34 Most Popular Social Security Baby Names

Social Security Baby Names

Social Security baby names have been hugely popular since the inception of the Social Security Administration in 1935.

Each year, Social Security gives out the most popular baby names to new parents across the United States. While these aren’t the only baby names that parents choose, they’re some of the most common. 

Some of the most popular social security baby names are from 2016, 2017, and 2018. So, if you’re expecting a little one and are looking for inspiration, you can choose from any of them.

We shall be considering some social security baby names in this article.


 Noah isn’t a popular name with new parents, and it wasn’t even in 2014’s top 1,000 baby names. But expect it to be on the list by 2018. Why? Because Noah is increasingly being chosen as a middle name.  

Also, some have predicted that as many as 3% of babies born in 2016 will be named Noah. Therefore, if you prefer to give your son or daughter an old-fashioned-sounding classic, Noah is worth considering. If you also wish to give your children something more unique, Noah is a social security baby name to view.  

Social security baby names are unique. Your child can have one too. Just pick whichever you suit.


Liam is among the social security baby names ranked as high as 18 in 2015. The name is likely to grow even more in popularity. The moniker has been steadily gaining popularity since 1987. 

Furthermore, it peaked in 1996 with 1,711 baby boys given that name; it continues to enjoy widespread use today. Liam was one on a recent British Top 100 list for male characters! What does that tell us?

Perhaps Liam will soon be more popular stateside. If you’re looking for an unusual name to give your son, consider ranking names like Bill, Dave, Leslie, and Caroline. These are all social security baby names.


One of the social security baby names ‘William’ is number 7. Last year, 6,058 baby boys were named William. The name also makes it to the Top 10 for boys born in California (at 7), Connecticut (at 5), and New York (at 6).

However, around 2010, it was falling fast on all four lists. Today, William has experienced a steady increase over recent years. The name is an English form of Guillaume (William to anglophones) which comes from Gallic Wael (battle). 

Furthermore, It also means resolute protector. It is a traditional royal name. William, I began his reign in 1066 after successfully invading England following multiple battles with King Harold II.


Many people find it very appealing that Mia has been on a significant upswing. This has been since becoming one of America’s favorite names in 2000. Mia, an excellent example of social security baby name, is Italian for mine; many parents find that personal connection attractive.

In addition, it can also be used as a nickname for Maria. It’s another social security baby name with some staying power on its own. It was ranked 548th most popular overall in 2012. 

Additionally, short names are usually popular with social security babies. Mia checks in at 22 on BabyCenter’s list of Top 100 Girls’ Names! She almost cracked our top 10 list too. 

As a result, this demonstrates how far she’s come since 2007. Here comes the question’ What makes us so confident that Mia will stay among the top 25 through 2030? I hope you are enjoying this article on social security baby names.


The name Evelyn is also one of the other social security baby names. It has held a solid spot in popular culture since at least 1909. This was one year after author Edith Wharton published her novel. 

The novel is titled ‘The House of Mirth,’ which features Evelyn Nesbit as its main character. The name Evelyn reached its peak in popularity in 1934 when it was ranked No. 11 for baby girls. But it currently sits at No. 362 on the U.S.U.S. list according to data from 2010.

Furthermore, In 2016, 561 babies were named Evelyn. And another 12 were named Evie with no change in rankings over 2015 (U.S.U.S. Social Security Administration). I hope social security baby names make sense to you now that you know a few.


Ava, a diminutive of names beginning with A, is a popular baby girl’s name. It is also an example of social security baby names. Ava means life and has been in use since 1880.

Previously, It was first used in English and is derived from French origins. On social media sites, Avba is an alternative spelling. You can learn more about these creative forms of the name. 

Finally, don’t forget to check related baby names in all favorite baby name categories. Do you love social security baby names?


One thousand four hundred one baby girl was named Amelia in 2016, that is 1,401 babies. A variant form of Amelia is Emilia, with 135 babies.

Amelia stood as one of the top-ranked social security baby names last year. Another variant is Miliana, with 154 baby girls named Miliana in 2016. Other variants include Milly, Mallory, Melia, and Melina. All these are social security baby names.


Next in this article on social security baby names is Mason. In 2014, 250 baby boys were named Mason, putting it in 721st place. The name had risen in popularity since 2007 when it was ranked #866 and jumped over 200 spots. 

Also, between 2011 and 2012 when it rose to #746. Since then, it has declined slightly but remains in pretty good standing at #714 for 2015. This looks to be a very stable social security baby name. 

Besides, it is unlikely to drop off soon, given its recent popularity growth suddenly. It has beautiful nickname options too!


