50+ Somali Names for Girl

Somali Names for Girl

Having a baby girl has to be one of the most beautiful things you can experience as a parent. When they stare at you with that cute and beautiful smile, you wonder, “what do i name her?”. This is one tough thing to do for most parents – giving their child a name.

The name of a child is believed to be a blessing to the child, and that’s why most parents would rather give names that they believe will bring good luck to their children as it is also believed that a person’s name has a way of influencing their lives and personalities.

This article contains a list of 60 beautiful Somali names for your baby girl. We sincerely hope that this helps as you sought out a name for your baby girl

Somali baby girl names

Below is a list of 60 beautiful Somali names for your baby girl and their meanings:

  1. Aamiina

Aamiina is the Somali transcription of the popular Islamic name, Aminah. It means ‘feel safe’.

  1. Astur

A sweet feminine name, the name is popular in many African countries, and it means ‘to cover or to conceal’.

  1. Axado

Axado means ‘Sunday’, its a feminine name and would be a perfect name for a baby girl born on a Sunday.

  1. Axlam

A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl, axlam means ‘witty or imaginative’.

  1. Bishaaro

It means ‘someone delightful’.

  1. Barwaaqo

Barwaaqo means ‘prosperous’.

  1. Bilan

Here’s a beautiful name you can give to your first child if it turns put tp be a baby girl. Bilan means “first born”, and the name usually goes to the firstborn baby girl in the home.

  1. Bishaaro

Bishaaro means ‘delight or joy’.

  1. Barkhado

This name is very popular and Somalia girls, it means “sunbeam”.

  1. Caaisho

Caaisho is the Somali version of the popular Arabic name, Ayesha or Aisha. It means “long living’ or “lon life.”

  1. Caaliyah

The Somali version of aliyah. It means ‘exalted’.

  1. Calaso

This name is usually given to baby girls who are born light in complexion; the name is the perfect description for a fair-skinned person because it actually means “fair skinned”.

  1. Canab

The “c” in Somali names is usually silent, so this name is pronounced with an “aahh” sound from the start, making it sound “aahnab”. It is an ancient Somali name that means “grape”

  1. Casho

This name is very easy to say; it means “life”

  1. Cawo

Cawo is another interesting Somali name. It means “luck” or “good luck.”

  1. Fawzia

It means means’ victorious’.

  1. Fowsio

A beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl, it means “success”.

  1. Gargaaro

This is one name that may inspire one’s daughter to be kind and helpful to people. It means “the one who gives help.”

  1. Hani

Hani means “happy”. The name can also be used as a short form of Hannah.

  1. Warsan

Means “companion” in Somali.

  1. Hodan

Hodan is a common traditional household name in Somalia. It means ‘wealthy or rich’.

  1. Geesi

A female given name. It means “courageous, fearless, brave, hero.”

  1. Idil

This name is synonymous with the Somali and the. It means’ perfect or complete’.

  1. Isniino

This name is mostly given to baby girls who were born on a Monday, its a traditional Somali name but it’s not very popular these days. The name means “born on Monday”.

  1. Jawaahir

This name can be seen as a reflection of how precious and valuable your daughter is. The name means “jewelry”, and it was made popular because of the popular Somalia-American model, jawaahir axmed.

  1. Nimo

The name sounds just like “nemo” in the animation movie, “Finding Nemo”. It is the Somali version of the popular Arabic names Nima and nimat, which means “blessing.”

  1. Habon

A very beautiful name that is given to both male and female. The name means “when everything comes together at the right time and the right place”.

  1. Khadija

This name is very sacred and popular in the Islamic community as it was bored by the first wife of the prophet Muhammad. It is usually given to a child that is born prematurely or before the ninth month. The name means “premature child”.

  1. Hibaq

This name is gotten from the Arabic هِبَة (Hiba) which means “gift”.

  1. Hoodo

This name means “luck” or “fortunate”

  1. Khadra

Khadra is a household name with the Somali and Algerians; it was made very popular by the Algerian actor, Yasmina khadra. The name means “lucky or fortunate”.

  1. Kalifa

A female given name which means “chaste” or “holy” in Somali.

  1. Ladan

A household feminine name that means “healthy”.

  1. Luula

A beautiful name given to newborn baby girls. It means “protection” or “refuge”.

  1. Meelaaney

Meelaaney means “on the road to success”.

  1. Sahra

This name was gotten from the Arabic صحراء (ṣaḥrāʾ) which means “desert”. The name has recently been used by the Somali, the Arabic, the german, the Turkish, and even the English.

  1. Tissa

A gift from god

  1. Nala

This name is famous and well known all over Africa. The name has starred in so many movies across Africa, and beyond, one of the most notable namesakes is Nala, in “the lion king”.

  1. Nasteexo

A very cool feminine name. It means ‘advise or counsel’.

  1. Samiiro

This is the Somali translation of the popular Muslim name, Samira.

  1. Obax

This is another name that shows just how much of a blessing your daughter is to you. It means “flower”.

  1. Ugbad

This is a new Somalia name, and it means “bouquet of roses”.

  1. Shamsi

An ancient Persian name, this name goes to show how much your daughter means to you. It means “my sun.”

  1. Sagal

This name is usually given to a female child that is born during the raining seasons. It means “morning rays of the sun during the rainy season”.

  1. Seynab

The Somali transcription of the popular Islamic name, Zaynab.

  1. Shamshi

This is an ancient Persian and Somali name, and it means “my sun” or “sunshine”.

  1. Raaxo

It means “enjoyment” or “comfort”.

  1. Reabetswe

This feminine name is very special in the hearts of the Somali people. It means “we have been provided for”.

  1. Waris

It means “desert flower” or “flowers in the desert.

  1. Xoriyo

It means ‘freedom’.

  1. Ubax

Means “flower” or “blossom” in Somali.

  1. . Yasmin

The Somali translation of the Islamic name, Yasmin, which is also translated to ‘jasmine’ in the English

  1. Zamzam

This name is synonymous with the Arabic, Somali, and Indonesians. It means “abundant water.”

  1. Barkhad

This name is gotten from the Arabic word,  بَرَكَة “baraka”. Which means “blessings”. It can also be given to a male child.

  1. Barre

It means “teacher”. A very beautiful name for a female child can also be given to a male child.

  1. Abshir

It means “congratulation”. The name is both feminine and masculine.

  1. Suubban

A beautiful name for the baby girl, it means “goodbye”

  1. Tissa

“a gift from God.”

  1. Nadifa

The feminine form of “nadif”

  1. Leylo

The Somali translation of the popular feminine name, “leyla”

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