In Sweden, it reached its peak in popularity as a birth name in 1957 (ranked #159) and dropped out of fashion by 1967. 

It was most popular in Bohuslän, Uppland, and Stockholm. In 2014 there were 15 Swedish boy named (Folke) and living in Swedes, while 15 boys named Folke were residing in Norway.

Between 1900 and 2012, it was given to 67 boys but never ranked among the top 10 baby names anywhere. Relatively little used outside Scandinavia, other forms of Folke include Fulk (English), Folköyra (Estonian), and Folligueti (Galician).


Fredrik may be one of Sweden’s most famous Swedish boy names, but it still holds a romantic charm. The name Fredrik means peaceful ruler and is derived from an older Germanic root meaning ruler of peace.

As a commonly given name, Fredrik was famous throughout Scandinavia during medieval times before dropping out of use over time.

Notably, Today, however, it is enjoying somewhat of a revival as parents look for sophisticated Swedish baby boy names to give their sons.

It was #7 on Sweden’s 2016 list of top 100 baby boy names. But would you dare show your child such an old-fashioned moniker?


If you are looking for unique Swedish boy names, Gerhardt is an excellent option. Its popularity rose after Eurovision singer Mans Zelmerlow chose it for his son.

Also, In Sweden, however, it’s still not that common; therefore, your baby will be one of a kind. The original German name means strong spear and has Nordic roots. The Scandinavian version means army ruler. 


Gudmand is a unique name, so your baby will probably never have to share it with anyone else. And because it has Scandinavian origins, you can count on Gudmand being relatively popular in Sweden and other countries of similar descent. 

In short, It means God-protected, which is something every parent wants for their child. This one is perfect for lovers of uniqueness and those who wish for meaningful Swedish boy names that show they are faithful Christians.


Gunnar is a Scandinavian first name, probably originating from Old Norse. It means battle-warrior and is a good choice of the first name for parents.

Who is expecting a strong and healthy baby boy? If you want your son to stand out in his social circle, go with Gunnar, one of the Swedish boy names.

Nonetheless, It’s easy to pronounce, has an excellent sound, and is appealing to parents and peers. So if you’re expecting boys in Sweden, for instance, or anywhere in Scandinavia, you can’t go wrong by choosing it as your baby boy’s first name.


Gustav is a popular Swedish boy name. It can also be used among English speakers (see: Gustav Mahler). The first part of the name means staff and sacred team, which is probably why some families were drawn to it as a given name.

However, it has been used since medieval times and was even used by at least one saint! In Scandinavia, Gustav may refer to Saint Gustavus Vasa (1496-1560), a Protestant king of Sweden who fought against Catholic rule.


If you’re looking for an attractive and unique Swedish boy name for your baby boy, check out Hemming. The name meant stammering in Swedish and was very popular in medieval times.

If you’re unfamiliar with St. Hemming, he is a 13th-century saint who helped liberate Belgium from its German invaders. 

In Germany, Hemming is traditionally seen as a feminine name, which probably explains why it doesn’t appear on U.S. rankings of popular boy names very often. However, there is a small number of boys who do have it as their first name!


Cute, humble, and easy to pronounce, Henrik is an excellent choice for any parent looking for traditional Swedish boy names with a modern twist.

Leo as Swedish boy name: Famous actor Leonardo DiCaprio helped makes Leo more popular in western culture. Nevertheless, he wasn’t Sweden’s first Leo.

The Latin form of Leon (meaning Lion) is widespread across Scandinavia as a given and family name. At the same time, those who want to strike out on their own can opt for Léon instead.


According to Nameberry, Hugo is handsome, hearty, and full of himself. It originates from Sweden and means bright in mind and spirit. All said it is a strong-sounding name that’s bound to make your baby stand out in a crowd.

So, You can also consider Ragnar as another option; it means advice from kings in Old Norse who come from Denmark.

You can go with Daniel or Emmanuel if you want something simple and short. Both Swedish boy names have gained popularity in recent years but still have an exotic feel. Thanks to their Hebrew origins (Daniel) or French origins (Emmanuel).


This simple and old name is one of Sweden’s most famous Swedish boy names. Iver also is a widespread Norwegian name, but it can be traced back to a Spanish soldier.

Who deserted and joined an Irish group instead. The name has been given in Sweden since 1850. In addition, It’s believed that Iver was borrowed from Eberhard, a common first name in Germany.

Another possibility is that Iver comes from ancient Germanic words for bear or strong. In Norway, it’s ranked 3rd in popularity, while being 10th most popular in Denmark and 31st most popular in Sweden (2013).


This name is a name of Scandinavian origin, meaning mighty. It’s an ancient Swedish boy name, going back to Old Norse.

The famous bearer of it is Anders Celsius (1701–1744), a Swedish astronomer and mathematician who invented it. What is now called the Celsius scale?

Though another famous bearer of it is Mr. Anders Hedberg. A former hockey player for New York Rangers and Quebec Nordiques.


If you are looking for uniquely attractive Swedish boy names, look at Jager. This uncommon Scandinavian name is an old German nickname meaning hunter or hunter-warrior.

The warrior part of its meaning can lead to some unfortunate nicknames such as Jagger or Jag, but as a first name.