Benjamin is one of those names everyone loves, and it’s one of the social security baby names. It’s been a popular name for generations now. Even Benjamin Franklin liked his name, as it was reportedly his father’s favorite. 

Further, the name was also shared by his beloved brother, who died when he was very young. However, its position on our list comes more from popularity than anything else.

While you can’t go wrong with Benjamin, there are lots of other choices out there that you might prefer. 

However, Benjamin doesn’t t even crack our top five. So, check below these baby boy names that make our complete 50 lists instead: Michael, Jacob, Joshua Christopher, and Joseph.


Oliver was one of a trio of Oliver, Olivia, and Owen that took top spots on last year’s list. The name is familiar to many. Thanks to Oliver Twist, author Oliver Goldsmith and actors Oliver Hardy and Oliver Platt. 

Despite its familiarity, it’s far from overused; Olivia is more than twice as popular. Oliver may be right for you if you like your names with a bit of old-fashioned flair. You’ll agree with me that social security baby names are great names.


According to S.S.A. data, Lucas has recently ranked 146 as a popular baby name for boys. It hit its highest position (ranked 140) in 2009 and remained at that position for several years. In 2013, it ranked 163. 

Also, it remained virtually unchanged from 2012 to 2014, ranking 169 and 170 consecutively. The name’s popularity was one of the strongest social security baby names in 2015 when it ranked 157. Based on current trends, we estimate that it could reach #139 by 2018. 


2,976 babies in 2011 were named James. It’s one of the social security baby names that come from a Hebrew given name that means supplanter or replace. It may have been chosen as a tribute to American President James Monroe (1758-1831). 

Although it was once considered more of a boy’s name, it has become much more popular for girls in recent years. In 2004 and 2005, roughly 1 out of every four newborn Jameses was female. By now, you must have been familiar with social security baby names!


Top social security baby names for boys in 2017 included Liam, Noah, Mason, and James. Biblical-inspired names topped U.S.U.S. popularity lists. Several family-oriented monikers joined them.

Interestingly, William and Michael jumped two spots from 2016 to tie for fourth place. Joshua climbed three spots to land at number 14. Jackson re-entered the top 20 after dropping off in 2015.  

Lastly, Elijah cracked into 2016’s top 10 after reaching number 13 last year. Meanwhile, classic John dipped down to 29th place after being 18th in 2016. At the same time, Thomas fell out of its longtime spot as the second most popular boy’s name overall.


4,928 Emma babies were born in 2015, the most recent year with stats available. That’s more than double any of the other social security baby names. The popularity of Emma seems to have peaked at No. 3 overall among all social security baby names in 2007. 

Meanwhile, Emily ranked No. 2 in 1988 but has fallen out of favor since then. It is now No. 8 on the social security baby names list for 2017, with 6,675 babies born last year. Would you like to name your baby one of those social security baby names?


In 1880, less than 1 percent of all U.S.U.S. baby girls were named Olivia. By 2012, the number had grown to more than 7 percent, which wasn’t a conscious decision. Olivia is one of the popular social security baby names. 

The name became famous in 1984 after Olivia Newton-John performed Physically on Saturday Night Live. She didn’t drop out of favor when she retired from singing in 1998 after a breast cancer diagnosis. Since 2000, it has consistently ranked among America’s top 10 most popular girl names.


Who knew that a name most people associate with Greek goddesses would be one of the popular social security baby names? It is also unimaginable that a name associated with a recent pop star would be such a popular social security baby name? Last year, 521 girls were named Sophia in Ohio and 18,245 in California. 

However, don’t let Sophia’s popularity make you think it’s old-fashioned or outdated. In 2010, Sophia was ranked as one of the top baby names. This was applicable for girls born to parents from every age group from 20 to 29 years old.

In a definite sense, the name is certainly-trending for today’s multicultural families too. Sophia means wisdom in both Spanish and Hebrew. Perhaps we can attribute its enduring popularity to its link to knowledge.


In 2009, Isabella ranked number 18 for most popular baby name. This Italian name has been around since biblical times, with many notable bearers over time. These include Queen Isabella of Castile, Princess Isabella Brant, and actress Isabella Rossellini. 

Isabella, one of the social security baby names, means pledged to God in Italian. It’s an excellent choice for those looking for a traditional yet elegant name.


Since 1973, Michael has been one of America’s most popular baby names. It was number three in 2015 and continues to be a common choice. Michael will likely never fall out of favor with their parents. 

