5 Stylish Menu Designs to Elevate Your Restaurant’s Brand

Stylish Menu Designs to Elevate Your Restaurant's Brand
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You feast with your eyes before the rest of your body. It is especially true in the restaurant business, where a dish’s presentation can significantly affect how a diner perceives the meal.

What about the menus themselves, though? A customer’s first impression of a restaurant is often shaped by the menu they peruse.

This article will examine the top five creative menu templates for contemporary restaurants, each of which can potentially improve the restaurant’s brand and the diners’ overall experience.

Creative Menu Templates for a Modern Restaurant

Here are the top 5 menu templates that will be great for your restaurant.

1. Minimalist Menu Template

Minimalism has become a popular design trend in recent years, and it’s no surprise that it has found its way into the restaurant industry.

A minimalist menu design sample will have few decorative elements and extensively use white space.

This style of decor can make a restaurant seem more up-to-date and classy.

There are numerous examples of menus by VistaCreate that use a minimalist template.

This sample document has a clean design, empty space, and a monochrome color palette.

Customers will appreciate the tidiness with which the menu items are displayed.

Shake Shack and Sweetgreen are just two of the many restaurants that have found success with a minimalist menu design.

These companies have taken the design philosophy they’ve applied to everything from their logo to their restaurant’s furnishings and used it in their menus.

2. Bold Typography Menu Template

A menu’s legibility and visual appeal are affected by the typography used in its layout.

A bold typography menu template makes the menu stand out by using eye-catching fonts and creative typography.

There are many great demonstrations for this template. Most of the time, it features a large, bold font for the menu headings and a contrasting font for the menu items.

Colorful accents are also used in the design to highlight specific dishes.

Bold typography has been used in menu design by restaurants like The Meatball Shop and The Cheesecake Factory to make their menus more eye-catching and straightforward.

3. Rustic Menu Template

A rustic menu template can be the perfect fit if your restaurant has a cozy and rustic atmosphere.

This template features design elements such as wood grain textures, handwritten fonts, and vintage illustrations to give the menu a warm and inviting feel.

The “Farmhouse Menu” by Creative Market illustrates a rustic menu template.

This template features charming and country-style hand-drawn illustrations of farm animals and crops.

Deep tones and understated patterns in the background convey warmth.

Rustic design elements are used in the menu layouts of restaurants such as Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch and The Blackbird Café to evoke feelings of homeyness and comfort.

Offering dishes prepared in a rustic style can highlight your restaurant’s commitment to using only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients.

4. Interactive Menu Template

Interactive menu templates allow customers to engage with the menu uniquely and memorably.

This kind of template may have interactive elements like sliders, pop-up boxes, and QR codes that lead to videos or social media profiles.

To give diners a more exciting and memorable dining experience, restaurants like The Huddle House and McDonald’s have adopted interactive menu designs.

5. Retro Menu Design

Unsurprisingly, retro aesthetic choices have come back in menu design in recent years.

A vintage menu template can incorporate distressed textures, retro typography, and sepia-toned images to give the menu a nostalgic and timeless feel.

You can use the template to represent designs with worn surfaces and quaint illustrations. Customers appreciate it when menus are organized and easy to read.

Successful examples include the menus at The Smith and Café Mogador, both of which use retro design elements to evoke fond memories and give their establishments a unique identity.

How to Select the Appropriate Template?

When selecting a menu template, keep these things in mind:

Restaurant branding

The menu in your restaurant should have the same look and feel as the rest of the establishment. Pick a design that fits the vibe of your eatery.

Different types of food and various cuisines may call for different menu layouts.

For instance, a minimalist template might be appropriate for a sushi restaurant, while an illustration template might be better suited for a family-friendly diner.


The ability of a menu to be read and navigated by customers is its most crucial feature. Make sure the font size and style are simple on the eyes and that the menu is laid out understandably.


It’s essential to think about the menu’s practicality in addition to its aesthetic appeal. Ensure the template can be edited and printed in several different ways.


A well-designed menu can significantly improve a customer’s dining experience and leave a lasting impression.

For restaurants looking to strengthen their brand and improve their menu design, check out the top creative menu templates for trendy eateries.

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