Whereas it sounds strong and manly. Jager also has a fascinating history that can make your son feel special. In Sweden, there was once a famous dog named Jager.

Who could be heard barking across a mile-wide lake from his island home and whose unique howl sounded like a child calling for his mother?


Joakim is a firm boy name of Swedish origin. It was popular during medieval times and might be more in use again.

Its latest bearer is Joakim Noah, an NBA professional basketball player born in New York to a Swedish mother and African-American father. The meaning of Joakim is: Yahweh raises.

However, this could be from a Hebrew name, or it could be an easy way to pronounce Jock. Of course, if you want to sound like you’re saying Jack without actually doing it.

So, then Joakim would fit perfectly for Swedish boy names. It means raised by Jehovah, which may or may not be appropriate for your religious convictions. In some countries outside of Sweden, Joakim is pronounced more like Yoakum.


In Sweden, Justus is an old-fashioned Swedish boy name, and it’s used for boys only. The term can be traced back to Latin origins, which means righteous or honorable. Notably, Variants include Jost and Josta. In 2016, 894 babies in Sweden were named Justus.


Karl is a popular name in Sweden, ranking fifth. It means strong or hardy and has ties to Charles, Charles Jr., and Charles III. Karl is also a given name for boys in Denmark and Germany.

Moreover, In Arabic culture, it’s one of many variants of Karim, a male name with roots that mean generous. These Swedish boy names Craig and Chris are shortened versions of it as well.


Kaspian is a moderately common baby Swedish boy name. In Sweden, Kaspian was ranked #626 in 2015. This name is used by less than 5 per 1000 people. 

Nevertheless, the word kaspian was invented in Sweden, and its meaning is unknown. But it doesn’t have any negative meanings or derivations either. [read more]


Klaus is not a common name in Sweden, but it does have its unique charm. The term originated from Old Norse and is a variation of Nicolas/Nicolas.

For example, see Klaus Kinski’s wiki page here. There are many variants on how to spell it – depending on whether you go with English or German spelling rules (or any other languages). 

In general, Klaus has enjoyed some international popularity lately – primarily due to its trendiness in Germany and Germany’s annexation of Austria.

It can be spelled: Nicolaus/Nicholas (German), Nicolaos/Nicolaus (Greek), Nikolai (Russian), and many more! In short: a popular choice for parents who want something different for Swedish boy names!


Kristian is a form of Christian, Derived from Greek, Christ-bearer. Saint Kristian popularized these Swedish boy names. Who became Sweden’s patron saint. Also, the Norwegian version is Kristen. Nicknames include Krippe and Krippy.


Swedish boy names consist of three components. First comes a word derived from geography, occupation, or personal characteristic; second is an adjective or noun; and third comes either son (for boys).

If you’re looking for a classic first name that strikes a delicate balance between masculine and feminine and is pleasing to both, consider Viktor. 

More so, the Swedish name Viktor traces its roots back to two Old Norse words: víkingr, which means pirate, and tor which means to(wards) choose.

It was popularized by author Charlotte Brelin who wrote about a young Swedish boy named Viktor. He became so beloved that his name spread like wildfire through Scandinavia.


Viggo is a Swedish name, originally from Old Norse. It is short for words like ‘Viggr’ and ‘Viktor,’ which mean battle.

The original name came into use before Christianity arrived in Scandinavia, so it wasn’t associated with religious meanings. 

Nonetheless, that has changed over time, as some people choose Viggo as their first Swedish boy name to honor St. Viggo of Skjeldo (Viggosundet). He was born around 954 and died around 1030.

He became known for his work as a missionary. Helping spread Christianity to Denmark and Norway – and was canonized (or made a saint) by Pope Alexander III one year 


It’s easy to assume you’re a stickler for details. But according to some estimates, as many as 30% of U.S. businesses have misspelled or misused Swedish boy names. This is especially important if you plan on selling your company one day.

So, companies with confused or unclear names are perceived to be less attractive business prospects and take home fewer bids.

When they go up for sale, choose your company name carefully. There are enough Valis in Sweden (about 80) that it could be considered just as much a Swedish name as an American one!


The Scandinavian name Ulrik is a form of William and Willem. All came from wil, meaning will, desire and helm, meaning helmet. As Swedish boy names, they originate as a combination of Old English elements. The Slavic name Vsevolod is derived from vse (all) and volod (ruler). 

This is to say, and it may have been given as a baptismal name that has since died out. The Russian Vsevolod was initially named after his grandfather, Vladimir. The Latin name Umberto means bright land.

Therefore, It was created by combining Umbra with Erto, which means earth or land. As an Italian first name, Umberto came into use during medieval times.


Finding Swedish boy names should be easy if you understand how different names can sound completely different.

When they are spoken in Swedish, try to keep it simple and pick a character with an obvious connection to Sweden. For example, Ola sounds like Ole and is a common name for boys (not so uncommon for women). 

Also, Noel could be considered for Norling if you want something more fancy-sounding. Just make sure you don’t go too crazy with it! There are some names out there that just aren’t meant to be used outside of America.

Please don’t go on a hunt or ask someone directly unless you are 100% sure what they mean (like Zlatan). Your best bet is always trying to find out from the Swedes themselves.

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