Some famous Michaels include singer/songwriter Michael Jackson, athlete Michael Jordan, and actor/director George Michael (Not George Clooney). 

Also former President Barack Obama and artist Michelangelo. Furthermore, there are many variants of Michael, including Micah, Miguel, and Mika. It’s easy to see why so many people pick a name with such culturally solid influence as their child’s moniker. 

Finally, so popular is the name that there are few famous namesake examples; it’s pretty much just celebrities named Michael. Social security baby names are unique!


The next on the list of social security baby names is Harper. Despite its unusual origins, Harper is a popular girl’s name in America. Initially, a boy’s name in English, Harper, is derived from an occupational surname, one who makes harps. 

However, the feminine version of Harper came into fashion around 1960 and was most popular through 2004. Harper has been steadily declining since 2004 but remains a reasonably popular choice for parents. It peaked at #19 between 1991 and 1996 before sliding out of favor.

Unfortunately, It wasn’t until 2009 that it lost its spot in the top 100 names altogether. However, I still think Harper is one of the most elegant social security baby names.


Sofia was one of 2015’s fastest-rising names for girls, according to S.S.A. data. It can be broken down into two different meanings: wisdom and worship. The name holds much social significance, being one of Princess Sofia’s titles in Disney’s Sofia The First.

In addition, It also made an appearance on Gilmore Girls as Rory’s best friend, who later married Jess. They name their daughter after her.

So, choose Sofia if you want your baby to be intelligent and unique or just want a pop culture reference. It is a name on the social security baby names that could be right for you! If you think so too, go for it!


Scarlet, one of the social security baby names, ranked 76 in 2012 and 70 in 2011. It also ranked 52 in 2010 and 45 in 2009. Is Scarlet becoming a popular baby name? 

How did Scarlet trend in 2014? In fact, From 1880 to 2013, Scarlet declined in popularity. In 2013, 5877 babies were named Scarlet, while 6294 babies were named Scarlet last year. It reached its highest popularity ranking of 45 in 2009 with 15241 occurrences. 

Nonetheless, the least amount of newborns dubbed Scarlet in any given year was 903 in 1959. However, the most amount of newborns dubbed Scarlet was 13126 in 2006.

Compared to its most prominent year, Scarlet’s popularity is at a high point right now. Are you enjoying this article on social security baby names? We would like to know your thoughts!


Ariana and Arielle are social security baby names. They are possibilities for parents who want a character with a similar-sounding nickname.

Famous actress Gina Torres was born Ariadne, while dancer and model Julianne Hough go by her middle name. Furthermore, actress Renee Zellweger chose to go by her middle name, but it sounds more like Rain than Ray.

Meanwhile, musician Janis Joplin went by another option entirely. She got her first manager performing at bars in Texas as Ray Rose. 

Consequently, she decided to go by Ray instead of Janis. Had she chosen otherwise, we might never have heard of her? Social security baby names are interesting.


Choosing a name for your baby isn’t easy. A lot of parents are thinking about how much they like a word. They also think about whether or not it will fit in with their family dynamic. What if there was a way to know if a baby name is popular before choosing it? 

Recently, a report from Find The Best uses data from several sources. This was to figure out how popular each name is right now. This list ranks all characters based on popularity. 

Additionally, it shows which names are likely to be picked by new parents in 2015. Social security baby names don’t have to violate your family dynamics, and they fit nicely into them 


Trending upwards, it is yet to reach its peak as one of America’s most famous names. It ranks 260 on social security’s popularity list. It’s also a classic name that can be shortened for easy use. 

Most Importantly, all those things add up to enormous potential. Still not convinced? Consider these facts: Zoey is an Americanized version of Zöe, an adaptation from (Zōē), which means life in Greek.

In other words, there are plenty of positive associations when choosing Zoey for your baby girl. I hope you have learned a lot from this article on social security baby names.


Lily is a flower-inspired name that means shining one. However, Lily was initially more popular as a first than a last name. It may have once been in close contention with Lauren and Jessica. 

It sits at number 50 on Nameberry’s list of top baby names for girls. According to S.S.A. data, Lily has consistently grown in popularity over time. In 1950, 24 babies received the word.  

Impressively, there are several famous people with that first initial. An example is actress Lily Tomlin perhaps being best known. Lily is a lovely name on the list of social security baby names.


Zoe is a Greek name that means life. Zoe is also similar to a celebrity, Zooey Deschanel. It can be spelled in three ways: Zoey, Zoie, or Zoya. 

The most famous Zoes in history include actress Zooey Deschanel, singer/songwriter Zoë Keating and model Zoë Kravitz. This could be a fun way to take on a trendy name that isn’t so trendy. You could even look up your own baby’s social security number. 

Also, see if any other babies have had that same number as their first name! Picking social security baby names before your due date can be so much fun!


How famous is Lucy as a girl’s name? Out of 102116 baby girls given that name, 101312 were given it as their first name. Only 2106 were named Lucy as their middle name.

Anyways, What do you think about when you hear Lucy? Is it a social security baby name? Read on for some interesting facts that you might not know. 

Furthermore, the baby girl name Lucy was given to 7025 American babies in 2011, ranking 4623 on the national charts. From 2006 to 2008, 8% more babies received the title. Wao! You’ve got some interesting facts about social security baby names.


Use Luna in your search for a girl’s name that’s sophisticated, classy, and feels distinct. The moon, after all, was long considered a symbol of mystery and magic. A similar but less popular option? Selene, the Greek goddess of moonlight, also went by Luna in Roman mythology.

Both names evoke a classic, almost timeless vibe that could suit just about any lifestyle or fashion preference. They also make for great nicknames. 

Besides, you can also call your little princess Moonbeam or even Moony! Both mean moon in various languages! Luna is one of the social security baby names that speaks about nature.


Since Avery is a popular boy’s name, you’re likely to hear it at your child’s school or while running errands. It’s most commonly used in California and Virginia, but it can be heard across nearly every state in America. Parents chose its popularity in many states due to the positive associations it holds. 

Bravery and fiery are words that may come to mind when thinking about parents who picked Avery for their baby. But don’t count on going completely unnoticed. In 2015, over 1,500 children were named Avery! 

Finally, a total of 11 babies were given Avery as their first name. Moreover, if you’re looking for something unique or have a fondness for alliteration, consider naming your little one Avery!


Hazel was ranked 16 on last year’s Social Security Administration (S.S.A.) list. It is an adorable choice for your little bundle of joy. Both names are long-lasting and have a touch of vintage flair. 

That makes it perfect for parents looking to spice up their baby’s name with a bit of old-fashioned charm. Both Hazel and Haze are lovely. However, keep in mind that if you choose Hazel, it is likely that your child will be constantly mispronounced. 

Also, Chances are there will be a few Hazeleys at school. We feel there is still plenty more than enough demand for Hazel to make it a viable option. Also, it may even inspire your little one to love nature as her mom or dad does!

Hazel is one of the social security baby names you can desire. If you choose it for your baby, you’ve made a great choice.


If you’re searching for a traditional name with an alternative twist, consider choosing Addison. It started as a boys’ name but is now commonly used for girls. It has been one of America’s most popular baby names since 1991 and is rooted in solid history. 

Besides, Addison has never been far from fame, from literary figures to pop stars to reality television characters. You might remember Hugh Laurie’s character. Does this article on social security baby names interest you? I’m sure it does.


Another name on the list of social security baby names is Lillian. It is number 892 baby name for 2015 and number 687 for 2014. It Increased in popularity from 892 in 2013 to 687 in 2014. It also increased further from 687 in 2014 to 892 in 2015. 

Moreover, Lillian is a great way to honor famous celebs who have been named Lillian. Examples are Lilian Gish (1893-1993) and U.S.U.S. actress; Liliana Cavani (born 1943).

Likewise, Italian film director; Liliana Mazurek (born 1986), Argentine swimmer; Lilian Tintori (born 1970), Venezuelan human rights activist, etc. 

You’ll also find baby name stats that show how famous Lillian is as a first and middle name. It’s up to you to decide what fits best.


If you’re looking for a name that starts with ‘V’ in the list of social security baby names, consider Violet. At No. 639 in popularity for girls’ names, Violet has been growing in favor among parents over recent years. 

Also, it hit its peak popularity in 2013 and is slowly beginning to fall. Despite being far from a top-100 pick, nearly 15,000 Violets are running around. Don’t worry about your little one standing out!


Isla is a female name in the list of social security baby names. Its popularity grew from 1880-to 1884, peaking in popularity at #1333. The name Isla means Island or Rock. 

Although it can be a popular baby girl name, it is often used as a boy. According to U.S.U.S, it was given to 4 baby girls born in 2013. Social Security Administration records. There has been no change in popularity since then.


Conclusively, naming a baby is no easy task. But it’s even more difficult considering that your name choice can influence your child’s personality. Because of this, it pays to do some extra research when choosing a social security baby name. 

Therefore, Use our list above as the inspiration for naming your newborn. After all, why not give them something to be proud of? Have you been able to learn different social security baby names? That is great to know!

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